Among Us: The Card Game

Among Us: The Card Game

Game by Matt Sorensen 

based on Among Us by InnerSloth

Among Us: The Card Game takes all the thrills and suspicions of the hit video game Among Us and distills them into a fast-paced social deduction card game for 5-10 players. 


  • 10 Player cards (1 in each color: blue, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, brown, cyan, lime and pink)

  • 10 Player Dossiers

  • 10 Player Aid cards

  • 8 Crewmate role cards

  • 2 Imposter role cards 

  • 10 Dead Body Reported cards (1 in each color)

  • 100 Task cards (varying quantities among 14 locations)

  • 12 Sabotage cards (3 of each: O2, Reactor, Comms, Electrical)

  • 20 Security cam cards

  • 5 Emergency meeting cards

  • Task Progress Track


The setup for Among Us: The Card Game varies slightly depending on player count. First, set up player colors and roles:

  1. Each player chooses a player color and puts the corresponding player dossier and player card in front of themselves with the “alive” side face up. Each player also takes a player aid card. 

  2. Make a deck of role cards using the following numbers:

5 – 7 players: 1 imposter role card

8-10 players: 2 imposter role cards

Add crewmate role cards to the deck until the total number cards in the deck equals the number of players.

  1. Shuffle the role deck and deal 1 card face down to each player. 

  2. Each player looks at their role card in secret and places it face down next to their player card. 

Next, set up the player decks. These decks will include tasks, sabotage cards, dead body reported cards and security cam cards. Start with the imposter decks:

  1. In a face up pile, place the dead body reported cards that have the same colors as all the player cards. This face up pile should have 1 dead body reported card per player (including imposter(s)). Return unused dead body reported cards to the box.

  2. Shuffle the sabotage cards and place 3 cards each into face down pile(s) equal to the number of imposter(s). These will be the imposter deck(s).

  3. Place 2 security cam footage cards face down onto each of the imposter deck(s).

  4. Shuffle the task cards and place 3 task cards face down onto each of the imposter  deck(s). There should now be a face down imposter deck for each imposter with 3 random sabotage cards, 2 security cam footage cards and 3 random task cards.

  5. Set these deck(s) to the side. 

Now for the crewmate decks and other components:

  1. Place 10 task cards in face down piles equal to the number of crewmates (# of total players – # of imposters). These will be the crewmate decks. 

  2. Place 2 security cam cards onto each of these piles. Return unused task cards and security cam cards to the box.

  3. Place the crewmate decks and imposter deck(s) where all players can reach them, but make sure the imposter deck(s) are clearly separated. Place the face up dead body reported cards next to the imposter deck(s). 

  4. Place a number of emergency meeting cards equal to half the total player count rounded up, within reach of all players. 

  5. Place the task progress track off to the side where everyone can see it. Set the progress to “0”. 

Lastly, distribute the decks to the appropriate players (this requires someone to instruct the players): 

  1. Set a timer for 1 minute. All players must close their eyes and cover their ears.

  2. With everyone else’s eyes closed, the imposter(s) will open their eyes and place the imposter deck(s) inside their player dossier(s) and place a crewmate deck inside each other player’s dossier. 

  3. The imposter(s) then remove their color’s dead body reported card(s) from the center pile, discarding them face down to the box, and divide the remaining dead body reported cards as evenly as possible among themselves. If only 1 imposter is playing, they take all remaining dead body reported cards. The dead body reported cards are added face down to the decks in the imposters dossier(s).

  4. The imposter(s) now close their eyes and when the timer goes off, everyone opens their eyes. 

  5. Each player shuffles their deck and places it back inside their dossier and draws a hand of 4 cards.

Choose a random player to take the first turn. If you have trouble deciding, choose the player who most recently completed a task to go first. 

You are now set up to play Among Us: The Card Game!



  • The crewmates win if they successfully complete 4 tasks per crewmate player.

  • The crewmates win if they eject all imposters from the ship. 


  • The imposters win as soon as there is an equal number of crewmates alive as there are imposters alive.

  • The crewmates don’t have enough task cards to complete their task goal (4 tasks per crewmate).

  • The crewmates don’t have enough task cards to respond to a sabotage. 


Before getting into the main rules of the game, some strict rules must be established that apply to all players:

  • Players cannot show another player any cards in their hand (besides a single task card when a sabotage card is revealed). 

  • Players may cannot openly talk about their hand.

  • Players may only talk when they are playing a card, calling an emergency meeting, reporting a dead body or discussing during a meeting (after an emergency meeting is called or a dead body is reported).

In Among Us: The Card Game, players will be taking clockwise turns in which they draw from their decks and play cards onto a single pile in the middle of the table. A turn for each player goes like this:

  1. Draw a card from your deck. If your deck has run out, the cards in your hand are what you have to play with for the rest of the game. 

  2. Play a card from your hand onto the pile in the middle and say a location and task. This may be the location and task on the card you played (if you are a crewmate) or it may be a lie (if you are an imposter). You can lie or tell the truth, but if you are a crewmate, there’s no benefit in lying here. If you are an imposter, you may reference your player aid to come up with a fake task and location if needed. Only task cards, dead body reported cards, or sabotage cards may be played onto this pile. Security cam cards are never played during a player’s turn and are not played onto the center pile. 

When it is not a player’s turn, they may play a security cam card immediately after another player has played a card. Security cam cards allow a player to privately look at the last card played onto the pile. Security cam cards can only be played once all players have had at least one turn. Only 1 security cam card may be played at a time (multiple players cannot simultaneously play security cam cards to view the same card). Before the next player in rotation plays a card, the player who just played a security cam card must either:

  • Nod their head to continue playing. A crewmate may do this if the card was truthful to what the player had said. Or perhaps the card was a “sabotage” card but there are no emergency meeting cards left. An imposter might do this to try and make another imposter seem truthful or maybe just to make themselves seem suspicious of other players to gain the crewmates’ trust.

  • Call an emergency meeting. A crewmate may call an emergency meeting if the card they saw was either a sabotage card or a task and location other than what the player had said it was. An imposter may call an emergency meeting for any reason. In either case, an emergency meeting card is discarded to the box. If there are no emergency meetings cards left, an emergency meeting cannot be called.

  • Report a dead body. 

A crewmate may report a dead body if the card they saw was a dead body reported card. An imposter may report a dead body for any reason. The reporting player must say something to the effect of, “There’s a dead body…orange.” 

When calling an emergency meeting or reporting a dead body, a few things occur: 

  1. Play immediately stops.

  2. The center pile is shuffled.

  3. Cards are drawn from the top of the pile until either a sabotage card or a dead body reported card is revealed. 

  4. Any tasks revealed before then are added to the successfully completed tasks pile next to the task progress track. If the task progress track has reached 4 tasks per crewmate, the crewmates win!

  5. If a sabotage card is revealed, all players (including imposters) must discard one card face down beneath their player dossier unless they can show a task from their hand with the matching location of the revealed sabotage card. If a dead body reported card is revealed, the corresponding player flips over their player card to the “dead” side and they become a ghost (see "ejecting a player"). If there are now the same number of crewmates remaining as imposters, the imposter(s) win!

  6. Players draw back up to 4 cards in hand, if possible. 

  7. Finally, the players discuss and vote. 

Discussion and Voting

Players may set a timer for a discussion period if they'd like. At the end of discussing who players think might be an imposter, voting occurs. Simultaneously, all players point to whom they are voting for. If a player wishes to skip voting because they're not sure, they may raise their hand. Votes are tallied and any player with a majority of votes is ejected from the ship. To have a majority, a player must have more fingers pointed at them than any other player and must have more fingers pointed at them than there are hands raised to skip voting. 

Ejecting a player

When a player is ejected, they flip their player card over to the dead side and reveal their role card. 

  • If the ejected player is a crewmate, they become a ghost! They will still play task cards as normal but can no longer speak, vote or play security cam cards. If there are now the same number of crewmates remaining as imposters, the imposter(s) win!

  • If the ejected player is an imposter, they can no longer do anything in the game other than watch. If they are the second imposter or the only imposter that could be ejected, the game immediately ends in a crewmate victory! 

Ejecting the first of 2 imposters

When playing with 2 imposters and the first is ejected, all players must close their eyes and cover their ears for 30 seconds so the ejected imposter can give the remaining imposter any dead body discovered cards left in their hand and/or deck. These cards are shuffled into the remaining imposter’s deck. The remaining imposter closes their eyes and opens them with the rest of the players. 

Continuing after a vote

If the game has not yet ended in a victory for either crewmate(s) or imposter(s), play continues clockwise from the next player in rotation (the player to the left of the last player to add to the pile). 

Game End

The game continues until either the crewmates win by ejecting all imposters or reaching their task goal OR the imposter(s) win by killing enough crewmates or if the crewmates run out of cards to satisfy a sabotage or their task goal. 

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