Anathor’s Folly Campaign Planning Form

Anathor's Folly Campaign Planning Form

Schedule: Every other Saturday, 7:30 AM (UTC-4)

Format: Roll20 + Discord voice chat

Genre: Fantasy

Pitch: World-changing events thrust a small city-state onto the world stage, and the PCs must help their home weather the storm.

Current State of the Plot: About 6 months ago, the mountains to the East exploded. This opened up a potential passage to the Far Side of the continent, making the town suddenly strategically important. Belsa, from which the town seceded, tried to reassert its sovereignty, so the PCs negotiated a treaty with nearby Faullin for protection. A platoon of soldiers and pair of diplomats have just arrived. Also, the town recently weathered an attack by goblins, apparently ordered by elves that lived under the mountains.

Home: The city-state of Anathor's Folly (~1,000 people in the city, 700 in outlying areas), nestled in a remote mountain valley. Primary industries are lumber, farming, and herding. Originally founded as a base camp for a massive road-building project across the mountains, the project was abandoned and the city left to fend for itself. Otherwise unimportant, it secured independence after a relatively brief revolt. The city retains its independent and isolationist mindset, and attracts all manner of outcasts looking for a fresh start.

TL: 3.  CR: 0

Tone/Content: PG-13 for violence, PG for sex. No torture or gore. Children and pets won't be directly threatened, but may face peril "off-screen" and need to be rescued. Sex is also reserved for off-screen; please don't make me role-play flirting with your PCs.

PCs: 265/-50/-5. At least 25 points should be spent on background/professional/non-adventuring skills.

-Campaign should consist of roughly 50% action/combat; 40% diplomacy, role-play and exploration; and 10% city management.

-Professional skills include skills not covered in Dungeon Fantasy, such as Administration, Accounting, Politics, Geography, and Linguistics. These will be necessary for the city management phases, as well as exploration and diplomacy.

-Ranked advantages should generally be limited to 2 (1 for Magery). Anything higher should be justified through backstory.

-Primary stats are limited to 8-14, before racial templates. Secondary stats are limited to +/- ? of the base value after racial templates.


-Normal mana level. No Psi.

-Racial templates here:

I'm open to races not listed above, as well as any organizations, allies, enemies, gods, etc. you have in mind, which we can develop together. World-building is purposefully sparse for now to allow PCs freedom to establish their backgrounds.

-PCs may be built using either the Core rules or Dungeon Fantasy. Professional templates are not required. No restrictions on healing/nature spells for casters built using Core magic rules.


-PCs receive a Status 0 lifestyle (worth $600) for free. They must pay the difference for higher levels or expensive compulsions.

Background and Personality:

-PCs should be well-regarded citizens, who can become local leaders.

-PCs should have a basic history, day job, and relationships. No mysterious wanderers or murderhobos/professional adventurers. A couple of paragraphs is fine.

-Since city management will be a large theme, consider your character's vision for the city. Do they prefer to stay independent, or want the security and prestige of belonging to a larger empire? Do they want the city to become a thriving center of commerce, or a shining beacon of your culture and values, or stay the cozy little town you grew up in?

City Management: The city's status will be tracked by 5 statistics: Morale, Order, Wealth, Food, and Defense. Lower stats are better, because dealing with a crisis will require contests between relevant skills and one or more statistics. (Yes, it would have been more intuitive to name them Despair, Lawlessness, Poverty, Famine, and Vulnerability, but that sounds too depressing.) For instance, if you decide you want to hire some mercenaries to protect the city, you might roll Accounting vs. Wealth to see how much of a fee you can scrounge up. If you're trying to suppress a riot, you might roll Leadership against Morale or Order. These rolls will be done on Discord in between sessions.

Some decisions will serve as adventure hooks themselves. For instance, the party may choose to raid an ancient dungeon in hopes of refilling the city's coffers, or they may need to hunt down the lead troublemaker before they can suppress that riot. These choices will often represent trade-offs between improving some statistics at the expense of others. For example, hiring some disreputable mercenaries may be less of a hit to your Wealth than a more professional group, but hurt your city's Order.

Nearby: The feudal nation of Belsa, from which the city seceded ~100 years ago, surrounds Anathor's Folly to the West. To the Southwest, the monarchy of Faullin lies only about 20 miles from the border with Belsa. While Belsa is wealthy and de facto ruled by the Merchants' Guild, Faullin is a stronger military power; the threat of war with Faullin is what kept Belsa from blocking Anathor's Folly from breaking away. To the North, South, and East are impassable mountains, which span the entire continent. With no safe passage through, and so far from the ocean, there is virtually no diplomatic contact with the nations across the mountains, let alone trade. Under the mountains are a number of evil and monstrous creatures with their own underground societies.


Galian: The broad culture of Anathor's Folly and the surrounding nations. Politically complex, with constant scheming and manipulation. They also have a reputation for a strong merchant culture. (vaguely Western European)

Aqiri Empire: The vast southern nation spanning deserts and plains. It's filled with great castles, heroic knights wielding scimitars, and courtly intrigue and romance. (Arthurian legend + Golden Age of Islam)

-To the Southeast, a magical blight is slowly spreading from the Far Side. The Bay of Ahanda in between is infested with sea monsters, making passage dangerous. 

Rukal people: The lands along the Western sea, full of dark forests, deadly monsters, and sinister witches. The people there are superstitious and pessimistic, but held together by a strong clan structure and culture of hospitality. (Slavic/Eastern European)

Jalvirg: Hardy and crude people of the North, fierce warriors but hot-tempered and hard-drinking. They suffer constant skirmishes with the Ulwig, allegedly cursed people of the far Northern peninsula, who control the Northern sea via piracy. (obligatory Viking analogue)

Cultures of the Far Side are too remote to be familiar to starting PCs.


Halflings: Halflings have coexisted alongside humans since time immemorial, although they tend to congregate in rural villages. They therefore have no separate culture, but are renowned for their luck and obsession with food.

Elves: Elves have always had their own primitive societies in the deepest wilderness. However many have ventured into human civilization in recent centuries, as their remote homes are increasingly encroached upon.

Dwarves: Dwarves used to live in the tunnels beneath the mountains, but were slowly driven out by goblins and other underground monsters. They now favor the cities of men, and are renowned for their craftsmanship.

Orcs: Orcs usually live in small tribes, raiding Elven and human settlements for a living. The few orcs in civilized society are those small children taken from destroyed encampments and raised among men, or descendents of those. While they make sturdy warriors and laborers, they are rarely seen as equals by other races.

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