16 Business Models and Ideas in 2019 new

16 Online Business Models and Ideas for 2019 


  • What the model is? 

  • How this business model makes money 

  • Where to buy this type of business (just have this section I will fill it in) 

  • Examples of this type of business (sharing any links to case studies on other sites where people talk about this model would be great) 

  • Pros/Cons (2-3 pro’s/con’s for this model) 

  • Training & Who to learn from? (find a 2-3 people who have a site dedicated to this business model and share a lot of quality resources)  

  • Who is the model right for? (define the type of person that would do best with this type of business)  

  • Bonus – Pick a GIF or two that would be relevant to a content you have created to potentially be included  



16 Online Business Models Explained 

See the most common 16 online business models explained below. Which of the ideas below is right for you?  


  1. AdSense or other Display Ads 

  2. Amazon Associate  

  3. Affiliate (not counting Amazon)  

  4. Lead Gen Sites 

  5. Apps  

  6. Web Browser Extensions 

  7. SAAS  

  8. Info Products  

  9. Membership Sites  

  10. Productized Service 

  11. Coaching & Consulting 

  12. Influencer (Youtube, Instagram or Podcast) 

  13. Dropshipping 

  14. Ecommerce 

  1. Amazon FBA 

  2. Kindle Publishing Business 

Affiliate Marketing 

What is “Affiliate Marketing”? 

It is a method of earning income online by generating links for certain products and directing people to those products. By doing this you get a reward from the affiliate network for every customer. Your job is to build an audience and promote other people’s companies using your website, and you get a commission for every client that visits through your site. 

Affiliate marketing is more popular among very active internet communities particularly bloggers, entrepreneurs, and so on. It requires very little capital to set up your own affiliate marketing online business. Affiliate marketing is often used in conjunction with other online business models.  

How do you make money with Affiliate Marketing? 

To grow an affiliate marketing online business, you need to join an affiliate program that gives you the opportunity to choose what you want to sell – books, bags, shoes, clothes, household equipment, etc. 

After joining a managed affiliate program, you then apply to promote a product. A unique affiliate code is generated for use. This is the code that marks your individuality to the platform and tracks customers who you send.  

Getting the affiliate link is the easy part the next step is to drive traffic with buyer’s intent through your link. You could decide to use a website (with a search engine specific content marketing), social media platforms, digital billboards, and get rewarded. If such a person ends up buying a product or subscribes to the platform, as an affiliate marketer, you get an additional (referral) bonus to your commission. 

The amount of money you make depends on the affiliate program but generally has a range depending on the type of product…

  • Physical Goods: 4%-15% 

  • Services: 10%-40% 

  • Digital Goods: 25%-75% (sometimes 100%) 

Some popular affiliate networks include: 


Where to buy an Affiliate Website? 

If you think the affiliate marketing business model is right for you and you want to shortcut your 



  • Very Flexible: The amount of money you make depends on how well you can market products from your audience. If your online marketing skills are top-notch, you have a big audience then you can make a lot more money with little complexity. 

  • Supports all kinds of websites: Affiliate marketing isn’t limited to only some types of websites, it supports all. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of site you run, you are going to make money online if you have traffic and an offer the solves a problem your audience has 

  • No Customer Relations: Since you serve as the link between target customers and host networks, you have no worries about customer reviews. Everything is being handled by the host network. 


  • No form of ownership: As an affiliate marketer, your work ends when you reach a target audience; hence, you have no sole ownership of the business. 

  • No audience data: Although, your work is to make sure they click on the link so you get paid, it makes more sense if you can track customer’s data to know your reach. Unfortunately, you are provided with no information on that which leaves you back to marketing to everyone you can. 


Training and Who to learn from? 

It is an easy and straightforward job as long as you get things right. If you need training or would love to learn how the whole thing works in practise, you should check out  


Who is Affiliate marketing right for? 

Affiliate marketing is good for: 

  • Bloggers 

  • Media or brand influencers 

  • and many other people with a strong online presence 


Amazon Associate 

What is the Amazon Associate program?  

The Amazon associate program is one of the largest affiliate network programs that helps and allows content creators, website owners, and publishers to send people to Amazon and earn a commission for any sales. 

Amazon associates will direct their readers to products they review/recommend thereby earning from the qualifying purchase of goods from Amazon.com. There are millions of products to choose from on amazon, hence, associates use their website to make money (commission) through traffic on products they refer.  

How to make money with Amazon Associates?  

Amazon associates make money by bringing customers to buy products from the millions of available goods on Amazon.com through the links created by them.  

First, if you didn't have knowledge of html now might just be the time to learn. Then you pick your niche (what you can sell) there are lots of goods on Amazon.com so you shouldn't have a problem doing that then you need to set up your web hosting. Then you can sign up and make sure you have a pretty attractive content as an associate if you're fully ready for it you can earn up to six figures monthly. 

We all have great business ideas and being an affiliate marketer as an amazon associate is one of them as such, making money just got real. 


Where to Register As an Amazon Associate?  

Some of the examples of amazon associates are: 


  • Highly safe and reliable :

  • Very supportive  

  • The market covers a wide range of niches 



  • Low associate commissions  

  • Not supportive of PayPal  


Training and who to learn from?  

  • Ryan Robinson @ Ryrob.com– They have great contents to help you know how to monetize your strategy and choose your niche wisely. 

  • Thebalancesmb.com – They have a step by step content on how you can make six figures monthly through associate with amazon.  

Who is the model right for?  

  • Website owners  

  • Publishers  

  • Content creators  



What is Adsense or other display ads? 

This is an easy and simple Way to make money as an online business model by displaying ads next to your online contents. With Adsense, you can make your site more attractive by customizing the look and feel of your ads to be relevant and match your site. You can equally show engaging and relevant ads to your site for its readers or visitors.  

Adsense is a unique program which delivers ads severed by Google and then Google pays you for the ads you display on your site based on the number of users who click on the ads. Depending on the type of Ad or Ad impression, Adsense gives you an automatic access to a huge source of advertiser demand and based in the clicks, you will be paid.  

This form of e-commerce or online business idea is a well-paying way of earning and depending on quantity and clicks online business models can make a lot of money. Display ads are also graphical ads and for them to be displayed on your page, you ought to have been opted in to show display ads next to your online contents.


How to make money with Adsense?  

Adsense been a means of advertising is paid for by brands and advertisers who want to promote their products. When you match these ads to your online contents or sites, based on your visitors and their clicks on these ads you put on your sites, you will be paid. 

Also, it is pivotal to note that the prices for the ads being displayed varies from advertisers to the products been advertised. Simply put, the ads are paid for by the advertisers based on the amount of people or visitors who click on the ads.  

Where can you buy Adsense or other display ads? 

Highlighted below are some of the sites where ads can be displayed and money can be made from: 


  • Provides revenue for sites  

  • promotion of contents  

  • Beautification of sites 


  • Too much ads discourage viewers from visiting sites regularly. 

  • Sometimes they Spam sites  


Training and who to learn from  

Google – most prominent for Adsense and money making also they have all relevant answers and training as to how to be a money making Adsense model.  

Ppc.org – a site which teaches you all you need to know about how to make a fortune from Adsense.  


Who is the model right for?  

Publishers – someone who wants to promote his works and beautify his online contents.  

Advertisers – someone who wants to promote his product. 

Bloggers – someone who needs a lot of viewers and revenue to fund his site. 



Lead Generation is an online business model that helps you gain contacts quickly and easily. Lead Generation is a strategy in which business owners’ use in getting the contact information of customers. It is a profitable online business that has helped companies or individuals find people who are interested in their business. The purpose of this sourcing is to find a target audience and engage them in different ways. 

This is one of the best online business ideas that have been made nice and easy for people. This model comes from several sources or activities, but it often makes use of lead generation tools to achieve the aim. In general, Lead generation methods are a subsidiary of advertising and it involves both paid and non-paid sources. 

How to make money with Lead Generation? 

As it has been discussed earlier lead generation uses several methods to make sure companies or individuals get their audience. These methods or channels include: 

  • the internet 

  • personal referrals 

  • telephone calls 

  • emails 

  • advertisements, etc. 

In a recent survey, content marketing, search engines, emails, and web referrals have been used extensively to gain mass coverage. Once the company or individual gathers the contact of potential customers or clients, a lead is assigned for follow up. This lead becomes a business opportunity when it gets a positive review from such a client or customer. Afterward, it goes through a series of stages to put the deal in motion. 

Four Levels of Online Lead Generation 

  1. End-User 

  2. Capturer of Leads 

  3. Seller of Leads 

  4. Buyer of Leads 

Where to buy Lead Sources? 

Lead generation tools are top online Lead sources that ensure or aids business growth and they include: 


  • Narrows down your audience: In a world with over millions of people on the internet, it seems impossible to find people who are interested in what you have to offer; however, Lead sources have made it easy to find the exact people. 

  • Improves Exposure: As an entrepreneur, with Lead Generation Sources, you can see the world from a different perspective which will improve your exposure. 

  • Control over Customer’s Data: The aim is to have a prospective customer’s contact information and engage them; hence, control over data. 


  • Difficult strategy: It takes a lot of hard work to make it possible, since you have to gather data from all over. To bring leads into a business, you have to commission online marketing activity. 

  • Payment Reduction: Due to differences in conversion rates, you have to reduce the value of payment for these services. 

Training and Who to Learn From? 

If you would like to train or learn more about Lead Generation, you should check out the following videos: 

 Who is Lead Generation Sources right for? 

Lead Generation is best for: 

  • Entrepreneurs 

  • Business owners 

  • Marketers 

  • Job hunters 

  • Content Creators and lots more. 

These people want nothing more than business growth, and finding leads will help them reach who they want any time, any day. 



What are “Apps”?

Apps have gotten very popular over time, some apps record numbers of millions of traffic every day and for this reason among many other things they become a great opportunity to make money. If you were looking for some online business ideas, apps could be the solution to all your questions. A notable example of this online business model getting success is Pokémon Go.

This app got a lot of traffic when it was in trend, there were days when the number of active users on the game was more than that of Twitter. This is something that you don't get to see every day as Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms but, if the number of active users was more on the game, it means you can make an amazing profit from it.

How to make money with Apps?

Such online business models can change your day to day activities which could be of real benefit and also help make a great profit. If you come up with app that generates huge traffic you will most likely be approached by several companies for paid advertisement. This is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money using apps. For every click on an advertisement, you will be paid with some amount of money.

Every popular app was once just an idea which is the first step to developing an app. In this stage the first thing you should decide is your targeted niche, then the initiative to develop and modify the idea into a usable app that solves a problem. There are several apps that can make you money, however, the best way for you would be to choose the one which interests you the most. Any standard app can make you good money if you work on it and people find use for it.

This business works well for the people who have the basic idea of developing an app. You can also hire an app developer if you don't have much experience in it. But you would need to be creative and bring out something out of the box to get success in the field.

Here are some well-known apps:

Where to buy this model?


  • Can make you a lot of money

  • Not much effort required once your app becomes popular

  • Very low investment (If you develop the app yourself)

  • Can become a life-long business


  • Hard work required in the initial stages

  • If you fail to create a usable app all your efforts would go in vain

There is a lot of competition out there when it comes to making apps, but this is such a business that will never go down. The best part about it is that the number of people using Smartphones is increasing day by day and you can target a lot of people. All in all, it is one of the best online business models that you can go for.

Training and who to learn from?

 Who is this for?

This is basically for anyone with fundamental knowledge in programming

  • Programmers 

  • entrepreneur


What are “Web Browser Extensions”?

There are several web browser extensions that you use in everyday life, but I am guessing you have never thought of them as a way of earning an income? The truth is you can actually make a passive income using these extensions. All you need is the basic knowledge of web design and you are set to go.

The next thing you need to do is to design an extension and let it go live for people to use, the key here is to create a useful and reliable extension that people can trust. There are several extensions that get millions of audiences, and there are some paid ones that people purchase to use. 

How to make money with web browser extensions?

Web browser extensions work mostly straight forward. If your extension is good and people can get something useful out of it, they will pay to use it. This is something that can make you a lot of money with minimal investment. The best approach here will be to provide a free trial to people for like three days, and after that, they will have to subscribe in order to continue using it.

Conversely, you should be sure that your extension is worth the money that your audience is paying you or else they will stop using it. The key is to create something useful.

There are several online business ideas that you can use in web browser extensions. To begin with, you can create an extension that allows users to save their favorite articles for later. You can be more creative with the ideas and come up with something new and unique. The best part about it is that there is no end to it.

Examples of such Extensions are:

Where to buy this model?


  • Low initial investment

  • Consistent money once the extension becomes popular

  •  No hard work required once it is working

  •  Can make a lot of money

  •  Never-ending opportunities


  • High Competition

  •  High Maintenance

Training and who to learn from?

Although there is a lot of competition with other extension, if you come up with something unique and worth using, there will always be a market for you. Over time as you grow more popular you will have higher patronizing. The key is to keep on improving the quality and adding on more features to it.

Who is the model right for?

  • Bloggers

  • Entrepreneurs


What is “SAAS”?

Well, it stands for 'Software as a Service', and you can use it as an online business. It will not only get you a stable income but if things go right, you can make a lot of profit out of it.

Basically, SAAS works in a way that a piece of software is hosted on a cloud infrastructure. A lot of companies buy such memberships in order to avoid investments in infrastructure to host the software.

Companies pay a monthly membership fee because they don't have to take care of the backend processes, but if they don't do it, someone else has to, and in this case, you would do it. It takes a lot of coding knowledge to design such a platform for the companies. Also, there are a lot of responsibilities on the designer's shoulders as everything will be stored there. So, if you want to get into this business, you should either have a good knowledge of the development of such platforms or you would need to hire a team of people who know how to get it running.

It would be better if you have a team for it as once the business starts to grow, there will be a lot on your shoulders and it is difficult for a single person to handle it all. Also, to provide professional service, a team is required.

This is the host's part. However, the customer just has to log into their account. Once they log in, they will get full access.

How to make money with SAAS?

Once you have it all designed, you need to make it live in the market. Companies in need of it will approach you and you will provide them with your services. You can charge them on a monthly basis or yearly as well. Your clients will pay you in return for your services. But you should make sure that you provide them with a good service and make their investment worth. The best way to make a name in the market is to provide one-month free trial for your services and then start charging on the continuation.

If you provide good service, your clients will stick to you. Yes, you would not get anything in the first month, but if you look at the bigger picture, it is a great marketing strategy. You will go through three phases in this business. Initially, you would need to develop a working product, and then get it into the market. In the second phase, if your product starts to do well in the market, you will get a lot of clients.

This stage will cost you a lot of money as there will be a constant need for expanding the data and other technicalities, but once you move past this phase, you will have a good number of clients with you and the required infrastructure. Once you get here, you will start making a healthy profit and your business will run smoothly.

Examples of such software are:

  • Salesforce.com

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Amazon Web Services


  • Every increasing profit

  • Loyal customers

  •  Reliable Business

  •  Profit in return for service


  • Need to invest money on infrastructure

  • Hard work in the initial stages

Training and who to learn from?

Well, there is a lot of work required in the initial stages. But this is the case with every successful business model out there. If you want to make a huge profit out of something, you would need to invest something in it as well. The same is the case here, but the profit is amazing. If you are sure about your services and provide quality service to your customers, there is a long way for you in this business.

Who is SAAS for?

It is for the computer literate with advanced programming knowledge and the work ethic to go with it.

  • Entrepreneur

  • programmer

Coaching & Consulting

This is the opposite of productized services. You are unique and you engage directly with each customer. Examples of these kinds of businesses include language teaching, exam tutoring, marketing consulting, investment consulting, etc.

The business model is the client pays a variable price and gets a variable service. This makes it easy for the customer to get a customized service. The supplier has plenty of upsell opportunities. These service businesses make money by teaching, analyzing, mentoring, etc. It can be skills the client either doesn’t have or wants to improve. 

How to make money with coaching and consulting?

The more valuable and unique the coach or consultant's knowledge is to the client, the more money he or she can make. Coaching is a little different. Two very popular forms of online coaching are teaching English as a foreign language and essay writing assistance. Here there are usually multiple communications between client and coach, unlike the transactional nature of services as a product.

It may be a problem the client wants to solve, but it’s politically expedient to have an outsider take a fresh look. For example, in the consulting world sole-trader online tax advisors or wealth management individuals fit into this model. These lone entrepreneurs chose to work outside of the big companies and make money online, once discovered via search engines.

To name a few of such personnel:


  • A possible Unique Selling Proposition – there’s only you.

  • Build client loyalty through unique services for every client and get recurring revenue

  •  It’s almost purely knowledge-based – so few start-up costs and not much money to run

Cons include:

  • You must already have the expertise to start

  • Hard to scale unless you use affiliate programs and affiliate marketing

  • Time intensive

  •  Training and who to learn from?

Training and who to follow?

Some traders can do it alone and train themselves on how their particular online market works. Or, they can choose to operate through third parties, like Freelancer, Upwork and for languages Ithaki. These sites essentially do the job of pretty much surrounding them with everything they need except their core skills. These kinds of sites take a commission but can help generate a good sales funnel.

Who is it for?

So, this Online Business Idea is great for people who are specialists in their field and who can devote a lot of time. Your revenue and profit margins will be limited by your competition and your time – but if you are good enough and smart enough, the sky is the limit.


What is “Influencing”?

An influencer is a person that builds a powerful identity with the real engagement of people. Well, it means you can broadly influence your decisions and opinion of the people. Social media is the best option to explore your business in every nook and corner of the world.

It doesn’t matter what’s the scale of your business, it depends how creative your ideas are which leaves great impact on your audience. There are many people who choose social media to share their reviews and opinion to the people. Unlike the celebrities, influencers are renowned for their creative ideas which can be the way of exploring their own skills on social media. It is the way of perceiving trusted community in the virtual world. If you can be better influencer then the other business models will show the interest in collaborating with you as you have a huge community of social media followers.

This is how the hierarchy of business growth starts. However, an influencer has a broad perspective to achieve their own benchmark. Let’s now have one glance at how the influence can leave a better impact on the growth of business models.

How to make money with influencer?

It is essential to have audience engagement with your effective work even you are on Instagram or on YouTube. Make sure to deliver performance according to your established aim. After setting the goal of your work, you should focus on your content which you going to deliver. As you begin to get the response of people, you should look at your audience’s review of what they actually demand for. However, in the beginning, you may face many circumstances which may discourage you but it is social media where people share many positive and negative responses.

Everyone has different views to look at your work. For example, Instagram is of a visual nature. You need to pick a suitable aesthetics according to your work. However, YouTube is the most popular social platforms among the influencers. It is of visual and audible nature for representing your work broadly

If you have huge community of followers then it will be very easy for other brands to promote their product on your channel or account. It basically tends to influencer marketing. It is the process of being partnered with influencers and explore your product through such social media like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. However, search the right influencer having the real engagement of the audience is not easy. Searching the right influencer and create a powerful campaign is the way to enhance the growth of your business.

Apart from that for the growth, you need to find the right social media platform and your targeted audience is the important part. This actually increases brand awareness by collaborating with the right influencers.

Where to sign up as an Influencer?

Examples of such influencers are:


  • Building a community around your brand and topic of choice is so important in this profession! And once you have it, it feels wonderful. You get to talk to so many people, learn from them and go through experiences together.

  • We all have dream brands and as an influencer, you can work with them – so dreams literally can come true! Building relationships with great brands and the incredible people behind them feels very empowering.

  • Another dream come true: being creative and talking about a topic you’re passionate about for a living! If this doesn’t satisfy us millennials searching for fulfilment at work, I don’t know what would.


  • Once you put things available publicly, you’re exposing yourself to potential risks. Not everyone is going to like you and some people will project their insecurities on you – especially if they have way too much free time on their hands! You need to grow thick skin to be able to handle public attention

  • Loss of privacy

Training and who learn from?

The important role-play in online business growth is an influencer. The social media provides widen their opinions and idea to the people. As I have mentioned earlier, how much beneficial influencer marketing is for any brand and business. So, to enhance the prospect of influencing ideas and opinions, you need to look for the right social media platform and the right audience for delivering the content or work.

One of the popular YouTube influencers in India, include Sandeep Maheshwari and Prajakta another influencer you can look out for is Koli Sandeep Maheshwari who speaks more on motivation. 

Productized Service

Productized services are where services are packaged up as if they were products. In a service-based, each product has a name, specification, price, etc.

How to make money with productized service

The business model is the client pays a fixed price and gets a fixed service. This makes it easy for the customer and the supplier, as everyone knows what to expect.

These service businesses make money by doing things the client either can’t do or doesn’t want to do. The more valuable the service is to the client, the more money the company can make. The services can be fast and efficient too. Plus, there need not be big start-up costs.

Of course, any service-based business needs to have solid fundamentals:

  • Good revenue

  • Decent profit margins

  • Effective marketing

  • Lead generation and a sales funnel

  • Recognized and reputable brand

Where to buy productized Service?

Examples of these kinds of businesses include 

  • Visa 

  • analytics, 


  • Quick to start up

  • Less hassle than extended discussion between client and company

  • It’s easier to scale the business than with unique services for every client


  • Not all clients like buying packages

  • There might be deals you miss because you don't have the right package

  • Might be less recurring revenue.

Training and who to follow?

You will need to have enough training in the service being offered (or co-opt or subcontract someone who does). You will also benefit from sites offering advice and training on online

Productized Services.

So, this online business idea is great for people who might be non-specialists and who can’t

devote a lot of time. Your revenue and profit margins will be limited by your competition. If your packages are easy to imitate

Who is it for?

As a productized service, and now as a software tool, they address the problem of B2B lead generation and prospect list building. They solve this problem by providing unlimited access to their database of 350 million contacts to ensure accurate data and to save time on prospecting so it is for

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Bloggers

  • IT experts

Info products

What is “info product”?

Info product is an online business model that is based on information, this information could be in learning a new language, online course, software learning, programming or anything that involves knowledge. It is a simple content full of information, which is borne out of many different sources of information. An info product is designed to tackle certain problems which are peculiar to its users, it is meant to shed light on certain issues about a subject. 

An info product can be any product that provides information, it can be online courses, e-books, video CDs, webinar etc. Info product is known to be digitally accessed.

How to make money with info product?

For an info product to make money, it has to be about something lot of people would want to learn about. For you to know and be sure about products that most people would be interested in, it’s best to conduct a research. From here, you can pinpoint what people want, its best to go for a product that the demand on the Internet isn't much to avoid joining a competition boat that has sailed already. 

After the research has been completed and a idea has been chosen, marketing is the next thing. Marketing is usually done through online adverts, word of mouth, email tunnels amidst other tools During marketing, " too good to be true " offers are made to the public, it is during this period that potential customers are baited in.

A small and vital information or write up is used to entice the customer .After the advert link is clicked by the potential customers, it redirects one to a page where they will have to supply their contact information, it’s from here follow up mails will be continuously sent to the clients who clicked on the link, at this point the customer would have been fully convinced on the product, and then they will subscribe to the info product.

Where to buy this type of business?

Examples of info products


  • It is easy to create

  • They are inexpensive to make

  • It doesn't need a specialized skill before one can venture into it.


  • Down to earth marketing which consumes time

  • Most people opt out after they have enjoyed the free introductory portion of the course

  • There is need for constant review of the info product business model.

Training and Who to learn from?

When it comes to learning info product business model, below are some of the best places to learn online 

Who is info product right for?

  • Info product is right for you, if you have established yourself as are a authority in a field or niche. This is important because it will help them to pool in customers for their info products.

  • Info product is right for you even if you are a not guru in your chosen niche, what this means is they will have to put in extra effort in their marketing to garner enough customers for themselves.

Membership sites

What are “membership sites”?

Membership site is an online business model which is for exclusive members of a website, no outsider can access contents being posted to the site or that part of the website. The members of membership sites usually gain access to the website after they have subscribed to the service of the website. After which they start getting access to exclusive contents created by the owner of the website. The contents could range from online courses, online groups.

How to make money with membership site?

A membership site makes money from users of the website who have subscribed to the service of the website. It is usually started with offering free valuable services just to bait in potential customers. After the customers have been gathered, then a payment method can be introduced to them.

It is important to make sure on introduction of the payment system, which customers are made to see the value of what they will be signing up. Prior to this, during the free trial period, it is important to instill the hunger in the hearts of the potential customers. After this has been done, getting them to sign up for the membership site won't be hard.

Where to buy membership sites?

Examples of membership sites


  • Recognition within a niche 

  • Booming and loyal fan base

  • A steady income


  • Technical knowledge is needed

  • Frequent updating of the course to keep it fresh

Training and who to learn from?

  • Member Site Academy, started by Callie Willows and Mike Morrison has proven to be an authority in offering of trainings and tools for folks who would want to build their own membership sited

  • AccesSally houses tons of materials and contents if you are looking forward to learning more about membership sites.

      The membership guys found on www.themembershipguys.com houses a number of materials     to put in anyone who is willing learn pre about membership sites.

Who is the model right for?

1. Someone who is a skilled professional in a niche

2. Someone who wants to rally their fans around themselves.

3. Someone who has the gift of explaining things in simpler terms to people


What is “Dropshipping”?

Dropshipping is an online business model that has gained widespread popularity as of late. Dropshipping is where the seller (dropshipper) does not have any physical stock at hand but accepts orders from customers through their website or online store. To deliver the product, the dropshipper uses suppliers to ship the products to the customers as if the products came from the dropshipper. The relative ease of becoming a drop shipper has made it a popular option for many online entrepreneurs.

How do to make money with dropshipping?

For people who have never heard of dropshipping, it can sound like a hard concept to get off the ground. However, setting up a dropshipping business can be achieved by following these steps:

Coming up with a dropshipping concept that is marketable

  • Finding dropshipping suppliers.

  •  Creating the dropshipping site (Shopify, Oberlo and Sprocket are great choices)

  •  Adding the products from the suppliers to your website

  • Marketing and managing the dropshipping business

Dropshipping has a number of success stories worth looking into, below are examples:

Where Do You Buy dropshipping?


  • Start-up costs are lower than starting an e-commerce site.

  • No physical products mean starting and maintaining a dropshipping site is easier.

  • There is low overhead since you don’t purchase stock or worry about storage costs.

The cons include:

  • Since it is easier and cheaper to set up, many people are dropshipping and selling products at rock bottom prices… meaning you’re looking at high competition and low returns.

  • It is hard to manage stock you don’t physically own, making order fulfillment tricky when the supplier's inventory changes.

  • Shipping can be complicated and costly since you will most likely be sourcing products from multiple suppliers.

Training and who to learn from?

If you seriously considering dropshipping, it is good to know you don’t have to go in blind.

Here are people who can teach you how to dropship the right way:

  • Anton Kraly: Anton founded Dropship Lifestyle… it is a membership website that trains people on becoming successful dropshippers. 

  • Hayden Bowles: Hayden is a successful dropshipper who teaches people how to become a successful Shopify dropshipper with his course on Teachable.

Who is dropshipping right for?

Despite the saturation, dropshipping is a profitable online business and many people are earning revenue from it, but is it right for you? You should become a dropshipper if you:

  • Are willing to spend time researching a profitable niche.

  • Can invest a lot of time researching suppliers.

  • Are willing to constantly keep track of inventory from suppliers.

  • Don’t mind venturing into a business with likely low margins.

  • Are willing to take responsibility when shipments go wrong.


What is E-commerce?

Basically, e-commerce is any online activity that involves buying and selling goods and services. A broader definition of e-commerce includes any monetary transaction done online (internet banking and electronic payment) when buying and selling goods and services. E-commerce has models… these are descriptions of the type of transactions that take place online. The two most common models are:

  • Business to Customer (B2C): This is when a business sells goods and services to online customers.

  • Business to Business (B2B): This is when a business only sells its goods and services online to other businesses.

How do you make money through e-commerce?

You can sell almost anything online, and setting up an e-commerce store is a relatively easy process.

You just need the following:

  • Goods or services that can be sold online

  •  Name for the e-commerce store

  •  Unique selling position

  •  E-commerce site (you can quickly set one up with Shopify and BigCommerce)

  • Payment methods

  • Shipping methods

  •  Marketing strategy (paid advertising and SEO)

Where do you buy e-commerce sites?

Examples of successful businesses are:

An e-commerce business is a viable business model and many have earned revenue with.

These include:

  • Opena Case: Opena Case raised $28,303 (from a goal of $15,000) to fund its goal of selling useful and practical iPhone cases online.

  •  Mellow: Mellow made more than $200,000 in less than one month through pre-order sales of their magical kitchen robot.

  • Diamond Candles: Diamond Candles increased their Facebook following by 293,000 through social media marketing, increasing their conversion rate by 13% in the process.


  • Start-up costs are significantly lower than a brick and mortar store.

  • No shelf space makes scaling easier.

  • No geographical barriers give you access to millions of global buyers worldwide.


  • E-commerce websites can crash, leading to lost revenue.

  •  E-commerce is a very saturated and highly competitive industry.

  • Relying on organic traffic (not paid advertising) can lead to slow growth.

Training and who to learn from?

There are plenty of people who have been successful at e-commerce, people you can learn from and some of these include:

  • Andrew Youderian: Andrew Youderian founded EcommerceFuel, a private community catering to seven-figure e-commerce store owners. Here, he shares tips and strategies on how to succeed.

  • Armando Roggio: Is the senior contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce, an online magazine for e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to learn about the industry's best practices and trends.

Who is E-commerce right for?

Despite being a profitable online business, you need to ask yourself if e-commerce is right for you.

Venture into e-commerce only if you:

  • Have a product and service that is unique and provides value.

  •  Have a physical store and want to reach more customers online.

  • Are dedicated to researching and finding a niche.

  • Are prepared to sell high volumes of the product for less profit.

  • Can cover monthly inventory, marketing, hosting and shipping costs.

Amazon FBA

What is “Amazon FBA”?

Of all the online business models, the online business idea of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by

Amazon) is that related to an e-commerce store. Though it is still wholly hosted on

Amazon.com. Here, your online store is listed on Amazon, and it comes with a whole lot of benefits the Online giant has to offer. 

A summary of how Amazon FBA works are:

  • An agreement is set up with a supplier or factory to provide you with a product.

  • The supplier ships the product to North America.

  • The product is stored in a warehouse owned by Amazon.

After purchasing from Amazon, the online powerhouse fulfills the purchase by taking care of the logistics, such as customer service and shipping. So basically, this online business model allows virtually anyone access to sell goods on the Amazon platform. Amazon FBA stores your products in its warehouses and ships them to your customers on purchase. All the while, it is responsible for handling all returns and refunds, and it provides excellent customer service.

How to make money with Amazon FBA?

The process of making money from this online business idea is pretty straight forward. The

Amazon FBA listing already featured your product, and when someone purchases your product from the site, you make money. Amazon ships your product to its buyer. Your sole responsibility is to make sure you have enough supply to meet the demands.

Where to buy Amazon FBA?

Some of this 


  • Although this business deals with physical goods, you can run this online business model from anywhere in the world.

  • You never have to think about warehousing, as Amazon is responsible for storage and shipping. 

  • All customer service questions related to your product are dealt with by Amazon. 



  • This business model is very competitive, and not all the items you have for sale will be a best seller. Having a great idea about a product doesn’t guarantee its success.

  • Becoming an expert in international trade overnight is needed, and this is very challenging.

Training & Who to Learn From?

Cliff and Jessica Larrew @ thesellingfamily

Amazon Boot Camp is a high-quality course, especially for those interested in the Amazon FBA business. This course teaches you everything you need to know about this online business idea and how to become a success in it. Amazon boot camp costs $297, but it has a payment plan spread across three months.

Jim Cockrum@ jimcockrum


Creates this course, and it provides excellent resource information on all you need to know about the Amazon FBA business. This course cost $499, which might be a little high, but it offers excellent value and it is an excellent recommendation for anyone interested in selling with Amazon.

Who is the Model Right For?

This online business is perfect for you if you have too much month at the end of your paycheck. If you also want a decent income to boost your monthly earnings. To become successful, you need to dedicate more up to 2 hours per day to ensure success at the beginning

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Influencers

Kindle Publishing

What is “Kindle Publishing”?

This online business model is an online platform that allows authors to publish and promote their eBooks to an enormous audience provided by Amazon. It helps aspiring authors to become self-publishing, thereby bypassing the need for an agent or any publishing contract. 

Amazon Kindle has revolutionized people and the way the general public sees eBooks. Through this online business idea, aspiring authors can reach a wide range of readers through a means that many have thought impossible.

How to make money with kindle publishing?

The process involved in making money on Kindle is easy to understand. After writing your book, you need to get cover art for it. After this, the book is uploaded to kindle in the KDP platform. You need to wait a couple of days for Kindle to approve the title. After this, the book is ready for purchase by the public. After someone buys your book, Amazon is responsible for delivering a digital copy of it to the person’s device. This delivery could be on their Kindle device or application for smartphones. 

This natural process is one of the many reasons why Kindle has gained a considerable chunk of e-book readers in the market. After the purchase of the book, Amazon takes a portion of the profit, and the rest is yours. There are two royalty structures in the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, which depends on pricing and geography. One of the royalty structure give 70%, and the other offers 35%. This royalty structure is exceptionally generous if you know about traditional publishing.

Where to Buy this Type of Business?

Some few 


  • This online business model requires close to zero costs. The equipment needed is an internet connection and a laptop.

  • An English degree is not required for you to be successful. Most of the biggest names in   this online business idea didn't finish high school.

  • This business can run from any part of the world.

  • Arriving at the right market can make your earnings have unlimited potential.


  • This model of business doesn’t guarantee you success, as even entirely written books can fail.

  • Your income depends on Amazon as a self-published author.

  •  Lack of new books will lead to a decrease in your income.

Training & Who to Learn From?

James Patterson @ jamespatterson

Mark Dawson@  markjdawson

Some of the available courses include:

  • How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle?

  •  How to Self-Publish Children’s Books on Kindle

  • Fiction Writers: Learn How to Create A Perfect Kindle eBook

Who is the Model Right For?

  • Self-publishers

  • Bloggers 

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