B/X Shemiim TXT ONLY


A Race-Class for B/X D&D 

The Shemiim are a strange race of small shell dwelling slime humanoids. Shemiim are rare in general, but their short attention spans and affection for creatures commonly found in dungeons, makes them tend towards the adventurer lifestyle. Think, 1 part Jawa (Star Wars), 1 part Flubber, and 1 part Kender (Dragonlance), all wrapped up in a Hollow Knight sort of aesthetic. They are energetic, curious, chaotic, bashful, and genderless (reproducing asexually via mitosis), generally with a good or neutral disposition. Though manipulative and harmfully mischievous Shemiim aren't unheard of, downright evil or cruel Shemiim are nearly nonexistent. While unsettling, Shemiim are highly valued in adventuring parties for their soothing, even pacifying effect on creatures with similar anatomy. Often they will even employ Slimes, Puddings, Jellies, Oozes, or medium to large slugs, and snails with stimulation and food, the same way a normal human or Demi-human might employ retainers with gold, although they act more like mildly obedient pets, than mercenaries. 

Requirements: 9 Con

Prime Requisites: Charisma 

Hit Dice: D4

Attack as: Halfling 

Save as: Halfling 

Languages: Understands Common, can't speak, but can communicate telepathically up to 30 ft. 

Armor: Shell

Weapons: Clubs, Daggers, Staves, Slings, and Spears (all goblin or Halfling sized) 

Shell Dwellers: while you can't wear normal armor you can wear a shell. These shells are normally scavenged from lakes or beaches, but artisan crafted or magical shells are also quite popular for those who can afford them. You can choose from one of 5 Shell types when picking your armor. All shells gain a Dex bonus like normal armor. 

> Conch: AC 3 (17), +2 bonus vs. Spell and Breath Saves. 

> Cone: AC 3 (17), Natural Weapon, Headbut* – 1d4 + Str Mod piercing damage. Crits on 19’s and 20’s. 

> Cowrie: AC 4 (16), -2 AC bonus against missile attacks. 

> Nautilus: AC 2 (18), -10 Speed Penalty. 

> Spine: AC 4 (16), melee attackers take 1d4* piercing damage when they miss your AC by 5 or more. 

*Also improve with +1, +2, +3 variants. 

Small size: Same as Halfing. 

Acid Glands: Starting at 1st Lvl you can spit an acid missile up to 20 feet away, a number of times each day = 1 + your Shemiim Lvl. The damage it deals is determined by the Acid spit Die on your progression chart, + Dex mod. This acid can also be used to melt non-magical metals. Starting at 7th Lvl your acid spit has a 2 in 6 chance to melt non magical metal armor on hit, penalizing it's effective AC by one (max 3). 

Withdraw: As an action, you can squeeze up into your shell. While in your shell you gain a -4 AC bonus, and a +2 bonus to all saving throws, but cannot move, and can take no actions except for leaving your shell as a free action. When you sleep, generally you do so inside of your shell.

Amorphous Ally: Starting at 1st Lvl, Slimes, Oozes, jellies, and puddings won't attack you, and won't attack your allies on a 2 in 6 chance. Starting at 3rd Lvl, Slimes, Oozes, Jellies and Puddings, as well as slugs and snails up to size large won't attack you, or creatures you choose within 30 feet of you. Starting at 5th Lvl, you can employ these creatures as ally's, in a similar way that a normal human or demi-human can employ a retainer, doing so costs an amount of food, the cost of which = 10GP per Hit dice, per creature (Most acidic Slimes are totally happy with eating metal, but otherwise all Slimes prefer live food over pellets or supplements). Additionally each of these creatures you employ will need at least 1 hour of active stimulation or focused attention per day to remain in your service. The Max hit dice of an individual creature you can employ this way cannot exceed your level + 1. 

Slimatorium: When you reach 8th Lvl you can create an underground, or well secluded sanctuary for yourself and your allies, called a Slimatorium. You can also use this Slimatorium to experiment with Pudding Breeding, by taking tiny drops of powerful or rare Slimes, and inoculating them into weaker Slimes, new types of slime crossbreeds can be made. You can breed together any variety of Puddings, Slimes, Oozes, and Jellies, but not Slugs or Snails. This breeding process generally takes 2d6+2 days of daily inoculations. Work with your GM to determine an appropriate stat block for these individual ooze crossbreeds using features and abilities from each parent. 

Mitosis: Shemiim have no natural maximum life span, but every 80-120 years a Shemiim will experience Mitosis, and split off 1d4 -1 new baby Shemiim of about 1/4th your size. Shemiim do not look after their young for longer than it takes them to find a suitable shell (1d6-1 days), after which they are on their own. 

Level Progression

Lvl. Title /Exp [Acid Spit] HD

  1. /000 [1d4] 

  2. /2,600 [1d6]

  3. /5,200  [1d6]

  4. /12,000 [1d8]

  5. /24,000 [1d8]

  6. /44,000 [1d10]

  7. /80,000 [1d10]

  8. /140,000 [2d6]

  9. /280,000 [2d6]

  10. /400,000 [2d8]


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