B/X Plague Dr. TXT ONLY

Plague Dr. 

A class for B/X D&D 

By Ethan J. LeFevre

Requirements: None

Prime Requisites: Int

Hit Dice: 1d6 

Attack as: Thief

Save as: Thief

Languages: Common.

Armor: leather, Plague Doctors mask* 

Weapons: Gas Grenades*, Clubs, Crossbows, Daggers, Holy water, Incense burner*, Short Swords, Staves, Syringes*

Unique Items: Name/ GP Cost/ Special/ tags 

> Gas Grenade (100 Gp) Can be used to spread Contagions in an area, lasts 1d6+1 rounds. [Consumable] [Miasma] [Missile 10/11-20/21-30] [AoE 15 ft radius] 

> Incense Burner (300 Gp) Can be used to spread Contagions in an Aura. Lasts 1d4+1 hours or until sealed as an action. [Aura 10 ft radius] [Miasma] 

> Plague Dr. Mask (500 Gp) Only usable by a Plague Dr. -1 AC add +2 to all saves made against diseases. Immunity to air-born contagion (Miasma). 

> Syringe (200 Gp) Forgo damage to impose disadvantage on any save from poisons or Contagions inside. [Melee] [Missile 10/20/30] [Reload 1 Vile= 6 Uses]

*Items with the Miasma Tag spread contagions through the air, but can only use contagions with the Miasma tag.

Contagions: At 1st level select 2 from the list of Contagions to learn. You learn additional Contagions at levels 3, 6, 9, and 12. Contagions are contained in the form of Vials. You make a number of vials at the end of a rest as dictated by your Plague Dr. Lvl. A single Vial can be applied to any single weapon, 2 Short Swords, 4 Daggers, or 6 pieces of ammunition, as well as loaded into Syringes for 6 individual uses. A contagion will remain active after applied to a weapon for 10 minutes, however once a disease runs its course on a creature, you can't affect them again with that same disease unless it comes from a new vial. A creature that takes damage from a weapon coated in contagion, or enters/ starts it's turn in a miasma makes a save against Death – your Int mod, on a failure they suffer the effect of whatever contagion was contained in that vial. Applying a Vial to a weapon that already has an active contagion replaces that contagion with the new one. 

Curatives: Starting at 2nd level, after each rest you prepare a number of Antidotes to your contagions equal to your level + 1. These antidotes take the form of consumable capsule pills, but lose their effectiveness after 24 hours. An Antidote can be taken as a free action on the turn of whoever is holding it, or fed into someone else's mouth as an action. 

Inoculation: Starting at 3rd Lvl you can inoculate your allies (and yourself) to the diseases you use, giving them advantage against any contagions of your choice. At 7th and 13th levels you can make your allies (and yourself), immune to one of your contagions entirely. 

List of Contagions:

*Virulent Contagions have a chance to spread to creatures. A creature with a Virulent contagion forces each creature next to them to make a Save Vs. Death at the end of each of their turns, on a failure the contagion spreads. 

*Miasma Contagions can be spread through the air by items with the same tag. (They can still be used with other items as well)

> Bubonic Plague: Virulent. Miasma. Afflicted creatures takes 1d6 damage at the end of each of it's turns (+ 1d6 at Lvls 5 and 11), for 1d8 + Int mod (min 1) rounds. 

> False Fever: Afflicted creatures regain 1d4 Hit Points at the end of each of it's turns for 1d6 + Int mod (min 1) rounds. Increases to 1d6 hit points at 8th Lvl. 

> Leprosy: At the beginning of each day, afflicted creatures make a save vs. Death, on a failure they lose 1 Cha down to a minimum of 5. 

> Mana-Drains-Disease: Virulent. Afflicted creatures lose a random spell that they've prepared at the end of each of their turns for 1d4 + Int mod (min 1) rounds. Increases by 1d4 at 10th level

> Schizophrenic Fever: Miasma. Afflicted creatures choose their attack targets randomly for 1d6 + Int mod (min 1). Becomes Virulent at 8th Lvl

> The Shivers: Miasma. Afflicted creatures are Paralyzed until they succeed on their save against Paralysis. (Syringe only applies disadvantage on the first save)

> Wasting Sickness: Virulent. Afflicted creatures have disadvantage on saving throws, and can't regain Hp. Lasts 1d6 + Int mod (min 1). Gains the Miasma tag at 7th Lvl. 

> Yellow Fever: Virulent. Afflicted creatures have disadvantage on weapon attacks for 1d4+ Int mod (min 1) rounds. Increases to 1d6 at 7th Lvl, and 1d8 at 14th Lvl. 

> Vamposters Syndrome:  Afflicted creatures can see in darkness, but not so well in sunlight for a number of hours = to your Plague Dr. Lvl. Takes 2d6 rounds to take effect. Decreases to 1d6 at 11th Lvl.

Level Progression:

Lvl. Title/ Exp [Vials Per Day] Hit Dice

  1. Med-school Dropout/ 000 [1] 1d6+ Con

  2. Sickly Surgeons Assistant/ 3,500 [2] 2d6+ Con

  3. / 7,000 [2] 3d6+ Con

  4. / 14,000 [3] 4d6+ Con

  5. / 28,000 [3] 5d6+ Con

  6. / 56,000 [4] 6d6+ Con

  7. / 100,000 [4] 7d6+ Con

  8. / 200,000 [4] 8d6+ Con

  9. / 400,000 [5] 9d6+ Con

  10. / 600,000 [5] 9d6+ 1

  11. / 800,000 [5] 9d6+ 2

  12. / 1,000,000 [6] 9d6+ 3

  13. / 1,250,000 [6] 9d6+ 4

  14. / 1,500,000 [7] 9d6+ 5

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