Allisond: Age of Mortals

Session 0 

  1. Expectations

    1. Bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes jokes. When in doubt, don’t say it. 

    2. Devices are okay at the table – I know I need to draw or do something else to focus, you’re free to as well, but please don’t be disrespectful.

    3. Please show up sober. 

    4. You’re free to eat during the session – just please, put yourself on push to talk if you plan on doing so noisily. 

    5. Player vs. Player: In-character disagreements are fine, but full on combat is not. This can lead to messy situations and create out-of-character drama that I do not feel like dealing with, thank you very much. When in doubt, ask. 

    6. Explicit Content Policy: suggestive is okay, explicit is not. You’re fine to seduce whomever you want, but don’t expect me to do more than “fade to black” in terms of roleplaying that.

    7. Sensitive topics: please PM me if there’s anything you wish to be avoided during the game. This can be as simple as descriptions of spiders or as complex as you need it to be. 

    8. Player agency: by all means, go ham! You’re free to get as creative as you like with your character and your actions. I highly value your input on the game and I intend to create it around you, the player. 

    9. Meta-knowledge: if your character wouldn’t know it, then you don’t know it. 

    10. DMing style: homebrew out the wazoo. I like preparing a single session ahead to remain flexible, but to have resources available. I’m relatively laid-back as long as you’re cooperative, but I’m not afraid to call out player misbehavior. 

    11. If a player is absent, the character is inactive but still there for story purposes.

    12. If at least half of the players are absent, the game will be cancelled. 

  2. Character creation

    1. Players will start at level 3. 

    2. You’re free to use any source you want (yes, even the Monster Manual) or even homebrew for your race, class, and background. I only ask that you do this for character flavor and not min-maxing. I'm giving a great deal of trust with this! 

    3. Your stats will be rolled: 4d6 drop lowest, add 2 individual d6 wherever you want. 

    4. You will start off with a feat (again, homebrew is okay if you run it by me) and one common or uncommon magical item. If you have a special item in mind that is not classified as common or uncommon, but would thematically fit your character better, talk to me and I’ll probably approve it with some modifications. 

    5. Character archetype: your character will be an adventurer joining others in saving a quiet harbour town from an evil baron. There is not a reward for this, so pick a character who would be motivated to save the town for other reasons. 

    6. Equipment: bending the rules is okay. As long as you’re not walking around with half the general store and the entire armory, I’ll allow you to add an extra item or two for flavor. 

    7. Leveling up: we’ll be using the milestone system. 

    8. Encumbrance: too much effort, not enough fun. We won’t use it. 

    9. Mounts: if it’s something that interests y’all, there will likely be mounts for sale or available through achievements, but keep in mind that you will be usually travelling as a party, so your speed will be reduced to that of the slowest member. If you would like to start with a mount, ask me. 

    10. Pets: truth be told, I’m quite enthusiastic about pets. There will be ample opportunity for you to meet and tame a variety of cute and deadly creatures during your travels. If you’d like to start with a pet that’s not granted by your class, ask me (I’ll probably say yes, especially if it doesn’t participate in combat). 

  3. Game rules 

    1. Downtime: if it’s something that interests y’all, I’ll be implementing a system (or several) for using your downtime to learn skills or craft items. 

    2. Advantage/disadvantage from different sources does not stack; however, they can cancel each other out. 

    3. Critical success/failure On a nat 20, you will double your damage. On a nat 1, you will deal damage to yourself (or if bonuses make you hit, deal half damage to your target). 

    4. Vendors will sell items for base price and will not haggle. They will buy back items for half price if they are un damaged and quarter price if they are damaged. Shopping sessions are to be kept to a minimum because, as the DM, I find them exhaustively boring. 

    5. Character death: this will be largely up to you. If you all want to play your characters the entire time, I’ll have a resurrection system in place. If, as a group, you’re fine with being permadead, then permadead you will be. 

    6. In case of a TPK: there are two options. One, a certain amount of time passes (likely years) and you all are magically resurrected to continue your mission – albeit in a different situation.  Two, a new group of adventures takes up your mantle. 

    7. Gods you can use: In the beginning, there was Chaos, and she was the mother of everything. Without purpose, she began to shape the cosmos. But she did not wish to do so alone. To accompany her, she birthed the Eight into the world. There was Dwanya, goddess of day; Noct, goddess of night; Melandru, goddess of life; Dhuum, god of death; Abbadon, god of mind; Balthazar, god of heart; Lyssa, goddess of magic, and Zoth, god of matter. Together, the eight points of Chaos went forth and shaped her cosmos. 

  4. Prologue: You’ve heard, from talk in the locations you were previously in, that there has been a cruel baron unjustly promoted in the seaside village of Hoffmaw. You have taken it upon yourselves to save the town from this malevolent man, and met up with the rest of your new party on the road into Hoffmaw.  But things in this harbor settlement are not what they seem…

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