Arknights Supplements 1.0

Arknights Supplements 1.0

        By Lazy Pillow

Elder Supplement 

This the Elder Supplement, to those who bought the “Elder Progenitor Perk”. You have 20 Elder Points, EP, to spend on what you want for your elder to have. Sarkaz has 25 points to spend, Feranmuts has 30 points to spend.

If an odd number is discounted, round it up.

Physical Characteristics:

Strange Form (free): Like all other Ancient and Elder species in Terra, you can have some inhuman traits, like horns, tail, incredibly pale skin, and so on. Some changes are cosmetic only, like skin or eye color, others can have combat usage like claws or horns. If you want, you can make them being entirely humanoid animals, or just having animal traits, or both.

Inhuman Anatomy (-1 EP): Your Elder race does not only have aesthetic changes, but functional changes as well, like having two hearts, three lungs, and so on. With more purchases, more modifications you can add to your Elder.

 Special Constitution (-5EP): Your Clan have a special constitution, a burning heart, a unique inherent arts or characteristic, it is unique to your clan, and add special effects like making the usage of certain arts effortlessly, or a unique bone make-up.

Fantastical Strength (-1EP): Your Elder have some interesting strength, they are strong, strong enough for a middle-school girl to use a vault door as a shield with no problems whatsoever. Their strength is severely enhanced, even to the likes of Terrans.

 Beastial Force (Requires Fantastical  Strength, -2EP): Correction, your Elder species is not only strong, they are very strong, being able to wrestle down adults from other races with ease, even someone who doesn’t train their strength would have a physical aptitude to the likes of veterans or soldiers of other races.

Thick Skin (-2EP): Your Elders boast a very thick skin, being able to withstand cuts and perforations from knives, needing specially sharp daggers, or even outright swords to pierce and cut their skin, and withstanding the attacks from blunt attacks of normal hammers, they also have incredible strong muscles, and sturdy bones, being way harder to damage than your average terran.

Healing Factor (-3EP): Your Elder have some healing factor, they are not able to regrow or reattach limbs, however, having their entire stomach blown out, or even standing at death’s door are not much of a threat to them, as long as they have enough medical care, what would kill other Terrans, is just an inconvenience to your Elders. In combat, cuts and even perforations are quickly healed, needing an extraordinary amount of damage to kill them in one hit.

Originium Resistance (-5EP): Your Elder have inherent resistance against Oripathy, being harder to be infected by Originium, needing a grievous exposure or perforation of originium to infect them.

Self-sustenance (-3EP): Your Elders don’t need to eat much, or drink much, or sleep much. They can go on without food water and sleep for a long period of time, without rest or respite, needing the barest minimum of food water and sleep to function properly. Only by being locked in a room without food, water and sleep for months while tirelessly working on a project and hacking their brain can make them pass out. If they pass out at all.

Arts Adept (-3EP): Your Elders are very adept to the usage of arts in their life, even someone without talent can use basic arts effortlessly, and those who have talent and natural understanding of arts can achieve even bigger weights.

Fighting Instinct (-3EP): Your Elders have a natural sense for fighting and battle, knowing by gut instinct the best move available to them, and the best place to attack. It doesn’t null the need of proper training, but they have an easier way to understand the way of the blade and war than most would have, is in their blood.

No Cold (-3EP): Your Elders are very resilient against diseases, rarely catching or having it, even dire ones are brushed off with ease, and poisons and toxins have a harder time affecting them, it givers no help against oripathy, but may combat another diseases that may surface because of it.

Temperature Resistant (-3EP, Dracos have a discount to Heat Resistance): Your Elders are not affected much by changes in temperature, being able to deal with extreme heat or cold with ease, you can only change one, heat or cold. Buy again to have both, but to a lesser degree of those who are only specialized in one.

Esoteric (-5EP): Your Elders are unique in a supernatural sense, drinking blood to fortify themselves, eating the flesh of your enemies to gain their memories and technique, you have some supernatural thing going on for you Elders

Originium Assimilant (+3EP, if Sarkaz, +5EP, Incompatible with Originium Resistant): Your Elder Races have an easier time dealing with Originium, being infected by it way easier, making oripathy not being a rare case in your numbers, but almost a common occurrence, I hope you have a way to capitalize in such fatal flaw, or at least a way to deal with it…


Minor Flaw (+1EP): Your Elder have some flaw that may not endear them to many, like having a thirst to blood and gluttony for it, or suffering from a very bad temper and emotional difficulty far easier.

Fatal Flaw (+3EP): Your Elders have a fatal flaw, like seeing the world far slower than most, like Sloths, and having their bad motor skills as well, few of them are not affected by it. It must be something that severely affects the very way of life of your Elders.


Clan Theme: The overall theme, and culture, as well as traditions of your clan is up to you.

Natural Diplomats (-3EP): Your Elders have a way with words, knowing the best way to deal with a situation with words rather than strength.

Arts Casting (-5EP): Your Elders have the arts casting as part of their culture, learning it from a young age to better perfect the craft, as well as being very effective in arts research and theories. Combos well with Arts Adept.

Battle Maniacs (-5EP): Like the Sarkaz, your Elders valorize much combat prowess, having it ingrained in their culture, how to best kill, how to battle, how to fight, harnessing the art of war from a young age is a common ritual in your culture, as well as the teaching from father to son about the family martial culture.

Clan Size (Varies):

Near Extinct (+5EP): There are few of you left, being able to be counted in one hand or two, the race can be said to be doomed to extinction.

Few (+3EP): There are some of you around, not many, but there still is hope of growth, your Elders count on the rank of a dozen or two.

Small Clan (-0EP): There are some of you around, a fifty, maybe more, maybe less, is not small, but isn’t big either. The average number of elders.

Medium Clan (-1EP): Your Clan has some members, being on the higher end of the scale, between seventy to a hundred and twenty members in total.

Bigger Clan (-3EP): Your Clan scores in the hundreds of members, the highest end of the normal scale, at least, having three hundred members, and at most, seven hundred, the average being five hundred.

Many (-7EP, Requires Mobile City): There are many of you around, too many of you around. Being in the thousands of members active, at most having as many as 10.000 Clan Members, in the lowest point, having as many as 3.000 members.

Legion (-10EP, Requires Mobile City bigger than Landship): Your Elder Clan is the powerhouse of your mobile city, having as many as forty five thousand members in the highest end, or twenty thousand members in the lowest.

Noble Family (-3EP): Your Elders are from the Noblesse of a Country, or are treated with respect by other members of their Ancient Species and other Elders, if a country lacks the noble ranks, they are in the higher way of life. Where they walk, they will be easily recognizable, as well as respected. 

Few would dare to raise their hands against them, as well as having special rights, having some voice in the political matters of their nation. It also comes with a minor boost to their administrative capabilities and political knowledge

 Royalty (-5EP, requires Noble Family, Near Extinct, Few, Small Clan or Medium Clan, for bigger clan size, requires a Mobile City): Or rather, your Family is what constitutes the Royalty, or the highest class in the society of a Country where there is no Royalty or Nobles. Your clan knows administration very well, and all the traps and proper way of political battles, being hard to be caught off guard.

You have a direct link to the big shots, or having the Blood of Kings and Emperors in your Elder, being treated with the highest respect in their country, and even in others, as well as boasting gargantuan political power. If you have a mobile city, your clan hoards all, or almost all, of the political power.

Secrets of the Trade (-1EP): Your Clan have a way with the words, and with the trade, being natural merchants and traders, knowing how to best use the market, the best way to sell and make money in their situation.

Administrator (-1EP): Your clan is very well organized, knows economics, administration and optimization to a great degree, being very good accountants and economists, combos very well with Noble Family and Royalty.

Social Organization (varies,  take one):
Individualist (free): Your clan members are individualistic, better working alone, and avoiding contact with each other as much as they possibly can, only maintaining contact with their parents and lovers (Works better with Clans with few members)

Blood Bond (free): Your clan is not very well interlinked, but they maintain contact with each other to a degree, with their brothers, children, parents and lovers, but distant cousins may get a cold shoulder or two, regardless, they keep contact in a healthy pace to know about the overall clan (Works better with Medium size clans)

Core Clan (free): Your Clan have deep bonds with each other, trying to have as much contact and interaction with their fellow members as possible, always near on having contact with their close and distant members, as much as humanly healthy (Works better with small clans, and medium size clans)

Community (free): Your clan is a community, members do not have the most in-depth relationship most of the time, but cares deeply about each other, since if something affects their neighbor, it will also affect the community, thus affecting them, so they keep close watch over each other to guarantee that they are well, for the sake of community (Works better with bigger clans)

Interchangeable (-1EP): Your clan adapts its Social Organization to better suit their actual needs, or having cells that have their own inner social organization.

Rich (free with Royalty, free with Mobile City, discounted with Noble, discounted with Bigger Clan size, -5EP): Your clan possesses a vast net of assets and property, more than what one would think it should. Being poor is not even an option to your clan, only with a very strange and compulsive spending of many clan assets by two or more generations could run your clan’s vault dry.

 Filthy Rich (Requires Mobile City, or Royalty, -5EP): Your clan is not only rich, they are filthy rich. Running out of money? Isn’t even a consideration, ask again in a century or so, maybe the answer may change. Your average annual profit can make big companies blush with envy, and be equal to small country or city states annual profit.

Special Technique (-3EP): Your Clan possess a special technique, be it a combat style, or an Arts, but it is very powerful and teached to the people of your clan from an early age, like the Nearl’s Light Arts, it is very powerful, and unique to your clan members. Needing a special constitution, or characteristic to be used, is up to you. Can be taken multiple times.

Scholar (-3EP): Your clan have a scholar mindset, studying is natural to them as drinking water or eating, be it arts, strategies or academic matters, they excel at studying and perfecting it, as well as teaching.

Loathed (+3EP, +1EP if Sarkaz): Your clan is loathed by some Ancient/Elder race, or by some nation, they are not outright hostile, but they don’t like you either, expected to be treated as a third rate citizen, at best. You can take multiple times for different races/countries, to a maximum of three.

Hated (+5EP, 7EP if Sarkaz, if you took Loathed as a Sarkaz, you cannot take this option): Your are hated, really hated, whole countries prohibit your Clan entry there, and are outright hostile, resorting to deadly means to deal with your members if you do as much as step in their soil, and whole races and specially their Elder Variants, like Sankta, would vow to make your clan’s life miserable. You can take it up to three times.

Mobile City Supplement:

Design your own Nomadic City, a giant vehicle who houses whole constructions, and even large bodies of water and small mountains. Gain 25 City Points, CP, those with control have 30CP instead.


Size (Varies):

Landship (+5CP): Your City is small, actually, on the same size of Rhodes Island, it can house around 7.000 people normally, stretching it to the maximum capacity, around 10.000 people 

Small (+3CP): Your City is rather small for a Nomadic City, it still can easily dwarf the likes of a landship like Rhodes Island, but is not big as other cities are. It can house safely around 60.000 people, stretching to its limits, 75.000
Normal (-0CP): Your Mobile City is of a normal size for Nomadic Cities, being able to house even an artificial river in it. It can house around 100.000 people, to a maximum of 120.000.

Big (-1CP): Your city is rather big, on the likes of Lungmen or Siesta, almost a City state on its own. It can house around 500.000 people, to a maximum of 600.000

Capital (-3CP): Your City is the size of a capital ship, on the likes of Londinium, a gargantuan powerhouse capable of housing millions of people with ease and still having too much space left. At minimum, at least it can house 1.500.000 people with no problems, at maximum, it can house around 4.000.000 people.

Enhanced Mobility (free with Rhodes Island, -1CP with Small, -2CP, -3CP if Big City, -5CP if Capital): Your mobile city has enhanced mobility, as well as more powerful and precise maneuvering than most.

Enhanced Endurance (-3CP, -1CP if Big, free with Capital): Your City can take quite a punch, being hit by a catastrophe isn’t that bad, as long as it doesn’t hit a heavily populated area. 

Agressive City Plans (-1CP): Your city is build with in mind surviving raids and invasions, having aggressive positioning to actively hinder the advance of enemy troops, and giving a rather favorable defense line to your residents, as well as many escape routes, secret areas and ambushing points to attack your invaders.

Self Sufficient (-3CP): Having in mind how much time a mobile city stays on the wilderness, your is build with something in mind, being self sufficient, having a very efficient water filtering, as well as river in it, and even farms in it, and hydroponics, being in need of food or water is a rarity for your city.

Great Infrastructure (-3CP): Your Mobile City is optimized to have the most buildings and functionalities in it, being well planned to its very foundation to better house people, and having comfy houses and aesthetic pleasing buildings, slums are a rarity, is your city have one at all, having communal house to temporary house people until they can have houses of their own, or apartments.

Ancient Machine (-5CP): Like Laterano and Chernobog, your Mobile City houses an ancient machine, what it does, it is up, but it is equal to the likes of Sarcophagus, or the machine under Laterano.

Design Flaws (+1CP): Your city has some serious design flaws, like having a water reservoir near industries, or having the house district near the industrial one.

Crippling Flaw (+3CP): Your city has a deadly flaw, like someone having the key to its core being able to use the city as a battering ram against another one, or an easily hackable software system. It is a flaw that can be easily exploited, and can be of great consequences;

Disrepair (+3CP): Even if you go to civilization to do repairs, when you exit to the wilderness again, your city will fall in disrepair, like having chunks of it falling off, or constant mal-functions, you have to plan around carefully around this flaw, for it can spell the end of your city in a bad day.

Catastrophe Chaser (+5CP): Your City attracts catastrophe the moment it is away from civilization, having to always be hot on their toes to escape the upcoming disaster, few are the times where respite is allowed.

The Famine (+3CP, incompatible with Self Sufficient): Your city is always low on resources, making the times out in the wilderness even water, since supplies always run low, having to rely on outside forces or foreign companies within the city to rely on food and water for your citizens, overall, the city is always on misery. Please, do not take it with Catastrophe Chaser or Disrepair.

Deserted San-Viento (+10CP): Strange, your City appears almost abandoned, Few People live in your city, far less than its size would suggest, it is two sizes lower than its true size regarding population, Small and Landship being totally barren outside military troops, it also houses abominations who are very deadly. I hope you are strong enough to keep those monsters at bay in the core of your city, and that your Military Power is strong enough to keep the monster jailed inside.

Political Plans:

Unique Aesthetics (free): Want to have a big oriental city, or a germanic one? Is up to you the aesthetics of your Mobile City and its Citizen, choose a culture, or make a mix-and-match mess, is up to you the culture and theme of your city.

Economic Power (Varies):

Small (free): Your city has a little economic power, not enough to be recognized world-wide, but in the borders of your country, its currency holds some weight.

Influential (-1CP): Your city holds some economic influence, the neighboring nations, if not hostile, recognizes it, as well as having some valorization in them, but its true weight holds true in the Territory of your own country.

World-Wide Currency (-3CP): Like Lungmen, your currency is recognized worldwide, only enemy nations would refuse to acknowledge it, and you could be an entire city-estate on your own if your Nomadic City is big enough, your City is a flowering economic power, and a wealthy power on its own, even without the backing of your country.

Military Power (Varies):
Little (free for Landship, Small, +3CP Normal, +5CP Big, +10CP Capital): Due the small size of your Nomadic City, you have to rely on mercenary power, having no standing military on its own. An attack can doom your city if it is big enough.

Standard (-3CP Landship, -1CP Small, free for Normal, +3CP Big, +5CP Capital): You have the average military power expected of a nomadic city, not big enough to attack others, but enough to withstand must wildlife threats, or raider and mercenary attacks.
Elite (-5CP Landship, -3CP Small, -1CP Normal, free Big, +3 Capital): You boast an Elite Military Force, in the likes of Lungmen Guard Department, an elite and trained force capable of dealing and ending an attack force bigger than them, as long as they are not other elites, with rather ease.

Royal Guards (-15CP Landship, -10CP Small, -7CP Normal, -5CP Big, -3CP Capital): Your city have a monstrous military power, having its own Royal Guardians, like Laterano’s Apostolic Knights, The Emperor’s Blade from Ursus, Victoria Steam Knights and the Silverlance Pegasi from Kazimierz, its power enough to protect its walls as a foreign nation, and powerful enough to pose threat to small countries on its own, or to another city estates.

Military Culture (-3CP): Your Mobile City has a military background, where even the normal citizen has some combat training and time as a soldier before setting down as a citizen, only foreigners and outsiders would not have such tendency. Training the ways of war and battle is natural, and a subject in schools.

Arts Civilization (-3CP): Your Mobile City has very advanced arts technologies, theories and research, having top notch technology, as well as making arts part of the average day of your Mobile City.

Ahead of Time (-3CP): Like Columbia, your Mobile City boasts a great deal of factories, and advanced technology, spearheading breakthroughs and new marvels of Technology.

Knowledge Spreading (-3CP): Your Mobile City has a great zeal for teaching the next generations, having a teaching system that many nations would envy, teaching with quick, objective, and in fun ways the next generation.

We Care (-3CP): Your City has a great love for its citizens, giving free housing in the form of communal houses for the poor, free healthy care, and feeding those who cannot even buy food for themselves, is a great city to live in.

Factory City (-2CP): Your city can double as a big city wide factory, being in an unique league regarding that, with few mobile cities with hope of beating you hope on sheer industrial factory.

 Unique Technology (Requires Factory City, -3CP): Your Mobile city is capable of manufacturing unique technology, like Victoria’s Steam engines, or the unique Military Tech from Ursus

Eye Candy (-3CP): Your city is quite a sight, attracting tourists from all over the world to appreciate its beauty, making a great source of income based around its events and parks, or whatever else you put here to attract people.

Assholish Ruler (+3CP): Your political planning towards your citizens sucks. Some Revolutionary Infected Organization slipped in the city? It is obviously the fault of the slums, kill everyone there. You will always be called out on your short sightedness, arrogance, and hypocrisy constantly, as well as being hated by everyone who isn’t your friend, and even your friends will have some level of discontentment towards you.

Bad Blood (+3CP): You Mobile City have bad blood with a country or another mobile city, your relationship will never improve, and will always end in a bad way, both of you are outright hostile to each other. It can be taken up to two times.

Power Division:

Centered (free): The power of the city is centered around yourself, you give all the orders, and all political parties and institutions answer directly to you, have fun with all the paperwork.

 Royal Systems (Requires centered, -3CP): Even if you are not of true Royalty or Noblesse yourself, the city runs on such a system. Having many people of higher standing acting as a political power of the city, but still answering directly to you, for some reason. You are no longer alone for the burden of paperwork,  but it is not the most effective system 

Governmental Institutions (free): Rather than answering only to you, the powers in the City are divided into governmental powers that still answer to you, but have a sense of autonomy to act to themselves without your input every moment.

 Council (requires Governmental Institutions, -3CP): The City is divided into councils of power and organizations that answer to you as their main leader. It is very efficient.

Black Raincoats (-3CP): You have a death squad under your command, a small unit of the best fixers the money can have, totally loyal to you, and willing to carry any other, from dealing with pests, to killing entire slums in your orders. They are few but very strong, strong enough to deal with isolated or alone Royal Guards on their own if the situation calls for it.

Great Shadows (-5CP): Your city not only have some backers, but very powerful ones, Great Looming Shadows that answer to you, to the best interest of your city, being as strong as an Elite Operator of Rhodes Island, to a minimum of three shadows, to a maximum of ten. Each one having their own power base and tools at their disposal to help the city, and being as shad and discrete as possible too, like Phantoms.

Center of Power (Requires Capital, Royal Guards and at least Influential, -3): Your city is nothing to scoff at, being one of the powerhouses of your Nation, having a great deal of political power and influence in every other Nomadic City besides the Proper Capital, and even then, you can still influence then if needed. Your mobile City is recognized as one of the greatest symbols of your nation, having the backing of its rulers and leadership in any endeavor possible, or in resources in case of need, being able to even borrow the power of Nation’s Army if needed.

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