Betrayal at House on the Hill Traitor Powers

Seven Deadly Sins

Traitors motivational power

The following powers are used to tip power in favor of the traitor. Powers should only be used if the traitor is at a severe disadvantage when compared to the heroes. Should only be used in a 5+ player game. Use these after the “Right Now” sections of the Survival and Haunt books have been read. The traitor only selects one of these powers to use. 

  1. Lust: The traitor offers any of the heroes a chance to defect to the traitor’s side. If the hero refuses the traitor gets to roll an additional dice when making an attack on that hero. (May only be propose to a maximum of two heros, the defected hero doesn’t receive a traitor power).

  2. Gluttony: When the traitor draws any cards from the Item deck, they may reveal the top four cards and select one to add to their hand. The rest are removed from the game. 

  3. Greed: When this power is selected the heros immediately discard an item card. When the traitor draws a card from the item deck they may instead draw two cards, or take any two item cards from the discard pile.

  4. Sloth: The traitor may pass his turns to allow the monsters to take an additional turn. If the traitor is killed, the monsters will always take an additional turn. (Treat this turn as a brand new monster turn, re-roll for movement)

  5. Wrath: The traitor can deal himself/herself one die physical damage to deal an adjacent hero two dice of physical damage. If the traitor is killed, the traitor is placed back on the board as a ghost. They can not use any other action other than following actions. Place yourself on any hero on the board. Deal an adjacent hero one die of mental damage +1.

  6. Envy: When this power is selected the traitor may take an two items of his choosing from any hero. Search the item deck, discard pile, or in-front of any hero for the “Pickpoket’s Gloves”. The traitor permanently gains control of this card. the “Pickpoket’s Gloves” can not be discarded, traded, or dropped. (“Pickpoket’s Gloves” are only usable once per turn).

  7. Pride: Whenever hero takes any physical or mental damage (except from combat), the traitor chooses to either gain one of those traits respectively, or deal an extra die of damage to the same trait. 

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