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Please note that there are links to unofficial fan translations in this document. These translations are from Chinese to English. The RIHQ translators put much time and effort into making these for people to read. Please enjoy!

Main Story

Official English Transcriptions

All Chapters released in the Global servers so far are here!

Skip-summaries are included in these documents.

Prologue : (When you first enter the game)

Episode 0: Evil Time Part 1

Episode 1: Evil Time Part 2

Episode 2: Separated Hearts

Episode 3: Stinging Shock

Episode 4: Burning Run

Episode 5: Necessary Solutions

Episode 6: Partial Necrosis

Episode 7: The Birth of Tragedy

Episode 8: Roaring Flare



Laulicon’s summary of Episode 6: Partial Necrosis


Laulicon’s summary of Episode 7: The Birth of Tragedy


Laulicon’s Key Plot Points on Chapter 8 PasteBin



Episodes 1-4 available Aceship Storyviewer


Episode 6: Partial Necrosis Translation

Episode 7: The Birth of Tragedy Translation

Episode 8: Roaring Flare Translation

Event Stories

Official English Transcriptions

All event stories released in GLB so far are here!

Grani and the Knight’s Treasure EN Transcription

Grani and the Knight’s Treasure Letters/Daily Mail Transcription


Operational Intelligence EN Transcription


Heart of Surging Flame EN Transcription

Heart of Surging Flame Old Transcription

Heart of Surging Flame Social Media Collection

Heart of Surging Flame Retrospection Scene


Code of Brawl EN Transcription


Contingency Contract Beta (CC-Beta) EN Transcription

Ancient Forge EN Transcription


Stories of Afternoon EN Transcription


Contingency Contract Barrenland (CC#0) EN Transcription


Children of Ursus EN Transcription


Twilight of Wolumonde EN Transcription


Darknights Memoir EN Transcription


Gavial: The Great Chief Returns EN Transcription


Rewinding Breeze EN Transcription


Maria Nearl EN Transcription


Mansfield Break EN Transcription


Beyond Here EN Transcription



Laulicon’s 250 word summary of Code of Brawl


Laulicon’s summary of Darknights Memoir


Laulicon’s summary of Survivors: Children of Ursus


Laulicon’s summary of Twilight of Wolumonde


Laulicon’s summary of Gavial – The Great Chief Returns


Laulicon’s summary of Maria Nearl

SaltedSlightly’s summary of Mansfield Break: Part 1 and Part 2

Laulicon’s summary of Who Is Real?


Aethervoid’s summary of Operation Originium Dust (RS6 event)


Aethervoid’s summary of A Walk in the Dust



Grani and the Knight’s Treasure available on Aceship Storyviewer


Code of Brawl Translation

Darknights Memoir Translation

Survivors: Children of Ursus Translation


Twilight of Wolumonde Translation


Heart of Surging Flame Retrospection Event Story Translation


Gavial – The Great Chief Returns Translation


Rewinding Breeze Translation


Maria Nearl Translation


Mansfield Break Translation


Set Beyond Here Translation


Who Is Real? Translation


Operation Originium Dust Translation


A Walk in the Dust Translation


Under Tides Translation


Preluding Lights Translation


Interlocking Competition Translation

Integrated Strategies

Official English Transcriptions

Ceobe’s Fungimist EN Transcription


Ceobe’s Fungimist Translation

Operator Records

Official English Transcriptions

Operator Records EN Transcription



Operator Records Translation



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