anymeus class concept

D&D Anymeus class concept


Sigils (invocations)

storage – leomund's secret chest

circumstance – contingency spell

– – – –

D&D Anymeus concept class

warlock like spell slots with similar scaling, capping out at 5th level spells at 9th character levels

magical sigils, a mix of warlock invocations and artificer infusions

–lesser, major, and greater sigils with interactions and limited synergy

object based shape change like a mimic with unique form interactions

will-o-wisp like movement form but carry no gear

immutable form, shape change immunity against your well

object theme with associated magic types

–writing, art, music, combat**

–writ soul, divination and transmutation (cosmic and form?)

–prismatic soul, illusion and transmutation (essence and form?)

–song soul, enchantment and illusion (cosmic and essence?)

–warborn, abjuration and necromancy (life and???)

current thinking is to scale the subclass features like a cleric

–1st, 2nd, 6th, 8th, 17th

–with limited sigil interaction with subclasses for additional effects

limited spell selection off the bat, but sigils allow additional spell options

warlock like spell slots power some sigil spells (akin to channel divinity)

around 10th or 11th level add a "power" use feature with a long (7 day) cooldown with large interaction with more powerful sigils or complete sigil groups

limited cantrips and spell selection that scales like an arcane trickster or eldritch knight, with sigils making up the rest as variable options

– – – –

artificer – 3, 5, 9, 15

barbarian – 3, 6, 10, 14

bard – 3, 6, 10, 14

**blood hunter – 3, 7, 11, 15, 18

cleric – 1, 2, 6, 8, 17

druid – 2, 6, 10, 14

fighter – 3, 7, 10, 15

monk – 3, 7, 11, 17

paladin – 3, 7, 15, 20

ranger – 3, 7, 11, 15

rogue – 3, 9, 13, 17

sorcerer – 1, 6, 14, 18

warlock – 1, 6, 10, 14

wizard – 2, 6, 10, 14

– – – –






















Class Features

hit dice = 1d8 

hit points at 1st level – 8 + con mod

hit points at higher level – 1d8 (5) + con mod


light armour

simple weapons

tool – n/a

saving throws – wisdom & charisma

skills – ???



anymeus type (sub class access) – 1st level

Spell Casting (1st level)

(2-4 cantrips, 1-15 spells ? )

–warlock like spell slots

Sigils (2nd level)

sigils known = twice proficiency bonus

sigils useable = half proficiency bonus(???)

–lesser sigils = 1 slot

–major sigils = 2 slot (-1 for a similar lesser sigil)

–greater sigils = 3 slots (-1 for for a lesser and -1 for a major of similar type)

–some form of sub class interaction

–sigil type – ??? form, flow, essence, life, cosmic

–form is solid forms, earth and transmutation magic

–flow is water and air and motion (and maybe cold damage)

–essence is fire, lightning and light, and a lot of evocation magics

–life involves both life and death, evocation healing and necromancy magic

–cosmic involves a lot of other things including divination and maybe enchantment

–sigil access 2nd-lesser, 9th-major, 14th-greater (some sigils have powers that unlock at later levels)

3rd level – enhanced attunement (magic item bond or party member like paladin mount spell effect)

4th level attribute increase

5th level wisp form (will-o-wisp like transformation)

6th level sub class feature

7th level (4th level spell slot) immutable form (not including banishment effects)

8th level attribute increase, subclass feature

9th level (5th level spell slot) major sigil access

10th level ???  new cantrip (3rd?)

11th level "song of all" (divine intervention style interaction with sigils, or warlock mystic arcanum "spell slot")

–and 6th level spell slots, not that it would happen

12th level attribute increase

13th level

14th level greater sigil access

15th level

16th level attribute increase

17th level sub class feature

18th level

19th level attribute increase

20th level

– – – –

Anymeus sub classes

Writ Soul (Written Soul / Living Story)

Prismatic Soul (Painted Soul)

Song Soul (Living Lullaby)


sub class lay out

1st level feature and spell list

2nd level sigil interaction

6th level feature

8th level sigil interaction

17th level feature and possible sigil interaction

– – – –

1st level – anymeus nature   (write up the "rite of dreams" later)

Your creature type becomes fey or elemental (your choice). And you gain resistance to being charmed.

You become bound to an inanimate object form related to your chosen subclass and/or chosen tool proficiency. This object must be small or tiny. You can choose additional forms at higher levels, and their size can be medium or smaller. The chosen form may have multiple parts, but the largest is always considered the main body. Secondary parts disappear if they are ever more than 100ft from you for more than 1 hour, reappearing in an unoccupied space within 5ft of you.  (eg a violin and a bow, the violin would be the main body, the bow would be secondary)

You retain your humanoid form in its original appearance, though gain the ability to make limited cosmetic changes to its appearance.

–these might take the form of similarities to your object form, or you might alter your hair style on a whim

You can change between these forms over a period of 1 minute, and you choose whether your equipment merges with the new form or drops to the ground. When you assume humanoid form you can choose to conjure yourself a set of common clothes as part of the transformation, these disappear if they are ever more than 100ft from you for more than 1 hour.

–wisp form cannot merge equipment when first gained

–it is assumed that during your anymeus transformation you wore a set of simple clothes that became bound to you as part of the transformation

While humanoid you still need to eat, drink, breath, and sleep unless another feature such as your race changes this.

While in object form you do not to eat, drink, breath, or sleep and magic cannot put you to sleep.

You are considered to be restrained (condition)

If you spend at least 6 hours in object form while resting or performing only light activity you gain the benefit of a long rest.

While in object form your AC becomes equal to your spell save DC.

You can perform the vocal and somatic components of spells while in object (or wisp) form.

–still pondering material components and spell focus rules

If you become subject to a banishment effect (such as the banishment spell) you immediately change into your (base?) object form for the duration, instead of being sent to a pocket dimension. If you would be sent to another plane the spell still takes effect as normal, in addition to changing your form. You are able to change forms normally once the effect ends, unless the spell prevents you from returning (such as the divine word spell).

If you are reduced to 0 hit points you revert to your humanoid form, unless another affect prevents this (such as the banishment above)

3rd level – enhanced attunement

You can choose to bond with a magic item, merging it into your form. This enhances its magical properties and allows you to assume its physical form. When you bond with a magic item this way it requires an attunement slot, even if the item does not usually require attunement. You can summon or dismiss the item as a bonus action, alternatively you can choose to shapechange into the item as one of your object forms.

A magical weapon gains a bonus to attack and damage rolls equal to half your proficiency bonus, if it doesn't possess one already (equal to or lower than / +1, +2, +3)

Magical armour gains a bonus increasing AC equal to half your proficiency bonus, if it doesn't possess one already.

A magical item that provides an attack and damage roll bonus or increases AC is also subject to this benefit, if your proficiency bonus (half) would provide a higher number than the item currently has.

A magical item with charges gains a number of additional charges equal to half your proficiency bonus. Additionally instead of gaining charges at a stated time (such as dawn), the item now regains any stated charges when you finish a long rest.

Alternatively you can choose to form a mystical bond with another creature in much the same way as you attune to a magical item.  This must be performed with a willing creature during a short or long rest, and each effected creature must use an attunement slot.

While bonded this way you and any bonded creature can perceive through each others senses and communicate telepathically if you are on the same plane of existence.

When you cast a spell you can choose to cast the spell from your space or the space of a bonded creature if it is within 100ft of you.

While you are in object form and being held by a bonded creature, you can make any spell that targets only you also target the bonded creature.

–I am assuming this is spells you cast only, but “any” spell could be an interesting interaction.

–I am also assuming that you can initially only bond with one creature, and that might increase with sigil access, but not discounting multiple bonds either

–both creatures use an attunement slot for the bond, additional bonds and rules aren’t yet decided.

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