BF Progression Guide 2021

Brave Frontier

Progression Guide 2021



Chapter 7: Progress in Brave Frontier

  • Content Progression

  • Ladder Progression

  • Miscellaneous Progression

Chapter 8: Key Pointers

  • Infinite Energy

  • Summoning Efficiency

  • Level-up Efficiency

  • Important Habits to Have

  • Approach Towards Units/Spheres/Elgifs

Chapter 9: Monthly Events

  • Special Events

  • Omni Arcanum

  • Vortex Arena

  • Frontier Hunter

  • Frontier Spire (Part 1)

Chapter 10: Pre-Mid Game Progress

  • Quintan Emerald

  • Introduction to RC7

  • RC7 Farming

  • Battles of Brave Frontier 2 (Part 1)

  • Free Units from Seasons Past

  • Frontier Rift: Breaching the Nebula

  • XE Prologue

  • Merit Point Farming

  • Summoner’s Chapter

Chapter 11: The Mid Game

  • Frontier Rift

  • Frontier Spire (Part 2)

  • Grand Quest (Part 1)

Chapter 12: Colosseum

  • Brief Introduction

  • Rewards

  • Preparation

  • Class Choice

  • Efficiency of Colosseum Tickets

Chapter 13: The Late Game

  • Battles of Brave Frontier 2 (Part 2)

  • RC7 Upgrades (Part 1)

  • The Uprising

  • Frontier Spire (Part 3)

  • Grand Quest (Part 2)

  • Dichroma

  • RC7 Upgrades (Part 2)

  • Final Words

Annex 1: More Efficiency Tips

  • Summoning Efficiency (Part 2)

Annex 2: Secret Strats

  • ???

  • ???


Welcome to the Brave Frontier Beginner’s Guide 2020! This guide is part 2 of a 2-part series.

Part 1

BF Beginner’s Guide 2020

Part 2

BF Progression Guide 2020

By now, you should roughly be familiar with the game and have made the following progress:

Quest Progression: At least Ishgria Chapter reached.

Units obtained:

  • Kurewa & Kuraginn

  • Mifune

  • Illucen & Illumina

Spheres obtained:

  • Vulcan Axe

  • Glacies Staff

  • Vorpal Chainblades

  • Eremorn Aegis

  • Ka-rzn's Excruciation ×1-3

  • War Demon’s Blade (WDB) ×3-5

  • All-Seeing Eyes (ASE)

  • Melord’s Core (MC) (take your time)


  • Unit Capacity: 300

  • Item Capacity: 300

  • Friend Capacity: 100

We are now ready to ask the big question: What does it mean to progress in Brave Frontier?

Chapter 7: Progress in Brave Frontier

Intuitively, we can make progress by getting stronger units/spheres/elgifs and then using them to earn even better spheres, elgifs, and sometimes units.

There are three main types of progression:

  • Content Progression

  • Ladder Progression

  • Miscellaneous Progression

Content Progression

Content progression refers to missions that are cleared once (or up to a small number of times). After clearing them, we take the reward and move on to more difficult missions.

The following is a list of outdated contents that we will be mostly ignoring:

  • Trial Zones and Strategy Zones

  • Traveler's Saga (including Grand Gaia Chronicles)

  • Seasons Past (Before 2019)

  • Frontier Gate

  • Most Grand Quests

The following is the list of relevant contents that we will be going through in this guide:

  • Seasons Past (2019-2021)

  • Frontier Rifts

  • Vortex Trials

  • Grand Quests (GQ X4-7)

Our goal is to clear these relevant contents and obtain their respective rewards.

Ladder Progression

Ladder progression refers to areas of the game where there are certain ranks (or something similar) to climb over an extended period of time. These areas include:

  • Player Level

  • Arena

  • Colosseum

  • Hunter Rank

  • Number of cleared Mission Records

  • Amount of accumulated Merit Points

Reaching significant milestones in each of these 6 aspects of the game will award you with a certain sphere known as a Tengi sphere. Collecting all 6 Tengi spheres will award you with a sphere called Divine Master Key which can then be upgraded to Divine Master Gate.

Colosseum and Amount of accumulated Merit Points will be our primary focus since those are the most difficult AND the most rewarding.

Our goal is to collect all 6 Tengi spheres and obtain Divine Master Gate eventually.

Miscellaneous Progression

Miscellaneous progression refers to the farming of materials to craft certain spheres or the accumulation of certain currencies to be exchanged for great units, spheres, and/or elgifs. These include:

  • Raid Battle

  • Vortex Arena

  • Omni Arcanum

  • Brave Insignia

  • Guild Relics

  • Exalted Tokens

  • Guild Tokens

In this guide, we will be going over how and where to farm for these materials/currencies and how to spend them efficiently.

Look out for the words in bold and blue. These are the key units/spheres/elgifs that we will be obtaining throughout our journey.

Chapter 8: Key Pointers

The progression routes and techniques used in this guide revolve around making the most out of our resources so that we can have the easiest time making progress. (Time is a resource too.)

Infinite Energy

The energy refund feature in the game can be exploited for infinite amounts of energy. The full details of the exploit are explained in Annex 2. Most players will be able to pull it off and gain access to infinite energy, thus gaining an extreme advantage in several aspects of the game.

Depending on whether you can pull it off, there may be some differences in the points ahead.

Summoning Efficiency

In the early phase of the game, I recommend saving as many Gems and Summon Tickets as possible. There are many easily obtainable free units (mentioned later in the guide) which are strong enough to clear a significant portion of the game.

Meanwhile, work towards obtaining a good understanding of the game mechanics and the current meta. This will allow you to understand what sort of units you need.

The Elemental Featured Summon is the only summon gate worth summoning from (using Gems and/or Summon Tickets) and features a different unit every week based on a rotation. Save up for the units you plan to get. However, do not focus too much on the featured unit since the majority of units in the rest of the pool are good too.

Level-up Efficiency

Whenever you level up, your energy, Arena orbs, and Raid orbs will be refreshed. Over 998 level ups, this adds up to an enormous amount that can massively boost our progress in terms of Colosseum, and subsequently Accumulation of Merit Points. Our goal is to utilise as much of these resources as possible.

Ensure that all energy, Arena orbs and Raid orbs are depleted before every level up. If you have access to infinite energy, feel free to level up without needing to deplete your energy.

Taking a step further, you can choose to level up only during ×4 ABP/CBP events to maximise the efficiency of your Arena orbs and Colosseum tickets.

Important Habits to Have

The following are important habits to keep which will make our progress smoother, faster, and more efficient:

  • Basic Resources: Maintain a healthy amount of essential resources at all times, by farming regularly. Never be short on essential resources such as:

    • Zel (200,000,000 minimum)

    • Karma (100,000,000 minimum)

    • Merit Points (50,000 minimum)

  • Raising Units: Never leave your relevant units unraised before moving on to contents. (You do not need to Omni+ Boost them.) Always max out your relevant units in terms of:

    • Sphere slot

    • SP

    • Imps

  • Unit/Item Capacities: Never underestimate the convenience of having a good amount of space. A healthy amount of space will allow you to do more efficient progress with fewer interruptions. Maintain the following at all times:

    • 150 spare unit slots

    • 25 spare item slots

  • Late Game Materials: Do not spend the following materials recklessly. Stock up on them as much as possible for late game use. These include:

    • Elemental Shards

    • Elementum Tomes

    • Geminus Tomes

    • Golems

    • Distilled Ethers

    • Mystery Frogs

  • Housekeeping: In order to have an easier time keeping track of your units, follow these tips:

    • Do not put too many units in your party. Limit yourself to just 2-3 squads at any one time.

      • 1 squad for the current content you are doing. Dismantle the squad when you are done.

      • 1-2 squads for farming

    • When viewing your units, make sure to:

      • Sort by element

      • Filter out enhancing, evolution, and sale units

      • Filter out 4? units and below

    • Use up the enhancing units, sell excess evolution units (except Metal Mimics), and sell all sale units

I cannot stress enough on how important these habits are. If you have any trouble with farming/obtaining any of those resources, you may refer to the Summoner's Handbook and the Squad Building Guide for further guidance.

Approach Towards Units/Spheres/Elgifs

When obtaining new units, spheres, or elgifs, do not assign units to certain spheres or elgifs.

Chapter 9: Monthly Events

Monthly events contribute a lot to our miscellaneous progression by giving us useful currencies and materials.

Special Events

Special events may refer to any limited time events that come. They are usually located in the Vortex Gate. Since they are usually time limited, they are very high in priority. This may be in the form of a dungeon to clear, a dungeon to farm for a certain currency, or both. Keep up to date with the news to stay informed.

If you are unsure, you may contact me personally at Gorochu#2605. I write summaries for every event on Discord and I will be more than willing to share them.

As of May 2021, there are no longer special events. They are replaced by the Brave Bazaar.

Omni Arcanum

Omni Arcanum (OA) opens monthly for a week in the Vortex Gate. OA Tokens may be farmed from the OA dungeon and can be exchanged for fusion/enhancement materials and Omni+ Boost materials. The OA dungeon is also a good source for Zel, Karma, and Exp.

Only 31,500 OA tokens are needed to buy all the Elementum Tomes, Elemental Shards, Amber Butterflies. OA is a very strong source of Exp so do not overdo it when ×4 ABP CBP events are not active.

Relevant links:

Vortex Arena

The Vortex Arena (VA) is a variation of the Arena. It opens as a season monthly and lasts for 5 days. There are 6 types of VA depending on the elemental restriction:

  • Inferno Showdown

  • Nautical Showdown

  • Terrestrial Showdown

  • Electrical Showdown

  • Luminous Showdown

  • Tenebrous Showdown

Aim to get to the Idolized Rank (15,000 VABP) each season. For maximum VABP gain, refresh for the best opponents for each battle according to the following:

  • The higher the VABP of the opponent, the more VABP you gain when you win.

  • Opponents cannot be two ranks higher.

  • VABP gained caps at 200 VABP per battle (achieved when the opponent is at least 2,000 more points than you).

At the end of the VA Season, you should have obtained at least 15,000 VA tokens which can be exchanged for various items in the Event Bazaar.

Relevant links:

Frontier Hunter

Each Frontier Hunter (FH) season opens once monthly and lasts for 5 days. It is one of the 6 types of ladder progression mentioned in Chapter 7. There are 4 missions in increasing levels of difficulty (although all of them are extremely easy to beat):

  • Entrance

  • Middle

  • End

  • Terminus

You earn Esteem Points from each mission which depends primarily on damage dealt. Upon reaching certain Esteem Points thresholds for each mission, you will receive some rewards such as:

  • Entrance

    • Divine Gem (material for WDB)

    • Angelic Foil (safe to sell)

    • Sacred Jewel (safe to sell)

  • Middle

    • Miroku Pearl (safe to sell)

    • Malice Jewel (safe to sell)

    • Hero Stone (safe to sell)

  • End

    • Divine Spear (safe to sell)

    • Buffer Jewel (safe to sell)

    • Cosmic Dust (safe to sell)

  • Terminus

    • Sol Creator (safe to sell)

    • Phoenix Orb (material for Beiorg’s Armor (BA))

    • Occult Treasure (material for BA)

More importantly, these Esteem Points will be converted into Frontier Service. The conversion rate depends on the mission.

The task is to compete with other players to accumulate as much Frontier Service as possible by the end of the season. At the end of the season, you will gain a certain amount of Hunter Ranks (HRs) based on how high you ranked for that season.

Do your best to obtain as many HRs as possible each season to climb the Hunter Rank (HR) ladder. When starting out, you should be placing in the top 5000 each season. As you progress, aim for top 500 and subsequently top 100. 

Relevant links:

Frontier Spire (Part 1)

Frontier Spire opens monthly for three weeks. It contains 100 (+6) floors divided into 21 sectors with increasing levels of difficulty. Each sector has a lot of useful clear rewards such as Omni+ Boost materials, DBB materials, Gems, and even Summon Tickets. These rewards refresh every month (except Mark of Spire).

Since they are cleared just once per month for the rewards, they can also be seen as a type of content progression.


Brief Description




These sectors are trivial.




The difficulty of these sectors are comparable to that of the mid game.



The difficulty of these sectors are comparable to that of the late game. Do not attempt these sectors until you are ready.

For now, clear at least the first 13 Sectors and attempt Sectors 14-19. Leave Final Sector and Unknown Sector for later.

Relevant links: Frontier Spire (Wiki page)

Chapter 10: Pre-Mid Game Progress

Quintan Emerald

By day 23 of login, you would already have obtained the following spheres from the new player login campaign:

  • Adaptation Jewel (Day 8)

  • Prized Mercy (Day 18)

  • Prized Light (Day 23)

  • Perseverance Jewel (Day 23)

You may buy Existence Jewel from the Exchange Hall for 22,000 merit points and craft Quintan Emerald using these 5 spheres.

If you are low on merit points, you may skip crafting Quintan Emerald.

Introduction to RC7

Clear the 6 Orebi Recon missions in RC6 and promote to RC7. Then, clear the mono-elemental RC7 missions. Seek help if necessary.

Earn Orebi Shards from the mono-elemental RC7 missions and use them to buy the following one-time purchase units/materials:

  • Memory of Orebus

  • Geodes

  • Materials for the following spheres:

    • Czorag's Malice

    • Réparatrice

    • Tarok's Bloodlust

    • Vrána's Calling

    • Hakuzo's Deceit

    • Katerin's Torment

Geodes are powerful starter units that help to cover the key buffs in a squad. They will be very helpful for the mid game contents.

Relevant links:

RC7 Farming

The mono-elemental RC7 missions not only give us Orebi Shards, but they also drop materials to upgrade our RC6 spheres.

WDB ×3-5 -> Hachiman Song (HS) ×3-5

BA ×1-2 -> Beiorg’s Armor MK V ×1-2

ASE -> Providence

MC -> Seventy-Two Forms (STF)

Work on these upgrades gradually while you progress through the next few contents. It will take some time to farm them so be patient.

Do not attempt Dichroma on your own for now.

Relevant links:

Battles of Brave Frontier 2 (Part 1)

Battles of Brave Frontier 2 are dungeons which can be found in the Vortex Trials in the Vortex Gate.

Clear the normal modes of the following dungeons to obtain their respective rewards.

The Savage Lion: Opal Goddess Tilith

The Curse Master: Emerald Summoner Lugina

The Warmonger: Sapphire Summoner Karl

The Illusionist: Portent of Nogreth

Do not attempt the hard mode versions yet.

Free Units from Seasons Past

The following dungeons can be found in the Seasons Past 2019-2021 in the Vortex Gate. Clear certain missions inside these dungeons to obtain their respective unit rewards. Please refer to the wiki for more information on these dungeons.

Candy Crash – Theodor

The Fiend Zone – Renatus

Realm of the Gods – Deimos

Brave Summer 2020 – Faelan

House of Valen – Gortius

Red Moon Rising – Leopold

Wings of Destiny – Harakhte

Survivor Games – Saya

Memories in Azure – Berserk Ezra

Dreams of Frost – Glaes

Dreams of Dawn – Ni’en

Fiendish Fancies – Nabris

The Light of Life – Angahl

Full Metal Hare – Buck

Frontier Rift: Breaching the Nebula

Breaching the Nebula (BtN) is the second Frontier Rift in the list and is relatively easy compared to the other missions that we will see soon, but you will need to Omni+ Boost your units to at least Omni+1.

Since the battle does not require any specific units, I recommend Omni+ Boosting your units which you know you will omni+ boost in the future anyway. As long as you bring a strong light nuker friend, you will be able to clear all 10 floors.

Clearing certain floors will earn you the following one-time rewards:

  • Floor 3: Berserker Zelion (7?)

  • Floor 9: Godsblood (Zelion’s evolution material)

Basically, you get access to a Demon Ulfhednar Zelion (Omni) by clearing floor 9.

Completing a run will also earn you some merit points (per clear) depending on how many floors you cleared:

  • 3 floors: 400 Merit Points

  • 6 floors: 800 Merit Points

  • 9 floors: 1200 Merit Points

  • 10 floors: 2000 Merit Points

XE Prologue

The Duo of Virtue dungeon in the XE Prologue is an excellent way to spend any excess energy you have. (Vortex Gate => Traveler's Saga => XE Prologue => Duo of Virtue)

lots of merit points:

  • 1000 Merit Points at Lv. 1

  • 1632 Merit Points at Max Lv.

The XE Prologue will complement BtN as one of the primary sources of Merit Points. Ensure that your energy never fills to full again by spending every bit of excess energy on the XE Prologue.

Merit Point Farming

With BtN and XE Prologue, the Merit Point grinding has officially begun. Apart from special events, place utmost priority in farming for Merit Points because the journey to 10 million accumulated Merit Points to obtain Ragnarok Edict is going to be a long one. Never miss a Frontier Orb or energy ever by using them (on BtN and XE Prologue) to farm for merit points.

The following is a list of the major Merit Point sources in decreasing order of priority:

  • Breaching the Nebula (112,000 per week)

  • XE Prologue (1000 – 1632 per 140 en)

  • Daily/Weekend Challenges (30,000 per week)

  • Zel Trades farmed from MJP (16,000 per week)

  • Unit Trades (6,288 per max level Omni unit)

Make sure you complete the higher priority ones before going down the list.

If you have access to infinite energy, ignore BtN farming and go all out on XE Prologue farming.

Guild Relics

You can get Guild Relics by buying them directly using Orebi Shards (7,000 per month).

You can also buy Guild Tokens (7,000 per month) using Orebi Shards. The Guild Tokens can be used to buy 10 Premium Prism Mystery Chests per month (from the Guild Exchange Hall). They contain at least 1,000 Guild Relics each.

In total, you can get at least 17,000 Guild Relics per month, excluding special events. Save up your Guild Relics and buy Ravea as soon as possible. She is a very useful unit that is key in many squads that you will be building in the future.

Relevant links:

Summoner's Chapter

By now you will have reached the Summoner's Chapter. It is a bit different from what you have been used to. There are many differences like gaining Summoner Training Points (STP) instead of Honor Points. You may explore the rest of the Summoner's Chapter on your own since most of it is not very important.

The main goal is to reach Summoner Level 300 where you will receive an Ortus (claim it from the Mission Records). You may do this by farming a lot of STP and spending them on the Summoner Training Lab: Experience Training.

STP farming does not require any energy so you can just move on to the mid game while still farming STP. More information about how to farm STP effectively can be found in Annex 2.

Chapter 11: The Mid Game

This is where things start to ramp up in terms of difficulty. Here are two pieces of advice to bear in mind:

  • Take your time with the contents and do not rush it. Sometimes you just need more experience first before tackling the more difficult missions.

  • Make the necessary preparations. This may be reading up the Wiki guides beforehand, having your units maxed out, and/or ensuring that you have obtained the required spheres/elgifs for a given mission.

As usual, you may refer to the Squad Building Guide (Part 2) for further guidance.

Frontier Rift

There are 9 Frontier Rifts:

  • Raug Phantasm

  • Breaching the Nebula

  • Forgotten Magic

  • Joy to Ashes

  • Athensphere’s Revenge

  • Heaven’s End

  • Essence of Time

  • Void Mirage

  • Drowning Darkness

Raug Phantasm and Breaching the Nebula are very easy. Most of the floors can be cleared in 1-2 turns. Use these missions to gain experience.

Forgotten Magic, Joy to Ashes, Athensphere's Revenge, and Heaven's End are slightly more difficult. However, the free units and spheres that you have obtained by now should be more than enough to clear these Frontier Rifts with the help of the guides from the Wiki.

Essence of Time, Void Mirage, and Drowning Darkness are a step up in difficulty. They feature new (gimmicky) mechanics such Turn-Skip and Doom which will catch you off guard if you aren't prepared. These Frontier Rifts are also more rewarding. Upon clearing them, you will receive Aurelia, Andaria, and Saerenthis respectively.

By the time you have cleared all the Frontier Rifts, you would have obtained at least 57,150 Rift Tokens which are more than enough to buy the following units:

  • Ultor

  • Zedus

  • Elaina

  • Grandt

and the following spheres:

  • Vesper Argentum

  • Uln'gha

  • Prosklystios

  • Wrath of Grandt

  • Orphira

Note that Aurelia and Ultor are bond partners. Their DBB is very useful.

Frontier Spire (Part 2)

By now, you should be very comfortable in clearing Sectors 14-19. They may require specific actions to be done but are relatively doable otherwise.

Grand Quest (Part 1)

Next comes a bit of the Grand Quests which some players enjoy due to the story. The following two Grand Quests are roughly as difficult as the later Frontier Rifts.

Upon 100% completion of Everlasting Embrace (GQ:X4), you will receive Alraune, a mediocre unit. You will also be able to farm for some materials to craft Corrupted Blossom EX. Due to Alraune’s mediocrity, you may skip going for the 100% completion.

Upon 100% completion of Fates of the Fallen (GQ:X5), you will receive the materials to craft Qormusta Tengri. This sphere is somewhat mediocre for the rest of the journey so you may skip this Grand Quest to save time.

Chapter 12: Colosseum

Brief Introduction

Colosseum is a fairer (and hence harder) version of the Arena where the opponents have full access to their Extra Skills and SBBs. On top of that, both players get a chance to attack first and the winner is decided on who did better overall.


Luckily, the rewards of climbing the Colosseum rewards ladder is just as rewarding, if not more rewarding than it is difficult. Here is a summary of the rewards:

  • Several key spheres such as:

    • Sage's Mercy

    • Omniscient Blaster

    • Reverence Crystal

    • Insidious Lash

    • Annihilator Blade

    • Heaven-Binder

  • Plenty of RC6 crafting materials

  • Plenty of fusion materials including:

    • Frogs

    • Elgifs & Emgifs

    • Crystals

  • Lots of Merit Points

  • Unlocking access to Loop Stage

Loop Stage is a repeating stage past Stage 100 that contains even more fusion materials and more importantly, Merit Points. Unlocking the Loop Stage will grant you an additional source of Merit Points which will accelerate your progress towards Ragnarok Edict.


By now, you would have obtained enough units/spheres/elgifs to start doing Colosseum seriously. You might also want to obtain the following units/spheres/elgifs in addition to what you have:

  • Sakura Medal (Guild Relic)

  • Koto's Honor (Vortex Arena)

  • Perpetual Darkness (Frontier Gate)

It is also time to use our saved up Omni+ Boost materials and Mystery Frogs to build a Colosseum squad. This is where Omni+ Boost and typing really matters a lot so feel free to use these resources to optimise your Colosseum squad.

You may refer to the Squad Building Guide (Part 2) for some advice on how to build a squad for the Colosseum.

Class Choice

Choosing to focus on the right class is just as important as building a good squad itself. There are two main things to consider when trying to earn as much CBP as possible:

  • Amount of CBP boost from the LS

  • Consistency of perfect victories

Getting a consecutive perfect victory streak will drastically boost your CBP gain. The consistency of perfect victories are affected by:

  • Your unit pool

  • The leader

Both factors will heavily influence the best class option for you. Note that the consistency of perfect victories will make up for a slightly lower CBP boost from the LS. For players who have Chryssa, I highly recommend focusing on Conqueror Class.

Efficiency of Colosseum Tickets

Levelling up is a very significant source of Arena orbs (and hence Colosseum Tickets) as mentioned earlier in the guide. Hopefully, you have been keeping your level as low as possible so that you can really make full use of the following strategy.

Whenever the ×4 ABP CBP event comes, farm for a lot of Exp so that you use your refreshed Colosseum tickets from levelling up at a ×4 effectiveness each time. Taking into account the hundreds of level ups we get, the extra CBP we gain from this strategy adds up to a huge amount.

The journey to unlock Loop Stage and farming it for Merit Points may be a long one. Be patient and consistent, and you will get there eventually. Meanwhile, you can move onto the late game and potentially obtain even more spheres/elgifs to improve your Colosseum Squad.

Chapter 13: The Late Game

Welcome to the late game! This is where our journey becomes even more interesting. The journey is far from over. The missions ahead may be difficult, but we have access to more materials than ever before.

By now, you should have a decent collection of units (either free units or free summons) and a solid collection of spheres and elgifs to complement those units. Also, you should have stocked up a lot of Omni+ Boost and DBB materials as we will need to use DBBs, Omni+ Boosts, and maybe Elemental Paradigm.

As usual, you may refer to the Squad Building Guide (Part 3) for more information.

Do note that the contents in this chapter are not exactly in order.

Battles of Brave Frontier 2 (Part 2)

Clear the hard modes of the following dungeons to obtain their respective rewards.

The Savage Lion: Materials for Iridescent Hope

The Curse Master: Materials for Grand Cloak

The Warmonger: Materials for Lad Mirazh

The Illusionist: Omen of Nogreth

Chilling Beauties: Materials for Sister's Fury

The Silver Knight: Materials for The Silver Blade

The Scorching Blade: Materials for Sun Cuore's Will

The Fighting Nun: Materials for Iron Justice

The Righteous Sheriff: Materials for Sheriff's Bell

RC7 Upgrades (Part 1)

Upon clearing those dungeons, you will also receive Exalted Tokens where you can in turn exchange for Whispering Shards to upgrade your RC7 spheres.

HS ×3-5 -> Victory Chant (VC) ×3-5

BA MK V ×1-2 -> Thrilling Harmony (TH) ×1-2

Providence -> Lament of Dread (LoD)

STF -> Formless Chroma (FC)

Relevant links:

Brave Insignia

You can also use the Exalted Tokens to buy 150 Brave Insignias per month. Save up 200 Brave Insignias and buy Arumat. He is a very useful support unit with a very strong LS.

Relevant links:

The Uprising

The Uprising dungeons can be found in the Vortex Trials in the Vortex Gate. Clear the following set of dungeons to obtain their respective rewards.

Burden of Aesys: Materials for Miracle of Khons

Amduat: Materials for Cunei of Athum

Traversing Eternity: Materials of Paradox of Neith

These dungeons are also more efficient than the Battles of BF2 dungeons in terms of farming for Exalted Tokens.

Frontier Spire (Part 3)

In the Final Sector, you will face either Phantom Wraith, Phantom Spectre, or Phantom Shadow, depending on the season. These are weaker versions of the Dichroma bosses. However, they are still fairly challenging.

The good news is that these missions are not element restricted which allows you to bring certain key units from other elements to further boost your squad.

Clearing the Final Sector will reward you with one of the following elgifs depending on the season:

  • Hydrothermal Mark EX

  • Heavenquake Mark EX

  • Monochromic Mark EX

Unknown Sector features stronger versions of some bosses whom you have probably seen previously. Bringing DBBs is almost a must since they will be your primary source of damage output. Clearing the Sector Unknown will reward you with a Mark of Spire, along with a Summon Ticket and 5 Gems.

Grand Quest (Part 2)

The following Grand Quests are pretty difficult and will often encourage the use of mono-elemental squads (although not always mandatory).

Echoing Void rewards you with the following spheres upon clearing the hard modes of the following episodes:

  • Episode 3: Arcane Bulwark

  • Episode 6: Lost Innocence

  • Episode 9: Unyielding Spirit

  • Episode 12: Seabound Vow

Liminal End rewards you with one of the following upon clearing Episode 12 hard mode:

  • Materials for Freedom

  • Materials for Serenity


Dichroma is arguably one of the most difficult missions in the game if you were to do it alone. However, it is fairly doable when cleared as a team of 4.

There are 3 different missions for the 3 pairs of elements and they rotate every weekend:

  • Dichroma Chaos (Light/Dark squads)

  • Dichroma Mayhem (Fire/Water squads)

  • Dichroma Havoc (Earth/Thunder squads)

You get a lot of Exalted Tokens for clearing it and there are useful materials to be harvested from the tiles such as RC7 materials, and Distilled Ethers.

You may refer to Kai's Guide for Dichroma for tips on Dichroma techniques and squad building.

RC7 Upgrades (Part 2)

After some time, you will be able to farm a lot of Exalted Tokens and thus will be able to obtain some Noel's Experiments. You may use it to upgrade your RC7 spheres once again.

VC -> Victory Roar (VR)

Final Words

After beating the late game contents, the journey is still far from over. Continue climbing up the Colosseum Stage and Frontier Hunter ladders because there are plenty of important rewards to obtain along the way.

Do not stop until you reach Divine Master Gate.

There are also competitive events such as Frontier Hunter where you can continuously make improvements and become better.

Annex 1: More Efficiency Tips

Summoning Efficiency

In order to get the best value out of your Gems and Summon Tickets, make collaboration units your highest priority when choosing which summon gate to summon from. This is because collaboration units have been among the strongest and most useful units in the game with extremely long lifespans.

Prioritising the collaboration units means the following:

  • summoning as little as possible outside collaboration events

  • using the saved up Gems and Summon Tickets for the collaboration units

New units from other summon gates (along with their base pool) are also part of the summon gates featuring the collaboration units. By summoning only during collaboration events, you are also summoning the entire pool from other gates which is much more efficient.

Summoning Efficiency (Part 2): Summoning correctly

How do we know what featured units exactly to look out for before summoning?

We want to get units which:

  • Boost our progress drastically.

  • Are unique i.e. not easily replaceable.

  • Are relevant to the current meta.

  • Are duplicates of nukers

  • Are limited edition.

In most cases, duplicate nukers are better than two different (but equally strong) nukers (of the same element) due to the higher ease for sparking. Some limited edition units may come back a few times a year, others will not come back at all. If you are unable to identify the good units, please consult more experienced players for help.

Free units are being released at a steady pace (at about the rate of 1 free unit per month). These free units may vary from being average to being exceptionally good. The current trend sees free units becoming stronger, and free summons getting more common.

The current meta does not require the player to have the “best” units. Rather, the meta requires you to have the correct units, meaning that you would need a variety of different effects. Thus, having a more diverse (albeit not the strongest) pool of units is more desirable than having a pool that has the strongest units but missing key effects.

Summoning Efficiency (Part 3): Summoning Less

Annex 2: Secret Strats

Infinite Energy Guide

1. When you lose/quit a mission, make sure your internet is off before the connection screen comes out.

2. Click OK 4 times, and the bigger connection screen should appear.

<Loop starts>

3. Turn on internet

4. Click OK

5. Pause for 1 sec

6. Turn off internet

<Loop ends>

Between steps 4 and 5 is the energy refund phase. This phase can get looped for infinite amounts of energy. Repeat the loop as many times as you want, but the maximum energy you can get is 32,767.

Here is an image album for a macro setup guide on LDplayer:

Energy Refund Tactics

The energy refund QoL (losing will refund the energy spent) has been introduced in November 2019 and has opened up some useful methods to Honor Point farming and Summoner Training Point (STP) farming. You can use the following farming methods once daily. For best results, please have 100 friends.

[Honor Point Farming]

  1. Make sure you have at least 25 energy.

  2. Set up a non full squad. The units used do not matter.

  3. Go to Burning Dread mission.

  4. Go to quest repeat settings.

    1. Turn on quest repeat.

    2. Set repetition times to 300.

    3. Turn on “game over restart”.

  5. Begin the quest and let it run.

When the quest repeat is finished, you would have obtained around 15,000 Honor Points (about 75 Honor Summons).

[STP Farming]

  1. Make sure you have at least 50 energy.

  2. Set up a non full squad. The units used do not matter.

  3. Go to autobattle settings and change all actions to guard.

  4. Go to Resurrection Furnace mission.

  5. Go to the friend filter options and uncheck “No STP”.

  6. Go to quest repeat settings

    1. Turn on quest repeat.

    2. Set repetition times to 110.

    3. Turn on “game over restart”.

    4. Turn on helper filter settings.

  7. Begin the quest and let it run.

When the quest repeat is finished, you would have obtained about 40,000 STP.

Friend List cycling

Another use for the energy refund feature is being able to refresh the friend list when wanting a specific friend helper to be available for a certain quest, vortex mission, or a FH mission. Simply enter a random quest and quit. For maximum speed, enter Burning Dread without a full squad and you will get killed immediately before you even have a chance to click the menu button.

Fixed Friend Unit (Type 1)

The following tactic can be useful for Exalted Token farming. However, it has some prerequisites:

  • The mission must have been cleared at least once.

  • The friend helper you want must already be available for selection (use the friend list cycling method).

Simply enter the mission with quest repeat (repetition times set to 1) and clear the mission. After the mission is over, the friend selection list remains unchanged. Moreover, you can get another +80 Honor Points from that friend by doing this, leading to an infinite (albeit not practical) source of Honor Points. Also, quitting during the mission will refresh the friend list. Either clear the mission or die to it to maintain the same list.

Fixed Friend Unit (Type 2)

A more extreme version of this tactic is used when time is of the essence. This tactic will permanently fix the friend unit to one choice, suitable for those trying to speed through quests with a certain friend unit, or trying to spam Frontier Hunter for God Hunter. It’s very simple: just have one friend. That friend will be the only one appearing in the list, and it will always appear.

Multitasking in Raid Battle

This one applies primarily to leechers of the Raid Battle. Having to wait for the carries can be boring and sometimes. You can do something else more productive in the game, while waiting for them to clear the raid mission, without needing to close the game. It makes use of the “you are not resting at camp” bug. The tactic works like this:

  1. Go to camp and click rest.

  2. Click stop resting.

  3. Click stop resting again.

  4. A “You are not resting at camp” window will appear.

  5. Click the “map” tab.

  6. Click the “map” tab again, but this time with a specific timing.

  7. If timed correctly, the “You are not resting at camp” window will appear, without the “resting” window in the background. If you miss the timing, then just repeat step 6 until successful.

  8. Simply click “ok” and you will be brought to the homescreen, while the raid is still ongoing.

Feel free to do whatever you want in the game. To return to the raid, simply go back to the raid and it will bring you back to the battle.

Fusion Material Reuse Exploit

This exploit allows us to reuse the same fusion material for fusion, for a multiplied effect.

  1. Select the target unit for fusion.

  2. Select the fusion material(s).

  3. On the fusion pedestal, long click the target unit and do one of the following:

    1. Unlock an enhancement, OR,

    2. Use a Gem to reset all enhancements.

  4. Go back to the fusion pedestal screen and select the same fusion material(s) (it needs to be exactly the same unit that you selected).

  5. Repeat steps 3-4 as necessary.

  6. Fuse them all.

100% Drop Rate

Some units or materials are obtained from drops in certain quests. These unit and material drops have already been predetermined at the start of the battle.

Regular items that drop from enemies can be obtained at a pseudo 100% drop rate easily, simply by using drop rate boosts, and/or more hits. However, items that are obtained from chest drops are fixed, and the chest drop rate are unaffected by drop rate boosts.

Therefore, obtaining these items, as well as certain unit drops, are fixed per run. If you quit, or fail the mission, however, you get to start a new run, while getting your energy refunded. But how do you know if that mission you started will drop the unit/item or not? Of course, you will need to play the mission until the point where the unit/item is supposed to drop. And then quit the mission.

However, this is not possible for units/items that drop at the last second, just as you beat the mission. Therefore, an exploit is needed for this.

You will need to crash the app. Crashing the app will close the app and reopen the app at the point where the wave started. This is exactly the same mission you were doing before the app crashed. You now already know the outcome of the drop, whether the unit/item drops or not. Simply quit the mission and start over.

How to crash the app?

Windows: simply close the app normally

Android: soft reset your device

iOS: ???

Hmm… I wonder where this exploit will be extremely useful… 


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