Berion Conflicts Cards

Berion Conflicts

Basic Rules

  • Both Players have 12 Health, the objective is to have more health than your opponent or eliminate them within the 4 round limit.

  • Both Players have 12 Amplifiers, increasing total attack by +4 per Amplifier. Example-  4 * 5 Amp = 20 extra attack.

  • There are Factions in the game with specialties and play different roles in the game. Some may play against other factions worse or better.

    Games are a best of 3:

  • The First Game is drafted accordingly to the board. Coin flip decides whether a player plays first deployment or second deployment.

  • The Second Game is exactly the same except you are not able to use cards that were played in the first round.

  • The cards selected will be completely random, selected from the player's characters.

How to Draft 

  • The player Decides to Veto 2 Factions from the draft to reduce the pool of Characters to choose from.

  • Shuffle Draft deck, place 3 cards face up and let the player choose 1 of the 3. Discard the other 2. Repeat until done 8 times then collect all the discarded cards and repeat once. Do this for every player.

  • Build a deck with a minimum of 8 cards and a total rank limit of 27.


  • Each character has Ranks: This is their Rarity and Ranking in their clan. It is the Yellow number next to their name.

  • Each character has Power; This is the amount of Power Dice you roll for its attack.

  • Each character has Damage: This is the amount of Life the opponent loses when you win the fight.

  • Each character has an Attack: This is the total amount rolled from the Power Dice + Amplifier Amount.

  • Each character may use the Overcharge: Before combat is rolled, players may decide to use 3 amplifiers they are using for the combat to add 2 Damage instead of more attack, On top of any other Amplifiers they may have added.

  • Each character has Ability and Bonus: Ability is unique to the character and is always active, Faction Bonus is only active when another of the same faction is on your side.
    Example – 2 Saviour cards on your side of the board.


  • Both players select a character to play into combat. In the first round, the player with the most ranks in total on the board chooses their character first. The character they choose for the round can no longer be chosen for the rest of the match.

  • They must hide their amount of amplifiers they will be adding (somehow). This is also where they may declare to Overcharge.

  • The 2nd player then chooses their character and also reveals how many amplifiers they will be adding.


  • Win the round if you have more attack than the enemy's card.

  • In the case of Tie, the character with fewer stars always wins UNLESS one of them is a Commander. otherwise;

  • In the case of a Tie and the characters have equal ranks or both are Commanders, reroll combat.

  • First choice alternates between rounds.


  • A character's ability will always activate first, then the faction bonus. Unless the faction bonus is “Disable Ability”.

  • If a Character's ability is “disable bonus”, and the enemy faction bonus is “disabling ability”, neither ability will activate

  • Manipulation of Life and Amps will happen after a round is over, whether it be victory or defeat. Abilities that imply loss always affects the opponent UNLESS stated as a Strain effect.

  • Positive effects such as gaining life or amps happen on victories unless specifically stated as Victory or Defeat.

Quick Start Decks

  1. Saving Private Ryan 26 Rank, 8 Cards –
    War Beastz: Cinders 3, Kanga-Gatz 4, Boris 2, Raiden 3
    Guerillaz: Daisy 5, Humvee 3, Baldwin 4, Blood-Hound 2.

First Round Play: Choose all Guerillaz Cards.

  1. Athletic Beasts 27 Rank, 8 Cards –
    Madderoids: King 5, Melissa 2, Sandy 3, Drake 2.
    War Beastz: Cinders 3, Kanga-Gatz 4, Katrina 5, Raiden 3

First Round Play: 2 War Beastz, 2 Madderoids

  1. Villainy 27 Rank, 8 Cards –

ETHEREAL: Despair 5, Kane 3, All-Mind 4, Guillotine 3.

Guerillaz: Xion 3, Humvee 3, Baldwin 4, Blood-Hound 2.

First Round Play: Play 2 ETHEREAL and 2 Guerillaz.

All Cards in Order by Faction (*Card Art not mine)

**Patch 1 New Cards!**

They will most likely be default vetoed for new players, unless they wish to play them.

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