Afterlife Jump 3.2



(Jumpchain Compliant)

Version 3.2

By: Bluesnowman

The Powers That Be have approached your benefactor for a Favor. They need your help to run the Afterlife for a while, as the Gods who were formerly running the show have gone AWOL.

The mysterious Powers That Be have raised you into a God of the Afterlife, responsible for both Heaven and Hell. Your clients will be the incoming SOULs (Stuff Of Unending Life). If they have been bad, they will be punished according to their sins in Hell. Of course, we're talking about the seven biggies: Envy, Avarice, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust, Wrath, and Pride. If those SOULs have been good, they will be rewarded in Heaven for the seven corresponding virtues: Contentment, Charity, Temperance, Diligence, Chastity, Peacefulness, and Humility. If you don't take the supplement mode, the people coming into your afterlife start in the middle of the hunter-gatherer stage of society. The world starts off with a population of 5 million, but remember not all will go on to the afterlife: only those who believe in one will be heading to yours. It doesn’t matter which they believe in, just that they believe ibn one.

Your objective is to administer a total of 25 million SOULs in Heaven or Hell, where they are rightfully supposed to be at the end of 500 years. All you need to know is that you have 1000 CP to play with. 



Age and sex are your choice. They don't really matter, as they're generally more aspects of the mortal realm, which don't make much difference here as in this one no kids are being born. Should you win your own you may choose if they can be. Any origin may be taken as Drop-In.

God - 

You’ve developed a reputation (deserved or not) for being a balanced and fair individual, concerned more with the spirit of things than taking sides, and as such, you’ve been summoned to this realm to manage both Heaven and Hell. The Powers that Be are convinced you’ll give equal weight to both realms and not favor one over the other.

Angel - 

As a Heavenly Being, you, of course, specialize in dealing with those of a generally Good disposition, in building up Heavenly assets, and in promoting the classical Virtues. Running Hell will be stepping outside your comfort zone, but the Powers that Be are confident you’ll do a Good Job. Gain Wings either white or gold feathered or wings of pure holy energy.

Devil - 

As a (former) denizen of Hell, you’re more than aware of how the previous management allowed Hell to… shall we say… go to pot? You’ve got an idea or two on how to improve things all. around and specialize in Punishing the Wicked, building up Hellish assets, and (of course) promoting Sin. If you didn’t, you’d be out of a job! Now, running Heaven (what with all that singing and cloud hopping) will be a challenge, but you’ll light a fire under those Angels right quick.

Local Mortal - 

You were born and raised here. One day when you were wondering what happens after a person dies, a powerful being approached you and offered you the chance to decide for your world how the Afterlife works.


100 CP free for Origin. Others 50% off

General Perks: 

God of the Afterlife Package (Free for all in jump. Free for those who took the God Origin to keep. others pay 400cp to Keep) 

First, you are a god that comes with some perks (note the small g). First, you are a god and thus immortal and as you age you will grow in power, the more souls in your afterlife the faster the growth. Second, you may choose how you look down to the smallest detail, and in the future you may become any race that Grace's your afterlife. 

Your Domain is the Afterlife, so you are going to need to be able to control your new Domain, so, by default, you will know where everything and everyone is and what they are doing. If any one is trying to escape, or your minions are goofing off. You may also control all aspects of your Domain including passage of time, or splitting off sections and molding them as you will.  You get the Afterlife management perk free. As the afterlife has lots that need to be taken care of, you gain the ability to perform the same task repeatedly for thousands of years. If nothing interferes with your work or exceeds your set parameters, you can complete the task automatically, while you focus on more important things. Tired of busywork? This makes even the most mundane task a breeze. You can also summon any of your minions as needed.

You can inspire the mortals in various ways to help them along. Should you choose to devote a portion of your power you can really accelerate their speed of progress. 

You may create angels of various ranks and demons and devils to implement you will.

As you deal with souls you can see all the Virtues and Sins a person has committed in their life.

When taking either the Angel or Devil Origin has you take on a more angelic or demonic bent. No matter which Origin you also gain the ability to be believed as long as you are telling a truth and the ability to distil a long explanation into a short phrase or single WORD.

To Those Within (Free)

Eternity sure can be rough for some people, huh? Most mortal souls just can’t handle it. It sure would be nice if those souls under your care, living and dead alike, could also benefit from your various quality-of-life perks. Well the good news is, now they can!By taking this perk, you can freely share the effects of any skill or quality-of-life perks you have to the souls under your care, be they Mortal followers or the Dead that shelter in your Afterlife. You can also take these benefits away if they do something that pisses you off. 

Afterlife Management (100 CP) 

This is your Heaven/Hell User’s Manual. You’re granted complete knowledge of how this Afterlife thing works. Including tips, tricks, and fun facts, you’ll be well on your way to ruling in no time.  In future jumps, in-depth guide to the local reality, including lethal no-no’s right on the front page. This is purely a mental thing.

Avoiding Complications (100 CP) 

Nobody likes a Reaper. This allows you to avoid upsetting anyone who doesn’t want you messing about or taking their souls. Those kinds of complications can get... messy.

Easy life (100 CP)

Yours isn’t, but bringing back others is. You can now resurrect anyone at any time and at any place, even those who have been erased from existence. 

As Sand on a Beach (100 CP per tier)

A being is made of all of their combined experiences, but with each passing these changes who you are, washing away some of your memories and joys of the past. Well, with this perk you don't have to worry anymore about that. At the first tier, it ensures that no matter what, you will always remain the same person at the core and will never forget a loved one’s face even after countless millennia pass. At the second tier, it gives you perfect memory, with perfect recall and organization and unlimited memory capacity storage. At the third tier, it gives you the ability to seal away parts of your memories, knowledge and skills, allowing you to experience the joy of learning it again.

Need A Favor? (100 CP) 

Suck up to the Big Leagues and earn their favor. You gain the ability to send out a signal to deities/cosmic beings that you’re willing to work for to earn favors. You can make this a general announcement to all such beings in a setting, or limit it to those you know or to those which are generally of your ethos.

Make a Pact (100 CP)

You can make Contracts that allow you to buy and sell anything. And I do mean ANYTHING. From classic things like someones’ Soul, their Youth or their First Born Child, to things like their ability to use Magic, any superpowers they have, any skills or knowledge they have learned, to stranger things like their social class.

Take Out A Loan (100 CP) 

You can always find a bank willing to float you a loan. If you visit a Heavenly one, you will be charged a modest interest rate (which increases with more loans). If you visit a Hellish one, you won't be charged any interest at all - just a certain number of SOULs if you fail to pay the loan back by the due-date (including yours, if you don't have enough others to offer).

New Religion (100 CP)

You now have a religion designed to your will that has priests(ess) that you choose can follow you into new jumps so you have consistency. It was of moderate size and will be accepted in new settings. .  

Knowledge of the dead. (100 CP)

When somebody dies and enters your Afterlife they bring with them their knowledge and their skills. Through your connection with the inhabitants of your Afterlife you can now pseudo-connect to that knowledge and skills, making learning these same things go ten times faster than it would otherwise take and that is if you are trying to learn these things on your own, without any teachers. There is no limit on what type of knowledge and skills this can be, but to use skills that require specific abilities you need to acquire these abilities elsewhere. Keep in mind that this is limited to knowledge inhabitants of Afterlife have upon entering Afterlife and does not include anything they learn once there. Also keep in mind that they have considerable overlap in basic knowledge, thus to maximize the variety of knowledge, the highest possible number of inhabitants from the highest possible number of the worlds is recommended, you will also know who to go to for more rare knowledge Comes with free self-updating Library of the Afterlife.

Second, you can choose to see when and how a person is going to die, you may also see what kind of impact they will have on the world: good, bad or otherwise.

Fudge The Paperwork (200 CP) 

You are able to arrange paperwork such that it appears to most relevant supernatural authorities that a SOUL, living or dead, should belong in one afterlife or another. This will not stand up to scrutiny of beings such as an archangel or the god Hades, but it would allow you to take a damned SOUL into heaven, a saint into hell, or a living mortal into SOUL Society, and make most of the inhabitants which reside therein think that everything is business as usual so long as you do nothing spectacular to attract attention. This would also let you make inhabitants think a SOUL ‘belongs’ in one part of the afterlife or another, such as the first circle of hell rather than the ninth or vice versa. 

As the Dead (400 CP) Capstone Booster

Those within your afterlife generate raw substance you can use to shape your form and libraries of information and abilities you can borrow at your will. You can adopt the form (or some combination of forms) of any race within your afterlife, and also have access to the combined abilities, powers, skills, and knowledge of all the people who are making their final rest there. This can act as an FormBlender.


Hear my cries (100 CP)

As a God, your faithful will often pray to you. This perk lets you listen to and organize each and every one of those prayers without any strain on your part and, should you choose to answer them, grant thempower, knowledge or whatever else you decide to generously bestow upon them. You can easily answer your faithfuls’ prayers all at once, ignore them or set aside a section of your mind to deal with it automatically.

Comes with one free purchase of God(dess) to start your Pantheon.

Host/Horde Creation (200/300 CP)

Normally you have to convert the souls you gather to angels, archangels, demons and devils. With this you can instead create them whole cloth, with the guarantee that they will be perfectly loyal as well. Now this won't let you create Galaxy busting ones, however you can have them grow in power both from doing their duties and over time as well. You may choose this on an individual basis or in groups. For an additional undiscounted 100CP you can grant them special powers.66

Head of the Dead (300 CP)

As a god of the afterlife, the more Souls you have, and the more powerful those Souls are, the more powerful you become. Having a few hundred million or more souls would make you a fairly major deity.. Having a few billion or more souls would make you an Elder God.. Gathering a few trillion souls would elevate you to the level of the mighty Sky Fathers, beings of Cosmic power who often rule over other gods just as lesser gods rule over mortals. This Growth has no upper limit.

Reformation of the dead (400 CP)

As a God of the Afterlife what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, as does what kills you. Should something manage to kill you, you can resurrect and reform yourself within your Afterlife, whenever you wish and as many times as you want. Doing so will initially grant you a great resistance to whatever managed to slay you, with said resistance becoming a complete Immunity should the same method work a second time.And as long as you reform before the end of the jump you can continue on your chain.


Now not just limited to reforming you can be in multiple places at once and have a mind capable of dealing with that. Even different universes.


Heavens Laborer (100 CP) 

With the help of Heavenly Inspiration, you have an easier time building heavenly objects, as well as all the plans.You may make these buildings at will with just a bit of mental effort.

Virtue’s Reward (200 CP each two free for Angel others discounted)  

You have the ability to see what Good a person has done in their life, and can reward them accordingly. These you may give out to whomever you wish and to as many people as you wish.


A way to be content despite irritations and afflictions. This perk will adjust itself to bypass conditions (e.g. drawbacks) that are designed to make you suffer. I.e. if a drawback neutralizes perks, this is a skill. If it neutralizes skills as well, then this is an item. If you lose everything but 

your body mod, this is part of your body mod. 


You can duplicate perks, items or powers you have that you then give away.  


You are fully satisfied even with very little. You can survive indefinitely without food or drink, but you get a health boost if you eat at least a little.


Your productivity is increased (7 times) as long as you remain focused on a task.


Your relationships are emotionally sustaining, full of joy and trust even without physical intimacy.


You are warded against random violence: stray bullets, random encounters. You can find peaceful resolutions to conflicts more easily. Bosses are willing to talk instead of fighting immediately.


You can avoid unwanted publicity. Your successes are easy to share, and since people are personally invested in what you have accomplished, positive changes you bring about are much more enduring.

Spark of Good (400 CP) 

You gain the ability to influence those around you toward Goodness. With this spark of virtue and a healthy dose of patience, even the evilest of Devils can be redeemed in time.


Allows you to make a loyal Good clone of a soul complete with all their powers.


Hell’s Architect (100 CP)

With the Devil’s Inspiration, you have an easier time building Hellish objects, as well as all the plans. You may make these buildings at will with just a bit of mental effort.


Always A Punishment (200 CP each two free for Devil others discounted)

You have the ability to see what Bad a person has done in their life, and can reward them accordingly. These you may give out to whomever you wish and to as many people as you wish.


You are able to spot weaknesses and can easily devise plots to diminish or destroy things of value. Especially reputations, relationships, businesses, etc. For physical destruction, see Wrath.


Enhanced money making and deal making abilities.You can buy and sell anything from youth to buying another man’s wife from him by buying his marriage.  


You enjoy what you eat, even if it is not normally edible. You can eat rocks, metal, etc. Immune to ingested poisons and disease, or ill effects from over-consumption.


You work more efficiently. Even if you laze around 90% of the time you still get a full day’s work done.


You are very good in bed. You have excellent harem management skills. You can control your fertility and the fertility of your partners.


Either a general boost to your combat ability and destructiveness, or else an ability to make the physical harm you do long lasting: injuries are slow to heal, entities you kill are difficult or impossible to return to life, buildings you destroy cannot be rebuilt, etc.


You have the air of a person of importance. You also have the uncanny ability to take credit for success while avoiding responsibility for failure. You get a bonus to the effectiveness of your subordinates and whatever colleagues you can successfully bully. 

Evil Finds A Way (400 CP) 

With your own creeping darkness, you are able to corrupt those around you. Even the most holy of Angels can be corrupted if they spend enough time in your influence.


Allows you to make a loyal Evil clone of a soul complete with all their powers. They will follow your orders.

Local Mortal 

Just a Random Local (100 CP) 

First, you now know everything that is common knowledge here and in any new local you travel to. Second, you have an undetectable and togglable field around you that will make all others see you as just a random local person.

World Avatar (200 CP) 

This lets you create one avatar, inserted into the world's past, born normally, getting its own background, but without its own soul and without access to your perks and powers. Said background cannot rewrite you into being a king or political leader, or let you drastically change the timeline. Once it reaches your up-time you gain full control of it, including access to your perks and powers, although for the duration of this jump perks purchased here are confined to your Afterlife body. Only one of these avatars may be active at a time.

Option 3  (300 CP) 

Does it seem fair that some evil people will evade punishment for their sins or that the truly good may go unrewarded in the afterlife simply due to a lack of faith? For better or worse, now you have a chance to change that. You may ‘mark’ a SOUL or a certain demographic and upon their death your soul will reach out to them for a last ‘conversation’ which lasts a single instant. Neither of you can affect the other beyond your communication, but you will have five subjective minutes to change their mind and convince them that an afterlife exists. Perks and powers relating to appearance, charisma, or mind control do not function in this ‘conversation’. For an extra 100cp you also grab any atheists and when anyone dies as long as other gods do not stop you, you can grab any souls as they die.

No Lessons Go To Waste (400)

Some people just cannot get the most out of what you teach, just not having what is needed to take advantage of what you are trying to teach. Missing things such as magic, the Force, ki/chi the ability to cultivate and things like that. With this that will not happen anymore merely by the act of teaching them they gain any innate abilities needed to utilize your teachings. This won’t start them off really powerful instead they would have to work for their power, strengthening it by using it like a muscle. This allows you to teach anything you know, though things that cannot normally be taught per say would result in the lessening of that for you for a while.


Removes the lessening that happens when you teach something that cannot normally be taught, As well you can import sections of your Afterlife into the world.


Items may be imported into similar items weapons to weapons, clothes to clothes and such.

You get one 100 free and the rest are discounted to 50%. All of these can be purchased multiple times. You get a 300 CP stipend for the Items and Warehouse Addons sections.

Iconic (100 CP)

This is an item you are known for it could be a scepter, a form changing weapon, a cape/cloak/outfit. Whatever it is you may design how it looks down to the smallest detail. It is capable of perfectly channeling any of your powers, Amplifying them sevenfold. It’s also a perfect receptacle for your energy, storing it without limit. Can manifest multiple forms at the same time, though this does not increase it’s overall power.

Cloak (100 CP)

May also be a trench coat with or without a hood if you wish, looks and design is completely up to your either way. No matter what this has three modes; simple clothes that always fits no matter your form. Cloaking your nature no matter what is trying to discover it. And exuding an aura of mysterious power. These can also be used in any combination. 

Trident (100 CP)

A quintessential elaborate trident it can channel the powers of hell whether it be blasts of hellfire or cutting a hole in the very fabric of existence to open a portal to your afterlife. 

Your Teachings (100 CP)

These books teach the belief system of your religion in both a way easy to understand and in a way that cannot be misinterpreted. Teaches in the way to bring the most converts to you. 

Wealth of the Dead (200 CP)

Many people get buried with a portion of their wealth - some due to religious reasons, some due to their own personality quirks and so on. Does not matter why, as all of that wealth now gets transferred to a massive vault in your Afterlife, access to which you control. All of it is automatically sorted appropriately and if needed also repaired to pristine condition, and can be put at the display if you so desire, in a museum-esque extension of the vault.

Warehouse Addons 

All of these Add-ons follow you from jump to jump, either imported into the world or attached to your warehouse at your discretion. First 50cp purchase is free to the apprpriate origin, 100 are 50%, Free are Free. All of these can be gotten with the Hell’s/Heavens building perks. These follow you, retain any changes, and are guaranteed to be ignored by all who would cause problems. Your employees may follow you from jump to jump for consistency and an added benefit for them though they cannot impact any plots just being regular working people. All of these can be purchased multiple times, though extras of anything free will cost 50 CP.

Newsstands of Eternal Wonder (Free) 

The miles-long magazine racks of these slightly grubby wonders are constantly being replenished by new periodicals that are guaranteed to enrapture the spirits of Blessed SOULs. Best of all, the angelic proprietors of these stands NEVER shout "Hey, Mac, this ain't a library!" Also, right up front will be a rack that contains news that is especially relevant to you.

Heavens’ Waters (Free) 

An endless large jug of water from Heavens’ river, these waters are Utterly Non Pollutable so should you pour some into any polluted liquid, all the contaminants and corruption will be purified and will sort themselves into bottomless bins of each element in your warehouse should you wish to keep them for some reason.

Food Courts of the Gods (Free) 

Every good restaurant you've ever been to is crammed into this four-dimensional food court, along with thousands of others you didn't know you wanted to visit.

Waters of Hell (Free) 

An endless large jug of water from Hell's river, these waters are dank, smelly, disease-infested, stagnant, and crawling with all sorts of unnamable serpents. Should you pour any water from this jug into other waters, they will take on the same quality. You and yours are of course immune to these effects.

Board Games (Free) 

The place for Games. It has a place to play every game from every setting you have been to, all source books for every edition, and masterfully painted miniatures.

Paving Material (Free) 

Material to make roads with. You could use the Good Intentions, but we all know you'll go for the Gold instead. Except Heaven's roads aren't paved with gold; they're made of a very special dirt, which restores those who walk on it so they never get tired.

Handbasket, Frying Pan and Fire, Pair o' Dice (Free) 

Well if you are heading there anyway, have a set. The Handbasket is bottomless, the Frying Pan is always the perfect temp for what you want to cook and will not break if you use it as a weapon, the dice will not roll in your favor just enough not to bring suspicion on you.

Pennies In Heaven (50 CP)

 As long as there's scarcity, there's going to be economics, even in 

the afterlife. Have some extra pennies to pay off Angels or Devils, or in future jumps, anybody at all. You receive the standard money-cheat allotment of 10 million pennies (which, in mortal worlds, are worth roughly a penny each). You can buy this up to five times - if you try to buy it a sixth, the Death Star will drop by to blast away your afterlife.

It's a Cat's Life (50 CP)

 A large building with multiple rentable rooms filled with cuddly kittens, it’s the perfect place to relax. It also has rooms where you can be turned into a cat and relax that way. You may replace cats with other animals if you wish.

Mom and Pop Shops (50 CP) 

A mall, ever-increasing in size, that contains a copy of every Mom and Pop shop from jumps you have visited. It is staffed by older couples who needed to make some money or were bored with retirement. When you go to a new jump, the knowledge of the stores will be passed on to the new workers.

A Rock Too Heavy To Lift (50 CP) You get a little bag of 50 of these rocks shrunk down to pebbles and can place them where you will. Their weight scales to the strength of those trying to move them, including magic. While they are difficult to destroy it is possible.

Happy Hunting Grounds (50 CP) In these expansive game preserves, Peaceful SOULs can track, observe, and otherwise commune with every animal in the known (and unknown) universe and all will allow you to approach and even touch them. Hunting is permitted, but the only shots allowed are photographic. However an additional 50 CP will give a second preserve that has all the same things as the first though you can hunt and harvest these. Preserves will update with all the settings you have visited.

Fiction Pulp (50 CP) 

Fictional characters have all the fun. Whether they're leaping tall buildings in a single bound, obsessively chasing great white whales, or wandering the moors looking for brooding guys named Heathcliff, there's no doubt that fictional characters lead much more exciting lives than most of us ever will.
This is where Fiction Pulp comes in. SOULs who find themselves in these hi-tech libraries are given the ability to insert themselves into their favorite stories, leading the lives of their favorite characters.

You now gain access to this area. While you do not gain any powers out of these, they are a fun way to pass the time. Should you import this to a setting, people don't question how you do this, but boy could you make money and copyright issues are waved away. This also updates with media from past jumps and any new ones you go to.

Complete Special Blueprints (100 CP)

This set of Special Blueprints. Gives you everything possible to build in the game of things that could be built in an afterlife. You may build these anywhere and by using souls from your afterlife to build them they gain some protection from the mortal authorities. 


Coffee Shops Of The World (50 CP)

 A mall, ever-increasing in size, that contains a copy of every coffee shop from jumps you have visited. It is staffed by high schoolers and people attending college looking to make some money. When you go to a new jump, the knowledge of making the coffee will be passed on to the new workers. Should you be looking for a particular coffee shop, it will right as you go in. Be warned: if you somehow manage to make Perfect Coffee then you may drink it, but it will ruin you for all other coffee.

Topia (50CP) 

One of the Utopias or Distopias, originally designed to house Angels and Devils, can now be attached to your Warehouse as your own living space

Omnibolge or Love Dome (50 cp) 

A self-contained, self-maintaining little piece of Hell or Heaven. SOULs can travel freely between these and your afterlife. Should you place one in a particular setting, SOULs upon death will be given the choice to enter these (and therefore your own Afterlife) rather than where they would have headed to otherwise

Limbo Inn Bar and Grill (100 CP)

This is the best bar and grill with the most talented staff ever to exist. Their menu updates to every setting you have been to, and even includes family secret recipes cooked in such a way that would make their creator weep in joy. Those you have met on your travels are at the time of their death allowed the chance to postpone their just rewards and come here where, should you allow it, they may watch your travels until they wish to continue on. Automatically has every type of entertainment you have ever come across for their pleasure. While they cannot enter your warehouse, should you wish it, they can go to the other addons you have purchased here.


The Perfect Evening (50 CP) 

THE perfect date location, which will change to match the tastes of those using it.

Radical Malls (50 CP) 

There are some significant differences between the shopping malls in Heaven and the ones you're used to:
1) In Heaven, there's no such thing as "Shop 'til you drop." SOULs can shop forever with little or no discomfort.
2) Heaven's shopping malls have every shop, store, restaurant, and boutique that ever existed...and several million that NEVER existed.
3) In Heaven, you can always find what you're shopping for...even if you don't know what it is.
4) In Heaven, your credit is always good.

Does not sell Mcguffins or things from settings you have not been to. Post-Spark this restriction is lifted.

The Perfect Spot Cosmic Backrub (50 CP) 

A massage parlor that gives the most relaxing massages in existence.

Seraphim State College (100 CP) 

Educational facilities that can train up mortals to act as your supernatural agents. The curriculum updates in new jumps. A second purchase lets you train them in magics as well. The ones trained here are more benign and compassionate and mainly interested in helping out those they can.


Bahbbi-Zho's Drive-Ins (50 CP) 

Your own personal drive-in, which has a collection of all your favorite movies. Should you place it in a setting, the authorities (Law and Movie) will ignore anything to do with it. It will make a modest sum on its own, enough to grant you and one other a modest living.

The Worst Little Whorehouse in Hell (50 CP) 

Force the damned SOULs to work for you in this horrifying (for the damned) whorehouse. These damned are forced to serve the whims of those who visit, with no chance of escape should you place this in a setting.

Booty Island (50 CP) 

Your own pirate island, complete with buried treasure, bars, wenches and everything else full of debauchery and sin.

Hellward Bound Retreats (100 CP) 

Educational facilities that can train up mortals to act as your supernatural agents. The curriculum updates in new jumps. A second purchase lets you train them in magics as well. The ones trained here, while still completely loyal, are interested in what they can get out of acting as your agents. They won’t go completely against your morals, though they might stretch your ethics a bit.

Local Mortal 

The Incredibly Lost Episodes (50 CP)

In Heaven, there are all-new episodes of all your favorite television shows, forever. This comes with permission to use the IP’s in new settings so that you may sell the new episodes. You may have to pay a minor amount in royalties to any current holder however. (These are from heaven so you can’t just rip people off.)

The Final Frontier (50 CP) 

The ultimate Reward for Diligent, adventurous SOULs is a one-way ticket into the Great Unknown. It's a dicey existence, trying to make an afterlife for oneself in the vast, unexplored territories beyond Heaven and Hell, but who better to tame the wilderness than the hearty, workaholic SOULs of Heaven?

These will search out and expand the borders of your afterlife, and who knows? You might find a use for some Ghost Ships.

Cloud Nine Labs (50 CP) 

The Diligent SOULs of Cloud Nine Labs are always coming up with something to make the Afterlife even better than it already is. Last year they stunned the scientific community with the introduction of the Non-Slip Halo, the Non-Abrasive Wing Loofah, and the Computerized SOUL Locator. Who knows what they'll come up with next?Basically, they’re researchers that develop things specifically for the afterlife.

Workshop (100 CP)

Not necessarily a simple workshop can be a manufacturing plant. Either way a place to build some of your products from smallest screws to the most complicated microchips. Completely self contained compound power, water, sewer. Placed in the Afterlife or the mortal world in the Afterlife staffed by souls. Placed in the mortal world you can staff it with souls or with local employees


Those Who Have Passed(Free)

All of us have those who we miss, family friends and such. Taking this allows all of those to travel to your Afterlife and back to their original one. Then back and forth if they wish.

Group of Assistant Managers (100cp Discount Local Mortal) 

You can import or create up to 8 Companions to act as your assistant managers. Each of them gets an origin for free, the associated free perks, and 600 CP to spend on perks. They may purchase warehouse addons, though for them they will be seperate properties that belong to them, and in ones that interact with the afterlife, it will always be your afterlife. For an additional no discount 50 cp you may instead choose to mass import all your companions.

Angel on your Shoulder (100 CP Discount Angel) 

You can recruit your angel advisor Aria (Or Adrain) Goodhalo, who comes with all perks from the Angel perk tree along with general perk freebies. With a second purchase, you can get both.

Devil on your Shoulder (100 CP Discount Devil) 

You can recruit your demon advisor Jasper (Or Jasmine) Wormsworth, who comes with all perks from the Demon perk tree along with general perk freebies. With a second purchase, you can get both.

God(dess) Of the Afterlife (100cp/200cp Discounted to God) 

These gods are your underlings in all manners 100cp gets you 3. 1 for the Good side, 1 for the bad and 1 for the neutral. For 200CP you get 2 per side and 2 to act as your agents in the mortal world. Setting up a religion in your name to gather you more souls.

Soul Mates (50 CP) 

Utilising the powers of the Cherubopolis, this SOUL accepts you for who you are - the good and the bad.


Each drawback increases your storage of CP by a given amount. 

Sapient = Soul +0 

If something dies or ends you may offer it a place in your afterlife. This also covers those who've suffered death of personality, granting the personalities an afterlife. This also includes the people memories and personalities erased or never existed due to temporal shenanigans. Or even evil/corrupted or good analogs that only existed for a brief time.

General DLC Access Toggle (Variable)

This toggle allows you to use the General DLC and transfer cp to that at a 1:4 ratio.

Pet Toggle +0 

This allows faithful pets and other such non-sapients to be reunited with their masters in the afterlife.

Converted +0 

Not a fan of harps and pitchforks? Reskin the afterlife you're in charge to one based on any real-world belief system (Latin-American, Egyptian, Chinese Celestial Bureaucracy, etc), or that of any jump you've been to (as long as it doesn't significantly interact with the mortal world - your focus is supposed to be on SOULs, not the shenanigans of the living), or, if taken with The Gates Swing Both Ways, that of the current setting. You will still have the same scale of problems as you would without taking this.

Extended Stay +100

Can take up to ten times, each time adds 100 years to the time you stay.

Bad Part of Town +100 

You must live in Hell while you work in both Heaven and Hell. Your residence must be in Hell.

Birds of Paradise and Bats Out of Hell +100 

In Heaven, the birds leave behind excessive droppings, making the place less pleasant for the inhabitants; in Hell, the bats leave behind excessive guano, also making the place less pleasant for the inhabitants (which actually somewhat increases the place's efficiency).

Sleez and Sons Candy +100 

Papa Sleez always said, "The Afterlife's like a box of never know what you're going to get."
Whether it's a Chocolate-Covered Razor Blade, a Rat Intestine Bon-Bon, or a Super Surprise Vanilla Coated Ultra Laxative, the demonic employees of Sleaze and Sons Candy always try to live up to Papa's words. 

Any type of candy, dessert, or other yummy food has the chance to be something from Sleez and Sons. And no, no matter what kind of magic or super senses you have you won’t be able to tell, even if you make them yourself. Enjoy 500 years of no sugary treats.

Heaven Gets the Blues and Hell Freezes Over +100 

Rain Clouds or snowstorms impeades parts of the afterlives, for up to 75 years at a time.

Paperwork Mistakes +200 

You have to be very careful with your paperwork or SOULs will be going to the wrong afterlifes.

Escapees +200 

People keep escaping hell. For a further +100, the escapees from hell are causing lots of problems in heaven

RezLock +200 (Chain Drawback) Requires Reformation of the dead

To make things sporting you can only self rez yourself 3 times per jump. This also reduces the resistances you gain and the second time no longer grants immunity. This lasts until your chain ends. You still go to your afterlife when you die, nothing can block that. If you do not have the capability leave your afterlife by your own free will or with help of companions by the end of time in jump your chain ends. Should your Benefactor allow you will also gain this CP in the following jumps as it is limiting you even then.

Lazy Angels +200 

The Angels have really started slacking off in their duty, making the people in heaven very discontent. You will have to stay on top of them most of the time to make sure they do their jobs.

Lazy Devils +200 

The Devils have really started slacking off in their duty, letting the SOULs in Hell run amok. You will have to stay on top of them most of the time to make sure they do their jobs.

Scegf0d the Ungrateful Angel/Demon +300 

He ticked off The Powers That Be enough that they turned him into a living, self-aware rock, unable to do anything but go mad. He's still mad, but not a rock anymore, and is going to work hard at destroying everything you create.

Soylent Yellow +300 

Every so often you will get tossed into a meat grinder guaranteed to grind you up no matter your perks/powers and turn you into icky yellow wafers with bits of hair and bone in them. This will not count as a death to end your chain, but your body does not reform until someone eats the wafer. And yes, you will maintain consciousness as the wafer.

Twilight of the Afterlife +300 

Instead of focusing on working in their own domains, both the Angels and Demons will regularly invade each other's afterlives, smashing and destroying everything they can. If left unchecked, they will eventually begin an all-out war between Heaven and Hell, which will mean you have failed the Powers That Be, and this jump.

Too many NAAAs +600 

A large number of mortals believe there is No Afterlife At All, and so by the additional metaphysics in play, won't end up in one. You'll have a hard time collecting enough to meet even your basic quota.

Break Your Chains (+4000)

Well jumper I guess this is it after this jump and using the General DLC your chain is over. As a gift take this chunk of cp, a safe way to travel the Omniverse, and this guide on fiat backing it should only take a few thousand years to get the hang of it. and the option to be a living vampire with all their perks and items and the anti-vampire medkit. And 1 Essence from the Essence Meta.


The Gates Swing Both Ways: +300cp

You know that bit about not interacting with the mortal realm? That idea's deader than your clients. Pick another jump or a setting that doesn’t have one; that's now the mortal realm. Build both jumps separately, without sharing points, and perform whatever fanwanking is necessary to explain how you're both in charge of the afterlife and a student at Hogwarts or whatever. You have a choice to make: You can either keep this jump's target number of SOULs and the other jump's duration, or this jump's duration but have your target scale to the other jump's population. (For jumps with oddball durations or populations, rearrange that choice to whatever the hardest combinations are.)

Reward: Your Afterlife connects to every jump you have taken and any new realities that you visit, becoming a vast Omniverse Afterlife that can be used to travel to places you have been, even to the point of connecting to any parallel worlds of said places even if you have not visited them personally. 

The End Times: +300cp

The End of the mortal World is coming and there is Nothing you can do to stop it. Anything you try will only make it worse causing more pain and torment for the mortals. All you can do is prepare and comfort the good who come to you, tolerate those who lean neither way and punish the bad (with pride of place for those who caused it). You will also have to make sure that they do not overrun you. May be taken with The Gates Swing Both Ways.

Reward: You will always know when some kind of DOOM or Disaster is approaching, and how to either hide from it, avoid it, hasten it or even cancel it out altogether if possible.

Tear Down The Gates of Hell: +500

Some of the Powers That Be think eternal punishment is a bad thing. They've charged you with emptying Hell, and making sure no mortals end up back in there.

Reward: Ability to open a portal to get into the Heavens of new realities you visit without notice, though be very careful since this does not hide you once you get there, so watch what you do.

Crashing the Party: +500

Alternatively, it's some edgelord PTBs who want you to destroy Heaven.

Reward: Ability to open a portal to get into the Hells of new realities you visit without notice though, be very careful since this does not hide you once you get there, so watch what you do.

The Four Surfers of the Apocalypse: +600

For a truly ridiculous task, you now have to set up a system that can self perpetuate itself both in the mortal life and in the afterlife. It must be able to run WITHOUT supervision of any kind of higher power. This includes punishing both angels and demons if they get out of hand or go beyond their mandate.

Reward: The ability to set in motion a custom system of say reality/magic/science and have it self perpetuate, though you will have to come up with it..

Even the Dead Shall Know War: +800

You gain the ability to make war in the afterlife. BE WARNED however that while this lets you take over other afterlives through conquest, it does strip you of the complete protection of your own, so you will have to defend what is yours. Even then though, the SOULs cannot be destroyed permanently.


Basic Reward: Personal Afterlife

Is that you have your own Afterlife that you can design as you wish, as big as it needs to be, of course that follows you from jump to jump, where you can deposit the SOULs of those that come to you or those you take. You can also reincarnate those SOULs at your discretion. You can customize it as many times as you want and as many ways as you want. Treat it as your own personal reality where you are the god. You can resurrect people from it at will and bind people to it. Customize minions however you want that are completely loyal to you. It is completely protected from any and all attempts from others to breach it. You may enter and leave at will without being dead and even then. Companions, should they wish, can come and go and when they die go to your afterlife. You can set whatever rules for entry you like while keeping to the same rules as your Afterlife from the jump as well as existing outside of existence itself being also outside of space and time.

75,000,000 SOULs Reward: Virtue/Vice Promotion

This Reward makes it easier (and cheaper!) to promote or choke Virtues and/or Sins in the current setting or people; no prizes for guessing how useful this would be.

100.000.000 SOULs Reward: Afterlife Connection

This is a custom afterlife that you can connect to each new reality that you go to and connect them all together, and that captures SOULs that die there. You can even place restrictions on which SOULs you grab, such as “SOULs that won’t be missed”. SOULs grabbed and taken to your after life are yours to do with as you wish, though you are not allowed to destroy them and they cannot count as companions.

125,000,000 SOULs Reward: Spiritual Building

Is to be able to place buildings on material planes, so you can literally bring pieces of Heaven and/or Hell to Earth (and beyond); this can also include bringing vibes to places to influence the mood and Heaven/Hell buildings - Good vibes for making people feel better, powering up Heaven buildings, and suppressing Hell buildings, and Bad vibes for the opposite.

200,000,000 Come With Me

Normally when you finish the jump the Afterlife you have created and managed stays here and you have to start fresh in creating your own. Now it comes with you souls and all.

300,000,000 SOULs Rewards: Personal Expanding Universe

For exceeding expectations is your own pocket dimension with habitable solar systems and such, where all dead people go to your Afterlife. The system has no occupants to start. You can take willing people and things in and out of the pocket dimension, though you cannot get them as companions in the next jump. That is how you start the population, but they'll constantly give you more and more tenants for your Afterlife and generate more SOULs for you as the mortal populations continue to grow and spread throughout said pocket dimension. They only get out of the Afterlife if they reincarnate or if you take them out. The pocket dimension is as big as it needs to be; it starts off as a single solar system, and should the population increase enough it will increase to more with no limit. With effort, you could even bring in planets. If you prefer it can be an endless plane with an underground world or both if you wish. If you up it to 3 billion souls collected your universe will now also create multiple timeline and mirror worlds. You will also be able to import various settings rules such as magic/cultivation or gamer into starting new branches of your universe. This is your sandbox here you are the archdeity. If you go even further and scale it up to 6 billion you may copy entire worlds into your setting.

500,000,000 SOULs Rewards Backdated Religion

Your religion has now backdated itself to before the start of the written word and collects souls of your faithful and those it can get away with from that time.It may not always be the same size but it will always survive the test of time.

1 Billion SOULs Rewards

Your Afterlife is now connected to the greater Omniverse and you can grant your Host/Horde the ability to explore and then once they return you can connect to settings they found. They can also gather souls and make bargains with the inhabitants. Your Afterlife is still utterly and totally immune from invasion and destruction. Nor does this grant you the power to go to other jump settings i.e. enter another jump through the use of a jump doc gaining CP. Dead shall know war overrides the invasion protection as you are making an informed decision to forgo this protection. Any place you have been counts as explored more over you/your minions would have an easier time using those as a starting point to explore mirror worlds/timelines as well as guaranteeing the generation of said mirror worlds/timelines when you try to find them.

Go Home:

If this was the last straw for you, you can return to your home. 

You keep all the perks you got.

Stay Here:

Journey On:

Then again, maybe this was yet another stepping stone on your journey through the Chain. 


For further info on the setting see the FAQ

For all the various buildings see

Thanks to 



alexander j g

For all their help

On God of the Afterlife 

Due to the very nature of it you do get your own Afterlife at the size of a large city say NYC or Dallas the reward just gives you an ever expanding one that you do not need to use your own power to grow. It also has the same none can invade or overpower you in your afterlife, the reward does.

if you went the God of the Afterlife route you are intrinsically a part of your Afterlife. Granted it might take decades to thousands of years to reform depending how hard something spirit/soul destruction stuff hit you. But complete erasure not unless they can erase your entire Afterlife and all the souls contained in it. And considering unless you took a scenario your Afterlife cannot be invaded that is going to be hard to do. And if you have a religion empowering you in addition to souls it's going to be even harder.

In addition you may choose how fast time passes in your Afterlife. Thousands of years could pass for every minute in the mortal plane.

God Power growth 

While you do get more powerful as you age you gain drastically more power from the souls in your afterlife as well as those same souls increasing the rate you gain power with age. Faith of followers of your religion if you have one can also speed your growth nor will their image of you alter you like it does in some settings.

No matter how powerful the SOULs are they cannot harm you, and should they choose yours they are bound to follow the rules no matter what abilities or powers they had in life. Your Afterlife is yours and you cannot be overthrown in it.

God(dess) does allow you to get gods or others from other setting who will fait bound loyal. You benefactor will just grab those who would die a Final death and agree to the conditions.Does not mean they can use their full power outside the Afterlife. 

You may use Host/Horde Creation and create a few whose duties involve exploring the omniverse. You can then connect and travel to any setting your minions travel to.

I use this to have said minions open up a path so I can then begin working in new setting. One way is if 40k had a crossover with Harry Potter or Star Wars/Trek with enough exploration they could then find one like that. Then branching off they could then start exploring ones that crossed over with those that had originally crossed over. You could even make use of the time differentials between realities.

When in doubt fanwank Yes no Lesson does allow the teaching of perks if you put the effort in

God of the Afterlife has other perks rolled into it, should you have perk sharing abilities you can still share these. The listed ones are 

 To ME Minions! (100 CP) 

You summon those who can be considered your minions with an almighty shout, and they swarm to you en masse, ready to do your bidding. As long as they are on the same planet as you they will hear you and find a way to get to you very fast.

 Fly, my pretties, fly! 

Helping Hand (100 CP) Once a year, you choose a person to inspire in order to help advance the civilization. This can be useful for revolutionizing technology or magic in systems you’ve already mastered. Without buying World Avatar, this is one of the only ways to interact with the world. In game there is an ability in this menu that allows you to adjust belief systems.

Tech jump (100 CP) You can jump the technology level of your people forward, say from bronze age to steel age. You cannot go past tech that you yourself don't know. Not quite how it works in the game. 

Magic jump (100 CP) Pick a school of magic for your people to focus on and greatly advance. You may choose how long they focus on it - the longer the greater the advances. 

Forever Young (Free/100 CP) You are granted Eternal Youth. You will not age a day and will stay in your prime forever, without the need for pesky Fountains or Stones. Free for jump duration, 100 CP to keep.

Eternal Taskmaster (Free/100CP) You gain the ability to perform the same task repeatedly for thousands of years. If nothing interferes with your work or exceeds your set parameters, you can complete the task automatically, while you focus on more important things. Tired of busywork? This makes even the most mundane task a breeze. Free in Jump, Permanent pay 100CP.

Afterlife Management (Free/100 CP) This is your Heaven/Hell User’s Manual. You’re granted complete knowledge of how this Afterlife thing works. Including tips, tricks, and fun facts, you’ll be well on your way to ruling in no time. 

When you pay 100 cp, in future jumps, you’re granted a permanent help menu which (while not helping you locate any McGruffins) is a searchable in-depth guide to the local reality, including lethal no-no’s right on the front page.


Change Log Clarified rewards a bit 

Added companions.


Added endless plane to final reward 


Added Supplement mode, Scenarios, Local Mortal Origin and perks. And more addons, drawbacks and companions.


Edited gate scenario so you could go to a setting without a jump as well. Many grammar edits.


Changing jump to follow more in the spirit of the game than strict mechanics

Changed some formatting

Changed Pricing in origin lines

Added Complete Blueprints

Added fluff

Added extended stay drawback.

Modified Just Us to Option 3

Modified 300 cp perks in each line and changed those in Angel and Devil to 200 but with multiple options.

Moved some items around and changed their pricing.

Instead of a Demiurge the Powers now raise you to a God of the Afterlife

Condensed a lot of perks into God of the Afterlife

God(dess) Of the Afterlife added to companions

Expanded Handbasket item

Added CP bonus to taking scenarios

Named all rewards and Expanded 300,000,000 to include expanded options if you reach 3 and 6 billion souls.

Created reward 200,000,000 Come With Me and 500,00,000 Backdated Religion

Changed Drop-in to God Line any origin can be taken as Drop in

Added more Items and separated out the properties/warehouse addons

Changed Twilight of the Demiurges to Twilight of the Afterlife

People wish for an afterlife all the time.

When their dog dies, when their lone parent succumbs, when life becomes too much and they end it.

Far too often their wish goes unheard or unanswered.

Now, you gain a letter that details all the unfulfilled wishes and prayers for an afterlife. Where souls go untended, even where the world is soulless, you get a letter. And as these prayers reach you so can you and your afterlife reach back out to them.

Don't worry, each and every letter is held in trust until you have the time to give it the attention it needs. Once your chain ends there won't be a soul that goes uncared for.


something along the lines of how now you are tied to the very concept of end of life and since this concept is ever present throughout the Omniverse therefore you can travel anywhere. 

V3.1 6-16-2020

Fixed some things in the devil and angel perklines that had drawbacks in the perks.

Added notes on host/horde creation

V3.2 9-7-2020

Added and upgrade to host/horde creation

Added RezLock drawback

Added notes about God Route and power growth.

Added 1 Billion SOULs reward

Added To Those Within perk

Updated God of the Afterlife package

Added Those Who Have Past companion

Grammar and formatting

Updated Sapient = Soul

Added As the Dead 

Boosted captions 

Upgraded Hear my cries a bit

Well since you went to the effort you can choose to have these subpar perks at a discount.

Job Master (100 CP) 

You know, automatically, all the tiny details of any job you are paid to do, including any loopholes, tips, or tricks that will make your job easy as pie. If you’re going to do a job, you might as well do it well!

Resource Master (100 CP) 

You have a resourceful mind and an instinctive sense of how to best use the resources available to you. In addition, you can remember every resource you have.

End of the Road (100 CP) 

You are given a sneak peak into the end of each SOUL’s route and will know exactly where that SOUL will go. After a jump, you retain the ability to read any SOUL and see where it is heading. Taking the guesswork out of a person’s spiritual journey: 100 cp. Telling that person where they’re bound to end up? Priceless.

Bring Them To Your Side (100 CP) 

Angels and Devils can be brought to your side with a good argument or a decent bribe. This will not change their nature though (Devils will be Devils, after all).

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