Background packages

Background packages


Adventurer: Either Culture/Peoples, Culture/Ruralite, Culture/Urbanite, and any two skills.

Armsman: Weapons/Piercing, Weapons/Blunt and Improvised, Culture/Peoples, Tactics

Cartographer: Culture/Traveller, Navigation, Science, Vehicle/Any

Bandit: Combat/Any, Culture/Peoples, Stealth, Survival

Travelling doctor: Culture/Traveller, Science, Healer, Craftsmanship/Medical

Con Artist: Culture/Criminal, Culture/Peoples, Persuasion, Stealth

Deck Crew: Athletics, Combat/Blunt and Improvised, Culture/Urbanite, Gambling

Hermit: Culture/Peoples, Perception, Survival, Stealth

Noble: Combat/Piercing, Culture/Peoples, Leadership, Persuasion

Peasant: Culture/Peoples, Profession/Any, Steward, Survival

Politician: Culture/Peoples, Leadership, Persuasion, Steward

Priest: Culture/Religious, Leadership, Persuasion, Religion

Researcher: Culture/Peoples, Perception, Science, Craftsmanship/Scientific

Scholar: Culture/Peoples, History, Religion, Science

Security crew: Combat/Any, Culture/Urbanite or Ruralite, Security, Tactics

Soldier: Combat/Projectile, Combat/Piercing, Culture/Peoples, Tactics

Technician: Culture/Peoples, Security, any two Craftsmanship skills except Scientific

Caravaneer: Combat/Projectile, Culture/Peoples, Navigation, Vehicle/Any

Tribesman: Combat/Blunt and Improvied, Perception. Culture/Peoples, Survival

Urchin: Culture/Peoples, Culture/Criminal, Stealth, Survival

Worker: Culture/Peoples, Profession/Any, Vehicle/Any, any one skill

Entrepreneur: Culture/Peoples, Business managment, Persuasion, Profession/Any

Training packages


Adventuring Expert: Any six skills, at least four of which must be Expert class skills

Bounty hunter: Weapons/Any, Culture/Any, Medium Armour, Persuasion, Stealth, Survival, Tactics, Vehicle/Any

Criminal: Business management, Combat/Blunt and Improvised, Culture/Criminal, Gambling, Perception, Persuade, Security, Stealth

Explorer: Athletics, Combat/Any, Culture/Any, Navigation, Perception, Persuade, Craftsmanship/Any, Vehicle/Any

Pilot: Combat/Projectile, Culture/Urbanite or Ruralite, Medium Armour, Navigation, Craftsmanship/Carpentry, Survival, Vehicle/Any two

Student: Business management, Culture/Any, History, Diplomacy, Persuade, Science, Tech/Medical, Religion

Scientist: Language/Any, Culture/Any, Perception, Science, Craftsmanship/Scientific, Craftsmanship/Any, Vehicle/Any


Adventuring Heatshaper: Any two skills, at least one of which must be a Heatshaper class skill.

Academy Graduate: Combat/Heatshaping, Persuasion, Craftsmanship/Scientific, Science

Criminal mind: Culture/Criminal, Persuasion, Security, Stealth

Healer: Culture/Any, Perception, Craftsmanship/Medical, Healer

Military Heatshaper: Combat/Any, Combat/Heatshaping, Stealth, Tactics

Craftsman Heatshaper: Business management, Craftsmanship/Any, Steward, Persuasion

Rogue Heatshaper: Combat/Any, Culture/Any, Persuade, Stealth

Tribal Shaman: Artistry, Culture/Any, Persuade, Religion


Adventuring Warrior: Any four skills, at least two of which must be Warrior class skills.

Assassin: Athletics, Combat/Any, Culture/Criminal, Security, Stealth, Tactics

Infiltrator: Athletics, Culture/Any, Combat/Any, Stealth, Survival, Tactics

Enforcer: Business management, Combat/Any, Culture/Any, Persuasion, Security, Tactics

Elite soldier: Athletics, Combat/Any, Combat/Projectile, Leadership, Tactics, Vehicle/Animal riding

Mercenary: Business management, Combat/Any, Combat/Projectile, Culture/Any, Perception, Tactics

Elite Guard: Combat/Piercing, Combat/Blunt and Improvised, Culture/Urbanite or Ruralite, Heavy armour, Tactics, Healing

Templar: Combat/Any, Culture/Any, Perception, Religion, Stealth, Tactics

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