Best 7 OVA Anime Made By M.S.C

They are by far the best anime! We counts down the best anime to come out all the time, including the likes of I’ll/CKBC, Code:Realize – Sousei no Himegimi – Set a Thief to Catch a Thief, Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama OVA vs. Genius 10, and more!

7: I’ll/CKBC

English: I’ll/CKBC
Japanese: I’ll/CKBC
MAL Score: 6.26
Type: OVA
Episodes: 2


Two boys, Tachibana and Hiiragi were once brutal rivals in the game of basketball. Hiiragi soon transfers into Tachibana’s school and basketball team. They begin as team-mates, but with Hiiragi’s family pushing him to play on a better team. Tachibana and Hiiragi must now play against each other.

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6: Code:Realize – Sousei no Himegimi – Set a Thief to Catch a Thief

English: Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ OVA, Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Chapter 13: Set a thief to catch a thief
Japanese: Code:Realize ~創世の姫君~
MAL Score: 6.74
Type: OVA
Episodes: 1


It has been a month since London was struck with tragedy, and a ceremony symbolizing peace and restoration will soon be held. In light of these events, Arsène Lupin plans to throw a party for Cardia Beckford to honor the fulfillment of her wish. Lupin sets out on a search for the perfect gift to offer her; however, he finds himself caught up in the theft of a valuable jewel, and he is framed and believed to be the culprit. With Lupin locked behind bars, his friends work along with Cardia and an unexpected ally to clear Lupin’s name and find the real perpetrators behind the heist.

5: Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama OVA vs. Genius 10

English: The Prince of Tennis II OVA vs Genius10
Japanese: 新テニスの王子様 OVA vs Genius10
MAL Score: 7.62
Type: OVA
Episodes: 10


After a month abroad, the Foreign Expedition Team has returned to the Japan U-17 training camp. The group consists of 20 players, each with strength and technique that far surpasses those who occupy the camp’s top court. In anticipation of the team’s arrival, the coaches announce that 20 of the best players would be selected for further training. Tension begins to rise when only high school students are chosen to participate, but the middle school students challenge the players who possess the 11th to 20th positions to steal their places.

With the delayed appearance of the “Genius 10,” the middle school students begin scheming among themselves to claim those spots as well. Unlikely pairings start to work together, combining their efforts to defeat the top 10 players of the country. It is a battle of wits, deception, and skill—all for the privilege of representing Japan at the U-17 World Cup.


4: Tennis no Ouji-sama: Another Story – Kako to Mirai no Message

Japanese: テニスの王子様 OVA ANOTHER STORY ~過去と未来のメッセージ
MAL Score: 7.65
Type: OVA
Episodes: 4


Naniwa no Ouji-sama: Zenpen (The Prince of Naniwa: First Act)
Following Nationals, the Seishun Academy Boys’ Tennis Team are invited to Osaka by Shitenhouji Middle School to play practice games against each other. However, the two teams end up fooling around more than playing tennis with a surprise encounter from Higa Middle School’s tennis team, who have been left stranded in Osaka by their coach. When asked about the reason for accepting the invitation, Seishun’s captain, Kunimitsu Tezuka, hints that there is an ulterior motive behind the meeting of the two schools.

Fuun Shounen Atobe (Turbulence: The Young Atobe)
On the first day of school at Hyoutei Academy, the freshman class representative, Keigo Atobe, declares himself “King” of the school and donates his family’s wealth to fund new facilities. Setting his sights on the school’s tennis club, he plans to make himself the captain after overthrowing its current hierarchy by defeating all of the team’s regulars. Atobe’s arrogant personality rubs Ryou Shishido and Gakuto Mukahi the wrong way and the two decide to challenge him, refusing to accept him as the team’s new leader. But the two quickly learn that the kid who is all talk also happens to have the skills to back it up.

Naniwa no Ouji-sama: Kouhen (The Prince of Naniwa: Second Act)
Tezuka places the second years, Kaoru Kaidou and Takeshi Momoshiro, in charge of creating a lineup for the Shitenhouji practice matches. Struggling to pick worthy club members, Kaidou and Momoshiro begin to lash out against their fellow teammates. After being told to cool off, the two begin to search for the meaning behind Tezuka asking them to take on such an important responsibility.

Rikkai Retsuden: Ouja ni Idomu Hangyakuji (The Trials of Rikkai: A Rebel Who Challenges an Emperor)
In his first year at Rikkai University-Affiliated Middle School, Akaya Kirihara boldly proclaims that he will join the tennis team that won last year’s national tournament and become Japan’s #1 tennis player. When he single-handedly defeats the team’s third years, he mistakenly believes that the group is weaker than they were reported to be. Kirihara soon learns that the reason Rikkai won last year’s national championship was due to the “Big Three” and quickly finds himself losing without them breaking a sweat. Angered and humiliated by his loss, he begins to train hard by himself in order to challenge them again.


3: Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai-hen

English: Prince of Tennis: National Championship Chapter
Japanese: テニスの王子様 Original Video Animation 全国大会編
MAL Score: 7.92
Type: OVA
Episodes: 13


Freshman tennis prodigy Ryouma Echizen and the Seishun Academy Boys’ Tennis Team have finally reached the National Tournament, eager to fight for the championship title and claim it as their own.

Seishun’s first match is against Higa Middle School, the Okinawa-based team labeled as the “dark horse” of the tournament. After watching Higa defeat their first round of opponents using dirty tactics, the Seishun team is determined to show them the value of a fair, hard-earned victory.

Awaiting the winners of the matchup in the quarterfinals is one of Seishun’s old rivals: Hyoutei Academy, who are determined to restore their pride after the events at the Kanto Regionals. Hyoutei seeks to prove to everyone that they deserve to be at the Nationals despite only qualifying through a special invitation.

Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai-hen covers the beginning of the long-awaited National Tournament as Ryouma and the Seishun team meet foes of past and present, each with their own unique ideals on how tennis should be played!


2: Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai-hen – Semifinal

Japanese: テニスの王子様 全国大会篇 Semifinal
MAL Score: 7.92
Type: OVA
Episodes: 6


The National Tournament continues for Ryouma Echizen and the Seishun Academy Boys’ Tennis Team as they face off against last year’s semifinalist, Shitenhouji Middle School. As winners of the Kansai Regionals, Shitenhouji is one of the top contenders to win this year’s tournament. What’s more, each member of the Shitenhouji team has skills that are said to surpass their Seishun counterparts. Shitenhouji also has Kintarou Tooyama, another “super rookie” who rivals Ryouma in strength and technique. Seishun will have to push the limits of their abilities to stand a chance at defeating the Kansai champions in this East versus West matchup.


1: Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai-hen – Final

Japanese: テニスの王子様 Original Video Animation 全国大会編 Final
MAL Score: 7.99
Type: OVA
Episodes: 7


After their victory over Shitenhouji Middle School in the semifinals, Ryouma Echizen and the Seishun Academy Boys Tennis Team must now face off against the two-time defending champions of Rikkai University-Affiliated Middle School in order to claim the national title. Rikkai is not only seeking revenge for its team’s previous loss to Seishun at the Kanto Regional Tournament, but they also are aiming to win the national title for a third consecutive year.

In the conclusion of Tennis no Ouji-sama, the titular “Prince of Tennis” is pitted against the “Child of God” in a head-to-head battle for the national championship title. Along the way, Ryouma must teach his opponents and teammates that there is more to tennis than winning.


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1. Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai-hen – Final
2. Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai-hen
3. Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai-hen – Semifinal
4. Tennis no Ouji-sama: Another Story – Kako to Mirai no Message
5. Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama OVA vs. Genius 10
6. Code:Realize – Sousei no Himegimi – Set a Thief to Catch a Thief
7. I’ll/CKBC

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