Current year is 1182

The planet Avalon is a generally peaceful society that is driven by heroes that aim to be the greatest by winning the Labyrinth, the competition that is held every quarter century and only has one winner. The last winner was Anchor, a war forged that received 1,000,000 gold and endless sponsorships. The world has running electricity, gas, and all the luxuries of modern comfort, at least in most places anyways. Cars are used, although horses are more popular. Each country has its own culture and history. Long ago, in a time that wasn’t fondly remembered, the people of Avalon were created and taken care of by the gods, then they all abruptly left without warning. Leaving all of the people to fight amongst themselves, war broke out and lasted for a milenia. During which, each country developed more clever and brutal ways to survive and kill one another. Finally, after an intervention through each of the battle hardened peace seeking heroes of each of the countries, the war was ended, and in its place, heroes were adopted. Heroes come in every shape and form and all try to work and make a living in a fast growing society. Hero work ranges from the mundane to the legendary, although qualifications are needed before being able to take on harder work. 

With this in place, I will make a note: if you want to make an orc, just let me know, and I’ll explain why during the creation process. Otherwise, we don’t have any other restrictions other than we run things out of the book, but if you find a homebrew that’s credible and balanced I will consider it. 

            The Maw: A generally temperate Greenland environment that has the most landmass in the world. The Maw takes advantage of its agricultural success, while also heavily moving towards industrial practices like their neighbors. The Maw is a democracy that prides itself in the freedom of choice. 

·      Hero companies: The Maw has multiple high end companies. 

o   Hammer & Co – established in 1000 after the wars, red armor, every hero hired by this company is required to pay a fee to work here, but they keep all the money they make. 

o   Watchmen – The watchmen hire lower level heroes to work at night, they tend to class with the guards when crime is committed, but they’re mostly pushovers

o   Crimson Guild – the Crimson guild is the largest hero company across the Maw and the world, they hold the highest number of heroes, but they’re also known for having the highest number of hero deaths and missing cases. Heroes who make money give 50% of their earnings to the guild, but they also receive higher level work, riskier work. 

            Hope City: Hope City is the capital of The Maw. With the growing demands of the city though, the president and main influence on the town, Keith Willowith cannot do everything to stop crime from happening. To counter act this, Keith established heavily armed police forces called the G.U.A.R.D. The Grand Unified Armed Response Division prides itself in fair and right responses, although not every GUARD is a clean cop. Most citizens in Hope City spend their freetime watching televised hero tournaments in the bars

            Rancor Port: Rancor Port used to house many cargo ship workers and the only people that live there long are the bartenders and the small city, although, most people don’t stay long. They get work from the cruise ships, cargo ships, and even some immigrate to other countries. 

            Evansted: A small mountain town full of mystery. Most of the people who live here are simple labor class workers that work in the forest industry. The shops in town supply general supplies. Although, certain shops sensationalize a local legend that has been spotted throughout the region, known as the lurker. The Lurker’s presence in the area has no exact answer, but some speculate him to be a protector of the wildlife, stopping any illegal environmental activity like poaching or deforestation.

            Bridge-end: Situated on the edge of Shy Lagoon, Bridge-end is a large growing city. Most of the people who live here are fishermen. Shy Lagoon is a popular tourist attraction, attracting many tourists from all over the world. Bridge-end is home to board walk parties, classy jazzy nights, and sea-food pier restaurants.

            Mey-Kong Island: A large island home to many dragonborn. Here the social elite live to perform the arts, master the blades, and learn how to live out their lives honorably. The island’s temperature ranges from hot humid and wet to cold and dry in the upper mountains. It is a rainforest with many thriving ecosystems. The current leader of Mey-Kong is Emperor Goru Haku. Mey-Kong Island holds a mysterious culture surrounding the forest and spirits.

            Gaza City: The capital of Mey-Kong, it is a metrocity, housing many of the social elite. Thousands of dragonborn unite around the capital to honor art, battle, and society. A majority of heroes that come out of here are the best of the best. The city runs like an 1800s Japanese society, not yet catching on to cars and industry. 

            Don’Che’: The mountain town of Don’Che’ is just as large as the capital. Many of the artists come here to live in exclusion. The view of Mey-Mountain’s mists falling down to the valley is enough to enlighten many.

            Famu Lang Village: a small farming town with a limited amount of foot traffic. Most people who arrive here end up living here for the peace and quiet. There also is a large pocket of human population thriving here. There is a monastery dedicated to the hero of the winner of the labyrinth here. Most people here are very kind and open to strangers, and willing to help those in need. This is also the location of a very discreetly kept secret family who knows the ins and outs of where the White Stag is.

            Falcon Port: The main port that connects Mey-Kong to the rest of the world. Dragonborn that live here work long and hard days, they often greet newer immigrants. Falcon port is home to the previous victor of the Labyrinth Cohe Desu. They have a shrine dedicated to him and his tragic death. A monastery has been built here as well, allowing people to take part in the tradition of visiting his home town. 

            Klawsted – Klawsted is a dessert with rocky terrain in the center that leads to hordes of dragons that find their home underground in ravenous lairs of dungeon like tunnels, and nice hot beachs with jungles and grass on the exterior. Klawsted is home to the world’s largest ecosystem of creatures, including dinosaurs and other deadly insects and flowers. It also has a large amount of medicinal herbs that help the rest of the pharmaceutical world. 

            Voult City – this city has an underground system of homes for the wealthy to escape the heat or hide away. This city is home to Voult City Medical University. The city has sky rises above, but due to the threat of dragon raids, most people pay high insurance for living above ground. Cars hustle and bustle about, and the ships often bring in hopeful heros from other lands, allowing the spillage of cultures and interactions. Certain shops dedicated to the Maw, Mey-Kong, or Angel Island like foods have been set up to replicate those dishes they love when they get to visit.

            Perth – Perth is an amusement park for those wanting to see and interact with dinosaurs. A little bit ago, the company was forced to tighten up safety guidelines, as a whole ship load of people was lost to the sea. For some reason a large number of ships cannot sail through the southern section to get to perth, but instead of to drive their goods by truck via Adeliede or Voult City. Perth’s fun dinosaur themed adventure park is great for kids, adults, and families alike. 

            Adeliede – This coastal city sees the most shipments from Angel Island. They receive fresh water fish by the ton to accommodate Perth and Voult’s strange requests. Adeliede has a lot of fishermen too. As a fishing town, most of the individuals here work all day on the sea, with little educational value at home. The employment rate is higher than any other area in the region, and Adeliedian elves live longer than most elves. Although, they also see a riskier work. Sharks the size of whales lurk out in the waters, ready to snatch them at any given moment, but with the job needing to be done, the elves keep working.

            Koantoa – this coastal city is another resort that the Maw has influenced. Koantoa is home to a large amount of entertainers and heroes. A lot singers and performers work and make good money here, displaying their talent. Artisan brewers and cooks also thrive in this location, displaying their ability to work with strange herbs and foods from within the island. Dinosaur is also farmed in this area, as well as the strange vegetable called Dewna, a water, sweet, but starchy cylindrical sphere like thing. People love the stuff and consume it by the pound. There is also a shrine dedicated to their Victor, Fauntelle Dell

            Angel Island – Angel Island is mostly populated by Dwarfs of every kind. Here, you’ll find the hardest working set of dwarfs. They work in the mines farther inland to provide the world with precious minerals and natural resources for the world to go on. Most of the people here act like they’re from the Midwest or southeast like Missouri or the Ozark Valley or New Orleans. They talk with a strange accent and consume alcohol and tabacco at a higher rate than the rest of the world. Dwarfs here also have a knack for finding and producing the largest amount of Red Cystal, a hallucinogenic drug that is crushed and inhaled. The drug industry has been booming, but heroes are sent here to shut that down.

            Missoula – the mountainous region of Missoula is swampy in the low lands, wet and damp in the highlands of the green lush forests, but all around wet. The deciduous trees are great for forestry, which a large majority of dwarfs do, but those who are inside the valley, mine when the work is available, as far too often is a mine shut down for flooding and gas leaks. The region also has an urban legion about a group of strange creatures called Wendigos. The unofficial capital of the country. This territory doesn’t have a set government, but lawbreakers of the killing, raping, and molesting kind are not taken too kindly. The unofficial leader of the country and region of Missoula resides in this city. His name is Durst Greathand, a stout dwarf who doesn’t tolerate disobedient outsiders and realizes how much the drug industry has polluted his country’s culture)

            Misty City – A semi-permanent fog has been set across the region, making it look like dusk in the day, and eery at night. The people here don’t complain, however, and they live off of gator jerkey and swamp fish to survive. They also grow medicinal herbs. There is also a strange set of aware fungus that grows here, little mushroom people help eat the bugs in the garden and just stay there, like little guard dogs. These tiny mushroom people have been adopted to be called Mushes. 

            Far Harbor – the farthest city from rest, Far Harbor is a fishing town with breweries and artisan’s alike. They work day in and day out to bring good food on the table and send it to other countries. They also have a shrine dedicated to their Labyrinth winner: Jaclyn Harvester. Her home is still in pristine condition, and there’s a story about how she died inside with a tour. 

            Dew Olens: This city is a gambling town with a large casino and resort on the coast. The most outside interaction occurs here with all kinds of heroes and races gambling and drinking the night away. They call this city, Sin City.

            Ko’Maw Island: Not much is known about this land, as not many visitors are allowed in, but those who do get to go never return the same. They always keep their mouths shut and avoid topic of discussion. People who say they have work from Ko’Maw and talk about it, are generally never seen again. (DM NOTES: all of this city is a super advanced city, with Orcs leading the boom in technology. They are the dungeon designers and experimenters. They test and put all kinds of heroes through the ring, with many of them dying. Their only goal is to make the heroes suffer as much as possible to harvest the highest amount of energy possible. The orcs want to open another rift in the plane of existence to communicate with the gods indefinitely, asking why they left. When the players go and ‘win’ the labyrinth, they’ll find out they’ve been killed by a coupe de grace, and the gods will feel bad for them, giving them a chance to return, and the gods with them. Additionally, the whole entirety of this island is a work driven place, and not many orcs care for one another. It’s results results results, not compassion.)

            Blade City – The capital of Ko’Maw, is the center for all wealth, culture, ideas, and fame. Orcs who are the most brilliant and genius get to reside here and make a living. The orcs of the outer edge work in the outside world to get results and do the dirty work for the smarter ones. The middle-class orcs are the industrial complex and do most of the infrastructure work around the country, making sure it runs well: food, garbage, electricity, ect. They handle that. The leader and Czar of the country is Franklin Howitzer, a younger leader and no mistakes kind of guy. He leads the country with an iron fist, wanting to prove to the world that Orcs are and will always be the superior race. No orc has ever left the island without permission, and no orc is a hero.

Note: This is considered meta knowledge and not for table talk to other players, just some lore if you would be interested in making an orc, just speak to me before hand. 

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