Automaton are creations of scientists, tinkers, and magic that borderlines artificial intelligence. Most of them look human so they are more approachable. However some are made to be intimidating.

Ability Score Increase +2 to Strength +2 to Constitution, and -1 to Charisma, -1 to Wisdom 

Automaton Resistance Automaton have advantage on Constitution Saves, and are immune to poison

Alignment Automaton vary widely on alignment, due mostly to their creators.

Speed 25ft because of your gear and steam based movement.

Language You can speak 2 languages of your choice these are dependent on what your creator would have programed into you.

Natural Armor due to the fact you are made of metal and other hard materials you have a +1 bonus to AC.

Mechanical Life you take extra damage from lightning and acid equal do ? of dmg roll.

Created By Joshua Paugh

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