Adrimlar Setting Overview

For anyone reading this – it is worth bearing in mind that what is here is very up for change, as we decide further on what exactly the starting scenario is, but this is the base overview.


Welcome to the city of Avandris, the site of the Goddess Avandra’s death nearly 1400 years ago. It is the city of exchange, of trade, and of luck – and as such, is home to a great number of gangs, crime syndicates and men and women of dubious moral standing.

However, it is also home to the Hael’drin – or, in the common tongue of the continent of Adraas, the Hunt, an ancient tradition of the Thryssain Empire that occurs once every decade, that begins on the day of the winter solstice, and ends exactly seven days later. It is a time of competition, of sport, of challenge, which brings a wide variety of people from both the continent of Adraas and its neighbour, Ulandris, to come and take part, and secure victory for themselves and whatever team they manage to bring together.

But in recent years, things have been different, following the death of the High King of the Thryssain Empire, Kilan Thryss, nearly three years before the start of our tale. The High King had ruled for nearly two centuries, guiding his people through the advance of the Last War as the Empire had slowly worked its way up from a small, underdeveloped country to being one of the largest war machines that the known world had ever seen, conquering a great many territories and grinding them beneath the iron fist of the Crown.

But now, their High King was dead. And, more worryingly, over the course of the next three years, nobody had yet to step forward and claim responsibility for having killed him, whether within the country or outside of it. Any trust that had slowly been built up following the conclusion of the Last War and the signing of the Treaty of Vel’sin was broken, and rumor has it that the Empire is preparing for another war, as are the surrounding countries, with the countries that still keep the old Alliance bending knee to the Lord of Entoral, Jaqriss Hespin. He has taken role as the elected leader of the lands, and is keeping them prepared for the coming war.

Simultaneously, within the Empire, Kilan Thryss’ father, Solav Thryss, and his daughter, Neera Thryss, had stepped forward and attempted to keep the lands under control, but had failed drastically – without the High King acting as a controller to the lands, riots had become almost commonplace, calling for the deaths of the stand-in rulers and the return of the lands conquered over the Last War to their rightful people. However, the Crown refused, and instead brought back the aforementioned iron fist, in the form of the Order of the Iron Crown, to break apart any prospective revolutions and rebellions and keep the populous under control.

Not all lands have made the decision to join the brewing fight, however – the Wastes, far to the north of the Thryssain Empire, have refused contact since the announcement of the High King’s death has been made public, offering only a single ambassador to each country. Similarly, the Baronies, despite their shared border with the Empire, are refusing to get involved with the conflict for fear of any further destruction of their lands, which only barely were capable of resisting the might of the Empire before. Those of the Nolcoast have made their role as neutral outsiders clear, but have clearly stated that if they are to be attacked, they will not hesitate to remove both the Alliance and the Empire from the equation. There are others, from smaller states and countries, but those are, at least at this point, of less relevance.

Now, returning to the Empire – here, the Order has become commonplace, and are far from kind to any suspected members of the rebellion. It has become rare to enter a city without sight of a single guard, with there being mandatory inspections at every border, including those of Avandris. Members of the Order are, according to rumor, magically enhanced, making them more powerful than mortal men, and capable of “keeping the peace” much more easily, or at least is what the banners that fly over their headquarters in the chief cities say. And yet, despite this apparent strength that they have, there is rumor of a rebellion brewing within the western reaches of the Thryssain Empire, in the country that was once Aciena, where apparently they have begun to start their own resistance and fight back.

Not, of course, that much of this is of relevance to you – after all, you have come to Avandris for your own reasons, most importantly, to take part in the aforementioned Hunt, whether that be to seek a personal victory, gather prestige, or strength, or whatever other reason there may be. But come here you have, and here it is that, slowly, your characters’ destinies shall become intertwined.

Races of Adraas


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