Blood Hunter Order of the Entangled

Blood Hunter Order of the Entangled

To fight magic properly, we must become one with their source.

The Entangled

Those who perform the ritual of the Entangled become wrapped in the fabric of the weave, a plane of pure magical potential. Their bodies, in and of themselves, are holes to the power of the weave. They are arcane anomalies whose bodies are attuned and resilient to the influences of magic users.

Rite of Disruption

At 3rd level, you learn the Rite of the Disruption esoteric rite (detailed below).

Rite of the Disruption. Your rite damage is force damage. While the rite is active, you gain the following benefits:

When you deal rite damage to a creature that is concentrating, such as concentrating on a spell, that creature reduces the saving throw it makes to maintain its concentration by a result equal to a roll of your hemocraft die.

As a reaction to when you are targeted by a spell attack, or forced to make a saving throw against a spell, you may roll your hemocraft die and reduce your current hp by the result. You may then roll a hemocraft die and add it to your AC or Saving Throw, as appropriate, for that attack or saving throw.

Bombarding Rites

At 3rd level, the magic that flows through your veins pulses with arcane might. When you roll damage for a crimson rite and roll the highest number possible on the die, roll it again and add that roll to the damage. You can use the feature only once per turn.

Arcane Charge

At 7th level, as an action, you may expend a use of your Blood Maledict feature and do one of the following:

Target creature you touch regains a spell slot of a level equal to or lower than half your proficiency bonus, rounded up.

Target creature you touch increases their AC by your proficiency bonus for 1 minute, or until they are hit by an attack.

Brand of Essence

At 11th level, your brand reveals the nature of your target. Upon successfully marking a creature with your Brand of Castigation, you learn the targets Creature Type, Damage Vulnerabilities, Damage Resistances, Damage Immunities, and Condition Immunities.

Blood Curse of Fending

At 15th level, you can draw out a magical aura, entangling and resisting magical influence. You gain the Blood Curse of Fending for your Blood Maledict feature. This doesn’t count against your number of blood curses known.

Arcane Disruption

At 18th level, as magic attempts to influence you, you resonate your own arcane essence, creating destructive interference. When you are forced to make a saving throw by a spell, or are targeted by a spell attack, you may use your reaction and roll your hemocraft die. You take damage equal to the result, and if the result is equal to, or higher, than the spell’s level, the spell fails.


Blood Curse of Fending

Prerequisite: 15th level, Order of the Entangled

As a bonus action, a creature you touch gains resistance to damage from spells and magical effects until the end of your next turn.

Amplify. This blood curse lasts for 1 minute, or as long as you remain concentrating on it, as if concentrating on a spell.


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