Best 3 Sports TV Anime Of 1993 Everyone Should Watch at Least Once

They’re the best Anime that 1993 has to offer! We counts down the best anime to come out this year, including the likes of Shippuu! Iron Leaguer, Dragon League, Aoki Densetsu Shoot!, and more!

3: Shippuu! Iron Leaguer

Japanese: 疾風! アイアンリーガー
MAL Score: 6.94
Type: TV
Episodes: 52


The Iron League: a place where teams of robots, under individual “owners”, play various sports and duke it out in tournaments. Mach Windy is a member of Dark Prince, a team that doesn’t play fair and fights dirty to win. Unsatisfied with the actions of his teammates, he defects against the will of Dark Prince’s nefarious owner and joins Silver Prince: the weakest team in the league. Alongside faithful companions such as Magnum Ace and Bull Armor, Mach Windy and Silver Prince will battle against Dark Prince in games of soccer and baseball, and aim for the top!

(Source: Animeplanet)


2: Dragon League

English: Dragon League
Japanese: ドラゴンリーグ
MAL Score: 7.00
Type: TV
Episodes: 39


Tokio and his father Amon go to the soccer country of Elevenia where they see a parade of the strongest soccer team of that country, the Winners. Amon challenges the team captain Leon to a soccer battle and, when Amon loses, Leon turns him into a miniature dragon. Tokio sees the fight and decides to challenge against Leon so that Amon can become human again.

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1: Aoki Densetsu Shoot!

English: Blue Legend Shoot!
Japanese: 蒼き伝説 シュート!
MAL Score: 7.40
Type: TV
Episodes: 58


Inspired by Yoshiharu Kubo’s phenomenal performance that led Kakegawa High School to a miraculous victory in a soccer tournament, Toshihiko Tanaka decides to enter the same school as his idol and join the soccer club, hoping to become as successful as Kubo.

Now a high school freshman, Tanaka is devastated as his expectations suddenly start falling apart. Kubo—the captain of the club—is absent due to illness. To make matters worse, the freshmen are not allowed to practice alongside the sophomores or become regulars on the team. The final nail in the coffin is the reluctance of Tanaka’s friends, Kenji Shiraishi and Kazuhiro Hiramatsu, to join him in the club. Although Tanaka and his friends were once known as a deadly soccer trio in their junior high school days, Kenji and Kazuhiro have both quit soccer for personal reasons.

When Tanaka starts to lose hope, an encounter with Kazumi Endo—a girl from his childhood—becomes the unexpected key to his freedom from despair. The disappointed Kazumi wants to see the trio reunite, so she takes matters into her own hands in her mischievous way. Thus, Tanaka’s high school soccer career prepares for the kickoff.


Did YOUR favorite anime make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Aoki Densetsu Shoot!
2. Dragon League
3. Shippuu! Iron Leaguer

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