Abilities and Inheritance

God created the world and all its inhabitants and when he was done, he was gone. To ensure prosperity of his Creation he left behind his Children to guide and protect  this world.   With the last of his power He bestowed upon his Children gifts and powers in order to carry out their task. He instilled within his Children an attribute of himself and the duty and will  to uphold his values.

General Abilities

  • Enhanced strength, durability, healing, and speed, and thought process

  • Mind and thought manipulation of inferior to a certain extent

  • Members of the Royal family can create shadows of self in any form they wish with the use of their blood. 

  • Ability to manipulate their own blood whether to form a weapon, a shadow, etc

  • Members of the Royal Family can materialize weapons using their own energy/blood and store them within themselves to be called upon whenever

  • Near immortality, cannot be killed by mortal wounds

  • Can only be killed by destroying the heart

  • Have strong regenerative powers; can regrow limbs including head, brains, eyes, etc

    • Can regenerate as long as the heart is still intact, however will need lots of blood, time, and energy


– Light of God, Lord of the Children, Ultimate Judge


-Authority: Release of a strong power of his presence. Compels other in his immediate vicinity to obey.

-Judgement: Can make one relive/experience past trauma or wrongdoings, user will also be experiencing the same thing (to a certain extent” as he “allowed” it to happen.

-Time Manipulation: manipulate time of an object, area, or living thing to a certain extent.

Can fast forward time of a building to when it’s rusted and brittle vice versa

Can turn back time of a person who cut their hand to before they cut it

Can stop time of a moving object

Cannot fast forward events, increase/decrease age

– Absolute Laws: A command that becomes forever and cannot be broken.

Consumes a lot of time and greatly uses life force no matter how small of a law.

-Can use any of the other Families’ abilities but is very limited

-Can strip away powers and abilities


– Mother’s Love, Empathy and Life, 

Affinity: Blood and Emotion

Personality Traits: Caring, nurturing, motherly, innocent to naivety


-Empathy: feel the emotions and strong thoughts of others

-Projection: influence or “push” emotions and implant or increase strong emotions unto others

-Empathy Healing: Can instantly heal another by taking in their wounds

-Blood Healing: Can accelerate healing of others by using their own blood without consequence to the injured 

Clan Leader’s Abilities:

-Blood Manipulation: Can manipulate blood that’s not their own into whatever form they want

-Blood Puppets: Can control another’s body by manipulating the blood inside

-Revival: Can take life force or energy of lesser living organisms or donated from others to convert as their own power temporarily.

-Last Breathe: Transferring the remaining of their own life energy to all or any living organism within their surroundings


-Father’s Eyes/Sight, Foresight

Affinity: Intellect, Clairvoyence

Personality Traits: Calm, Cold, Calculating, Quiet, meditative 


-Sixth Sense – allows user to see a few seconds in the direct future 

-Enhanced Sight- eyesight can “zoom” in and out, keen sight

-Photographic Memory

-Distortion- can alter, conceal, or change what another sees, must be near and is not perfect 

-Mirror Eyes: Can see what another see or vice versa through mental link

-Medusa: Can temporarily “freeze” others by eye contact.

Lords’ Abilities

-Overview: Can see over a large area of different locations through aerial view, however this hinder’s his body immobile and oblivious; can only speak

-Oracle: Ability to see into the future and all of its potential paths, however this ability leaves the user immobile and oblivious; can only report what he sees.

-Waking Dream: Can trap others in a world the user created and create vivid illusions 

-Ability to see strong or recent memories of another through eye contact ? (too op?)


– Father’s Voice, Authority and Command, 

Affinity: Air

Personality Traits: Sweet talkers, Seducers, free spirits, or Overbearing, bossy


-Charm: Can influence another thoughts by persuasion or suggestion with their voice

-Sound-wave Manipulation: Can nullify/amplify sound wave in any direction 

-Voice Manipulation: Ability to recreate sounds and voices and “throwing” it

-Disorient:  Can induce vertigo, confusion, imbalance, nausea

Lords’ Abilities:

-Pressure Manipulation- Can increase/decrease pressure over a certain area

-Vibration Manipulation- Can increase/ decrease vibration between molecules that can either cause an explosion or disintegrate

-Voice Projection- can forcefully speak directly into the minds of multiple people at once over a certain area

-Hypnosis- can place others into a trance or sleep with their voice


-Father’s Wrath, Strength and Power, 

Affinity: Fire

Personality Traits: Temperamental, brash, for the glory, prideful, muscle heads


-Rage: Strong emotions can be turned to increased physical strength, durability, and self healing

-Body Manipulation: Can transform certain body parts to their advantage

-Apex Predator: Enhanced senses, reflexes, and animalistic instincts

-Fire Manipulation: very limited

Lord’s Abilities 

Pain Absorption- Can turn injury/pain to increase strength and power temporarily. 

Beast Mode- Full body Transformation

Calamity- By releasing all their power, one can destroy everything in their surroundings, but destroy the user as well.

Full Control of Fire


-Father’s Hands, Healing and Creation, 

Affinity: Water

Personality Traits: Cunning, smart, calm, kind (close to Amare Clan)


Healer: Extended knowledge of physiology and anatomy of all things, can enhance and accelerate healing or vice versa

Summoner- Can summon creatures, but uses the user’s life force to stay under control?? 

Water Manipulation: Can manipulate water to their advantage, used mainly for healing 

Magic Seal – Can create seals of different purposes but once started cannot be interrupted or seal will be negated

Bindings, animation, long distance teleportation, enhancements, 

Lord’s Abilities:

Dominion: Casted over an area can be used to  increase the user's powers significantly. Can be used defensively or offensively, can heal multiple allies at once or trap enemies

Divine Punishment: Can create an explosion of destructive energy at any location, takes a long time to set up and uses a lot of energy 

Can create multiple summons and familiars


-Father’s Feet, Speed and Stealth, 

Affinity: Electricity

Personality Traits: Cocky, quiet, calculating


-Enhanced Speed

-Cloaking- Can hide their presence for a short amount of time

-Quick Step: Sudden burst of speed over short distances as if teleporting

-Electricity Manipulation: Can manipulate electricity to a certain extent

Lord’s Abilities

Mirage- Can create speed clones

Have full control of electricity and call upon lightning

Electric Force Field over a large area 


-Father’s Honor, Protection and Negation, 

Affinity: Earth

Personality Traits: Loud, overly friendly, traditional (close to Iratis Clan)


-Enhanced strength, stamina, and durability

-Negation: Can negate low level attacks

-Reflection: Can reflect  high level attacks

-Attraction: Can redirect attacks aimed at others to themselves

-Barrier: Can create a large barrier to isolate an area, (requires multiple users to cast depending on how large the area)

-Shield: Can cast a personal shield to an ally

-Earth Manipulation: Can manipulate dirt, rocks, stone

Lords’ Abilities:

-Absorption- Can absorb attacks turn into their own power

-Earth Creation: Can create mountains, islands, a wall of Earth, and earthquakes

Solum Noxum

-Father’s Shadow, Soul Guide 

Affinity: Dark, Shadows, Soul

Role: To guide Souls, to help Spirits (Souls with strong attachment or strong emotions) move on, to defeat Phantoms (evil spirits lingering on Earth, could also be multiple evil spirits merged into one)


-Cannot have offsprings because he is not “alive”

-Can have an inheritor who would gain his knowledge, ideals, powers, and soul.

-The inheritor could be anything, an animal, a child, a human. 

-Is completely neutral in the affairs of the living and does not interfere. 

-Cannot kill a living being, does not know method or time of death

-Powers are generally limited to affecting the Dead. 


-Eclipse: can cast a darkness that causes sensory deprivation of those trapped within.

-Shadow Manipulation.

-Light Absorption

-Materialize the dark along with moving and speaking through it. 

-Inheritance: Can pass his soul and knowledge to another that will take his place.

-Army of the Dead/ Soul Manipulation- Can call upon souls to fight with/for him

Souls in use must have been in agreement, Souls that have past on cannot be called upon

-Death’s Realm: Creation of a Parallel Space that has no effect on the Living World. 

When battling phantoms, Death’s Realm can be activated and whatever happens within will have no effect on the Living World.

-Can shapeshift into whatever form he wants, he has no mortal body.

Power Inheritance

  • Only Clan Leaders have access to the abilities of a Lord of their namesake.

  • Damu/Regiis are generally more powerful than Nobilis.

  • If a Clan Leader were to unexpectedly die, the powers of a Clan Leader will automatically be transferred to the next in line. 

  • If a Clan Leader gives up his position to another, he will immediately lose the abilities of a Lord. 

  • The Hice Luxor is the only other person that has the ability besides the bless a Lordship.

  • Power Distribution

    • The closer one is to the “Original” the stronger their raw power is

      • First born of each generation is generally stronger in power than younger siblings as they have “purer” power

Naming Rules

Names are as followed

*Title, Rank, Clan Name, Birth Name*


Lord – Reserved for Clan/Family Leaders and current Luxor

Damu- Direct Offsprings of Clan Leaders

Regiis- Members of the Direct Royal Family/ Siblings of Clan Leaders.

Nobilis- Descendants of, not part of Royal Family

**Need to think of name for mix human breeds.**

Ranks: Belongs to the Damu

Primis- First Born 

Sina- Second Born

Salas- Third Born

Seitir- Fourth born

Hamis- Fifth Born

Example: Lord Primis Amare Almitas

    Damu Primis Amare Valens

Luxor Rules:

Luxor is a Title as well as a Family name

Hice- Current Luxor

Heres- Heir

Only 1 Luxor per generation can exist. If there is multiple generations, ranks will then be 

used after Heres.

Inheritance Rules

  • Clan names are given to those who shows aptitude for it

    • Offspring of parents of different clans would inherit the name they show aptitude for.

    • Ex: An Oculum mother and an Iratis father has a child. Child shows signs of incredible strength therefore would inherit Iratis name.

  • Only 1 type of clan power is inherited of different clan parents 

  • Primis are first in line to become Clan Leaders.

    • If current Clan Leader has no direct descendents, next heir would be then go to a Regiis.

    • Unless banishment or death of current Primis, next in line would then go down the ranks, Duis/Sina, Tertia/Sala, etc.

    • In case of extinction of the Royal family, the Lord title will automatically go to the strongest or closest in royal blood.

  • If a Clan Leader has been removed from his position or given up their position to another that is not Damu, then the Damu titles transfers over to the offsprings of the new Clan Leader 

  • Under normal circumstances, there will only be one Hice Luxor and one Clan Leader per family

  • Only offsprings of current Clan Leader are referred by their Ranks rather than their birth name

    • To avoid confusion of referencing the Royal family versus branches of the Royal family

    • “The Primis Amare reprimanded Nobilis Amare Heka. Lord Amare is furious”

  • The Hice Luxor has the ability to strip or bless a lordship, that person would lose or gain the full powers of a lord

  • Lordship can be passed down to the Primis by the blessing of the current Clan Leader, death of the current Lord, or intervention from the Hice Luxor.

    • If Lordship is gained by the blessing of the Clan Leader, the current Lord can either go into Eternal Rest or become an Abame (Elder), a council to advise the Hice Luxor. 

  • Children of God, because of their long lives, can only produce an offspring every few centuries

    • Although it is not uncommon for siblings to be a century apart, but is rare

  • If all 7 members of the Royal family pledges loyalty to the Heres Luxor and forms Blood Contracts with him, the Heres Luxor would then gain the full powers of a Hice Luxor, even though there is another in existence. 

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