Best 4 Sports TV Anime Of 1997 You Should Watch

They’re the best Anime that 1997 has to offer! We counts down the best anime to come out this year, including the likes of Midori no Makibao, Super Fishing Grander Musashi, Battle Athletess Daiundoukai (TV), and more!

4: Midori no Makibao

English: Green Makibao
Japanese: みどりのマキバオー
MAL Score: 6.54
Type: TV
Episodes: 61


Midori Makibao is a small white racehorse. Compared to other thoroughbred horses, he looks more like a donkey with wide nostrils; however, with his guts and speed as his weapon, Makibao wins in every big race.

In the beginning of his career, Makibao had a trouble making his debut as a racehorse, because of his appearance and various disadvantages he had. But Makibao had reasons to overcome his difficulties; there was a lifelong rival horse called Superhorse Cascade, that Makibao needed to defeat. Plus, he was determined to win back his mother, a horse that had been taken away for pay back the debt on the farm.

There are many hardships that Makibao has to overcome, but he thrives in the series of races to become a great racehorse.



3: Super Fishing Grander Musashi

Japanese: スーパーフィッシング グランダー武蔵
MAL Score: 6.86
Type: TV
Episodes: 25


Musashi lives with his father. His mother left them three years ago. Musashi believes she will come back to them. One day they move from Tokyo to a village in the countryside. Musashi hates living in the countryside and asks his father to take him back to Tokyo. He wonders if his mother will be able to find him in their new home.

Soon after moving to the countryside, Musashi happens to see a man fishing for bass with a decoy fish. Musashi is fascinated by lure fishing. He learns a lot from the man, and discovers that his mother’s father was a grand champion of bass fishing. Musashi feels that fishing could lead him to his missing mother. He shows a marvelous talent for lure fishing and takes trips to many places around the world in search of various incredible fish. Through fishing, Musashi comes to enjoy living amongst nature.

(Source: Official Site)


2: Battle Athletess Daiundoukai (TV)

English: Battle Athletes Victory
Japanese: バトルアスリーテス大運動会
MAL Score: 6.87
Type: TV
Episodes: 26


Akari Kanzaki has just joined an all-girls academy in hopes of entering the University Satellite, an elite sports training facility. She wants to win the title of Cosmo Beauty – a title held years ago by her mother. It’s not an easy task for her as fear, doubt and peer pressure get in her way, but friends, rivals and fans slowly encourage her to overcome her obstacles and become the best of the Battle Athletes.

(Source: ANN)


1: Ganbarist! Shun

Japanese: ガンバリスト! 駿
MAL Score: 7.20
Type: TV
Episodes: 30


First-year high school student Fujimaki Shun has a dream of becoming an olympic gold medalist as a gymnast. Having no previous training, Shun trusts his passion, boldly joins the gymnastics club, and sets out to pursue his goal.

Along the way, he meets his share of entertaining and supportive upper classmen, develops a romantic interest in his classmate, and learns about the happiness involved in devoting yourself to a sport.


Did YOUR favorite anime make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Ganbarist! Shun
2. Battle Athletess Daiundoukai (TV)
3. Super Fishing Grander Musashi
4. Midori no Makibao

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