B/X Gatorfolk TXT Only

B/X Gatorfolk 

By Ethan J. LeFevre

Requirements: None

Prime Requisites: Str

Hit Dice: d6

Attack and Save as: Dwarf

Armor: Leather or Hide, including shields. 

Weapons: Axes, Clubs, Swords, Spears, Staves, and Any Gatorfolk-made weapons.

Semi-Aquatic: You must spend at least 5 hours per week in water to keep yourself from drying out. You have a swimming speed equal to your walking speed and can hold your breath a number of hours equal to your Lvl + Con mod (min 1). You can continue to hold your breath even while you use your bite attack. Additionally you receive no penalties for fighting in or underwater.

Swamply Hospitality: You can use your Strength to persuade or intimidate other Humanoids or Demi-humans, instead of Charisma. Additionally you can challenge other Humanoids or Demi-humans to a Wrasslin' Match to solve disagreements if they are willing. This Wrasslin' Match is carried out by a best 2 out of 3 Strength contest (no physical damage is done to either participant).

Carnivore: You can only eat meat. A number of times each day equal to your Lvl. You can eat some raw (freshly killed or live) meat to regain 1d4+ Con mod HP. Eating meat that has spoiled, or meat that is inherently vile or corrupt in some way will cause you to make a Save Vs. Death or begin vomiting for 1d8 minutes.

Deathly Jaws: You have a melee bite attack… Duh, you're a dang gator person. The damage dice are found in your Progression chart. At 5th Lvl your bite attacks are considered magical.

Ambush Predator: Starting at 2nd Lvl. You have a 2 in 6 chance to move silently in Water, Swamps, Caves, and Sewers. This chance increases by 1 in 6 at 4th, 6th and 8th Lvl. 

Teeth that Gnash: Starting at 4th Lvl, after you make an attack roll, you can make a free bite attack, do not add your Str Mod to the damage of the bonus attack.

Galleon: Starting at 9th Lvl, assuming you have the funds, you can captain a modestly sized Galleon and acquire a crew of 2d6+2 Gatorfolk of Lvl 1-3, at least 2 of which are capable of navigation and standard maintenance. [A different type of boat may be more appropriate for an industrial or post industrial setting. For example, In the spelljammer setting, this ship would be a spelljammer along with an appropriate spell casting crew member or two who are able to pilot it's helm.]

Progression Chart:

Lvl. Title/ Exp [Bite] Hd. 

  1. / 000 [1d6] 1d6 + Con

  2. / 2,500 [1d6] 2d6 + Con

  3. / 5,000 [1d8] 3d6 + Con 

  4. / 10,000 [1d8] 4d6 + Con

  5. / 20,000 [1d10] 5d6 + Con

  6. / 40,000 [1d10] 6d6 + Con

  7. / 80,000 [2d6] 7d6 + Con

  8. / 160,000 [2d6] 8d6 + Con

  9. / 300,000 [2d8] 9d6 + Con

  10. / 500,000 [2d8] 9d6 + 2

Multiclassing Restrictions: Gatorfolk do not have the patience to become traditional magic users, or Illusionists (or any class that requires the specific use of a book for keeping spells). 

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