Ancient Soul

Ancient Soul

You have started to remember many lives you lived before this one. You have lived the lives of kings and beggars, men and women, soldiers, and scholars. You can call on the skills you learned in your past life, going far beyond what would be reasonable for your age.

Each time you buy an ability in this concept you may either purchase a new Free Proficiency, or raise the tier of an existing free proficiency by 1 tier. You may not increase a free proficiency gained this way higher than your current tier +1 (Maximum tier 2 free proficiencies at mortal tier, tier 3 at heroic, tier 4 at epic, and tier 5 at divine). Free proficiencies gained this way relate to things you did in a past life, thus they can contradict your starting free proficiencies (Ie, you could have ‘Grew up in the City’ when you grew up in the mountains.)

Those with ancient souls may either gain a tier of proficiency with Perception or Manipulation (or gain a tier 1 proficiency if they lack it), or increase one of their free proficiencies by one tier. Gain an additional tier 0 free proficiency related to a past life you lived. 


Dreams of the PastInstant

Memories of past lives flow through your dreams. Whenever you finish a long rest in an area burn effort: learn one piece of information about the past of the place you rested in that would be most helpful for you as judged by the GM. You may only do this once per specific location.

Long Perfected SkillSupplemental

Your memories have imparted skill far beyond your years. Burn effort and take a spirit wound when making a free proficiency check: that check is boosted gaining +1 advantage.  

Empathy Action/Short/Long

You use your experiences to help comfort others. If you know at least two traits about a target and they have at least a single mental wound burn effort when in a social interaction with them or when you take a rest with them: They are healed a single mental wound and owe you a small favor. 

A Mile in Their ShoesAction

You have lived as many different people and that grants insight into others. Exert effort when in a social interaction and make a boosted perception check with +2 advantage against a target’s mental defence: If you succeed you learn a piece of information about a target that would most help you understand their current actions as judged by the GM. 


Instinctive Reaction Action

Your past experience avoiding or withstanding attacks still aid you in your new life. Exert effort as an action: Until the start of your next round your defenses are boosted, becoming 8+your level, and gain the benefits of wearing heavy armor (+1 armor and a tier 5 proficiency to defend against attacks and inflict actions).

Tenacious Fighter Ongoing

You fight on, even when the odds seem hopeless. Sustain effort When you’ve taken a point of stress: Your attack check is boosted gaining +1 advantage and ignoring a level of disadvantage.


Weight of Karma Supplemental/Constant

All the weight of positive things you have done in the past weighs heavily on the scales of your new life. Burn effort and take a spirit wound when spending a single point of karma on a roll: That spent karma grants +1 advantage instead of ignoring a level of disadvantage. You may not spend any more karma on this roll.

Remembered Ki Manipulation Ongoing/Constant

You remember a bit of how you manipulated Ki in your old life. As a free action exert effort: your attack check is boosted, gaining +2 advantage. You may only take a single attack action this round. 

Old Mana Habits Supplemental/Constant

Your soul still has a connection to a specific type of mana. Choose one of the 6 primordial elements when you take this ability. Exert effort when making an inflict action or standard attack: the inflict action or attack effect is boosted by the chosen element, able to affect foes up to a medium(+0) distance away.

Old Hand at PoliticsSupplemental/Constant

Playing with words feels natural to you, as if you’ve done it forever. Exert effort as an action when in a social interaction and you know at least 1 trait about a target: That target owes you a small favour. You may only use this against a target a number of times equal to the number of traits you know about that target. 

Memories of HidingOngoing/Constant

You remember hiding as the only way to survive.  Sustain effort: you count as having a tier 5 proficiency when it comes to stealth and hiding. In addition those checks are boosted, gaining +2 advantage. 

Trained InvestigatorAction/Constant

You can reconstruct events from minor clues. Exert effort as an action: learn what happened in a location at a given time in the last 24 hours, or when examining a personal item (such as a diary) to learn a fact about the owner. 


Been Here BeforeSupplemental

You seem to become a different person as you rattle off facts about a place or institution. Exert effort when making a knowledge proficiency check relating to one of your free proficiencies: that check is boosted, counting as if you had a tier 5 proficiency, and having 2 levels of advantage. 

Submerge the MindAction/Ongoing/Constant

You bring a version of you from a past life to the fore of your mind. As an action take a spirit wound and then Sustain Effort: Shift your appearance and up to 3 character traits to match a free proficiency you have from a past life. This changes your clothes, and gives your access to any equipment worth less than 2 wealth they would have normally had with them. In addition gain the ability to improvise abilities from an NPC class you choose.  This change in appearance is a perfect disguise and to see through it a DC of your level +10 is required.

Unbreakable SoulInstant/Supplemental

You will  not break again. Burn effort when you would take mental wounds: You don’t take those mental wounds. Alternatively exert effort when making a resilience check relating to one of your free proficiencies: It is boosted, gaining a level of advantage. 

A Second ChanceSupplemental/Constant

In a moment of desperation you shift into another person for an instant giving them a second chance of succeeding where they failed before. Burn effort and take 3 spirit wounds when making any check relating to one of your free proficiencies: That check is boosted gaining +2 advantage.

Blend InOngoing/Constant

Your past memories are strong enough to allow you to shift how you act. Sustain effort when in with a populace or group: Your defenses are boosted to 8+your level while you remain a part of the group. In addition any proficiency checks made to pass yourself off as part of the group are boosted, counting as a tier 5 proficiency and gaining +2 advantage. 

Warn Away From the PathAction

You share your regrets with a person that is making a mistake you have made in your past life and try to guide them down a better path. If you know a target's trait you may exert effort as a mental attack and take a mental wound: this attack is subtle, and in addition to it’s normal effects on a hit they owe you a medium favor about changing in some way. If you don’t make any other attacks this round, and they are not targeted by any other attacks, your attack check is also boosted, gaining +3 advantage. 


Not an IslandInstant

You know you don’t want to do this alone so you protect your friends. When an ally would be targeted by an attack burn effort and take a spirit wound: you become the target of that attack instead as a past version of yourself appears to intercept it before fading back into your soul.  

A Thousand Bodies Action/Ongoing

Your different selves manifest around you all at once to help you. Sustain effort and take a spirit wound as an action. Immediately place up to a small(-1) swarm mob at your location. You become that mob. The mob keeps all your proficiencies, abilities, and effort total, on top of being able to target all foes that it can reach with inflict and attack actions. At the start of each round you are in this form you take a spirit wound. Foes able to deal spiritual damage bypass your mob’s defensive bonus. 

Inner PeaceInstant

You are at peace and your aura of completeness draws others in. Exert effort: a target who is not a foe owes you a medium favour. You may only use this on an individual target once per day. In addition, allies may choose to count as having 2 mental armor when you are with them. 

Unified SoulInstant/Constant

All your different selves unify into a single force. Burn 2 effort and take a spirit wound after you roll a check. You may roll that check again with the same modifiers. You may only do this once per check. If you do this in combat, you also take a point of stress.

In addition, your mental wound limit is permanently increased to 8.

Perfect Understanding Supplemental

You understand others better than they understand themselves. Burn effort when attempting to learn a person’s traits: your check is boosted, gaining +2 advantage, and should you succeed, you learn 3 traits or pieces that you didn’t already know instead of 1. These are learned from easiest to learn to hardest. 

Refuse to GoInstant/Constant

You refuse to die a pointless death again. Burn effort and take 4 spirit wounds when you would be downed: Your body falls to the ground, but you still stand in spirit form. You are insubstantial in this form, and all your standard attacks are boosted, dealing spirit wounds in place of physical wounds. You may take your normal number of actions each turn, and ignore disadvantage to your checks from being downed. 

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