Beyond the Egress: Gameplay and Mechanics,


Transform: L1

Weave Blink: L2

Weave Cast/Heal: R1

Dash: R2

Light Attack: Square

Heavy Attack: Triangle

Interact/Consume: Circle

Jump/Grapple: Cross

Move/Spring/Duck: Left Thumb

Look Around: Right Thumb

Up Arrow: Perform Weaver Reap

Side Arrows: Change Weaver Reap

Down Arrow: Taunt/Begin Duel

Options: Map

Share: Inventory


Thanks to her arachnid appearance, Araneth is an exceptional traveller and explorer, able to not only move forth with blinding speed but also cling to walls, hauling herself skywards when need be. Her sprint allows her to quicken her pace, and the Silk Brace furthers her mobility by allowing a double jump to occur. 

However, there are limitations: Certain walls are too slick for her to scale without her true form, and some enemies or traps can slow her down. Some can even disable her Silk Brace. 

Health and Gossamer

Araneth’s health is measured in a bar, which has 100 hit points at the start. Most enemies deal 25 damage, but some can deal 50 or even 75 hit points. Araneth’s health can be refilled in three ways

  • By using Gossamer in order to fill 25 health

  • By Consuming an enemy for 50 health

  • Or by resting at a Falcer Shrine, which fully heals her.

Araneth has a secondary bar, represented in as a web next to the Health, which represents Gossamer. Gossamer is filled by either damaging an enemy, Consuming them, or by using a Spinneret Altar to instantly refill her Gossamer. Gossamer acts as a mana supply, and is separated into fourths: Each time Araneth heals or uses a Weaver Cast, she uses a fourth of the web. 

Araneth can also absorb Carapace Fragments, which increase her max health, and Broken Spinnerets, which increase her max Gossamer. She must collect four Fragments and four Spinnerets in order to increase both bars by 25 (Effectively allowing for one more heal or spell). There are four completed Carapaces and Spinnerets in the game. 

When Araneth dies, she leaves behind a Silken Mannequin, as well as any Shards and Gossamer . This Mannequin copies her moveset and has her exact health, although it is somewhat slower and is unable to jump as high (Also can’t use combos). When the Mannequin is defeated, Araneth’s Gossamer is filled back to its original value, and her Shards are given back. 

Equipment and Upgrades

Throughout the world of the Egress, there are various objects and abilities that Araneth can find and use in order to make her journeys somewhat easier. First, there are the platforming tools and abilities found throughout the Egress


  • Deadman’s Map

    • Map found at the entrance to the Egress. Has some starter locations, but can be added to.

  • Silk Brace

    • A tool attached to Araneth’s forearm, which allows her to double-jump by throwing out a wire made of her silk. Can be angled, depending on whether you jumped forward or not. If the double-jump is used while next to a highlighted lever or machinery, Araneth will pull said machine downward. 

  • Fang Key

    • A sword capable of opening the numerous Zealot Seals found throughout the Egress. Is also capable of unlocking certain armored enemies’s weak points, and allowing machinery to operate again.

  • Memory Cage

    • Cage which holds a long lost memory, stolen from Araneth. Allows her to revert into her true form, which increases her range and attack, allows her to wall-climb, break down heavy walls, but disables her double-jump, ability to interact with the surrounding world the same, and removes her dodge’s I-frames.

  • Heart of Ire

    • Allows Araneth to bypass flames and swim in lava. Does not stop explosive damage.

  • Tarsal-Etched Eye

    • Allows Araneth to warp towards a cobweb, regardless of whether they’re through a door. Also gives her dash I-frames. 

  • Zealous Remembrance

    • Places down a marker which can be viewed anywhere on the map. Araneth can then teleport to this marker whenever. 

  • Cardinal Seal

    • Allows Araneth to travel along the Cardinal Path


Second, are the Weave Casts that Arenath is capable of performing. These take up 25% of Araneth’s total Gossamer bar, and can be upgraded. They are also useful for puzzles, but are mostly used in damaging opponents.

  • Weaver Shot

    • Fires an arrow drawn from a bow made of pure silk. Deals damage from a long distance, although it has a slight drop off  with time. (Done from neutral Cast)

  • Weaver Pierce

    • Launches forward with a lance made of silk. Pierces through all enemies hit and deals a large amount of damage. (Done from a dash Cast)

  • Weaver Puncture

    • Forms multiple spears of silk to form above Araneth and thrust outwards (Done by Up Cast).

–    Weaver Dispel

  • Dispels a burst of pure silk all around her. If done from the air, sends Araneth hurtling downward. (Done from a Down Cast)


Upgrades can be placed on each Cast: They don’t increase the cost, but do create extra effects. Only one can be equipped at a time.

  • Shot Upgrade

    • Volley: Causes two extra arrows to be fired quickly after the first. They deal less damage, but go farther.

    • Draw-Back: Allows Araneth to draw the bow back, drastically increasing the range and damage of the shot. At max charge allows it to pierce

    • Burst: The arrows fired have less range, but upon hit, explodes in silk, pulling in nearby enemies and damaging them.

  • Pierce Upgrade

    • Spiral: Causes the lance to spiral, dealing more damage and causing a multi-hit.

    • Charge: Increases the distance that Araneth lunges forward, as well as the overall length of the lance.

    • Venom: Causes any enemies hit by the lance to suffer from damage over time.

  • Puncture Upgrade

    • Bristle: Increases the amount of spears formed

    • Pike: Increases the range of the spears

    • Halberd: Causes the spears to swing inward, dealing an extra hit of damage.

  • Dispel Upgrade

    • Bastion: Creates a shield that negates damage during the Cast

    • Fury: Causes Araneth’s attacks to hit harder and faster for a few seconds

    • Siphon: Gives Araneth some health for every enemy hit.


Enemies, when killed, drop Shards and Onyx, which are treated like upgrade points. Upgrades can be bought with Shards, and Weaver Effigy can also be upgraded with them.Onyx is treated like actual currency, and can be used to purchase talismans. 

Weaver Effigy

Weaver Effigies are powerful attacks that can only be done when the Gossamer bar is completely filled, and will use the entire bar to use. They, unlike Casts, can be switched, and once used, they cannot be used again for a short while, even if the Gossamer bar is filled all the way.

  • Effigy of the Ballad

    • Araneth dances between four nearby enemies, dealing massive damage and gains I-frames. If there is only one enemy, then all four hits will be directed at that enemy.

  • Effigy of the Damned

    • Araneth causes massive spears to form above three enemies, before dropping them on their heads. If there is one enemy, then all three spears will be dropped on them.

  • Effigy of the Chained

    • Araneth creates chains of silk to stop all nearby enemies. They are unable to move in any capacity for five second.

  • Effigy of the Lost

    • Araneth grows enraged briefly, increasing her damage and speed massively, and prevents Gossamer from being used for one Cast

  • Effigy of the Soothed

    • Araneth heals back all damage done, and prevents damage from one attack.

  • Effigy of the Bonded

    • Araneth focuses, before releasing her silk in a massive explosion, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. 


Talismans are unique, powerful artifacts found throughout the Egress, either created by the Arachne before, or created by the Zealots of now. There are usually two found per area, although some are bought with shards. 


Certain doors and areas are locked, and require keys to open them. Once a key is used, it cannot be used again (The Fang Key is the one exception to this). 


Araneth, despite her missing memory, is an exceptional combatant, able to use her claws, as well as various tools in her surroundings, to slaughter enemies before her.

Basic Combos

  • Light Chain

    • Araneth swipes with her right arm horizontally, then follows up with an upward diagonal swipe. The third attack is a thrust, which is slightly slower but deals the same damage as both her former attacks in the form of a two hit. 

  • Heavy Chain

    • Araneth raises both her arms over her head and swipes forward, crossing her arms over her chest and leaving them behind her body. The next heavy is a slow, two arm thrust.

  • Up Light

    • Araneth performs a small leap, slicing twice directly above her.

  • Up Heavy

    • Araneth performs a jab directly upward, which also pulls enemies downward. 

  • Light-Heavy

    • After any light, not including the last one, Araneth will perform a rising uppercut that lifts her and lighter enemies into the air.

  • Heavy-Light

    • After the first heavy, Araneth performs a forward-moving, mult-hitting twirl forward. Can be followed up by the start up heavy.

  • Aerial Light

    • Araneth performs the first two attacks of her chain repeatedly in mid-air, stalling her somewhat. This allows her to perform two chains before falling.

  • Aerial Heavy

    • Araneth performs a slow, extremely hard-hitting swipe that knocks back aerial opponents.

  • Aerial Down Attack

    • Araneth shoots a web downwards and comes crashing down, taking any enemies hit with her.

  • Down Light

    • A simple, two-swipe combo done when Arenth is crouching

  • Down Heavy

    • A slower twirl done with arms extended, which, after the multi-hit, allows Ararenth to gracefully rise back up. 

True Form

After Araneth has found and destroyed the Memory Cage, she will gain access once more to her True Form, also known as the Arachnid. In this state, she resembles a massive, armored spider, complete with noticeable chelicerae dripping with an unknown venom. In this state, Araneth has decreased speed, and her dodge no longer has I-frameson dodge. However, she has increased defense, deals increased damage, can consume low health enemies, and clamber up all surfaces, even the ceiling. 

Araneth has access to all her Effigies and Casts, which deal more damage but also use more Gossamer. Her light chains are replaced with an infinite chain using her forelimbs, and her heavy attacks are powerful bite that deal damage over time. Unlike Araneth’s Guardian Form, she cannot go below 25 percent health: Instead, she will simply be knocked out of it and cannot go back into True Form for a full minute. 


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