A Guide to Dichroma Chaos/Mayhem


Hi and welcome to my guide for the Raid Class 7 Mission in Brave Frontier known as Dichroma Chaos! Commonly regarded as one of the hardest pieces of content in BF, it required teams of 4 skilled players to clear on first release. However, with power creep and a much better understanding of raid mechanics, Dichroma is now fully duo-able and definitely solo-able. This is good news for newer players as it gives them an opportunity to gain valuable resources such as Exalted Tokens and raid materials, and gives veteran players the closest thing to a co-op feature sans GR. This guide aims to help all players to clear Dichroma with a higher success rate, from new players daunted by Dichroma but who nonetheless need those resources, to veteran players looking to optimise their set-ups for faster clear times. 

Basic Information

Dichroma Chaos is a RC7 Mission that is only available on the weekends, and is element locked to Light and Dark units. You are required to defeat 2 mini bosses (Lightsmote Revenant at Temporal Dock and Soulhex Revenant at Chronowave Facility) and a main boss (Dichroma Wraith at Thermal Vent) in order to clear this mission.

In addition, you have to defeat at least one of the mini bosses before the main boss tile is revealed. Harvesting on the tiles will give you some useful materials such as the elemental stones from previous RC7 Missions, cloudweaves and protoscales. Clearing the mission nets you a maximum of 130 Exalted Tokens and a first time clear reward of 5 Gems. 

Getting Ready

  1. Elemental Paradigm 3. It is highly recommended for your squads to be at Paradigm 3 (+1 turn duration effect), because mitigation effects, Evasion effects, Atk, Def, Rec boosts, stat conversion, Spark damage, critical hit rate, elemental damage buffs have a 2 turn duration reduction effect when fighting Fury. For quick reference, you need at least 2 OE+1 and 3 OE+3 units in order to activate Paradigm 3.

  2. Item Management. This is often overlooked but it is always useful to have items on hand in case of emergencies. In particular, Smoke Bombs are an essential item to have, both for leechers and stronger players. Fujins, Hero Crystals and Revives take up the rest of your item slots. 

  3. DBB Levels. Getting the relevant units (explained below) to the highest DBB Level (as of writing, Level 6) will speed up your run and save you some turns. This is because most Level 6 DBBs cost 5 shards, which means you can chain 2 DBBs in one turn for maximum damage. 

Boss Mechanics

Firstly, a quick note on the mini bosses: the Dark Rev has elemental mitigation up for the first 3 turns, so you can either use a Recast UBB to nuke through his miti or wait until Turn 4 to nuke him down. On the other hand, the Light Rev does not have elemental mitigation up, which means that stronger dark squads should look to one or two-shot it. Both bosses also have a chance to revive (due to how desync works in Raid) which means that you might have to kill it multiple times before Fury spawns. These are otherwise straightforward bosses, and can serve as a good indicator if you are unsure whether your squad can help out in Dichroma. 

Next, it’s time for the main boss Fury! This behemoth starts off as dark element and changes element every 25% of its health, which means that it will change to light at 75%, dark at 50%, and back to light at 25%. Think of the Fury fight as a 4×100 relay: the first player will have a light squad that lowers Fury HP to below 75%, at which point he will hand over to the dark player, and so on and so forth. This means that the most basic strategy for Dichroma involves 2 Light players and 2 Dark players, each of whom are able to pull their weight during the fight. More advanced strategies will be covered below as well. 

The next important thing to note about Fury is that he has 80% elemental mitigation for the first 11 turns. This means that for the first 11 turns, your squad should focus more on surviving (while dealing decent damage for Light players). On Turn 10, however, Fury will hit you with one of 2 moves: Black Death (BD) or Charging Rapid Heal (CRH). Note that if you are running a Light Squad, Black Death is guaranteed to happen while Dark or mixed squads will get either one. The effects of both moves are listed below:

  • Black Death – Inflicts DEADLY DoT (960% mod) for 3 turns

  • Charging Rapid Heal – Idle/Rapid Heal – Heals 50,000,000 (5%) HP (Miasma Synergy is the only method to negate CRH as of now)

Once you get past either of these 2 moves, you are free to nuke Fury, although he will also randomly guard on some turns to reduce incoming damage further. In addition, Fury has other moves that lock Leader Skills, Extra Skills, Spheres, negates Angel Idols, drains BB gauges and inflicts doom counters, so keep this in mind when planning your squad. 

In addition, Envy also has a move called Soul Mirror (SM) which has a 40% chance to reflect damage back to your squad. Inflicting status ailments on Envy will increase your chances of preventing SM. Popular options include equipping a unit that has Random Target Attacks (e.g. Set) with FC (100% chance of inflicting status); or spamming Hakuzo/Katerin’s BB (with status negation purge SP). Alternatively, you can fire off your healer last to heal up your squad.  

Fury will flee from the battle every 10 minutes after first spawning. This means that players have a 10 minute window to reach turn 10, deal with BD/CRH and nuke Fury. If you take too long to reach turn 10, you will need to restart the entire process, hampering your chances of success. If you are struggling to make it in time for turn 10, consider guarding your units on alternate turns to reduce turn duration. 

Finally, fleeing from Fury during battle is highly frowned upon (via the top right button at the corner of your screen). This is because Fury will proceed to use Free Regeneration, healing him for 25% health and effectively ending a run. This is why Smoke Bombs are so important, because it is the only other way to exit the battle with Fury without repercussions. 

The full skillset for Dichroma can be found at https://bravefrontierglobal.fandom.com/wiki/Raid:Class_7/Dichroma

Squad Building

Because Black Death is the main brick wall that stands in players’ way to nuking down Fury, the first step of Dichroma squad building is to consider how to counter the effects of Black Death. Note also that active DoT mitigation buffs are nullified, so Sero-Anya UBB is useless here. There are 3 main strategies that you can choose from:

  1. UBB/DBB that purges the DoT. This is the easiest method and frees you up to concentrate on nuking from Turn 11 onwards. For dark squads, you can choose from Xenon DBB, Neferet UBB/DBB and Yggdrasil UBB/DBB. For light squads, you can choose from Estia UBB/DBB or Odin DBB. 

  2. Formless Chroma (FC) on a unit that has Revive UBB/DBB. Because FC reduces DoT duration by 3 turns, any unit with FC is immune to Black Death. The idea is for your entire squad to die to Black Death except for the unit with FC, after which said unit proceeds to revive your entire squad using UBB/DBB. For dark squads, Kranus or Noel with FC is a popular option, while QiuTong/Sero-Anya/Opal Tilith are all viable units for light squads.

  3. Twilight Synergy and units with high passive DoT mitigation. Twilight Synergy buffs units with a Rec→ HP conversion and a HP Cap Break, allowing units with high passive DoT mitigation (from LS, ES, Spheres and SP) to survive Black Death. There are currently 5 Twilight Synergy pairs: Xenon/Estia, Tilith/Noel, QQ/Ebony, Juno/Ensa and Odin/Yggdrasil. 

Units will require at least the following HP requirements based on the amount of passive DoT mitigation to survive Black Death without purging it:

  1. 135,000+ HP (10% DoT mitigation)

  2. 120,000+ HP (20% DoT mitigation)

  3. 105,000+ HP (30% DoT mitigation)

  4. 90,000+ HP (40% DoT mitigation)

  5. 75,000+ HP (50% DoT mitigation)

The next element to consider in Dichroma squad building is Leader Skills. Generally, you are looking for a LS that offers some form of elemental mitigation while also buffing Crit/Spark/EWD. Because Fury is capable of nuking your squad to oblivion on Turn 1, a popular option for players is to include Lico/Vanila as one of their Leader Skills, for its invaluable effect of 50% damage reduction from all elements for first 2 turns. This allows you to safely build OD in order to fire off a mitigation UBB. For more advanced squads that are able to UBB on Turn 1, both Leader Skills can be nuke-focused. Some examples of viable Dark/Light LS are provided below:

  • Light: Phaedra // Avyn // Vanila // Ken // Hakuzo // Ptah // Peter // Allanon (budget)

  • Dark: Luro // Vanessa // Lico // Set // Noxa // Noel // Vohu // Katerin

Another essential unit to consider is one that gives you 100% mitigation or elemental mitigation on UBB. You will be spamming this unit’s UBB for the first 10 turns in order to maximise your chances of survival. Note that elemental mitigation cannot be pierced for the first 11 turns (but can still be buff-wiped by Vaporise Defences), which makes it a safer choice if you can slot it. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that combining normal 100% miti with elemental mitigation on SBB (e.g. Ken’s SP option: Adds all elemental damage reduction for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB) will increase your survival odds, although this is not definitively proven. Some viable units with 100% miti UBB are listed below: 

  • Light: Light Kranus // Ptah // QiuTong // Opal Tilith // Allanon // Chloe 

  • Dark: Legato // Kranus // Xenon // Keres // Saskya

Once you have accounted for the first 3 elements aforementioned, the rest of your unit slots can be taken up by nukers. You are generally looking for units with triple attacks (either on ES or SP), and as an added bonus, units that have a recast UBB with Spark/Crit/EWD modifiers. Some examples are listed below: 

  • Light: Light Kranus // Phaedra // Sidonie // Ken // Chizuru // Peter // Vanila // Fionna 

  • Dark: Vanessa // Legato // Noxa // Acnologia // Lico // Orochi // Kranus // Ciardha // Set 

Some examples of Dichroma squads based on these squad building tips are listed below:

  • Basic: Vanila (L) // 2x Nukers // Estia // Opal Tilith // Ken or Hakuzo (F)

  • Advanced: Ken (L) // 3x Chizuru // QiuTong // Ken or Hakuzo (F)

  • Basic: Lico (L) // 2x Nukers // Xenon // Kranus // Set (F)

  • Advanced: Set (L) // 2x Noxa // Noel // Kranus // Set (F)

Lobby Compositions

Because Dichroma allows Dark/Light elements and up to 4 players in a lobby, there are various permutations that can occur. Depending on these variations and the relative strength of the other players’ squads, you might have to adjust your strategy from either controlling damage or going full nuke. For the sake of completion, all the various possibilities will be explored here. 

  1. 4 Light Squads (risky): For this composition, the objective is for all 4 players to nuke past the 75% threshold and below 50%. This is possible only if the combined damage dealt by each player on the turn when Fury switches element is enough to skip the light element phase. If the squad strength of these 4 players is not enough, they will get stuck with Fury in light element between 50-75%, effectively ending the run. In addition, they will have to defeat the Light Rev in order to clear the mission, which can be a slow process. Not advisable unless all 4 light squads have strong nuking power. 

  2. 4 Dark Squads (risky): Because Fury starts off as Dark element, this composition is unlikely to deal enough damage for Fury to switch to light element at 75%. The only hope is for Fury to cast Tantrum (used when Yearn is defeated), which causes Fury to lose anywhere between 4~10% HP upon using this skill, after which they can nuke from 75%-0%. They will also need to defeat the Dark Rev in order to clear the mission, which can be a slow process. Not advisable at all due to the unreliability of Tantrum occuring. 

  3. 3 Dark/1 Light (risky): This composition is risky unless the light squad is capable of bringing Fury HP below 75% by himself. Slightly more possible compared to 4 Dark, but not advisable regardless.

  4. 3 Light/1 Dark (possible): Similar to 4 Light Squads, but with the added security of the Dark squad helping to nuke during the 75-50 and 25-0 phase. In addition, the Dark squad will be able to make quick work of the Light Rev, which is an added bonus. 

  5. 2 Light/2 Dark (possible): This composition is best for players who might not have all the meta units and as such, only have average nuking power. Going back to the analogy of the 4×100 relay, this composition allows for the effective handing over of each phase with 2 players, increasing your chances of success. 

  6. 1 Light/1 Dark (optimal): In terms of overall effectiveness, duos with 1 Light and 1 Dark player have been consistently setting the fastest clear times. The idea is similar to 2 Light/2 Dark, except that only one player is in charge of their respective phase. It is also possible for the Light player to hit Fury from 100-75, and then for the Dark player to end the fight by hitting from 75-0. This composition also allows for 2 leechers to come along. 

  7. 1 Light/2 Dark (optimal): Similar to 1 Light/1 Dark, but with the added security of an extra Dark player. This composition should aim to 75-0 for clean runs. 

  8. 2 Light/1 Dark (optimal): Same as above

  9. 1 Light Solo (possible): The most meta Light squads are able to effectively solo Dichroma by controlling damage for the first 10 turns, thus keeping Fury above 75% in Dark element. Once BD has been dealt with, the light squad can either: nuke from 75-0; or 75-below 50, and then below 50-0. Allows for 3 leechers. 

  10. 1 Dark Solo (risky): Similar to 4 Dark Squads, the Dark solo is dependent on Tantrum occuring, after which the player can nuke from 75-0 with Fury in light element. Allows for 3 leechers. 

  11. Special Note for Leechers: If you are being carried, it is advisable to listen to your carry’s instructions, which will tend to vary. In addition, some leechers might not be strong enough to help out with fury but are able to deal with the mini bosses. As a general rule of thumb, do not engage with any of the bosses unless otherwise stated, and use smoke bombs if you happen to encounter any of them. 

Light Mono Strategies

Because Fury starts off in dark element, the onus is on light players to deal most of the damage initially. Therefore, light mono strategies often revolve around dishing out the most amount of damage possible while maintaining UBB mitigation buffs. The only exception is for light solos, where players will want to intentionally keep Fury in dark element until BD is dealt with. In addition, you will want to generate 10 DBB Shards by turn 10, so that you are able to chain 2 DBBs in one turn. In all scenarios, take a mental note of the raid timer when Fury spawns and make sure you have sufficient time to reach turn 10, especially if you are alternating a recast UBB with a mitigation UBB. A sample squad with a turn-by-turn guide is provided below: 

  • Sample Squad: Vanila (L) // 2 x Peter // Estia // QiuTong // Ken (F)

  • Turn 1: SBB all (if not using Vanila lead, you need enough OD fill to UBB mitigator first turn)

  • Turn 2: SBB all except QT, put QT in OD

  • Turn 3: UBB QT, SBB all except Ken, put Ken in OD

  • Turn 4: UBB Ken, SBB all

  • Turn 5-9: Repeat Turns 2-4 (use Estia SBB last to heal squad if SM is cast)

  • Turn 10: DBB Estia to purge BD DoT

  • Turn 11: DBB Vanila, put Ken in OD, SBB all

  • Turn 12: UBB Ken, Nuke!

In the event that you find yourself stuck in the last 25% of Fury’s HP without any strategy to nuke Fury (not enough time to reach turn 10, Fury in light element, unable to deal with BB drain), Smoke Bomb away from Fury first. Make sure you have a Hero Crystal and Fujin before entering the battle again with all units SBB full. Fury will be in dark element the first turn, so you can use your HC to UBB your recaster and deal significant chunks of damage. 

Dark Mono Strategies

Because dark players are unable to deal much damage for the first 25% of Fury’s health, it is advisable for dark squads to rush to turn 10 as fast as possible. In this case, using a recast UBB is not advisable unless you are struggling for OD fill, since that will double your turn duration. On the other hand, if you are attempting a dark solo, recast UBB is recommended in order to maximise your damage. Similarly, take a mental note of the raid timer when Fury spawns and make sure you have sufficient time to reach turn 10, guarding on alternate turns if it is taking too long. Keep in mind that you should also aim to generate 10 DBB shards by turn 10. A sample squad with a turn-by-turn guide is provided below: 

  • Sample Squad: Lico (L) // 2x Ciardha // Xenon // Kranus // Set (F)

  • Turn 1: SBB all (if not using Lico lead, you need enough OD fill to UBB Kranus first turn)

  • Turn 2: SBB all except Kranus, put Kranus in OD

  • Turn 3: UBB Kranus (or continue keeping him in OD for extra shard), SBB all

  • Turn 4-9: Repeat Turns 2-4 (use healer SBB last to heal squad if SM is cast)

  • Turn 10: DBB Xenon to purge BD DoT/DBB Kranus to counter CRH, SBB all

  • Turn 11: SBB all

  • Turn 12: Nuke!

In addition, Dark squads have the added luxury of having units that can deal effectively with Doom debuffs. Examples include Set (with her sphere, Paradox of Neith) UBB,  and Noxa DBB, which purges and negates Doom. If you are using the FC method for dealing with BD, consider purging doom first before BD kicks in. 

Sphere and Elgif Suggestions

Because of the sheer variety of Dichroma squads, it is difficult to recommend cookie cutter suggestions for spheres and elgifs. However, there are some common tips that you can utilize in order to better optimise your runs. 

  1. You want your best nuking spheres on your nukers. Suggestions include: Victory Chant, Fleeting Ballad, Omniscient Blaster, Heaven’s Edge, Obrim, Argeus, Drinker’s Kettle, Formless Chroma, Hakuzo’s Deceit, Ihsir’s Wiles, Dusklight Medal, Paradox of Neith, Brave Shadow, Brave Fairy, Grand Aegis, Natural Order etc. As a general rule of thumb, nuking spheres should have at least one of the 3 damage modifiers (Crit/Spark/EWD), with more meta spheres combining 2 or even 3 damage modifiers in a single sphere. 

  1. Support or 0bc spheres for mitigator/recaster. Especially if you are using Vanila’s LS (which gives 30% reduced BB cost), it is particularly easy to 0bc your mitigator. I would like to stress that 0bc is not a strict requirement, although it is a convenience in clutch situations. If you are unable to 0bc your mitigator, load the unit with tanky spheres or spheres that give BB fill on turn’s end to ensure you can fire off the UBB every turn. Suggestions include: Ragnarok Edict, Ortus, Ihsir’s Wiles, Giselbert’s Honor, Orphira, Lad Mirazh, Corrupted Blossom EX, Yggdrasil Edict, Heaven-Binder, Grand Cloak, Iridescent Hope, Daltisk Phenomenon, Uln’gha, Lux and Umbra Aeterno, Curse of the Night etc. 

  1. OD Fill spheres on support units/nukers. Unless you have meta squads that have enough OD fill already, it is likely that you will want to put all the OD fill spheres you have on your support units or nukers. There are currently 4 OD Fill spheres: Vesper Argentum, Chrysalis Zeta, The Punisher and Vrana’s Calling. 

  1. Status management on support units. While Fury does not inflict status ailments, the mini bosses will inflict them on unsuspecting squads. If you do not have units that have party null on ES or innate status cure (Noxa, Chizuru, Kranus etc.), consider bringing a sphere/elgif for it. Suggestions include: Masked Steerwheel, Lament of Dread, Re-raise, Raise.

  1. Heal management on support units. If your squad is lacking heals, consider bringing a sphere/elgif for it. Suggestions include: Sacred Word, Wondrous Aegis and Cunei of Athum.

  1. Others. Master of the Hunt (Moth) Elgif is a useful elgif for units that have 2 damage modifiers on UBB but no innate recast. In addition, units that give 50% OD Fill on UBB will benefit from having Moth, since recast brings the OD Gauge to 90% after UBB (in light of the OD nerf). Examples of units that benefit from Moth include: Set, QiuTong, Xenon, Kranus, Opal Tilith. 

Personal Squad Compositions

This is the current squads that I use for Dichroma. It might not be the most optimal in terms of nuking power but it allows me to switch elements and between duos and solos seamlessly, which is why I have stuck with it. As more units get released, I will also update this section to reflect the changes in my personal squad!


Sidonie // FC+VC  // Final Judgement

Light Kranus // VR+Wiles // BF2

Light Kranus // RE+Vesper // MoTH

Avyn // Punisher+VC // Reraise

Phaedra (L) // OB+VC // Omen

Phaedra (F) // OB+VC // Omen

Video Showcase

Read through my guide and still confused? Don’t worry because many other players have made videos of their solo/duo attempts! I have attempted to gather most of them below, so click on the links if you want a more visual representation on how to tackle Dichroma! If you have a video that you would like to link in my guide, feel free to contact me at Discord @ Kai#1003. 

Light Solo:

  1. Dichroma Chaos 4TK https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=gN5Xz6Yd5uw&feature=emb_title&ab_channel=ItsukaiGaming

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8v6H8NhVwb8

Dark Solo:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAAry04BhwY

Dichroma Havoc Thunder Solo

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcHqzB91veg&ab_channel=ItsukaiGaming

Dichroma Havoc Earth Solo

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQQeRbZhPRo&t=0s&ab_channel=ItsukaiGaming

Dichroma Mayhem

This is a very short guide for the newer Dichroma Mayhem that only allows you to bring Fire or Water units. The fight is similar to Dichroma Chaos with some important differences, which I will go through below. 

  1. The first thing to note is that Water squads are more or less useless besides killing the Fire Revenant. This is because Spectre starts off as Earth element, and since Fire squads are able to oneshot Spectre once mitigation wears off, the easiest way to clear Mayhem is to bring a Fire squad. 

  2. The strategy for Fire squads is as follows: Keep Treachery HP above 75% for the first 10 turns, using defensive UBBs to help keep you alive. At T11, Spectre will cast one of 2 skills randomly: Curse of Chains or Doom of Orebus. Curse of Chains has a 70% chance of locking Leader Skills, Extra Skills and Sphere Effects, and you should use the DBB Synergy Nova to purge and negate it. Alternatively, a UBB that purges LS/ES Locks (e.g. Aesys) works as well. Doom of Orebus inflicts Doom and Ennui on your squad, and you should use the DBB Synergy Pyre to purge and negate it. At T12, this is your only window in which you are free to nuke Treachery down. Ideally, bring an Extra Action buffer and Recaster to stack both of their buffs, ensuring your squad can SBB multiple times. From T13 onwards, there is a very high possibility that Spectre will cast Lightning Reflexes, which grants him Evasion buff. If you are unlucky enough to not be able to nuke down Spectre, you will most likely be stuck in a tug of war with Lightning Reflexes, hence T12 being your only window of opportunity to nuke.

  3. If you are unable to oneshot Spectre, you can also duo with another Fire squad. This will ensure that both squad nukes on T12 will be enough to obliterate Spectre. However, keep in mind that both of you need to keep Spectre above 75% HP for the first 10 turns, so make sure this is communicated to your duo partner beforehand. 

  4. Sample Squad: Mugen (L) // Mugen // Cayena // Azius // Ellie // Mugen (F)

  5. Alternatives: Azius/Annette/Czorag/Adriesta can all replace Aesys; Cayena can be replaced by Rahotep/Blaze/Gortius; Ellie can be replaced by Rhyne/Mai. Mugen can be replaced by your best Fire triple attackers. 

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