Choose a deck class 

Army 1/10/11/12/17/19/20/22/24/28/36/40/42/88/124

Dragon 4/9/14×2/26/29/30/31/32/37/39/47/64/73/100

Spirit 5/16/18/21/27/41×2/42/43/45/46/52/60/71×2

Mage 3/4/5/8/9/35/49/50/58/80/86/93/94/105/124

Gogga 109×5/120×3/8/18/79/2/4/40

Bird 2/4/73/89×3/95/119/90/73/81/69//100/28/13

If you dont have the cards cut out random pieces of paper write numbers on them and use demis google doc

As a party choose a location





Specific locations will have different cards approach you 

How it will work

You'll have a deck of 25 that you use as a normal deck you'll battle monsters when your cards are used the ones on the board stay on the board and the ones in the graveyard will stay in the graveyard until you sleep or use a items

You'll be able to choose 1 of 5 curses at the start if you wanna

Curse of drawing draw 2 extra cards but start with 3

Curse of gambling every turn roll a d 6 if 1/4 all paper cards get -100 but rocks get +100 if 2/5 rocks gets -100 but scissors get +100 if 3/6 scissors get -100 but paper gets +100

Curse of slots you'll get an extra slot but only start with 3 cards

Curse of decks you'll get 30 card slots but you start with 3 cards

Curse of power flip a coin on your turn for the turn if heads your opponent chooses one of your cards to get -500 if tails you chose one of your cards to get +600

You'll also be able to buy items and cards at shops for tokens cards you'll be able to swap out cards in your deck and items you will be able to use 1 item per game 

At the start of combat chose 1 party member to fight 1-3(4 if curse of slots) monsters thell have 3 random power cards dependent on your progress and how the master feels fit

Now the master can make their own land but these are the basic places you can land

Tokens items and sometimes cards will be dropped by monsters 

For your actions in places roll a d20 1 you fail horribly 20 you go beyond for your weapon hit effectiveness

When you run out of monsters you lose 1 life token and cant attack untill you long rest

In a friendly match you’ll 

You have 5 life tokens lose all you die

You can regain all by a long rest and 2 by a short rest

Every hit by a weapon = x weapon class

Weapons have 2 main things class and type type is like a axe sword pistol etc class is between 1-3

If you have a weapon you can attack 1000 under for class 1 1200 under for class 2 1400 for class 3 roll a d4 you miss 2 half the damage 3 ? of the damage and 4 all damage

Making your character

0.5 put in a level your token amount and your card reading

 Starting level your starter will be one unless the master says otherwise


 Starting token 5 +your reading


 Card reading

  Your card reading will determine your weapon reach and token add on

 Card reading choices 

 Spirit  reach +1 token +1

 Soldier  reach +2 token +2

 Gogga  reach -1 token +3 

 Animal  reach +2 token -1

 Human  reach +0 token +/-0


1 come up with a name and choose a pet (optional)


 Easy gogga




 Bear cub

2 choose 1 card ability

 You get 1 ability per level you can use 1 of these per in game day in a match

3 put in your clothing fear strength armour and weapon stats

 Clothing is more appearance strength and fear is a skill and fear in something this’ll effect the world more than battle but it can still happen (run these by the master  but for weapon stats class is basically the type sword axe mace etc this’ll effect rp but sometimes non monster battle and weight determines how many times you can attack light=2 hits mediam=flip a coin if heads 1 if tails 2 heavy=1 googleplex=once per 2 turns

4 describe your appearance

This is for just a role playing thing not necessary but fun your appearance will go for your card reading 


Co creators/inspiration eml.loux beef demi

Item list the master can also make your own

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