6.2 Hellfire Enhancement Boss tips by Wordup [Updated 2nd October]

I’m Wordup, author of the MMO-Champion Enhancement Guide; and the Google Docs Guide, alongside the 6.2 Enhancement Spreadsheet. Here I’ll be giving a brief outline of each boss within HFC, and the talents I have found most optimal for success within the encounter. Whilst it may not produce rank 1 DPS, these are the talent selections that will contribute the most to each encounter. I will also add notes beneath for potential alternatives, and tactic-specific options that may be viable. Talents will mostly be focused upon 60, 90 and 100 tiers, though I will add specific talents that are useful into the description if the encounter favours it, otherwise it assumes Astral Shift, Totemic Projection & Ancestral Guidance as norms.

I will also be placing different talent selections dependant on having/not having the T18 4 piece bonus, as it strongly affects which options you will take. Finally, some situations some trinkets will not be optimal due to design (Soul Capacitor & Mirror of the Blademaster in particular) so, where necessary, I will give a brief explanation of what problems they can cause; and also add a brief section for fight length (pulled from WCL 50th Percentiles for respective difficulties), as it can affect CD usage & help with planning if new to the fight.

Disclaimer: As ever, these are outlines and pointers, not cast iron rules. Some talents will outperform in some situations and some fights/raid comps may require some tweaking of your own to optimize. Take everything here with a grain of salt and use it as a framework.

10/08/2015 Updated Tyrant, Xhul and Mannoroth after experience. Also updated some Youtube links

11/08/2015Some youtube links are down so removed until replacements are there

12/08/2015Updated to new format

24/08/2015By popular request, added Trinket recommendations for each boss at the bottom of the page

07/09/2015Added in new info for Archimonde per personal experience

21/09/2015Added Archimonde video and small updates

02/10/2015 Videos finished, removed disclaimer and touched up, should be the final update for the tier.

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Hellfire Assault

Notes –  Aggressive AoE and cleave on adds that spawn throughout the encounter, follow priority targets as outlined in boss guides as anchors for Flame Shock. Use Fire Elemental and first set of cooldowns on Mar’tak at the pull. If in Mythic, used glyphed Fire Elemental for second use at 3:00~ to coincide with second set of cooldowns and Bloodlust on the two mini-bosses that spawn.

YoutubeMythic Hellfire Assault

 Iron Reaver

Notes – Elemental Fusion helps with bombs during Phase 1 on Mythic, this can be substituted for Liquid Magma for burst but will be less consistent. If bombs are not an issue (Heroic) Storm Elemental Totem is very strong; due to added burn for the boss. Deal with the bombs in the air phase with your raid as usual. Use Spirit Walk aggressively to get to bombs & stay with the boss.

YoutubeMythic Iron Reaver



Notes – Echo required for burst AoE on the hands. Single Target important in Mythic as 5mins in 3 empowered occur at the same time, so care needs to be taken to balance AoE vs. Single Target, so if your raid is not struggling for it, take Storm Elemental Totem. Liquid Magma is a good alternative to improve hand burst if you don’t have enough AoE classes available. With glyphs,  Spirit Walk is v.useful to stay mobile for splashes and waves, Chain Lightning is useful on hands.

YoutubeMythic Kormrok

Hellfire High Council

Notes – For mythic, depending on tactic your 100 talent will be decided by that. If it is the Gurtogg burn with 4pc, you should be taking SET to push him asap under lust, otherwise, LM and EF are good for 2 target cleave on Jubei’Thos & Gurtogg. Without 4pc, PE will suffice with saving FET, so LM or EF would net higher damage in the fight. Glyphs are oriented toward maximising Lava Lash resets through spread, & self healing as the mirror phase is very intensive and survivability is key. Soul Capacitor can potentially harm burst on Gurtogg by splitting damage with Jubei’Thos, so discretion with use on it.

YoutubeMythic Hellfire High Council

Kilrogg Deadeye

Notes – Talents above are oriented toward going downstairs. Call of the Elements for double capacitor on imp waves, glyphs for optimized AoE; Flame Shock glyph for increased healing with the damage buff upstairs. Focus is on handling downstairs as much as possible alone whilst also giving enough punch upstairs with the buff to be a valuable contributor. If not downstairs, talents are still optimal for the fight in general, just less impactful and tuned toward it specifically. Avoid Soul Capacitor if downstairs as it will severely impair sustained damage on adds that need to be kept under control and bursted down consistently.

YoutubeMythic Kilrogg Deadeye


Notes – For mythic, slowing adds is vital so Frost Shock & Frostbrand are really useful, as is aggressive Earthbind Totems projected into the raid where adds are spawning and moving. Lava Spread will generate a good amount of dots to pump Lava Lash resets. Elemental totems should be cycled for feasts, on mythic you should open with one and the other be during the feast, then rotate them; otherwise, focus on burning adds and keeping them slowed. Soul Capacitor can have big negative effects killing souls too early on Mythic, so avoid using it unless experienced positioning the explosion. Mirror spawns in front of the boss, so care should be used if this is equipped. Windwalk Totem provides immunity to the slow AND the damage portion of the Gorebound Essences upstairs, making it extremely potent to reduce raid damage.

YoutubeMythic Gorefiend

Shadow-Lord Iskar

Notes – Aggressive AoE as much as possible off the primary DPS target during transitions, otherwise just deal with boss mechanics. Unleash Elements out if available during chakram, Spirit Walk to give more time against Phantasmal Winds. Flame Shock glyph for healing in transition, for mythic, resolve to reduce the big burst damage that is taken through Focused Blast. Mirror is extremely strong as adds are intermittent and stationary.

Youtube Mythic Shadow-Lord Iskar

Socrethar the Eternal

Notes – Burn boss & save CDs for the initial dominator burn during P2. If helping with AoE, use windwalk to get close to a ghost to spread flame shock off and Fire Nova safely from next to the boss. Save personals for Gift of the Man’ari or Apocalypse depending on current state of the raid. If using EF try to aggressively spread to as many Sargerei adds as possible. Soul Capacitor can potentially be problematic as the explosion will split with an immune Socrethar, so cancelauras should be used here. Windwalk is useful here for the flame charge residue, as is Grounding for the casts from Shadowcaller adds.

Youtube Socrethar the Eternal

Fel-Lord Zakuun

Notes – Standard Single Target fight. Use glyphed Fire Ele so it’s available for the 30% burn after using on pull, if you’re running into serious trouble sub-30%, don’t glyph and save it until then. If using SET, use FET on the pull and use SET for the final burn. Use Spirit Walk to get out of the raid with seeds safely, and personals as often as possible while soaking waves.

Youtube Mythic Fel-Lord Zakuun

Tyrant Velhari

Notes – Largely stationary fight. With 4pc, all 3 options for 100 talents work. SET is good for the phase 2 burn so you have an elemental for pull, lust & final burn. LM splashes well as adds are stacked, as is EF as there is often two mobs ready for spread Flame Shocks; so tailoring choice to what your guild needs more of is needed. Glyphs are geared to healing & survivability as it’s a largely stationary fight with high incoming damage. Personals should be used toward the end of each phase as damage taken will begin to peak before the transition.

YoutubeMythic Tyrant Velhari


Notes – Aggressive AoE during imp spawns, keep dots spread to large adds. Spirit Walk glyph is to make it more available to move out for Fel Surge, Capacitor if on Imp stuns. Use cooldowns at the pull, make sure they’re available for the final 20% burn with lust. Personals should be used during surges or felsinged if you have to move into it; have some free for the final burn as there will be instances of high spike damage as the phase continues. Grounding is useful on imps if casts get off to counter Ablaze, and can also soak Void Surge if you’re planning on keeping the room more clear of Shadow patches.

Youtube Mythic Xhul’Horac


Notes – AoE Imps & Infernals as much as possible, keep Flame Shocks spread to infernals when they come close to Mannoroth. Spirit Walk glyph so it’s available for every Shadow Force, if using Liquid Magma use it as adds spawn to burst down as soon as possible; will be available for every Mythic Imp wave which is vital. Have cooldowns available for the final burn on Mannoroth sub 35%; and personals need to be saved for the Shadowforce, especially if using the shadow zone left behind from Gaze of Mannoroth to slow yourself.

YoutubeMythic Mannoroth


Notes – Echo & LM is optimal for Mythic P1/2, LM to splash between the deathcaller and Archimonde, and assist with the add waves in P2. Echo is extremely useful for pooling ability charges for doomfire spawns which will increase your burst output on them a great deal. Personals for bad desecrates and for bad situations with Wrought Chaos. P3 pooling is useful again for infernals, personals for Mark of the Legion soaking. Lava Spread and Fire Nova mandatory to deal with the Dreadstalkers in P2 as they are regularly spread out. Elemental Fusion is useable as there are frequently targets to spread to, Liquid Magma will perform better if things are routinely clumped together.

YoutubeMythic Archimonde


Remember that these are simply recommendations, to parse some may perform better, this is just what to use on average for the highest contribution to a raid group in your given role.

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