Month: July 2021

3DS Game Recs

Table of Contents   FAQ   Packs   Individual Recommendations Animal Crossing New Leaf Attack of the Friday Monsters Azure Striker Gunvolt Bravely Default Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Fire Emblem Awakening Kid Icarus Uprising Liberation Maiden Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Pokemon X/Y Pokemon Battle Trozei Pokemon Rumble World …

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gc3ds overview

gc3ds is a 3DS modification that allows user to use Nintendo GameCube controller to play any games on Nintendo 3DS consoles. This open-source project uses an Arduino Nano to read the state of GameCube controller, then mirror them to Nintendo 3DS with a maximum delay of no more than 1/1000 seconds (1 millisecond). Users can …

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gc3ds circuit board details

I have been updating the PCB from time to time, for now there are two revision with same functionality but slightly different designs. Here are the picture of them. Look at the pinouts and solder all the wires from 3DS to it.    NC = Not Connected   V2: The current version. In this revision …

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gc3ds 3DS XL installation guide

gc3ds: GameCube controller to 3DS adapter   Installation guide, 3DS XL for Regular 3DS see here   This document only serves as a general guide of this project, I make no guarantee that your result of following this guide will be successful(although I did), and I take no responsibility if you manage to break stuff …

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