Bagbeast Master

Bagbeast Master

A Dungeon World Compendium Class by Gotrián Gábor

"Hello there! Welcome to the world of Bagbeasts! People call me the Bagbeast Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called Bagbeasts! For some people, Bagbeasts are pets. Others use them for fights. Myself… I study Bagbeasts as a profession … Your very own legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures awaits! Let's go!"

Compendium Class

Once you met a BagBeast Professor and you are given an Encyclopedia and Orbs of Summoning, you may consider this specialty an available compendium class. The next time you level up, you may add this specialty to your character instead of choosing a move from your class.

Writer of the Encyclopedia, on the back cover about Bagbeasts and the Orbs of Summoning:

Bagbeasts’ origins are shrouded in mystery. We can only catalogue them by rarity and elemental type. That’s why we Professors constructed the Orbs of Summoning, to study them closely and this is why this Encyclopedia is written. This is why we need young adventurers like you, to boldly go where no man has gone before!


If you choose the Bagbeast Master speciality you get +2 Load.


  • Encyclopedia: +1 to Spout Lore about Bagbeasts, wondrous, 1 weight

  •  6 Orbs of Summoning, uncommon, wondrous, 1 weight



I want to be the very best, like no one ever was


Completing your Encyclopedia is before anything else


  • _ is afraid of Bagbeasts, but they are more afraid of people

  • _ sees Bagbeasts as mere tools, but friendship is magic

  • _ says I care more about Bagbeasts than people, I will show they are worth it!

Starting moves:

Erm, what is his name again?

You have a rival interested in BagBeasts, who you know since childhood running into you from time to time. Give your rival a name.


You received six uncommon Orbs of Summoning (you can only have 6 Orbs minus Bagbeasts you have) and an Encyclopedia about Bagbeasts. When you Spout Lore about a Bagbeast, +1 for the roll. On a failed roll, you can still identify if it’s a Bagbeast or not.

Gotta bag ’em all!

When you are trying to capture a Bagbeast with an Orb, roll + Quality of the Orb - Quality of the Bagbeast

10+ you capture the Bagbeast and can summon it any time!

7-9 you capture the Bagbeast, but a complication arises

6- You get an XP, you lose one Orb, +1 forward on your next Gotta bag‘em all!

Quality of the Orb/Bagbeast: uncommon 0; rare +/-1; legendary +/-2

You can let go of a Bagbeast anytime, losing the Orb, but never capture it again.

I choose you!

You summon a captured Bagbeast to help you in a task it's capable of, but it must return to the Orb after the task is completed. If there was a complication when you captured it, deal with that first. If the distance between you and the Bagbeast reaches ’far’ or it’s hurt or exhausted the Orb summons it back. Depending on the Bagbeast’s quality, you get +1/2/3 forward on that move.

Advanced moves 1-5:


One of your caught BagBeast can stay out of the Orb with you and will follow you but you need to feed it, deal with their needs and complications if they have.


You can rehabilitate a captured Bagbeast, erasing the complication of it’s capture. GM will tell you what's needed for it.


You can add your Bagbeast’s quality to your damage roll. Your Bagbeast can attack another Bagbeast. For the outcome Roll + Bagbeasts’ quality difference +1 if you have type advantage -1 if you have an active complication.

On a 10+ I see that as an absolute win. +1 forward on your next Gotta bag‘em all! on your opponent.

On a 7-9 You win, +1 forward to Gotta bag 'em all!, but your Bagbeast is hurt.


You trained your Bagbeasts so you can give a task it’s capable of doing alone. If you do, Roll+Quality(-1 if you have an active complication).


You know how to help Bagbeasts. If you have the time, you can heal them, so you can summon them again. Wild Bagbeasts who you healed will be friendlier, easier to catch. If it was not you who hurt them +1 forward on your next Gotta bag ‘em all!


If you have the knowledge, time and materials (ask the GM what’s needed) you can make uncommon Orbs until you have 6 Orbs minus Bagbeasts.

Advanced moves 6-10:

Type Expert

You always recognise if you see a Bagbeast, it’s rarity and it’s type. If you caught a Bagbeast of that type before, +1 to Gotta bag ‘em all!


Requires: Companion

Your whole party can stay out of their Orbs and travel with you, but you need to feed them, deal with their needs and complications.


Requires: Tamer

Wild Bagbeasts will be friendlier, easier to catch. +1 forward on your next Gotta bag ‘em all! If a Bagbeast was caught with complications, the complication only happens the first time you release the Bagbeast.


Requires: Fighter

If your Bagbeast is higher quality and has type advantage, it’s an instant win.


Requires: Trainer

You can evolve a certain Bagbeast if the requirements are met. Ask the GM what's needed. If you give a task to an evolved Bagbeast to do a task alone, Roll+Quality+1


Requires: Exchanger

You can upgrade your Orbs if you have the knowledge, time and materials (ask the GM what’s needed), but can only have 2 rare Orbs at a time.

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