Automate Morning Routine/Checklist using the Windows 7 Task Scheduler

Automate Morning Routine/Checklist using the Windows 7 Task Scheduler

This photo tutorial will show you how to have your checklist open up every morning automatically before you sit down.

Additional ways to automate your morning routine (including your music, weather report, etc) are on the last page of this doc.

1) Write out the routine you want to follow in a text document.  As an example, here’s mine:

I highly suggest making this checklist short – if you have to scroll to read it all, it’ll DRASTICALLY reduce it’s effectiveness.

2) Place this file in a folder that’s out of the way – I make a folder named Applications in My Documents for stuff like this.

3) Go to the Start button and type Task Scheduler.  If you don’t have Windows 7, you can find it by going to Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Task Scheduler (or it may be called Scheduled Tasks instead).

4) Now click on the Task Scheduler Library folder on the left-hand side, then Create Basic Task… on the right-hand side.

5) Now name the task – I’m naming mine Open Morning Ritual Checklist Daily.  Click Next.

6) Choose Daily.

7) Choose the time you want your checklist to open up.  I want my checklist open before I even sit down, so I’m going to make this 7am (I’m on my commute at this time).  Click Next.

8) Choose Start a Program.  Click Next.

9) Under Program/Script, click Browse… and find your checklist.  Click Next.

10) We’re almost done!  Now we need to make it nearly fail-proof (i.e. if your computer was on hibernate or something).   Check Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish, then click Finish.

11) Lotsa tabs.  We’re only going to need one.  Go to the Settings tab and check Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed.  This will cover you if you’re not logged on or your computer reset or something.  Click OK.

Now every morning at 7am, my morning checklist will open, reminding me to slow down and go through my routine!

Some other quick-fired ways to use Task Scheduler to make habits easier:

  • Want your Google Calendar to open & show your agenda that day?  Go to your calendar page in your browser and copy the URL.  Then in Step 9, choose Browse… to find your internet browser (chrome.exe, firefox.exe, etc) and paste the URL in the Arguments field.  Put the URL in quotes, i.e. “”

  • Want the weather in your area to pop up every morning?  Repeat the above.

  • Want your Winamp/iTunes program to pop up?  In Step 9, Browse for your Winamp/iTunes .exe file.

Enjoy a whole new level of automation!

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