Beast Sorcerer

Beast Sorcerer

Feral Spirit (1st level) 

  • Your Hit Dice as a Sorcerer increase to D8.

  • Your unarmed attack becomes d6 slashing damage.

  • As a Beast Sorcerer, your ability to project your will manifests through your sheer ferocity. Strength is your spellcasting ability, rather than your Charisma. The spells that you cast as a Sorcerer do not benefit from your spellcasting bonus while equipped with a weapon, a shield, or while wearing armor.

  • Your Saving Throw proficiencies as a Sorcerer are Strength and Dexterity.

  • You gain the Primal Savagery Cantrip in addition to other cantrips that you know.

  • While learning spells as a Sorcerer, you can know a number of Druid Spells equal to your Strength Modifier, but not more than the number of spells that you can know as a Sorcerer.

Beastial Prowess (6th level)

  • Your unarmed attacks become Magical for the purpose of overcoming Magic Immunity.

  • While taking the Attack Action you gain an Extra Attack as long as it is an unarmed attack.

  • Your base Armor Class becomes 13 + Dex; this bonus is lost if you don armor.

  • Your movement speed increases by 10 feet.

  • You gain Proficiency in Athletics.

Untamed Ferocity (14th level)

  • Whenever you cast a spell that has a range of Self or Touch [and a casting time of 1 Action or Bonus Action], you may spend 2 Sorcery Points to make an unarmed strike [before or after the spell is cast] as a part of the same Action [or Bonus Action] against an enemy within range.

  • Whenever you cast Primal Savagery, you may choose which damage type you would like the spell to deal.

Beast Unleashed (18th level)

  • As a Bonus Action you grow in size, your fur stands on end, and your muscles ripple, charged with feral energy. If you take damage that would otherwise reduce your Hit Point Total to 0, you may instead activate this ability and be reduced to 1 Hit Point. You may spend 7 Sorcery Points to gain the following benefits for one minute: 

1) You grow one Size Larger. 

2) Your unarmed attack damage increases to d12 Slashing. 

3) You gain Temporary Hit Points equal to half of your Hit Point total. 

4) You regenerate a number of Temporary Hit Points equal to your Strength Modifier at the beginning of each of your turns, up to a maximum of half of your Hit Point total.

This form ends early if you become incapacitated, die, or dismiss it early with a bonus action.

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