As a software developer in India, how can I reach the height of a salary package, like 40-50 LPA?

Nothing comes easy and for free in the life and so is 40–50 LPA. Now firstly the most important thing to remember is don’t run for chasing huge salary just because someone you know earns similarly. There is no guarantee that you will be content and happy even after achieving your salary goals. Also, don’t run after 40–50 LPA just because someone you know in abroad (US) earns the equivalent amount in Dollars because earning INR 50 LPA in US is not same as earning INR 50 LPA in India, you need to consider PPP (Purchasing Power Parity).

First, start loving the work you do, money will follow automatically. This way there are more chances that you will earn well as well as you will be content and happy. This said though, here are some points which may help you to get near 40–50 LPA in India as a Software Developer.

  1. Try to be unique – Remember there are millions of developers around you. So first ponder about how different are you from others. Always try to stand out from the crowd. Even small things may help you with this, like, coding with in-depth knowledge rather than just “Googling StackOverflow”, customizing your development environment, OS customization, customizing your code editor/IDE, adding extensions to IDE, automating repetitive tasks.
  2. Be Expert as well as Full-Stack – Try to be expert with 1 or 2 technologies but at the same time try to be a Full-Stack Developer. Here, expert means who knows inside out of that technology, so if you want to be expert in say Angular, then get understanding of it starting from how it’s compiler works. If you are a web developer, then get deep expertise with Node.Js or Angular or .Net or ReactJs or Java but at the same time have a good working knowledge of all the related technologies. For web development have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Backend language (Node.js/.Net/Java/Python…), Database, basic server knowledge (Apache, IIS, Node, Nginx), Deployment, Cloud (Azuer, AWS), Unit Testing, Automation.
  3. Learn skills with high demand – Try to learn skills which are high in demand but has fewer quality developers available. Some technologies that I could suggest you are – functional programming with JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, Python TensorFlow, TensorFlow.Js, WebGL, D3.Js, R, ML, AI, Data Science, Blockchain, Scala, Node.js, WebAssembly (WASM), ML.Net, MS Blazor. Pick any one or two and get deep expertise in it.
  4. Opensource Contribution – Contributing to opensource projects helps a lot in catching many eyeballs. Try to be part of any popular opensource project or at least start creating your own opensource projects on your public GitHub account.
  5. LinkedIn Profile (L.I.O.N.) – Believe me, LinkedIn can do wonders. Lot of people underestimate it. Start spending more time on LinkedIn than facebook. Try to maintain a good LinkedIn profile with good profile summary. Ask your colleagues or clients to write recommendations and to give endorsements. Try to connect to CEO, CTO, Directors, HR on LinkedIn. Keep posting articles/blogs related to your work profile on your LinkedIn as it will help your profile to appear on other people’s feed. The active LinkedIn profile helps a lot in getting the high paying job or high paying freelancing work or even work in abroad opportunities.
  6. Tech blogs at – Start writing technical blogs about the technologies you are expert in. This will help you get good exposure within the tech community worldwide. Many CTO, CEO, Directors, Startup owners look for such people.
  7. StackOverflow profile – Maintaining a good reputation will help you get very good exposure in the dev community. Many high paying companies hire from StackOverflow. Also, many freelancers tend to maintain a good reputation in StackOverflow as it helps them to get work easily and get paid higher.
  8. Be Curious – Try to always learn or at least be aware of new technologies/frameworks/languages. Different technologies/frameworks/languages solve the same problems in different ways. By learning several different approaches you can help broaden your thinking and ultimately be better at problem-solving. This will help you stand unique among the crowd of other developers. For ex. if you are expert in Angular, try to learn at least some basic of React/Vue or if you are expert in Java and Object Oriented Programming try to get a basic knowledge of JavaScript and Functional Programming. Try to read tech blogs, attend tech keynotes, seminars.

Earning 40–50 LPA is hard and needs lots of above average efforts. One needs to be curious, pragmatic, unique and hard working to earn 40–50 LPA.

I would also suggest you to read the book The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master it will help you to become better developer than most of the people.

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