60Knobs F.A.Q.

 60 Knobs F.A.Q.

Last Update: 09/05/2017

60Knobs is a MIDI controller designed for Sonic Potions LXR but capable of controlling any standard MIDI CC and NRPN device.

For an overview of the features please refer to the Operation Manual or the last teaser video under the voice links at: http://www.bastl-instruments.com/instruments/sixtyknobs/

Can I buy an assembled version of 60Knobs?

  • 60Knobs is available only as a DIY kit because it was first developed as expansion controller for the legendary Sonic Potions LXR drum machine, which is available only as DIY kit.

If you don’t know how to solder or if you’re afraid to try, we encourage you to ask some people around which can teach you how to solder or, in the worst case, they could solder it for you. If you are brave enough you will discover that soldering is not that hard and, most important thing, what is so exciting and grateful about making your own instrument.

If you really can’t make it on your own, as a last resort, you could ask people from Sonic Potion community to get some help from them. You can find a list of trusted builders which would probably be happy to do it for you:


NOTE: Bastl Instruments and Sonic Potions are not responsible for communication and deal with builders as it represents an “independent private service” which is not related to our company.

Where can I get the 60Knobs Editor Software?

ATTENTION: some antivirus detects the older version of windows installer as “trojan” infection, this is due to “generic win32 .exe” as the installer is not a certified developer. 

Bastl Instruments ensures that the download is completely CLEAN and harmless.

Where can I find enclosure / schematics / editor / firmware / MIDI chart files?

Can 60Knobs control my synth xyz?

(if you wonder if your synth has this MIDI capabilities please google “your synth xyz manual” and check the specifications under the voice MIDI)

Can 60Knobs store presets?

  • YES. You can store up to 5 different preset (previous upload from Editor Software) and recall them ANYTIME from the device with a button combination. 

You can check out this button combination in 60Knobs Operation Manual (pdf available at: http://www.bastl-instruments.com/instruments/sixtyknobs/ under the voice “links”) or on the bottom plate of the enclosure.

Can I buy the enclosure without LXR parameters printed?

  • There are no other versions of the enclosure currently available but the front panel is designed to be flipped and screwed from the other face so you can write whatever you would like.

If you would like to laser-cut the enclosure with your own labels you can download the .pdf editable laser-cut files from bastl github repository:


ADVANCED: How can I send SysEx messages from 60Knobs?

  • SysEx is a communication protocol which has different and specific messages for each gear manufacturer. It means that NOT every machine is capable of live-tweaking of its parameters. 

60Knobs can be configured for Yamaha DX7 SysEx directly from the Editor Software.

HACKERS ZONE (enter at your own risk)

If you wish to control some other gear than the DX7 thru SysEx protocol, you should first of all google “your gear manual” and check the SysEx specifications under the voice MIDI. If live-tweaking of the parameters you’re looking for is allowed, then you can try to hack the 60Knobs firmware (https://github.com/bastl-instruments/60Knobs/tree/master/Firmware), 

the command you’re looking for is inside functions.ino (line 107). 

PS. This hack is meant for advanced users which are experienced in coding and depending on the firmware changes 60Knobs might not react on its Editor Software. MIDI configuration chart and lxr example (which shows how 60Knobs SysEx  looks like) can be found inside the 60Knobs repository at: https://github.com/bastl-instruments/60Knobs

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