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History & Locations –

With the rise of the new bishop, the end of the world tree and death of the great wheel, many changes have occurred between BC4 and current time. 

The new bishop, being joined with an unknown artificer has placed more value upon creation and invention, and with the emperor of dragons no more, magic is a harder commodity to gain control of. Planes have now become more akin to planets and occupy space in the astral plane, some having season where their proximity to ovanis can affect seasons and magic. With a more understand and logical god to watch over the universe technology has advanced and people have started believing less in gods and more in what can be accomplished with thought. Airships, trains, guns and other such amazing inventions have become more common.

Ovanis, with Magrik and the bishop working together they were able to push back and reassemble the plane into a form that is similar to how it once was, now a sphere the plane is whole, a final gift from the bishop is allowing more of the races he once knew as a non divine being access to the astral plane and psionics so that they can have the power to fight off enemies that might threaten his homeworld. 

Dargeth – over the last 300 years has finally settled into peace with the midlands and Ja’Ferion and created the Dar’ferion Union, a massive country that controls the continent of Zarai. The houses have lost a lot of their former power and are now seen more as guilds that people of all walks or places can appeal to join. The major houses are Arkani, Sulenei, Ordis, Danteru and Mythrain. They rely upon elected officials and appointed nationalists to run the government. They still worship the 9 created gods but are aware that the universe is much bigger and understand that different races will have different gods. The combination of the Ja’Feri with the Dargeth empire has made for a massive sprawl that seems to spread across the length of continent, focusing on controling trade and trying to usher in a more peaceful era, thru trade and exploration. Rich Nobles and Powerful Businessmen help fund exploration to the continent of Razar and to explore the histories that seem to have fallen by the way side. 

Arkani – Defense and Honor – Cavaliers and Knights that stand for the greater good. (Golden Legionaire is the prestige class for this house.) (gold and white)

Sulenei – We all must play our parts – bards, Experts and other skilled people – (Aspis Agent is the prestige for this house)(purple and red)

Ordis – We do what must be done – Sanctis Judicari are based out of here, they are special branch of the seekers. (Gray Gardener is the prestige class for this house.) (black and white)

Danteru – There is no sin but ignorance – Rogues and Factotums, they are investigtors for the union and outside of it (Sleepless Detective is the prestige for this house, Often called Marls) (black and brown)

Mythrain – Our future is the past – Any persons that use knowledges, they hunt for artifiacts and magical items, they are called retreivers. (Pathfinder delver is the prestige for this house.) (silver and blue)


Brekin – home city of the pharan people, followers of the dark mage and the ovanian pantheon have been recovering from the revelation that their people had a large part in restoring the Council of Entropy and releasing Karbulathok from his appointed prison. Following their alliance with the Verdant Isles, the Hawke Accord which holds arcane casters to strong scrutiny in order to have legal access to be able cast. There are still some that try to cast with out being official, but these people are placed before a tribunal to see if they can be trusted with the knowledge, and if not they are removed from the magical community. Brekin stands alone as the single most arcane city in the world, with Korzha as 2nd, there are schools dedicated to all the schools, being aware that it takes all types of magic for knowledge to be effective. they are ruled as an oligarchical magocracy, with the head of each school helping decide what is best for the pharan people.

One of main places you can learn to be wizard – Master specialist is a main prestige, and if you are using more of a generalist then the arclord of nex class would be the Prestige.

Amalia – Reforged from the slagged ruins of Amal, the city has become one of the alternate firearm producing cities. Home of factories for the company Empyral  Inventions, they practice making not only conventional weaponry but in magical firearms and weapons for the flying ships. The city itself holds itself under the Hawke Accorde very strictly, non-sanctioned magic casting is not allowed inside the city. The city isolated out in the amal desert has become a second haven for the illikin as they try to reestablish themselves in the world after the loss of their home country. A half elf Governor, keeps open relations with Brekin and Longsong trying to get the north nations to form their own union based around Amalia.

Morningthorne – Home of the Ovanian Halflings, and sister city to Brekin, Morningthorne is a cosmopolitan city that does a lot of trade and automation creation. Originally from this plane, the people left for many centuries before being called back to retake their homeland. Working with the neighboring cities they promote a large of amount of trade though they only have a small company of their own to speak of. Starborn enchantments – a mage guild that focuses on making utilitarian magical items that are affordable for the common people. The halflings themselves stay out of most conflicts and can be found wandering the world trying to get more in tune with their forgotten home. A large amount of the people have at least a bit of training as a summoner and use their eidolon to help around the house. They do have a military to speak of, but that is mitigated with their ability to make golems and the common use of summoners.

Farthen – a small city not too far from Morningthorne, the place has a rich and strange history as over the past 500 years it has suffered from temporal storms and rifts, shifting between futures that could be and pasts that could not have been. with the stabilization of magic on Ovanis the city has calmed down and settled on a reality that is synchronous with the plane. It is a wealthy small independent country with bountiful natural resources that seem to extend beyond what should be, it is rumored that there are special people there that can manipulate time and get resources from variant time lines, though the Queen Anita Tsofored denies all rumors of such things.

If you choose to be from Farthen you can have access to the time thief class as a whole, as opposed to just being part of the cult.


New Rodale – Now part of the Dar’ferion Union, this beautiful and massive city was once home to the Baron Adessius and home of the Necropolitans. A lot of them still exist, though the secret for making more passed away once their connection with the Baron was severed, they happily exist in the city as merchants and experts, letting their years of experience aid people. The city looks over the bay and holds dominion over the Miskan Isles, keeping them quarantined and safe because of the dangerous creatures and items that were uncovered there by the Silenni family. A necropolitian, Mayor Sandrift,  keeps the city running happily with its new integration into the union.

Verdant Isles – Home of the Exalted, and holders of the Hawke Accord, this massive island is more a nature preserve that people can choose to survive in, they are very strict about magic of any kind. They have their capital city Demus, where the exalted council resides as well as the Seekers of the Pure Flame. No company is allowed to take from the island under severe penalty, and the druids here try to stay out of world politics themselves. The Verdant Isles are Run by an appointed Grand Exalted Druid that serves to represent the island when talking with other countries, living on the island they have some specialized roles. Vien are hunters that train to defeat monsters, Calmers are usally bardic in nature that do the majority of diplomatic work and speaking with non-islanders, and the prestigious position of Guardians, specially trained to fight the threats that are beyond this world  otherwise most  druids are often sent on pilgrimages to learn more about the world and to try and bring back something new to the islands. A large portion of the island is still completely savage and works as their part of their defense from attackers or would be thieves.  

With the Hawke Accord in effect, Wizards that want to have unfettered access to their magic pursue the Magaambyan Arcanist prestige.

Basea – a decent sized island out in the middle of ocean, Basea is the most advanced nation on the plane, home of Aegis Designs, an independently owned company that makes airships, and other technological advancements, current rumors are that they are about to make a printing press that can reproduce the arcane writing on to books. Home of scientists and mages from all countries, it has become a haven for those that wish to freely research and innovate. Gods are respected here, but they are not focused upon, this being the point of ascension for the Bishop, the nation has some religious followers that come out to pay tribute but the majority of the nation doesn’t share this sentiment. Every 5 years they elect a new Zai, functioning basically as a president, the current Zai is an Illikin Metacreationist, Toxi-Cati

Novosaul – Across the vast sea, once a very close minded country, Novosaul has opened up to the idea of other races, sharing their lands with the Vithian Elves. Strongly rooted religious beliefs are wrapped in the peoples history, they are the only country that worships the 9 and no others, having had many corrupt leaders in their past, Novosaul has become more of a group of anarchistic states, with farmers and people working in communes and getting together for religious holidays, or to discuss important problems. They do not like to stand for any sort of authority from outside influences, and have found themselves a bit behind on some of the more recent advances, but they are also the country that has had firearms that longest and the Novosaulian people are well trained and practiced from the revolutions and coups that they have had removing corrupt figures of power. Years have taken away any racial tension from living with the elves, and they have found out that they do not make half-elves. 

Manach – On the other side of the faith mountains, there is the industrial city of Manach, schools and airfields, this is the home of Mercadyne Developments. Once home to the merchant prince, his descendants, Half-Elves run the business. The city has a large steak in the hedron fields to the south of it, because that is where they harvest the floating rock that works so well with the ships. Mercadyne runs all aspects of the society, and people can enter into schools or service if they so choose, but in the end everything is payed back to them. Illikin and Monitors help teach at the schools, in order to have good relations with the novosaul people they do have some minor temples based to the 9, but really they do not have a religion and are focused more on profit. The Head of Mercadyne, Alber Mercarii, took control at a young age, and seems to be running the country as he would his business. 

Summits Nest – Nestled in the Clustered peaks of the Crest mountain range, it is the last city that you can buy supplies at on the way to Gods Face, its also a major train hub to basin, Farthen and gods face. Once a small logging town, its grown a bit faster than it was prepared to, and so has gotten into a bit of a crime element with gamblers, drinkers, and gunslingers. The town has its yeti festival every year during the peak of winter where they try and go hunt and get a yeti pelt. They do have a physically cable populace and so things rarely get out of hand. THe Mayor – a female Corlian Tari Kodori – keeps things fair and makes sure her trains run on time.

Basin – Once was several smaller cities, now all united as the city of Basin, casions and gambling about, 3 mobs have control of the area, and for all of them to be able to make money they actually run the city  between all of them with a fair amount of respect. Black Cat Firearms is a cooperative venture from all three mob rules, and they make all sorts of weapons, they are well off because they were the first seller and helped fund almost all of the revolutions of Novosaul. They are just now starting to get into purchasing their way into the mercantile/commerce trade of the Union. Not part of the Hawke Accord, but very strict rules to keep things fair about using any kind of magic inside of city limits, they have invested heavily in Emperor Security to make sure their 3 casinos are safe from magical cheats.

Gods Face (The lost city) – at the end of the forsaken wastes that are covered in chaotic storms, at the top of a plateau looking out over a massive glass lake lies Gods Face. Once the proud home of the Silverman people, after the Jekwin massacre it had become a more somber place, The only cast that can be created are the Monitors, this is from the deal made by Meki (voice to the Bishop) to Sindrii Jekwin (Grand Master of the Seekers) to spare his people, because of this there can only be 2000 Silvermen at any one time, and one can only be made if one can be confirmed dead. For this Meki the Head of gods face has installed a small crystal in all silvermen that should their consciousness leave, he would be alerted. It has become a happier place since the Illikin came, not having human needs they live well out  on the face and their crafting nature makes them good companions, though the storms have started to alter the Illikin people so that more of them are being born as Voids. With the end of the Mechanus attack and the Bishops return to the astral throne, the crystals that had been scattered since before Xel’anis were able to think again and so with psionic might they made themselves whole – Elans, minds left from the destruction of a Rodale past, have taken up residence with the monitors and illikin.

Sandis – Upon the great southern continent, between the twin cities there is sandis, once a military base, now pushed to be a good stopping point between Corlia and Aviern, talented forges make useful weapons and items for adventures trying to test themselves against the Hoon Vastwoods. Corlian Rangers, called Skulks, will for a high price happily lead people in to some good sights and then back out again. Sandis is most noted for its strange black and white patterns thru out the city, an honor from when they were able to provide a home and temple to the two world dragons for a brief time. There are some small Khen Zai pyramids in the town that were brought from the depths of the jungle before everything settled. Sandis also has the only Magus school in the southern Hemisphere, Their Military has many skulks, and female magi that they call tempests for their frenetic fighting style of moving around the battlefield. 

Corlia-Aviern  – Twin Capitol cities of the Corliss people, once these cities were close, now with the planes having come together, they find themselves stretched far away seperating families, though because of the distances trains placed by Vith Steelworks now run between the 3 main cities, their cities were made to be complimentary opposites using ones defenses to overlap with the others, now they are major port cities trading with Novosaul and the union with ease. The plane used to be more of a spire and with it pressed to fit this world the inside where the Khen-Zai used to control is now overrun with forests and swamps, distant broken pyramids can still be seen out in the depths if the endless forests, but monsters and rumors of curses and evil beings persist. Though that does not stop adventurers from trying to get out there to get access to untold treasure and rumors of the Khen-Zai tech would fetch a high price to any company. Each city has a king, and the kings are always either brother or sister, they try to make sure that family will make bonds that cannot be broken so as to have no reason for them to war amongst themselves.

Korzha – across from summits nest, below Basin in the fjord that looks out to sea in the mountains are the monasteries of Korzha. Once a powerful magic city, it suffered a brutal blow when an escaped convict tore open portals to the far realm and destroyed their jails, while another villain pillaged their prison for assistance their sister city in the mountains nearby was annihilated. It still stands only now smaller, more dedicated to what can be done with magic and why it must be studied with regards to defense and offense. Home of the Perpetuals, these enlightened warriors travel the world trying to understand themselves and trying to gain insight into the ten lost alfiers, magical swords that hold the souls of villains and criminals that have not yet been redeemed. Their council does not hold to the Hawke Accord and says it is stifling, quoting back to the Zarain Crusades that lead people into a dark age under false gods. They are reserved and strong in their mountain but they focus on leaving to learn, special citizens become Alfier reclaimers, and dedicate themselves to trying to get one of the ten lost swords of Korzha.

Races – 

Standard human – you know how these go

Human – +2 to one ability score and +2 to one save at start – 

+1 Feat at starting level 

+1 Skill rank at 1st and each level after

More rare – usually dark hair, taller than the average human

Half-Elf – +2 to cha – 30ft – low light vision

+2 vs enchantment, +2 vs sleep

+2 to bluff, diplomacy, sense motive

+1 skill point per level (+4 at 1st)

Smaller than humans, darker skin almost pushing grey – cultral traits, they like to wear masks, and generally try to avoid large cities. boar, wolf, and ape spirits for the core of their belief system. Have an aversion to most of the standard religions

Vith Elf – +2 Dex -2 Con, +2 Wis – 30ft – low light vision

Immune to sleep – +2 vs disease – choose one craft skill and gain +3 racial bonus

+2 to perception, know (nature), Survival (+3 when in forest or swamp)

Endurance as bonus feat – +2 Initiative

Loyal to their gods, system and beliefs – they enjoy working together and being experts at war and combat. though not violent they do excel at combat when pressed. Currently their people are working on excavating the lost technology of the Khen Zai.

Taller and Built thicker than standard human, olive skin dark hair.

Corlian – +2 to two starting abilities – 

+1 Feat

+1 Feat (only used on weapon proficiency)

Happy people that have traveled the planes, after their people were forced out from the original plane they have returned. Most commonly they become summoners to show their tie to the planes.

Ovanian Halfling – +2 dex, -2 str, +2 Cha – 20ft speed- 

+1 Feat at starting level

+1 vs Fear – +2 to all saving throws

+2 to Know(planes), know(history)

made by an ancient race to survive the apocalypse, they can eat anything and live anywhere – they are known to take on the properties of where they stay, their favorite food is raw eggs. They generally have a light blue to greenish skin – they have large eyes and tendrils upon their heads unless they are a void.

Illikin – -2 str – +2 dex, +2 Int – 40ft – Aberration type – low light vision – 

+2 vs enchantment

+2 to listen, spot, craft(choose one)

Psionic talent (feat)

Telepathy 30ft

– if no telepathy and psionic talent – cannot become psionic

+2 to all saves vs psionics/magic instead of +2 enchantment

+2 additional if divination or clairsentience

Living contructs dedicated to knowledge and understanding. They are all that is left after the Jekwin massacre that removed the Mythian and Flawless castes from their society. 

Monitor – +2 Con –2 Wis or -2 Cha.

—Warforged base land speed is

30 feet.

—Special Qualities: Composite plating, living construct traits.

– Cognitor – Monitors are built very delicately to be able to hold information, knowledge skills

are always class skills and they can take 10 on any knowledge check. Since they are built so

carefully they are fully susceptible to critical hits.

Red or white hair, taller build than normal humans and darker skin – infused with magic from birth they are a proud people who live in the desert city Brekin – they can be found as specialists in what ever work their pursue.

Pharan – +2 Con, +2Int

+2 to Will saves or fort saves

+2 to Know(Arcana) and spellcraft or  +2 survival and perception

+2 to checks to overcome spell resistance or for caster level checks or +2 to saving throws vs magic

Hat wearing, small petty, blue skinned gnomes – geniuses more often than not, and they make sure you are aware of it. currently they are thriving again in corlian with their standing alliance with the Corlian people. can be found in any corporate setting.

Lychal – -2 Str -2 Cha +2 Con +2 Int

Small size

+2 to your choice of two – a craft, a profession, a knowledge

+2 to spellcraft

-2 will saves vs mind effecting

Gods –

Ammon – N, NE, CN – No longer a god of destruction, Demozain has stolen that portfolio – it is now seen as a god of expansion and cities, consuming and expanding, unchecked growth and power. Followers tend towards trying to become owners of property or businesses, some of the more conservative believers will shave their heads and tattoo their bodies.

Mekith – LE, LN, N – god of secrets and knowledge, churches are less out in the open and more personal worship, held in privite or part of small organizations – Basea is the only place that holds an open cathedral to Mekith. Followers tend to be quiet about what they know, but helpful once they can find a reason to explain their knowledge.

Orimek – LG, LN, CG – personal strength and honor – based around the myth that anyone can become a god if they try hard enough and are good person, followers are fans of one on one combat, Novosaul has the largest amount of followers but there is a strong sense of personal achievement that resonates with the Corlian people.

Tali – CE, CN, CG – a god of the winds and freedom, prayed to be traders and sailors. This is the only god left from the previous world that sometimes can be seen flying right after a massive storm, considered a sign of good luck. Followers tend to avoid having a home or stationary place – there is one temple to her, but mostly you will find shrines along major crossroads or at port cities.

Dark Mage – NG, CG, CN – an ancient diety part of the ovanian pantheon – a god of all magic, creator of the pharan race and disciple of an even older god. Represents knowledge and good, sharing knowledge so that all people can be freed from the darkness of ignorance, teaches responsible magic use. Followers tend to be wizards or sorcerers, and try to use magic just when they must.

Unknown Warrior – CN, CG, NG – it has been found out that the unknown warrior is Victor Sidlow. God of battle and liberty, believes in destroying evil at any cost, and only thru the strength of body  can one find perfection. Followers tend to enjoy fighting followers of Orimek as each sees it as a challenge against their own god, though rarely ever to the death. Followers focus more on being able to physically overcome challenges.

Pruxiligne – LN, N, CN – Creation god and progenitor of the Silvermen, patron of creation, fate and innovation. Though a more recent deity, its followers are limited the remaining Monitors and recently Illikin have started to see him as a forger of fate in a world that seems random. Followers tend to make items, wether weapons, trinkets, or magical items, they tend to make and give away at least one item of a personal nature each year. 


Bishop – ALL – Not a conventional deity in any normal respect, more of ancient elder creator god. Those that follow him tend to live more in the moment understanding that all of this was created by him to give him chosen peoples a place to live out their lives free from the dangers of the universe. Factions of Followers can always be found following different principle that they think he represents, in this case there is no organized Bishop religion, though many psions give thanks to him because he is seen as the keeper of the astral plane and some see themselves in this way as his cleric.

Demozain – CE, CN, N – Destruction, Nothingness, Hatred – Represented as a black orb, it most recently came into history when it destroyed the world tree. Clerics of Demozain are lost in the idea of being able to destroy not only living things, but reality itself. Cults to demozain occasionally start up, but they must always remain in secret so as not to call down suspicion from Sanctis Justicari. Mostly Humans can be found following Demozain, but the occasional Pharan, Illikin or Silverman has been known to dedicate themselves in the hope of finding some sort of absolution.

L’Vat – Incarnations of Mortals and Elements created by the Bishop, they wander between planes as they are not deities and are not subject to the Bishops decree and can walk upon the material plane, with the exception of Xel’Dorik which is still bound to stay banished for another 9,500 years.

Anese – Fire – 

Uldin – Water –

Magrik – Earth –

Typhis – Air –

Astris – Positive Energy

Monias – Negative Energy 

Xel’Dorik – Chaos

Graff – Order

Corporations –

Ammon Investments – Duskbanter – Banks and property – Started by Berni Silenni after the collapse of his famliy empire, he took what was left and headed several expeditions to uncover ancient vaults, after finding the Duskbanter vault, he started purchasing land around the world that he claims his family discovered or owned first. Now AI funds explorations to the Hoon Vastwoods, helping new guilds get established and allowing companies that move around the world the ability to access their money easily. Smaller banks have been established, but AI rarely turns down a chance to either destroy them, or purchase them. The bank is currently under the control of Mak’Ja Silenni great grandson of Berni and mixed with the northern folk of the union, at times competes in some of the northern combat festivals. Mak’Ja has a personal vendetta against Ignatius wayne.

As long as you can make sure to pay them back, if you are needing a loan or purchasing power AI is the one you want to contact. 

Mercadyne Developments – Manach – Airships and Inventions – Started from the schools created by Manachan Morgane with the help of the original Lord Asperii, its fortune started with the cheap and effective lighting they were able to provide, with their educated experts they were able to duplicate a weaker form of hedron that holds spells, orbs were sold everywhere. With the blueprints for flying ships brought to them they were able to use their false hedron to edge into the market against Aegis Designs. MD gets all of its workers thru its colleges and schools set up on the west side of Novosaul, free entry with 2 years of work for MD when you get out. The head CEO for the time is Balthazar Asperii, a charming wealthy half elf, spends most of his time trying to come up with the next big thing.

Airships, Farming Equipment, and communications items are specialites and can usually be bought for less thru them.

Starborn Creations – Morningthorne – Magical Transport –  A halfling company run by Robin Deathstrike, using their knowlege of planes and arcane magic, they have been working to make worldly transport for reliable and affordable. In most main cities they have a golem set up that can be used to contact a conjurationist that can bring you between cities. Not yet cheap enough for most commoners to use, they can get most people around the world within a half a dozen castings. Besides Vith stealworks, they are one of the only safe ways to get to Gods face during the good months. For a special price they can relocate other golems for one way transport to unique or hard to get to places. Always hiring artificers or creator types that way to build more way stations for them. As of right now, they have the ability to get someone to a small astral encampment, but its rather expensive.

If you have the money and want to get around the world quickly and discreetly, these are who you would use. 

Emperor Securities – Worgenhampton – Magical Defenses, Traps  & Weapons – Ignatius Wayne runs ES, an older gentleman that oversees the foundries in Amalia, they are experts in testing magical securites and creating traps to stop thieves and retrievers. Mostly hired out only to the wealthy, they have a reputation for creating unique items that are not only artistic but highly functional. Though they do sometimes take peoples requests too literally and have stronger effects than their clients were planning on. Traps do include ways to record people, and spy from a distance. Only recently have they been able to start making firearms, and being so far from BCF they are spreading quickly. 

They are by no means cheap, so only if you have a fair amount of income can you afford some of their custom made items, they are enemies with AI because they are starting to get into money security as well, and that is encroaching on to AI’s territory.

Mechanus – variable – Officiants – not as much a business but a demand places upon the denizens of Mechanus, that they have to be available everywhere in the universe to be able to explain any contract, especially if it is in regards to the plane they are stationed on. They have small booths, that are considered protected territory and offenses taken against them are treated as attacks on mechanus. Contracts happen all the time that do not have the mechanus stamp on them, but for any serious matters no company will work with out a mecahnus approved contract. Ammon Investments relies upon them for a significant amount of the work that they do in the world.

Aegis Designs – Basea – Airships and Inventions – Run by the enigmatic Zero-One, Aegis designs pushed to the forefront in creations, they have several fleets of ships that can rented with one of their personal captiains that have been highly trained to be able to pilot in almost any condition, with the exception of Aroun wastes that surround Gods face, only the most daring pilots would try it. They create large amounts of mapping tech, and items that can be used to augment armor. They are the only company with access to pure Hedron, making their ships faster then most others, but it does limit how many they have. AD has been working on making smaller ships that one person can use to get around but that is still sometime away. Being based on Basea, they are working and have almost cdompletyed a printing press that can replicate pages from arcane tomes, if this can be perfected, there will be a massive backlash from the Hawke Accord. 

Vith Steelworks – Gods Face – Trains – Printing – There is no one person that owns the steelworks, its more the combined power of the psionic races working in tandem, Elan and Illikin working together to create items that other people would not be able to do with out psionic power guiding them, with the resources of the Aounian wastes, they have almost unlimited metals to use and pull together, massive storms and chaotic magics help power batteries.. Trains leave from the base of gods face and run out to Summits Nest before spreading out into the rest of the continent. They have set up tracks on all major continents with the exception of the Verdant Isles, that do want these aberrations anywhere near their land. To pay back the Monitors, the Unified Races, are working  together to make a printing press that will help the monitors keep track of all the knowledge that they accumulate in their travels. No other company has been able to duplicate how they power their trains, but this is attributed more to their inhuman nature than their materials.

Constant Munitions – Basin – Firearms and Explosives – Factories built over the run off from Aroun, the Constant Munitions  is heavily protected by the mob circle of Basin. Longest lasting black powder distributor, they have helped support the rise of Novosaul, the shores folk fight off the merrow assaults, and assisted with clearing the path for the train routes. reliable and affordable weapons and explosives, they have warehouses on every continent, and are on good terms with Starborn Creations and Mercadyne Developments as they rely on them to help move merchandise all over the world. They do not have good relations with Korzha or the Verdant Isles because of their antiquated views. Almost every gun you come across will be from CM, they are attempting to start another portion of the business near Sandis to start paying explorers to head into the Hoon Vast Wilderness to try and get some of the Khen Zai technologies.

Bask Tech – Corlians have finally begun to unravel the technologies left behind from the Khen Zai – and with this using the their massive amounts of knowledge to make new modern weapons and pharmaceutical drugs – though they are mainly used for defense at the moment if the Corlians every choose to use these in power play the world would shudder at what they can do. 

They are mostly secretive and do not engage in trade with any company but Constant Munitions.

Guilds and Factions

When creating your character you can choose to affiliate, doing this means you will have two gestalt levels  that tie you to a certain group or background. You will need to fit these in before 5th level, so before prestige and all that starts to become a thing. 

In affiliating with a group, you will have to have some sort of item or mark that designates you as a member, not saying it could not be covered up or hidden in some way. 

So when receiving these gestalt levels, you get HD, and skills and Class features – it will not alter your saves, choosing a faction means you are in for both levels, this cannot be changed.

Also when creating your character choose 2 traits from the trait list. – perferrable if they are not 3rd party ones – but show it to me and we can look it over.

If you do not want to have to be a part of a faction, if not you can choose from the 4 classes which one each of your 2 levels will be spent in – you can choose a generic background concept, which means you will have your gestalt, archtype is ok – fighter, rogue, cleric or wizard.

Skulk Training – From Sandis – Corlian only. Remove knowledges and perform – add survival to the class list.


Poison use, Skirmish +1d6


Ki pool, Vanishing Trick

Eyes of Inigo – From Farthen – Any race


Improved Initiative

Mote of time



Steady Hand

Mote of time (damage, dodge) 

Rapid Succession* Masterful Dodge**

* If your initiative roll is more than 25 you gain an immediate move action

** Once per round you can dodge a ranged  attack or ranged touch spell – DC is 20 + spell level, or enhancement bonus of the attack.

Cult of the Pure Flame – Dar’Ferion, Verdant Isles. Longsong


Elemental Ray (1d6+1), Eschew Materials



Elemental Fist (1d6 + 1d6 per 5 levels/1 per day per 5 levels)


spells – DC based on highest Casting stat – 

0th – Spark, Flare, Guidance, Resistance, Daze (choose 4, at 2nd get the last one)

1st -Touch of Combustion, sun metal

Cult of Cadu – God’s Face and Verdant Isles – Non Human, or non-good human


1st favored Enemy(Human), Sneak attack 1d6 (exotic Prof. Bladed Gauntlet)


Two Weapon Fighting

Seeker – from the Dar’ferion Union – lawful


Challenge 1/day,track, Order of the Blue Rose, Detect magic


Flat of the Blade (Ex), +1 to saves against chosen school

Champion of the Bishop – any where – any race


Aura of Alignment, combat feat, smite evil 1/day



Divine grace,Charitable Hands (Su)

Aura of courage, divine health, Resistance 5 Acid,Cold, Electric

Cleansing Strike 1/day *, Detect Outsider, smite evil 2/day – Lay on Hands*

* Release your psionic focus cha to  hit and damage + 1d6 per level character level vs an aberration, outsider or psionic creature for the first strike, if you miss its wasted, and after the first swing its just CHA to hit/damage..

* You Charitable hands is now at 100% for your self and 200% for others.

Warden of Knowledge – Illikin, Monitor, Lychal, Elan or Pharan


Perfect recall, Skill Focus(Knowledge)



Delve into collective memory, Canny Defense, Wise Council

Past lives***, Quick Mind*,  Cascading Thoughts**

* – you can always take at least 1 action during a surprise round, and if you are the highest initiative during the surprise round you can take a full round action

** – versus illusions spells you gain a +3 vs all saving throws against the illusion school.

*** – the Warden gains all weapon and armor skill proficiencies and also now has all skills as class skills for ever.

Basin City Bandit  – From Basin –


Unarmed Strike(1d6), Weapon Focus (unarmed or with a gun), Intimidating Prowess


Amateur Gunslinger (Combat), Dazzling Display

Basea Scholar – Basea – Any race


Alchemy, bomb 1d6, brew potion, Cognatogen, Breath Mastery



Discovery, Experimental Mutagen, perfect recall


Formulae Book – Choose 3+Int Mod worth

Guardian Of the Isles – Verdant Isles –


Rage, Fast Movement,orisons, wild empathy





Favored Enemy

Place Magic*, 1st favored Terrain**, +1 Caster Level, Danger Sense***

Natural Detection****



* 3+Wisdom times per day you can add +1 to your caster level when in a natural setting, or +2 if you are in your favored terrain

** as ranger

*** You add your wisdom to your Initiative 

**** You can detect taint at will.

Corporate Spy – Anywhere – any race


Duplicity, Bonus Combat Feat, cover identity


Spy talent, uncanny dodge

Retreivers -Mithrain – Human


Bardic knowledge, Archaeologist’s Luck (Ex), cantrips



Clever Explorer, Uncanny Dodge


Known – 

0 – Open/Close, Mage Hand, Know Direction, Sift, Light

1st – Cultural Adaptation, Comprehend Languages

Debonair – Basin city


False Friend, Disarming Smile(+2 to cha based skills), Skill Focus (Bluff, Diplo, Sense Motive, Profession Gambler – pick one)



Evasion, Fast Getaway

Force of Personality*, Social Mobility** 

* Add you CHA mod to any saves vs mind effecting, charm or compulsion

** When using bluff, diplomacy, or intimidate if you fail the DC you may try with one of the other skills at a -5 as a free action without the subjects awareness.

Ammon Blooded – Novosaul – Human—barbarian-archetypes/jotunkin


Jotunrage, Reckless Rage



Brawler, uncanny dodge

Survivor*, Scarred Hide**, Endurance

* You take 1 less damage to your stats when affected by a poison, and you reduce bleed effects by 3

** you gain your CON mod as a conversion to actual damage into subdual, this stacks with your armor.

Grenfjord Reclaimer – Korzha – any race


Arcane pool, cantrips, spell combat, Quarterstaff Master




Spellstrike, Two Weapon Fighting



0- Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand

1st – Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Mirror Strike, Keep Watch

SoulBound – Morningthorne – Halflings – Synthesist


Cantrips, Fused Eidolon, Summon monster I, Fused Link



Improved Toughness, Diehard


0 – Message, Mending, Mage Hand, Arcane mark

1st – Ant Haul, Protection from (alignment), Shield

Order of the Red bandana – New Rodale – Human only—monk-archetypes/sensei—bard-archetypes/dawnflower-dervish


Catch off guard, Simple Training, Battle Dance 




+0 ft.


Combat reflexes, Insightful Strike


+1 Size

Blessed by the Dark Mage – Brekin – Pharan—cleric-archetypes/divine-strategist


Destined and Sage Bloodline.Skill Focus Know Arcana, cantrips, eschew materials, Dual Mastery



Aura, Master Tactician, Arcane and Divine Domains,orisons, Caster Support


1st – Mage Armor, Magic Missle, Feather Fall

2nd – Prayed from the Cleric List.

Dragon Devotee – Corlia-Aviern – Corlian


Favored Enemy (Outsiders or Aberrations), Urban Rage


World Serpent Totem, uncanny dodge

Children of Rayland – Novosaul – any non-silverman


Combat Feat, Inspire Courage, Fascinate, Taint Points (3+ Cha mod)


Inspire Rage, Charmer, Draw from the Marked Deck  

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