All Player Starting History/World Knowledge

Current Party Members:Osha Goblin Berserker Paladin, Alanis Sea Elf Druid of Stars, Esza Tiefling Cleric of Trickery, Milton Human Devotion Paladin Evie Kobold Artificer Artillerist

It’s the year 1561, 100 years after the incident in Krey that caused most of the country to become a frozen wasteland. All that is known about what happened is that Krey was using soul magic mixed with new forms of technology that caused an accident. Coria has spent the past 100 years trying to wall off and study Krey’s fallout while Mesa believes what they did was blasphemous and has shut off connections with Coria for studying it. The past 100 years have caused tension between Coria and Mesa to grow and the spirits have stopped showing around the world. The newest king of Coria Rohan Ward has started to take a step back and try to make peace with Mesa in hopes that the spirits will return and bring blessings to both countries as well as restore krey to what it once was.

Country:Coria-Second most Northern Country, -Starting Country-Monarchy

Known for:Guild halls around continent for various jobs

Economy:Large farm lands with fall and winter crops mostly, and Iron mines,

Landscape:Mostly cultivated land and plains some forests in the north, Massive defensive wall between Coria and Krey in process

Native Races:Humans,Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, Hobgoblins, Goblins

Player requirements if from here:Must choose a guild profession to be a part of. Pick something to fit the thematic of your character doesn’t have to be class specified. Ex:A rogue but your profession is chef which is why you’re good with knives.

Country:Mesa-Southern Country-Island Tribes

Economy:High Fish Trade and Silver Mines, Summer crops grown

Known for: High spiritual/nature mgic

Landscape:Damp forests, Steep Cliffed Mountains, Beaches

Native Races:Elves(Dominant Sea Elf), Triton, Tabaxi, Lizardfolk, Tortle Genasi (Dominant Water) (Tortles and Lizardfolk can only come from here)

Country:Krey-Northernmost Country, 

Known for:Amazing technology mixed with magic (reason they’re gone now)

Landscape: Mostly dead frozen wasteland, 

Native Races:Kalashtar,Shifter Goliath, Warforged (Kalashtar and Warforged can only come from here)

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