Best 7 Fantasy TV Anime Of 1991 You Should Watch

They’re the best Anime that 1991 has to offer! We counts down the best anime to come out this year, including the likes of Parasol Henbei, Ningyohime Marina no Bouken, Pygmalio, and more!

7: Parasol Henbei

Japanese: パラソルヘンべえ
MAL Score: 6.07
Type: TV
Episodes: 200


All children dream to have a friend straight from a fairy tale… A little boy opens his closet and finds a strange creature with a parasol sitting in there. Nobody knows how he got there and from what mysterious worlds he is, but it is a fast friendship from the beginning. And nobody can ever know…

(Source: ANN)

6: Ningyohime Marina no Bouken

English: Saban’s Adventures of the Little Mermaid
Japanese: 人魚姫 マリーナの冒険
MAL Score: 6.24
Type: TV
Episodes: 26


Marina is a mermaid who is in love with Prince Justin, a human prince from a kingdom on the shore. Marina saves Justin when he almost drowns after a chase from a giant Cyclops and a shipwreck attack from a three-headed sea serpent. She then makes a deal with Hedwig the sea witch to become human temporarily to try to win Justin’s love. Justin and Marina become close but Justin thinks that Princess Cecily, a human princess, was the one who saved him from drowning and therefore he gets engaged to her. Justin eventually remembers that Marina was the one who saved his life but by then Marina becomes a mermaid again. The two continue to secretly meet and try to find a way to be together while dealing with Hedwig’s plans to take over the kingdom, and Cecily’s attempts to get Justin to marry her. Marina and Justin are aided by their underwater friends, Winnie the seahorse, Bobo the tropical fish, and Ridley the sea otter. They are also aided by the wizard Anselm and by Chauncey, Justin’s page.

(Source: Wikipedia)


5: Pygmalio

Japanese: ピグマリオ
MAL Score: 6.78
Type: TV
Episodes: 39


Coult, the prince of the kingdom of Loon, is living a happy life with his father King Stephan and many retainers. He is cheerful, bright, tender-hearted, and gifted by the god Aganade. Coult’s mother Galatea (the daughter of Aganade) married King Stephan. However, Medusa, the daughter of the evil spirit, was envious of her happiness and turned her into a statue together with many villagers when Coult was still a baby. In order to save the other villagers, Stephan pledged allegiance to Medusa, and was forced to promise to make Coult do the same on his 8th birthday.
When the day arrives, Coult declares that he will defeat Medusa and revive the people who were turned into statues. He sets out on a long journey to search for the daughter of the evil spirit.

(Source: Nippon Animation)

4: Dragon Quest: Yuusha Abel Densetsu

English: Dragon Warrior
Japanese: ドラゴンクエスト~勇者アベル伝説~
MAL Score: 6.82
Type: TV
Episodes: 43


Dragon Quest is loosely based on Dragon Quest III. The names and some of the characters are familar, but the world map is smaller and a very different shape. The two main characters are Abel and Tialah. Tialah receives the legendary Red Stone from the Aliahan Village sage Master Yogi. Soon after, Tialah is kidnapped by the evil Baramos who wants to use the Red Stone to resurrect The Great Dragon and be granted eternal life. Abel swore to rescue Tialah and he is given the Blue Stone, which can only seal the Dragon once it has been released.

(Source: AniDB)


3: NG Knight Ramune & 40

Japanese: NG騎士ラムネ&40
MAL Score: 6.88
Type: TV
Episodes: 38


Lamune is an ordinary 4th grade boy who loves playing video games. He buys one from a peddler girl and helps her sell the rest. At home, he plays the game called “King Sccasher” & beats it. The peddler girl then comes out of the TV screen and asks for his help, calling him “The Blood Relative of the Chosen Hero Lamuness”. She is Princess Milk and takes him to Hara-Hara World where his role is to revive the Guardian Knights. To do this, he had to find an unlock the shrine which held Tama-Q, a robot who became Lamuness’ Advisor Robot, and key to freeing the Guardian Knights. All of the Knights are free-thinking mechas except for King Sccasher which is piloted by Lamuness. Opposing Lamuness is Don Harumage and his minions Da Cider and Lesuka.

(Source: ANN)

2: Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (TV)

Japanese: ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険
MAL Score: 7.60
Type: TV
Episodes: 46


After the defeat of the demon lord Hadlar all of the monsters were unleashed from his evil will and moved to the island of Delmurin to live in peace. Dai is the only human living on the island. Having been raised by the kindly monster Brass, Dai’s dream is to grow up to be a hero. He gets to become one when Hadlar is resurrected and the previous hero, Avan, comes to train Dai to help in the battle. But Hadlar, announcing that he now works for an even more powerful demon lord, comes to kill Avan. To save his students Avan uses a Self-Sacrifice spell to attack, but is unable to defeat Hadlar. When it seems that Dai and Avan’s other student Pop are doomed a mark appears on Dai’s forehead and he suddenly gains super powers and is able to fend off Hadlar. The two students then go off on a journey to avenge Avan and bring peace back to the world.

(Source: ANN)


1: Tanoshii Muumin Ikka

Japanese: 楽しいムーミン一家
MAL Score: 8.16
Type: TV
Episodes: 78


Spring has finally arrived in Moomin Valley, giving way to another great adventure for Moomintroll and the rest of its inhabitants. With Snufkin coming home from his winter migration, the locals of the valley finally begin to rise from their hibernation. Finding a mysterious hat, the Moomins cannot bring themselves to throw it away due to its fine quality, instead hoping to eventually find its owner.

While playing games with his friends, Moomin tries to hide in the silk hat. When his friends come looking for him, they are shocked to discover that Moomin has transformed into a hideous creature. Examining himself in the mirror, he is disgusted to find himself completely unrecognizable.

Transforming back to normal after scaring his friends and family, Moomin and Snufkin decide to toss the hat in the river. As it drifts away, they begin to wonder who the hat belonged to and whether its owner will return for their lost possession.


Did YOUR favorite anime make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Tanoshii Muumin Ikka
2. Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (TV)
3. NG Knight Ramune & 40
4. Dragon Quest: Yuusha Abel Densetsu
5. Pygmalio
6. Ningyohime Marina no Bouken
7. Parasol Henbei

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