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Establishing and Advancing a Link

Types of Links and their Benefits

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Appendix A: Tarot Arcanas and their symbolism in a nutshell

Appendix B: Part-time Work and Special Items

FATE Condensed

This is meant as an add-on to FATE Condensed. Here are the things that have been changed from the base rules (or just available options selected), before we get to the completely new stuff:

  • Custom Skill lists

  • Every character starts with only one free stunt (in exchange, they get their Persona with its abilities)

  • Characters use one unified Stress Track with 6 boxes at the start

  • Healing Consequences, recovering FATE Points through Refresh and Advancement are done differently

Skill Lists

There are two SEPARATE skill lists (you only use one or the other). The Social Skills are meant for use in interactions with other characters and everyday life, whilst Action Styles come into play during combat or similar situations, usually against Shadows.

For your Social Skills, assign the following scores at the start: +2, +1, +1, 0, 0, -1. You can increase them as described in Personal Improvement.

Your Action Styles are always based on your current Persona.

Both Social Skills and Action styles max out at +6.

Social Skills

  • Courage: your ability to stay cool in the face of dangerous, gross or scary things, stand up to people, resist influence and intimidation

  • Understanding: your ability to read social cues, empathise with people and comfort them, act appropriately to a given situation

  • Expression: your ability to sway others, convey your feelings and thoughts, entertain and hold somebody’s attention

  • Diligence: your ability to perform boring or exhaustive tasks, create things, resist temptations

  • Knowledge: your ability to research information, recall trivia, perform deductive reasoning

  • Presence: your ability to command others, draw attention to yourself, intimidate and force your will on people

Action Styles

  • Quick

  • Flashy

  • Forceful

  • Careful

  • Sneaky

  • Clever



Still happening at the end of each session, but only the following options are available:

  • Swap ranks of two ACTION Skills

  • Rewrite a Stunt or get a new one for 1 Refresh

  • Rewrite an Aspect that’s not High Concept


Occur when a major story development happens, but with only the following benefits:

  • Can rewrite High Concept

  • Gain 1 Refresh

Combat System

Some elements have been added on top of the standard combat system to make it more interesting and capture some of the key aspects of Persona combat.

Elemental Affinities

Every Shadow and Persona has its set of elemental affinities which describe how different types of attacks affect them.

A user of a Persona is considered to have the same Affinities as the Persona they’re currently using.


There are following elements, which mostly describe attacks, but also other effects:

  • Slash

  • Pierce

  • Strike

  • Fire

  • Ice

  • Wind

  • Lightning

  • Darkness

  • Light

  • Psychic

  • Nuclear

  • Almighty*

Almighty is a special “element” that cannot be naturally used by Shadows not Personas, only through specific stunts, but is also unaffected by Affinities (so no enemy will ever resist or be weak to it).

Types of Affinities

For each element, a Shadow or Persona can be:

  • Neutral(N): this element works normally on them

  • Resistant(Re): this element has a limited effect. When Defending against any attack or other hostile actions using that element, get +2 to your Defense Roll.

  • Immune(Im): this element has no effect. Any hostile actions against the user using that element automatically fail.

  • Drain(Dr): In addition to being Immune, being hit with that Element actually restores 2 Stress.

  • Reflect(Rf): In addition to being Immune, when hit by that Element the attack is immediately reflected back at its user

  • Weak(Wk): This element is very effective. When Defending against any attack or other hostile actions using that element, get -2 to your Defense Roll AND the attacked might receive One More (described below).

One More

Once on each of your turns, if you hit an enemy with an Attack that they’re Weak to, you can immediately take another turn, but you cannot perform the same type of action on the same enemy.

Boss Fight!

Some enemies might act as “bosses” and to capture their threat, they play by slightly different rules, getting one action each round for every PC facing them.


Personas are manifestations of one’s psyche, taking on a form of various mythological beings and deities.

Each Persona has:

  • Up to 3 Aspects

  • Action Style ranks

  • Elemental Affinities

  • Up to 5 Stunts

All of these can be used by a character when they have this Persona active. Personas do not have their own Stress or Consequences, they don’t take their own actions, serving essentially as power-ups than separate entities.

Personas come in one of 3 Tiers:

  • Basic

  • Advanced

  • Legendary

A character starts with a Basic Persona which can later be evolved into one of higher Tier. 

Getting to Advanced requires having 3 Rank 5 Social Links and paying 2 Refresh.

Getting to Legendary requires having 5 Rank 5 Social Links and paying 2 Refresh.

Effects of training and such carry over when the persona advances to the next tier.

Persona Aspects and Stunts

Personas have up to 3 Aspects, one of them always being a High Aspect being the description or title of the entity. Those aspects can be invoked when using the supernatural abilities of a Persona, but in rare circumstances can also be applied to the wielder.

Persona Action Styles

Basic Persona starts with an array of +2, +1, +1, 0, 0, -1 in their Action Styles. This can be upgraded through training.

When evolving into a higher Tier Persona, all Ranks are raised by 1 (up to max of +6) and you can swap Ranks between Action Styles.

Persona Elemental Affinities

Personas always have at least one Weakness. To keep the Affinities somewhat comparable between Personas of the same tier, each type of an Affinity has a point value:

  • Neutral: 0

  • Weak: -1

  • Resistant: +1

  • Immune: +2

  • Drain or Reflect: +3

Points for these Affinities are summed up and should equal:

  • 0 for the Basic Personas

  • 2 for Advanced Personas

  • 4 for Legendary Personas

So for example a Basic Persona could be Weak to Fire and Resistant to Darkness, whilst an Advanced one could be Immune to Fire, Resistant to Light and Weak to Darkness.

Whenever a Persona advances to a higher Tier, their existing Affinities can be changed in addition to any new ones.

Using Elements

Not every Persona can use every Element.

Basic Personas use one of Strike/Slash/Pierce and one other type except Almighty.

When going from Basic to Advanced Persona, pick one more attack type except Almighty.


Each Persona has 3 Stunts unique to it, one for each Tier (you start with the Basic one, then unlock one more whenever it goes up a Tier).

In total, it can have up to 5 Stunts, with additional ones not bought with Refresh, but gained from Social Links and Training.


On each day that’s not spent fighting, investigating and so on, every PC can spend their time on certain things including:

  • Healing Consequences or Regaining FATE Points

  • Training

  • Building Links

  • Working on a Project or dealing with Events

  • Working a Part-Time Job (Appendix B)


When taking a day off to recover and rest you can do the following:

  • reduce the severity of one of your Consequences or remove a Mild Consequence

  • regain 1 FATE point if you currently have less points than your Refresh


When you spend a day training, you can do one of the following:

  • regain a Persona Stunt that you’ve had previously

When you spend a total of 3 days training or practicing, you can do one of the following:

  • increase the Rank of one of your Social Skills

  • increase the Rank of one of the Action Skills of your Persona. This cannot be done more than twice for any one Skill


Projects are things which a PC decides to pursue on their own for whatever benefit.

To start a Project, decide what you want to achieve and what methods you intend to use. The GM will specify how much time will be needed to complete it, if any rolls will be required and if there are any additional prerequisites.

After meeting these conditions and making checks if necessary, you’ll gain the benefits of the Project.


Events are things happening in the world just normally or as a consequence of PCs actions.

Each event has a Deadline, as well as specified outcomes for what happens when that Deadline is reached, depending on how the PC has handled it.

Social Links

Social Links represent your bonds with other characters. Each one of them is tied to one of the Major Arcana of Tarot and has a progress measured in ranks. When creating your character, you must also pick one Arcana which they’ll represent for others.

Establishing and Advancing a Link

To establish a Link you must meet and introduce yourself to somebody. This automatically starts the Link at Rank 0.

Beyond that a Link advances the more time you spend with that person, roughly 1 Rank for 3 interactions with that person, depending on how well the interactions went. A Link maxes out at Rank 5.

Types of Links and their Benefits

There are 2 different types of Links, which advance in the same way and provide the same benefits at some ranks, but with slight differences in others. These are as following:

NPC Link

Standard kind of Link between your character and some NPC. Ranking it up provides following benefits:




Learn the High Concept of the NPC


NPC can now provide Teamwork benefits to you


Once per week you can have an NPC show up to any scene you want, provided it makes a semblance of sense


Gain a new Stunt for Your Persona


You always get a +1 bonus to your rolls when interacting with the character


After getting 3/5 Links of any type to this Rank, your Persona can be upgraded to Advanced/Legendary Tier.

PC Link

It’s assumed that PCs start the game knowing each other, meaning their links are all at rank 0. Spending time together and ranking up the Link provides following benefits:





Once all PCs reach that rank with one another, the team is formed and Team Aspect created


You can show up to a scene involving the other character in a convenient moment, even “by complete accident”


Gain a new Teamwork Stunt (Stunt shared between your characters that activates when you cooperate)


Once per combat, you can take an attack meant for that PC (no action required).


After getting 3/5 Links of any type to this Rank, your Persona can be upgraded to Advanced/Legendary Tier.

Appendix A: Tarot Arcanas and their symbolism in a nutshell

Each Social Link will have an Arcana associated with it, Personas gained from them will also be based on this Arcana.

When making a character, decide what Arcana they’ll represent for others.





0: Fool

Innocence, divine inspiration, madness, freedom, spontaneity, inexperience, chaos and creativity.

  • Orpheus

  • Apollo

  • Loki

I: Magician

Action, initiative, self-confidence, immaturity, manipulation, and power (more specifically, the power to harness one's talents).

  • Surtr

  • Jack Frost

  • Hermes

II: Priestess

Hidden knowledge or other untapped power, wisdom, female mystery and patience

  • Konohana Sakuya

  • Scathach

  • Sarasvati

III: Empress

Mothers, prosperity, creativity, sexuality, abundance, fertility, protection, and comfort.

  • Titania

  • Isis

  • Mother Harlot

IV: Emperor

Stability, power, protection, realization; a great person; aid, reason, conviction also authority and will.

  • Odin

  • Baal

  • Takemikazuchi

V: Hierophant

Education, authority, conservatism, obedience to rules and relationship with the divine.

  • Daisoujou

  • Kohryu

  • Unicorn

VI: Lovers

Standing at a crossroad and needing to make a decision. Love and romantic relationships, although it can also be a symbol of finding agreement with an ordinary friend or even two conflicting elements within.

  • Ame No Uzume

  • Ishtar

  • Himiko

VII: Chariot

Victory, conquest, self-assertion, self-confidence, control, war, and command.

  • Suzuka Gongen

  • Ares

  • Thor

VIII: Justice

Stoicism, justice, objectivity, rationality and analysis.

  • Nemesis

  • Michael

  • Sraosha

IX: Hermit

Wisdom, introspection, solitude, retreat and philosophical searches.

  • Tengu

  • Mothman

  • Fafnir

X: Fortune

Fate, luck, fortune and opportunity. Seizing your own destiny.

  • Norn

  • Ariadne

  • Moirae

XI: Strength

Self-control, gentleness, courage and virtue over brute force. Creative or physical energy that needs to be or is about to be unleashed, sometimes out of desire to be recognized.

  • Oni

  • Atlas

  • Valkyrie

XII: Hanged Man

Self-sacrifice for the sake of enlightenment, the bindings that makes one free, paradoxes and hanging between heaven and earth. Being caught between two different extremes, parties or stages in life.

  • Attis

  • Take-Minakata

  • Orthus

XIII: Death

Metamorphosis and deep change, regeneration and cycles.

  • Thanatos

  • Mot

  • Alice

XIV: Temperance

Synthesis, prudence, harmony, and the merging of opposites.

  • Vishnu

  • Suzaku

  • Mithra

XV: Devil

Urge to do selfish, impulsive, violent things, and being a slave to one's own impulse and feelings, temptation. 

Healthy bond or commitment.

  • Beelzebub

  • Mara

  • Baphomet

XVI: Tower

Overly arrogant, prejudiced and authoritarian organizations, which walk to their own ironic demise. Omen of doom and disaster.

  • Shiva

  • Yoshitsune

  • Abaddon

XVII: Star

Hope, self-confidence, faith, altruism, luck, generosity, peace and joy.

  • Neko Shogun

  • Baldr

  • Helel


Creativity, inspiration, dreams, madness, illusions, fear, fantasy, the subconscious and trickery.

  • Sandalphon

  • Ongyo-Ki

  • Phobos

XIX: Sun

Happiness, joy, energy, optimism, and accomplishment.

  • Horus

  • Quetzalcoatl

  • Helios

XX: Judgement

Realizing one's calling, gaining a deep understanding of life and a feeling of acceptance and absolution.

  • Metatron

  • Lucifer

  • Anubis

XXI: World

World's totality, the symbol of fulfillment, wholeness and harmony.

Appendix B: Part-time Work and Special Items

Characters can spend a day working a job, which earns them 2 Coins under normal circumstances (could be improved or decreased if the scene is played out and based on other circumstances).

Coin represents an abstract amount of money that can be spent on:

  • special items to be used in the other world

  • projects

  • gifts, taking people out and so on, various things which will improve the chances/results of other actions

mundane everyday expenses are still not tracked.

Items that can be bought with Coin include:




Elemental Gem

1 Coin

When buying the Gem, pick an element except Strike, Slash, Pierce or Almighty.

You can sacrifice 1 Gem to make an Attack of that type or give yourself a +1 bonus to Attack if you can already use that element.

Elemental Shield

3 Coin

When buying the Shield, pick an element except Almighty.

You can sacrifice the shield at any time in your Turn (doesn’t take an action). The next attack of that type against you will be Resisted instead of whatever your normal Affinity is.

Purification Incense

2 Coin

As an Action, you can sacrifice the incense to either:

  • remove all Boost and Aspects the enemy created on themselves

  • remove all Boosts and Aspects the enemy has on your team

Scrying Orb

1 Coin

You can sacrifice the Orb at any time to gain one of the following information:

  • What Elements can the enemy attack with?

  • What Affinity does the enemy have towards 3 Elements (user picks which ones)?

Curious Medicine

1 Coin

As an Action, sacrifice the Medicine to heal 2 Stress from your ally.

Great Medicine

3 Coin

As an Action, sacrifice the Medicine to heal 4 Stress from your ally.

Revival Bead

4 Coin

As an Action, sacrifice the bead to being a knocked out ally back to the fight with half their Stress healed (they can act starting next Round).

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