Book of races

~An Introduction~

The various races that inhabit Orbisea have existed long before the planets founding. Lost souls brought from every corner of the galaxy in order to preserve their bloodlines for the universal convergence. The stay aboard this planet has lasted longer then intended and the cost of that is evident. Many species have been wiped out along the way, intelligent or otherwise. The purpose of this manual is as a historical piece to track civilizations progress throughout the centuries as of the Orbisean landings which is referred to as year 1 OL. This is the custom per order of the Shadian empire and the Duty of me, XX tenth control of emperor Techrins empire and first chief of history of Emperor Nights empire.

(A quick summary for the lazier readers)

All species are considered valuable genetic assets by the Shadii. However to prevent revolt certain species are provided rights. These fall under two stems. Intelligent races and Unintelligent races. 

Intelligent races are accepted into the counsel of intelligent races with speakers who represent each race. They are treated as equals. The counsel was disbanded however after the core wars but the cataloging and laws still apply. 

An Intelligent race is one which has a concept of morality, a traceable history, Is able to develop at least analog technology, can speak, and can engage in tactical warfare.

A race is listed as an unintelligent race if they cannot reach one of the above. For example Goblins possess all of the above except a traceable history or moral code. They cannot be accepted because they have no official leaders and any official leader would most likely be shanked at the end of the week so another goblin could take his place.

The various races can be split up into three categories per Shadian gene cataloging.

Sourin-Creatures that existed present without aid or creation from genetic alteration. These include Humans, Dyinte, Shadii, Unichrom, Naido and Gweem.

Magin-Creatures created by higher races or godlike creatures that are known of. These include Lizardii, Strial,Cherrun.

Genis-Creatures created via gene alteration, either by their own hand or that of another races. These include Fey, Eonis, Amphib and Treents.

To fully understand the histories and relations of these races one must understand the common viewpoints among them. 

Sourin races are often seen as the oldest existing races with Humans being the only exception. Their exact Origins are generally unknown however which leads Magin races often to view themselves as superior to them as they feel that they have not been abandoned by their gods. Cherrun felt this way even more then the others for quite some time…until it was revealed that they had actually been abandoned by their creators. Which obviously caused some shame. Just a little. Humans seem to still hold various beliefs of their origins as do Dyinte. Naido believe it was their home worlds will for them to be born. Either that or the moons, or the star of Estis’s (The churches of the deep lead to it being murky) And Shadii and Gweem believe themselves to have evolved from lower races. 

Humans in general are often seen as the most loving of the races on Orbisea. They form tight nit family bonds and have close friends and strong ideals. This also however also means they are often the most sadistic when wronged and are known to have the most competing factions among themselves. But this has lead them to being masters of war. They are also known to have an extremely easy time understanding animals. Their intelligence is seen as about middle ground. Human women however are often seen as some of the most beautiful creatures in the galaxy and are envied by many other races. This is especially true of the fey who according to legend in fact remodeled their race to reflect their image. 

Fey though are often seen as grotesque lustful creatures. This has led much of the Fey population to have a bit of an inferiority complex. Fey in general though long for acceptance and love but ever since their mental faculties were degraded by the bombing of neanandale. They now live as creatures of impulse and savages. The most love they receive from others is typically a form of pity or lust. However there is a vast minority who find them sexually captivating.

The Lizardii are feared across Orbisea as strongwilled fearless warlords. However the barbarity of the Lizardian conquest left many to view them as nothing more then savages with blades and scales. They do however have the respect of those who fought alongside them and the last thing any ally would wish to do is betray their loyalty. For the last thing any man would wish to acquire is a Lizardii’s vengeance.

Naido are a proud people of Legacy. Their adventurers and mappers are said to have paved the roads of Orbisea. Their Cuisine is known across the world. Naido are often looked up to if anything by the other races. Many who disagree with the Shadian methods of leadership have sided with Naido throughout many years. Their techniques for espionage were passed onto Humans, Unichrom, Dyinte and stolen by the Shadii. The pressure for success is brutal however as each generation must live up to the legacy of old.

Treents are often rarely thought of as more than Lazy cattle. Using any freedom they are granted to frolic amongst the forest without care of the real world. Perhaps their passivity was programmed into them by their Shadian creators. Perhaps not, however their knowledge of nature is unparalleled and their abilities with Orbs make them a threat if they were ever to unite under a war banner. For some however their peaceful existence is not a reason to do nothing, but a call to heal that which has been broken.

Unichrom on the other hand are an unapologetic race of vampiric conquerors. Filled with only a desire to dominate, control and obtain more power and blindly unaware that they themselves are slaves to their rabbid addictions and false worship to lifeless crystals. That is not to deny them their power as conquerors however. They have become efficient at making a slave out of any race they can successfully subdue. The other races mistrust them, some pity their constant aggression and the Lizardii respect them without end.

Strial are seen as gentle giants and mysterious scholars. They have searched all the world and even beyond for knowledge and are the only race that continued to pursue intergalactic flight amidst the crisis of the Eclipse. They do not speak for their words are meant to be whispered only to their closest companions.

Gweem are businessmen. Cunning, calculating and brutal if it means profit. The only thing stopping them from selling everyone on the planet as slaves is their inability to move past digital technology and the fact that they are terrible liars. Humans dont really see them as more then robots with a quirky personality and the more advanced races see them as rivals.

Cherrun will tell you they’re angels. Their not. So would an Eonis but they're all dead.

Amphib are typically found quite entertaining by everyone. They were mostly created as an experiment to test dimensional travel so some of their thinking isnt the best. Some see them as emissaries of the spirit world. But really they're just a buncha self-righteous Knights that disappear at sunset.

Dyinte are a tribal race, but they wouldn't be if we let them out of the bramble. Which is why they get to enjoy certain rights. But the Dyinte hate shadii more than any other race. It is however rarely an issue as they hardly get any older than thirty. The fact that everything in the bramble is hunting them makes it hard to even live that long. But if they left the ecosystem of the bramble, it would completely fall apart without the bottom of the food chain. And the Dyinte would reproduce faster than even the Pixfey. So they stay where they need to. They do crave their freedom however. Most races though just see them as forest children. Fey seem to love keeping them as pets or adopted children if they can get them though.

And lastly us The Shadii. We're a proud race who saved all the other races listed above. They were never all that grateful though. Sure the Eclipse might be partly our fault but we're the only ones who seem intent on keeping everyone alive. Sure that might be because we make a hefty sum of profit for every race we help the colonists meet during the universal convergence. Or the fact that the genetic material they provide is either a trade secret or a valuable resource that allows us to engineer new scientific discoveries or make better bio computers. But is elevating the universe wrong? I wouldn't say so. Sure the other races might consider us as a buncha looney controlling scientist or tree huggers. And they might see us as tyrants. But hey we brought back the dinosaurs so someone should at least be grateful for that. Anyway, here is a basic encyclopedia that follows the main history of each intelligent race.

~Book of the Lizardii~!



The Lizardii were native to the planet Ahidon. It is believed that they were either bred by the Morstella or outright created by them. The Morstella raised large armies of Lizardii to fight against ferocious beast for their own entertainment. The Lizardii were taught that the weak become food for the strong. The Morstellans lead millions of wars over the Millennia on Ahidon breeding stronger and stronger generations of Lizardii. The Lizardii came to view them as gods. Over the centuries each tribe became devoted to there Morstellan leader. And as such the Morstellans ended up breeding each of their own tribes separately. Eventually though the Morstellans grew bored of the Lizardii and began to raise a new race on Ahidon. Growing jealous the Lizardii attacked the underdeveloped creatures but were stopped by the king of the Morstellans Volsteyan. The Lizardii begged to be lead once again by him but were denied. Volsteyan is said to have told them.

“You are strong. But you are weak in mind. Did you learn nothing from our rulership?! Fight amongst yourselves to grow further in strength. For we seek not puppets but Warriors to fight alongside. In a thousand years the Mantids will reach the level at which you are now. Grow strong as one kin in that time and learn to fight them and us. Then you will regain our favor.”

With promises of future conquest the houses of the Lizardii formed the council of generals composed of the greatest of their minds. Together they lead large wars for sport against each other refining strategies for battle.


Lizardii are often larger than humans in stature ranging from 3-10 feet tall. They all bear carnivorous teeth and scaled bodies. They have a tail that will regrow if severed although each races tail tends to be slightly different. The Lizardii have a keen sense of smell. And slightly higher reaction speeds then humans on average. They bear a crest on the back of their head and a horn on their forehead. Lizardii are cold blooded however meaning that they are often vulnerable in cold weather. Trained Lizardii are able to direct where they move their body heat to compensate this though. And in the instance of Boruscarian Knights they were known to use this technique to light things on fire with nothing but their hands. They have a lifespan of 40-60 years

Sub races



The Volstay were touted as the chosen ones of Volsteyan. They bare sleek red scales and sharp ridges. They are known for their pride and for their exceptional skill. They often live near or sometimes even inside Volcanoes.


The Ignele are the most cunning of the Lizardii. They bare black scales with intricate stripes and are often short in stature. Ignele typically have the fastest reactions of any Lizardii race and are known as ruthless or even dirty fighters.


The anihele are silvery white Lizardii with stunning eyes. The anihele are known for their natural beauty and sharp fangs and claws. They possess a whip like tail, small smooth crest and heightened sense of balance.


The Flango are one of the more common Lizardii. They are the largest breed of Lizardii and have dark to bright green scales. Flango typically form stronger family attachments and are typically the most physically strong Lizardii.


The gekai are shorter more tribal Lizardii. They lack crest and either have stubby or nonexistent horns. The Gekai with tallest horn often becomes chief. The gekai were often looked down upon by the other Lizardii and it was said there god Huokai (or Gekan) had bred them to be weak so they could reproduce faster and overwhelm foes with numbers. They are known to be stupid sickly and frail. They also often make animalistic croaking and hissing noises.


The Burmele are known for their beady eyes and large horns. They tend to be rounder in shape but are smarter on average. They are also incredibly silent and are known as deadly archers.


The Shuifeng are more independent lizardii and often live roam about. They are known to be quickly adaptable and extremely fast learners. Shui however often acquire mutations such as twin tails or heads. Shui are also admired for their elaborate blue scales.

Culture and history

After landing on Orbisea the Lizardii found life amongst the other races quite difficult. Most of the Lizardii were unfamiliar with technology and found themselves bored with interaction with the more peaceful races. They also harbored animosity towards the Shadii for imprisoning the Morstellans. This led to all but the Ignele and Shuifeng moving to the deserts of sector 10 to resume their wars for sport.

 At about 27 OL however, infighting amongst the human factions led to the First Orbisean war. Humans fought with guns, plasma, tanks and bombs blowing away the Lizardii’s previous views on combat. Thousands streamed to the war front to watch human wars and were known to cheer from the hills. Eventually The Human Dodger Alliance offered for the Lizardii to join them and they did so readily. After the war however the Dodgers lost and Lizardii, impressed with the skill and effort of their foe, quickly moved to congratulate their enemy. The New American army however gunned down hundreds of thousands of celebrating lizardii In what was called the massacre of the guilty innocent (54 OL). The remaining lizardii quickly learned the difference between war for sport and wars of rage. Forced to serve in labor and prison camps for decades and treated as second class citizens in the centuries after their release, the Lizardii learned a new emotion. Vengeance.

 In the meantime the free Lizardii took to learning the trades of technology. The lizardii were often poor at at more sophisticated jobs but quickly became incredibly skilled craftsmen welders and builders. The Ignele and Shui avoided the hard labor typically and quickly became more loyal to the cultures they were adopted into. After the massacre of the guilty innocent however the Lizardii came to realise the potential dangers of this new world they had entered. Many ignele and shui left their lives in human civilizations and helped formed the country of Volsteyia. With the knowledge they had all gathered from their time with humans over the years Volsteyia became a well crafted hard land that relied on steam power and analog to function. Many human merchants saw this as an opportunity to sell higher technological items to the Lizardii. Quickly tech merchants popped up in markets all throughout Volsteyia. By 700 OL Volesteyia had spread to encompass all of sector 10 of Orbisea. It was nicknamed the city of iron and fire. 

By then the Lizardii had invented their own guns and weapons fit for more modern warfare. At this time the council of intelligent races were officially formed. The lizardii were not initially invited due to their lower technology and lack of empathy. Outraged the Lizardian army is said to have marched directly to the front of the council building blowing down the doors and marching their general Gukano of the Volstay into the council chamber. He had apparently brought his own chair and awkwardly forced it between the Naido and Pixfey spots. He had also brought a coffee which was known to be his favorite drink. He took a sip not saying a word before gently setting the cup down on the coaster on the table. He then turned to Lord Sol of the Eonis and said. “Surely any man refined enough for coffee should be eligible for his own seat. At this Emperor Techrin is said to have laughed and lord Sol is said to have simply shrugged and continued the council meeting.

 After some years on the council the Gukano came to address the problem of the imprisoned morstella. Gukano addressed the people's rage for the imprisonment of their gods and the fact that Shadii failed to acknowledge them. The council was against the release of the Mostellans fearing their power and calling into account their past destruction of civilizations. Gukano brought out that the Shadii were acting hypocritically. Gukano said “You deem that one or two individuals do not represent a race. Yet you punish all morstellans for the crimes of Ignin and Gekan! Release Shuil and watch what blessings there is to be offered by the gods.” After much debate the council voted unanimously against releasing any of the Morstellans. Gukano then officially declared war on the Shadii at the next council meeting. Saying “As grateful as we are for you rescuing us from the Eclipse. We can not deny the fact that you and Eonis are responsible for its creation. Or the fact that you refuse to release those who bred us and made us strong. With this we are forced to declare war in order to reclaim our lords by force.” rather than letting Gekan leave after his declaration Techrin opted to have him arrested. This however was stopped by the rest of the council. Endany of the Naido is recorded to have said. “So you will not save us from wars with each other but will cower when one comes to you? What honor is there in a council led by tyrants?” After this Gukano is said to have left the council hall and returned to Volsteyia. 

The war that ensued was brutal and came to be known as the war for Shuil. As the Lizardii made their way to the core It is said that villagers from the other races would offer them bread and parade them as they approached sector 3. Upon entering the first wave of the Lizardii was completely wiped out by a high tech minefield Killing Gukano. Reeling and mourning that their leader had died in a dishonorable battle, the Ignele and Shui that had been living amongst the Humans defected to the Lizardii army. The oppressed Dyinte also broke free from their forest to aid in the war. The brutal tug of war that ensued in the years following claimed many lives but the shadii remained mostly untouched. The Lizardii then mounted what was called the battle of the line. Together one by one the Lizardii ran across over a mile of mines rushing the Shadii city. At this they were met with a large plasma cannon. The blast however was stopped by an Orb master named Yigan, A treent who had shown up to aid in the battle. With the Orb masters' help the lizardii were able to rush the city taking the front wall and fighting their way to the elevator of the core. They took Prince Night hostage and demanded the release of the Goddess Shuil. At this Techrin surrendered and Shuil was granted to them still imprisoned in her armor. Yigan was stripped of his orb master title for his rebellion against the Shadii however and the Treents were threatened with violence by the Shadii if they ever interfered with them again. The shadii also passed a law banning Orb masters from using their abilities in combat.

 With Shuil’s return the Lizardii were taught the values of peace and unity. It was revealed to them that Volsteyan was obsessed with war and conquest whereas Shuil had wished for a peaceful existence for the Lizardii. This caused a rift between those who followed the teachings of Volestyan and those who wished to learn from Shuil. There was also the fact that Volsteyan had commanded the Lizardii to learn how to kill Morstellans and they had acquired no such knowledge. With this the Volsteyia government opted to challenge Shuil and her followers to a war. The goal was to learn how to defeat the Goddess and also to prove the futility of a life of peace. Shuil however surrendered herself rather than have war break out with her servants. This contradicted the Lizardii goal of defeating a Morstellan in combat.

To force Shuil into combat the Volsteyian government rounded up an estimated four thousand Shuifeng. They were to be executed unless Shuil would accept their challenge of combat. Reluctantly Shuil agreed. The next day the battle against Shuil began. An estimated 600 of the most elite Lizardii soldiers lined up against an armored Shuil. In the end all were dead or injured after an estimated 16 hours of fighting. Shuil returned to Volsteyia with no injuries. Afraid they would threaten the Shuifeng again, Shuil led an exodus of the peaceful Lizardii and the entirety of the Shuifeng population to the springs of sector 9 where the city of Shuipeace was born. It is unknown exactly how but at some point soon after Shuil was released from her armor. She now roams Orbisea as a storm of blue fire bringing rains to the crops of the Lizardii. She returns to Shuipeace every winter to care for the Shuifeng. 

After about 75 years of peace however the Unichrom Empire of Purity went to war with Shuipeace in order to recapture Shuil and use the goddess power for their own gain. The war was long and although the Empire of purity forces were unable to capture Shuil, they imprisoned hundreds of Shuifeng and used them for slave labor.

 Around this time the Alices Vengeance army had begun its crusade on the other races. Early attempts were made to take Lizardian villages and cities but to little avail. Taking this as a challenge the Lizardii of Volesteyia began unceasing attacks on the east side of Alice territory. It took the Fey considerable effort to hold them back but they were able to maintain their ground with their superior fire power. Then with the release of Volsteyan the Lizardii formed a new front that bulldozed through the Fey territory’s as the Lizardii slaughtered nearly all of the members of alice's vengeance. 

After his victories though Volsteyan was not sated. He led conquests on all the other races including the more peaceful Lizardii factions. When encountering 2 Lizardii who had joined the Dodger alliance forces he is recorded to have said.

“I am no God of worms and cowards. I commanded you centuries ago to learn how to kill me. And how have you wasted that time? Playing with guns? Pray. Pray that I'm not the only god in this universe.”

Volsteyan brought many to his ranks. He was known to send in soldiers with blunt weapons to clean up remaining soldiers of enemy armies. He would imprison,Bribe,Blackmail or brainwash whoever he found fighting to their last. He was also known to organize duels and tournaments between captured enemies. He would say “Becoming a prisoner is something to be earned. Fight and prove your strength.” Volsteyan was however defeated by Prince Night and the Intelligent kingdoms alliance. 

After the war of flames ended however the Lizardii were removed from the council of intelligent races for their non ceasing warfare. With this they were nearly completely stripped of their rights as citizens in other races' domains. They quickly became slaves for hard labor or pets sold to the highest bidder. Volsteyia was than attacked by the Shadian Empire in 2162 OL. This was called the war of shadows vengeance, (or war of shadow) with this most of Volsteyia was destroyed. The Lizardii at this point failed to have any centralized power or kingdom until the Techless war ended. 

With the other races stripped of their guns and technology the Lizardii were able to revolt and reunify creating the kingdom of Morstia. During this time political leaders encouraged their fellow Lizardii to unite under their own strength and power. After the Lizardii had fully constructed their new home Shuil returned to them. Angered by the mistreatment of the Lizardii she taught the Lizardii the tenants of Justice and vengeance. She then raised her warriors granting them her blue flame. They were called the Boruscarian knights. With this she instructed the now prosperous Lizardii to execute their vengeance on the world and to “become the strong”. The Boruscarian Knights lead the people of Morstia on what would be known as the Lizardian Conquest. With their great strength and innate knowledge of battle the Lizardii conquered nearly all of the human,Unichrom and Dyinte kingdoms. since they had no need of slaves so they used their captives as cattle instead. The Shadii and Eonis refused to interfere as long as there were still enough survivors to prevent any species from going extinct. Quickly the once near innocent warriors of the Lizardii became cruel taskmasters and man eaters. Surrendering to their own base desires it was a time of untold brutality depicted as righteous vengeance. 

With this new style of warfare arriving though Humans again took to their warrior ways of old. The people of the Chishidan federation were able to hold off the Boruscarian knights and retake the city of Shouken. The conquest of the Lizardii was eventually halted through many similar battles. However the Lizardii eventually turned on one another. The new teachings of Vengeance taught to them by Shuil became their undoing as they became wrathful creatures devoted to their own personal justice. With this the Naido took advantage of the situation and were able to break apart the kingdom of Morstella through espionage. With this the Lizardii split back into their races factions. Each went to a kingdom named after their own god. The Ignele however proposed the idea of becoming strong as a group. They invited all Lizardii races to come to Ignis and together they formed the Lizardian council keeping what territories of Morstia that they could the country became known as the Lizardian territories. Shuil was never heard from again by the Lizardii after the conquests. It is believed she felt guilt because she was unable to lead the Lizardii into a lifestyle of peace and therefore exiled herself.

 Around 3020 OL began the vengeance wars. The Humans and Unichrom formed an alliance and sought to completely wipe out the Lizardii. The now isolated cities of the Lizardii were swarmed by thousands of knights and warriors. This became known as the Vengeance Crusades. The Human kingdom of the Fringes and the unichrom house of the Green crystal made sure not to completely wipe out the Lizardii however to keep with Shadian anti extinction mandate. They planned instead to round up and kill all of the Lizardii in one fell swoop in order to prevent the Shadii from interfering in the genocide. In order to succeed though they needed to conquer the Lizardian territories. But after nearly a hundred years of trying they were unable thanks to the Boruscarian knights. On their final attempt the Fringes and Greens were able to collect technology secretly in a place they called Sciencia. They then blitzed the Lizardian territories with guns cannons and bombs. Hearing of this the Eonis hired the Vironian military to stop them. Promised with technological comforts the Vironian crimson lions came to the Lizardiis aid. Flanking the Fringe and Greens forces and led by the enhanced general Feyorin they won the battle of black sands in 3115 OL. 

The Lizardii came to form an alliance with Vironis. Together the two kingdoms became known for their skill in hunting large beast. Some Treent nomads joined them as well forming the hunters guild. After some years however the Vironians began to abuse the technology they had and oppress the Lizardii within their own territories. Disputes over hunting lands arose and eventually the treaty between the two kingdoms was broken. The Lizardii however lost much territory at this point and began fighting over the free lands with Vironis. Neither side was able to gain a foothold and Plad and Flare colonists moved in instead.

 In the hundreds of years after though many Lizardii began to leave Ignis believing it not to be the home of strength they were once promised. Then with the break out of the Hironian Vironis wars the Lizardii allied with the Hironians. At this point many Lizardii moved to Hiron seeking to adopt their culture and make amends for the wars now past. During this the Core wars broke out and the Lizardii aided the Shadii in their defense of the core.


Cannon men.

The Lizardii heavy infantry of Volsteyia. The Cannon men were large Flango Lizardii who carried litteral canons as their side arm. They fought for the sake of fun and to prove their own worth without thought of vengeance.

Volsteyans knights.

During the flame wars these knights wore bright red armor and carried personal arsenals of guns swords and spears.

Boruscarian Knights

Defenders of justice and vengeance and blessed with Shuils blue fire, The Boruscarians fought to gain justice for their enslaved and murdered brethren. They carried extremely large great swords that were covered in oil and could be lit at a moment’s notice. They were highly trained in controlling their own body heat and some were known to be able to light things on fire with their bare hands.

Hunters Guild warriors.

Skilled in ranged combat and seeking glory these Lizardii used to hunt great dragons Decipedes and anything that dared be larger then themselves. They hunted for honor praise and sport. Their weapons of choice included large boomerangs, Ride daggers, Bows and exploding javelins.



The belief in each breeds personally Morstella. And the following of the tenants of battle.


The belief in Volsteyan as the god above all. Followers of Volst still seek to free Volsteyan and to conquer all other races of Orbisea.

Old Shui

The belief in a peaceful co-existence between the Lizardii and other races. Old Shui follows the tenants of Shuil before the Lizardian conquest. Believers believe the Shuil of the conquest to have been an imposter god. Many hold Volsteyan as the route of evil.

New Shui

The belief in justice above all else. The new Shui faith teaches that Vengeance Is the only way to true justice. And that fairness must be absolute. New Shui believers are against both cruelty or mercy. ”Each crime is punished with itself. Mercy is abused and cruelty is greediness.”

~Book of The Naido~!



The naido hail from the water moon of Nai. They were known to dwell on both land and sea. Following the star of Estis they would migrate across their moon with the planet of Arene being their main source of heat. Nai was in a continuous winter. Arene would reflect their stars light onto the moon whenever it was in the sky. This provided the Naido with enough warmth to survive.


The naido exist in their own animal kingdom Estinians also referred to as scaled mammals. They are very similar to whales in internal biology but possess both gills and lungs. They also have bright refractive scales that cover their body. They lay eggs but care for their children much like humans. The Naido also possess large disc-like scales with a high iron concentrate which act as biological compasses. Naido fins lay close to the body and expand upon use. Naido also tend to use minimalistic clothing as their genitalia are covered unless in use much like dolphins or whales. Naido have an extremely complex vocal system and are able to imitate most sounds they hear perfectly. When underwater they often speak in whistles and clicks. They have a lifespan of 100-150 years.

Sub races

Naido come in five color variants Black,Red,Blue,Yellow,White. They are the original variants of the pods on Nai.

Black naido often possess larger disc scales and slimmer eyes. They are natural navigators.

 Red, have yellow eyes and are slightly smaller. They are adept at imitating noises. 

Blue Naido have larger fins and are the fastest swimmers. 

Yellow Naido have large round eyes and noticeable sharp teeth. They are a sort of jack of all trades,

White Naido poses almost pitch black eyes. They are known to be able to withstand extreme depths and cold. They also have long trailing frills. They are poor at dealing with sunlight.

Culture and history

The naido were one of the last races to be brought down to Orbisea’s surface. It had taken a while for the Eonis to successfully balance the required ph of Orbiseas oceans to house aquatic creatures from so many different locations. This resulted in the 3 separate Oceans of Orbisea. Nain, Ocea and Callun. There was also the deep underwater ecosystem of Neptune's deep Which housed dangerous aquatics from Neptu that would otherwise wipe out the inherent populations. The Naido were introduced first to the ocean of Nain. They would build houses on the backs of Scaled whales and live nomadically. They very quickly mapped out the entirety of the relatively small Ocean of Nain. After only a few years though they grew bored due to their migratory and adventurous ways. Many Naido left Nain to explore the other Oceans and the land. 

Naido culture highly values legacy Naido children in fact go unnamed until their first accomplishment in life. Naido names are also often passed down from those previously successful in endeavors. Some Naido children are known to opt out of taking a name at a young age to rather pursue a great success and make their own names. In their first years on Orbisea the Naido almost entirely avoided warfare and continued their migratory ways. However once the council of intelligent races was formed the Shadii recommended that they establish some sort of standing military in order to keep their own rights. With this the Naido formed the Imperial kingdom of Nain (IKN). The imperial kingdom was more of a lone army with almost no internal government and existed only to provide the infrastructure to prepare the Naido for advanced war. Many Naido saw this as an opportunity to make a new legacy for themselves. Naido students quickly streamed to Human and Gweem schools of technology to advance their knowledge. By the end of the first century OL the naido had developed a successful kingdom. Many of the former adventurers, scholars, mercenaries and mappers returned home having mapped nearly all of their new homeworld. The dangerous Ocean of Callun was unmapped however as was Neptune's Deep. With this the Naido culture developed dramatically. Naido began building beach and underwater houses, Developing their own cuisine, developing their own martial arts and enjoying technological comforts. Naido quickly became renowned for their cuisine and navigation abilities.

 In about 120 OL the Naido experienced their first war. The Unichrom invaded The IKN in an attempt to steal their sonic weaponry. With this the Naido quickly realised they were outmatched. Fortunately a Naido spy that became named Tago was able to destroy the Unichroms Oxygen tanks preventing further invasion and allowing the Naido to regroup. They then stormed the beaches of Nain and killed most of the remaining invaders.The Naido at this point realised they needed to be able to defend their beaches and coastline. With this the IKN waited to recover from the war before launching the Beach wars of 145 OL. Naido took nearly all of Nain's connected beaches. This however nearly sparked a war with the Human kingdoms however thanks to Pixfey intervention the three races agreed to share the northern beach and waters between the three of them and built the eastern reservoir in neutral territory to allow the unaligned races access to the Ocean. The Northern beach quickly became a resort.

 With their underwater supremacy the Naido were left untargeted by war for nearly a thousand years. With this many Naido continued their adventures to avoid boredom and many became spys or mercenaries. However the centuries of peace lead to overpopulation problems in the Oceans of Nain. Naido hunters quickly pushed many Estinian species to the brink of extinction in an attempt to meet the demands for their unique cuisine. This as well as a higher birth rate due to the warmer waters of Orbisea lead the Naido to quickly run out of food and space. At this point the Shadii stepped in to ensure that no species went extinct. They put sanctions and protections on several species which were endangered and thus had also become rare and expensive catches. Outraged at these policies the Naido continued hunting anyway. With this the Shadii sent in soldiers and quickly destroyed the Nain city of Endale in the Northern Ocean. Taking this as an act of war the Naido attacked to reclaim the city but were woefully outmatched by the Shadian technology and weaponry. 

After winning the Ocean occupation wars of 957 OL The Shadii sent out an order for the Naido to get the population of the Ocean of Nain under 4 billion by the end of the year. The kingdoms Nain decided that the best way to decide who stayed would be through warfare. Then only the most noble, most qualified Kingdom would own the Ocean. With this the Reds Blacks Blues and Yellows engaged in war Nain. The one year war was brutal but through clever diplomacy and espionage tactics the Reds won Nain. With this they allowed a 1% ratio of the other races to stay in Nain. The whites however stayed occupying the trenches and colder areas of the Ocean far away from the other races. 

The Blues and Blacks migrated to Ocea while the Yellows set about taming the dangerous seas of Callun. The Naido of Ocea became hired navigators taking human vessels across the tricky waterfalls and currents of Ocea. Many came to form settlements on the Islands. Ocea Naido also quickly became fond of taking Dolphins and Orca as pets. Due to the similarity in their vocalizations many Naido were able to learn to speak directly with them. The Naido of Ocea opted against building permanent underwater residences and returned to their migratory ways slowly domesticating Blue whales to do so. They found no need of their former cooking techniques with Earthen fish and mammals and so those who did decide to remain chefs and cooks simply moved into port towns. They were always happy to get the occasional Estinian import. 

In Callun The Naido found themselves joined by Lizardii hunters as they manned steel vessels in the Orange ocean hunting giant Mosasaurs. The Yellow Naido became skilled sailors and harpoonist. Eventually they took to piracy and began stealing vessels and merchandise from Unichrom and Gweem export ships. The Yellow naido developed advanced floating cities. Some learned to tame the various species of Mosasaurs in Callun and substituted them for scaled whales. They would assist the giants in hunting. With these developments a new form of Cuisine developed from Callun. The Yellow Naido formed the Callun fishing industry (C.F.I) which became both their main company and government. The Gweem and Unichrom became frustrated with the frequent piracy and after failing to solve things with the C.F.I they began the war on pirates of 1050 OL. 

Other than the war of pirates the majority of Naido avoided direct warfare in the later centuries but The Empire of Nain frequently allied themselves against Shadian interest and allied with others in wars of conscience. The great war of Nain however altered the balance of power as many Naido looking to return from the other oceans and land began a battle for Nain against the reds. The yellows allied themselves with the Lizardii, black and blue Naido, And the Elven kingdom. Meanwhile the reds were allied with the Fey, Unichrom, Gweem, and Kingdom of New America. The great war of Nain spiraled into the first Orbisean war. With the end of the Great war of Nain though the Naido found themselves reunified and the several wars had reduced their populations enough for them to mostly resume ordinary life. The realisation came however that if they were not able to keep their population low then they would be back at square one. With this the reunified kingdom of the Nain intentionally split itself into six warring kingdoms using their churches of nain. This began the period of time known as the bloodied Oceans.

 The IKN again used their highly skilled espionage unit to spread the teachings of the churches of Nain to the other Oceans. Soon the hundreds of sub factions of roaming holy warriors cropped up. Using sonic weapons and Tridents these warriors became known as Nadrigma. Each clan was out to prove their god as the one above all. The highest members of the order knew the true reason for the war, However regardless the honor and fame it brought each was worth their while. The factions began filming their wars as a way to gain acclaim. These televised wars found sudden financial backing and Nadrigma masters found themselves being held to the highest of honors. Gweem investors took advantage of this and began filming and recording wars from every side. This came to include the Lizardii wars for sport. Realizing the potential if the warriors of each Ocean were to Collide the C.F.I and I.K.N built large canals that connected the 3 great Oceans of Orbisea. With this the Great Ocean war began. At this time however the Techless war began and Nadrigma found themselves stripped of their higher technology weapons.

The Nadrigma only found this as an opportunity to increase the excitement of their battles. Switching to grappling hooks, nets and harpoons the Nadrigma took on the new name Kabnain meaning Gladiators of Nain. The term was applied loosely to all Naido gladiators though rather than only those from Nain. The Kabnain took on codes of honor seeking fame and fortune. They quickly became frequent entries in Lizardian wars for sport. At this point with permission from the shadii the White Naido attempted several times to colonize Neptunes deep but to no avail. Unable to join the wars on the surface due to their sensitive skin they moved south to colder water and the frozen lakes of the North.

 In the meantime many Naido began to interbreed. This resulted in the Green Stream and lake Naido and the Brown Naido of Callun. With the naido fractured the young emperor Dahan amassed his own personal army of skilled Kabnain and led the great Ocean unification war. He was able to completely unite the Ocean of Nain and the Naido of Ocea together Under the new Empire of Dahai. The remnants of the I.K.N withdrew to their former resort in the north. The empire of Dahai was known as a cruel regime. Dahan was known to silence all who disagreed with him by sending them into Neptunes deep. The Dahai regime stood until Dahans death in 2078 OL the Dahai dynasty however continued for another 300 years waging wars with Pirates of Callun and the I.K.N. 

The first spill of the deep however ended the Dahai dynasty. Evidently changelings from Neptunes deep had infiltrated the Dahai government. The monsters quickly sowed mistrust between Dahai citizens and with a large population being wiped out by these hidden invaders the country once again was split into warring factions each returning to its own church. Eventually though the different naido factions came to the realization that they would have to destroy the Changeling threat. And so the changeling war began. The warrior methods of the Kabain were no match for changeling stealth abilities and they ended up turning on each other just as swiftly as they had united. The I.K.N realised this was their opportunity to retake Nain however and using their spies and new registration policies issued every citizen a I.D. It was announced that any Naido who refused to register within that year would be killed on sight. The C.F.I also agreed to these terms registering every one of their own citizens. After a long and bloody period of ten years its believed that the changeling population was completely eradicated from Nain. The I.K.N and C.F.I then outlawed any travel to Neptunes deep.

 About 2200 O.L the Naido underwent a massive economic crisis. They had staved off their markets crashing after the tech war with pirating and resorts but with the new medieval era they had lost more than half their clientele. With no hope of restructuring the I.K.N and C.F.I split into scattered kingdoms as many Naido migrated away and engaged in small wars. During the Core wars the Naido remained neutral having completely forgotten of the Eclipse and holding bad blood with the Eonis and Shadii they were happy to watch the two tear eachother apart. The effects of the core itself were not as devastating for the Naido as it was for the other races since their lives underwater were not as confined by gravity. White naido ended up being able to occupy much of the newly uninhabited pressured Oceans. The rest of the Naido though moved closer to land in areas where the gravitational effects were not as bad.



Warriors adept with Sonic weapons and advanced armor. They were roaming holy soldiers who fought for fame fortune and honor.

-Callun Pirates

Living on floating cities boats and alongside mosasaurs the Callun pirates were skilled thieves and hunters. They almost never wore armor and fought with twin short swords and a harpoon as their weapon of choice. Callun pirates were skilled at taming large beast as well and developed the ability to use echolocation in the murky seas of Callun.


The kabnain were honor bound soldiers who fought as gladiators and later conscripted knights of the Dahai dynasty. They relied on nets, tridents and grappling hooks. They were eventually wiped out in the changeling wars.


The spies of the I.K.N they were most commonly red Naido. With their incredible vocal range and mimicry skills they were effective saboteurs and impersonators. One radio call was all they needed to destabilize entire armies at times. They typically carried a simple bronze or golden chefs knife to avoid drawing suspicion to themselves. They had no code and often sacrificed their names and legacy in direct service of the emperor. Surrendering what they valued most in life and as a culture. They were the ultimate tools of the IKN and were the main reason for the Naidos' survival.


The six churches of the deep.

The varied beliefs of the six churches are muddled and confusing. Their only purpose in creation was to insight warfare and so each simply teaches devotion to their own personal sovereign over all else. Most believers simply have an us versus them mentality and are so blinded by their rage they fail to see the nonexistence of their own beliefs. The only guarantees of each of the six churches is prosperity for its followers should they bring honor to their god above all else.


The belief in the guiding star of Estis and the warmth of the mother Arene. It is said that the green star Estis guides the brave to its mother Arene when they are lost returning them to her warmth. Believers follow the star whenever they feel lost in their own life. Looking for the warmer waters of Arene. Followers of Arenstis are often renown adventurers and explorers. They are known to be joyful and eager warriors, map makers and guides.

~Book of the Humans~



The humans hail from the planet earth. Earth was known for its high level of genetic diversity. The exact origin of life on earth is unknown. Humans were known to have frequent conflicts between themselves and by the time of the Eclipse had a substantial space force and several colonies led by the Dodger federation.


Humans have a simple body structure that is highly optimized. They also have extremely malleable DNA and have a balance of intelligence strength and dexterity.

Sub races

Humans had dozens of races before the Orbisean landing. Most of them homogenized after leaving earth however. Hironians are of European descent. Chishidians are of East Asian descent. Vironians are of middle eastern descent. And Godorins are of African descent. And freelanders who are often a mix of several races. After the landing however several other races developed from adaptation on Orbisea and other developments. This includes

 the Gnonin, Humans who settled in more gravitationally heavy locations. They are short and slightly stronger then average.

Blüns Humans who settled in the Lunar swamps of southern Orbisea. They turned blue due to exposure to large amounts of silver in their water. They have good night vision.

Elves. A race that lived near the northern forest of Nain. It became a common style for women there to get spliced to resemble their fey neighbors. The genetic code slowly became its own blood line. Elves have pointy ears and occasionally exotic eye colors. They also are lighter and skinnier on average.


Illegal animal cross human splices created as exotic pets and slaves. They slowly developed into their own race and moved to the floral terraces of sector 9.

Culture and history 


-Arciere: Highly trained archers. They are able to fire several arrows in seconds, catch on coming arrows, and are master grapplers. Arcieres are often women and are loyal to Hiron.


Cult of Eclipse. Worshipers of the Eclipse, they believe it’s destruction of Orbisea will bring about salvation.

~Book of the Treents~


~Book of the Unichrom~!



The unichrom are a race of energy draining creatures. Their society revolved around finding energy sources and following storms for nourishment. By nature they are rather weak but they have metalic bones that allow them absorb and redirect electrical energy. They later however came upon large energy crystals. Slowly they became addicted and dependent on them. Seeing this the few Unichrom who weren’t addicted used this to their advantage and took control of the high crystals. With this they formed the basis of their government.


Unichrom possess a skull that contains concentrated metal deposits. The main horn in the center of their head acts as a lightning rod. Upon being struck the horn redirects the energy down the spine and into a battery-like organ behind the lungs. Extra electrical energy is grounded by metal lining in the right and left leg bones. Unichrom are not however born with these metallic structures. Instead they devour minerals and grow them after birth. Unichrom horns end up being made of whatever metal they ingest as a child. Due to the difficulty digesting such materials they have dual stomachs. Unichrom however did not need energy to survive Originally. The planet Fulgan was mostly barren and so Unichrom had a body designed for minimum food intake and maintenance. Due to this however they are by nature rather physically weak. However their muscles and metabolism are designed to capture and store electricity. After absorbing energy they instantly increase in speed and strength. Nearly all Unichrom are addicted to crystals blood, so much so that most would die from withdrawal. The only Unichrom that aren’t are known as pures. Pures make up the ruling class but are often weaker on average due to their not taking in energy. Unichrom also have sharp spines that line their back and whip like tails. These are rarely seen however as most unichrom cultures emphasize wearing a cape or long back covering. Compared to humans Unichrom often have a pronounced yet flat nose bridge with the nose itself being rather small. Unichrom eyes lack an iris and look like vertical black lines. They pupil itself however Is only visible in pures. Their eyelids come to a narrow slit that often extends down the face. The slit houses pores that sense electrical and heat energies. They have a lifespan of 500-1000 years

Sub races

Unichrom developed into 3 sub races after landing on Orbisea. The races are connected to each of the crystals they use. They are the Emerald capes, Sapphire Cloaks, And Crimson Coats. 

Emerald capes tend to have bluish skin and wide cheek horns. Their faces also have rounder eyes then other Unichrom and their eye slits extend down from parts of the eyelid nearest the nose. Their frequent use of green crystals have led them to develop uncanny flexibility. 

The Sapphire Cloaks have trapezoid shaped eyes. Their eye slits extend down the side furthest from the nose. They also have sharp cheek horns that lie higher than that of other unichrom. Most commonly they possess purplish skin. Their exposure to blue crystals has made them extremely good at electrical manipulation.

Crimson Coats often have grey or black skin and oddly only grow one rear horn, most commonly on their left side. They have rather small cheek horns and their forehead horn sits lower on their face typically at eye level. Their exposure to red crystals mean they are able to also absorb heat and fire energy.

Violet hoods. The violet hoods were created after the development of an artificial violet crystal. They are less of a race and more of a nationality. They have members of all the other unichrom races in their country. Exposure to purple crystals means they have lower risk of addiction but they lose any racial bonuses they would have otherwise. They have a balanced yet watered down version of all crystal effects.

Culture and history

The unichrom as a civilization worship roving energy crystals. These crystals draw energy for ecological and or surrounding life forms. There are 3 natural crystals. Crimson,Emerald and Sapphire. The crystals shunt off energy into the atmosphere and generate storms. They also produce a fluid-like substance when scratched that is referred to as crystals blood. Crystals blood can be used as an energy source. By nature crystal energy has an intense binding and magnetic quality. Objects bathed in crystals blood inherently are drawn to the location their electrical arcs follow. This phenomenon is called energy binding and is similar to magnetism. Crystals blood can also be digested by biological lifeforms. The energy sensation they give off however is highly addicting. The Unichroms governing empire of the 3 crystals stayed together upon landing on Orbisea. The people followed the crystals as they followed energy sources to their resting places. The Green crystal settled in the shattered plain, A strange storm ridden domain with a hollow undersurface composed of grey stones that were eroded by vast rains. The green crystal now not only draws energy from the natural storms but also shunts off excess energy leading to a feedback loop of eternal storms. The red crystal settled nearby in the canyons of Fulgon. There the red crystal drew energy from the magma rivers that course through the canyon. It heralded red storms over the region. The blue crystal settled in the caves of Inghen It draws energy from the vast amount of bioluminescent life that live in the area. Constant snow storms fill the area. With this the Empire of the 3 crystals (ETTC) built their kingdoms around these locations. 

The ETTC was led by a dynasty of purest who refused to use crystals. They are the only Unichrom not dependent upon them. The pures chose those with the lowest addiction rates to maintain the three crystal cults. The cults themselves handled the maintenance and distribution of crystal fragments to the people. As such the crystal acolytes were granted major crystal fragments that contained far more energy than minor fragments. With as much power as they had the balance of power between them and the Pures always remained shaky. The people themselves were categorized into three class groups. 

Dependants ,Those with an extremely minor to negligible addiction to crystals they only use crystals to survive. Dependents comprised the high society, they had the ability to become acolytes generals or corporate leaders. To remain a dependent however a member must undergo a test annually to ensure that they have not fallen to addiction.

Workers,Those who were addicted to a minor degree and thus would continually work in order to hold onto their crystals. Workers needed crystals but were able to control themselves enough to enjoy stable families and spend hours away from crystals. Workers were able to also take a test annually to see if they were able to move up to being a dependent.

Slaves, Those who need a hit at least once an hour. Slaves are easy to find because their dependency on minor crystals often leads them to destroy them by accident in attempts to bleed them hundreds of times in a day. Since they cannot regulate themselves they are moved into life threatening or exhaustive jobs. They are not allowed minor crystals and are instead given hourly hits of crystals blood collected from the master crystal upon completion of hourly tasks. Slaves are often given lodging by their employers as they cannot afford places themselves.

If a slave was unable to control themselves even on an hourly scale they were expelled outside of the kingdom and left to die of withdrawal. They were often called Mortules or deads.

The ETTC ruled the Unichrom for nearly 300 years on Orbisea. During which they expanded themselves into a vast empire. The ETTC was a popular distributor of raw materials for electronics as well as energy and power suppliers. Their neighbor kingdom the Gweem corporation allied with them and the two traded with humans shadii Eonians and naido on a regular basis. The Pures were often visitors at gweem events and enjoyed their technologies. Several Pure princes and princesses moved into their cities at several points throughout history. The ETTC did not get along well with many more tribal races however. They waged war with the mantids, and spyans to the east of them on a regular basis. They also fought wars with the amphibs further south and the pirates of Callun. These wars were more of sequences skirmishes than anything else however. The pures lust for technologies however led them to attempt several conquests. The first was the Naido war of 120 OL, in an attempt to steal their sonic weaponry the unichrom launched several attacks on the IKN but they were foiled by naido spies. They also launched attacks on the Cherrun in attempts to steal their levitation technology. In this case however they were foiled by the Cherruns superiority in the air and their Astral technologies. After failing the Unichrom turned to the fey asking for fighters and were able to contract a few. After several attacks on the Cherruns homeland of Paraisin however the Churren wiped out the advance force and forced their way into the crimson kingdom stealing the red master crystal. The Cherrun attacks slaughtered millions of Unichrom and nearly the entirety of the crimson crystals slave population died from crystal withdrawal within days. The Pures however were focused on achieving their own technological superiority and made no immediate plans to regain the crimson crystal. The shadii at this point interfered fearing the Crimson population would die off. The cherrun were forced to share the crystal's blood with the kingdom of ETTC. They were however allowed to keep the crystal in their city of Cainil. With this the Cherrun used their position of power to level vast sums of money from both the crimson crystals acolytes and dependents in order to keep the deliveries of crystals blood regular. The pures decided however to continue the war. Led by emperor Vain in 140 OL  an army of emerald capes and sapphire cloaks dropped from air carriers into the city of Paraisin. Taking over the city hall the Unichrom threatened to kill the President of The Cherrun federation if they were not granted the specs on Cherrun levitation technology. In response the Cherrun threatened to destroy the Crimson crystal. Vain however ignored the threats and had the President publicly executed and captured the entirety of the city of Paraisin. The Cherrun on the other hand were approached by prince Night of the Shadii empire who helped them fake the destruction of the crimson crystal. Night evidently paid crimson dependents with major crystal fragments to spread the news of its destruction. At the same time he had the Gweem hide the pures living in their cities. Within a matter of days the Crimson accolytes began a coup in an attempt to overthrow Emperor Vain. Vain however used Cherrun aircraft and weapons to obliterate large portions of the crimson forces killing the last of the crimson acolytes. With this the crimson population was reduced to a mere 25% of its previous population over the course of one war. Outraged and fearing similar abuses of power the Emerald and Sapphire acolytes rebelled against the emperor. Most of the empire's forces in turn changed their allegiance and besieged the emperor's castle in center City. Emperor Vain had no public execution and it is said he was ripped apart by enraged crimson warriors and dependents. With this the acolytes sought to take power. They killed off the entirety of the royal family within their reach and renamed the ETTC into “The Church of three“ with what resources they had they had they attempted to reforge the master crimson crystal from major fragments they had. Within a number of days and with help from Gweem scientist they had successfully reproduced a master crystal. This information was not given to the general public. However the day before the announcement of a new crimson crystal was made the Cherrun revealed that the crimson crystal had not been destroyed as thought and that in return for the extradition of the executors of president Elandan they would return the crystal. This information shook the new rulership of the church of 3. The acolytes believed the crystals to be something sacred, in fact gods in their own right. The ability to forge master crystals from major and minor fragments also meant that they risked destroying the social hierarchy completely should the information get out. However the soldiers that executed President Elandan were considered war heros and one of them had even become a new crimson acolyte. With this the acolytes held a secret meeting and decided they needed to kill all those involved with the creation of the second crimson crystal and destroy it. The meeting was held in absence of the newly elected crimson acolyte. With this they enlisted several naido assassins to kill the high ranking Gweem scientists,  they then turned over the Crimson acolyte Iad as well as the executors. And fragmented the second crimson master crystal. The Cherrun then returned the Crimson master crystal and proceeded to execute the war criminals. However before his execution Iad told the high leadership of the Cherrun about the ability to forge master crystals. With this information he was spared and a kidnapped Crimson unichrom was executed in his place to conceal his pardoning. 

In the years that followed the Church of the three formed a ruling class of acolytes who became known as the bishops of three. The bishops of the 3 consisted of 12 members, the four highest ranked acolytes of each crystal. The bishop's first order was to kill all of the Pures. This was however against shadiian law. So they began training assassins by sending them to spy training facilities in Nain. The Bishops then had successfully trained a full private ring of master assassins. They became known as the Moarte de mascarada. Or death masquerade. The masquerades were able to quickly and silently kill the pures that lived in central city. Believing their genocide successful they then used masquerade agents to release large numbers of dyinte from their resservations in an attempt to distract the Shadii.

After all of this the Gweem became suspicious about the deaths of several of their scientists as well as the seeming lack of pures in Unichrom territories. With the pures having been their primary ally and customer for new inventions and technologies they conducted several investigations secretly. This however proved to be increasingly hard as Gweems became less and less welcome in The church of 3. This led to mounting and increasing tensions. With this news the Gweem set out to solve the mystery once and for all. They secretly leaked information about a surviving pure to naido spies and paid them to deliver it to the Moarte de mascarada. With several hidden cameras they were able to watch an assassination attempt unfold on where the target was located. Knowing now that their had been a genocide of the pures the Gweem took the survivng pures even deeper into hiding and protection. The bishops of the three however became increasingly suspicious. Gweem themselves are known to be terrible liars and so with multiple espionage attempts the bishops of the three were able to locate the remaining pure population. However the location was heavily guarded and unichrom outsiders were not allowed in. seeing this but fearing a Pure rebellion in later years the church of three had the masquerades bomb a small hospital using Gweem technology in 213 OL. With this the church had valid enough reason to go to war with the Gweem without arousing Shadian suspicion. The Crimsons however were still recovering from the Cherrun wars and were allowed to stay off the battlefield. During the wars Iad paid large sums for Gweem to hand over minor crystals that they had looted off of Unichrom soldiers. In the meantime the Cherrun had nearly constructed another Crimson master crystal and had begun using it to advance their technologies. The Church of the 3’s war with the Gweem lasted a total of 3 years. The Gweem eventually realised the unichrom would not stop trying to kill the Pures and instead invented a surgery that would give Pures the glowing eyes of the lower classes. With this and some other minor surgery with the aid of Treent doctors the pures were disguised as normal unichrom and several Pure volunteers stayed in the facility as decoys awaiting their inevitable deaths. The Gweem asked for assistance from the shadii as well but with the risk of the war continuing regardless or the surviving pures being killed by assassins they opted to take six pures to the core to live out their lives in secret and continue the pures genetic line. The gweem then allowed the Unichrom to break into the facility where the volunteers were and slaughter them. Only the Ceo of Gweem corp knew of the plan along with the shadian royal family. 

At this point many of the masquerades became concerned that the church's rule would be no different than that of the pures. The pures at least were not blinded by the influence of the crystals and so could make rational decisions for the people. But the church of three’s only goal seemed to gain more and more power. Slowly but surely the Moarte de mascarada were used to silence any and all desenters. The church would force feed crystal energy to heretics until they burned to death from overheating. Totalitarian rule took foot and the masquerades became the iron boot used to oppress the people. Meanwhile the Church of the three found that using the other less intelligent races for labor could improve their financial prowess. Creatures like Strial could also be sacrificed to the crystals as the crystals would naturally drain their energy. The church then began the crusades of the three. They pushed their territory further and further into Strial lands while also killing and capturing the tribal races in their path. They developed a long system of pipes to deliver crystal blood throughout their vast empire eventually using it to enslave the other races mentally as well. Even with their limited intelligence mantids and Spyans would follow instruction for fixes. And amphibs were often small enough to be ordered around without much physical threat. This period was known simply as the fringe wars. Eventually though the terristrial began their own attacks in revenge. The Unichrom were able to drain them of their energy but quickly found out what a real threat they were. With the terristrials psychic linking every single terristrial was aware of any attacker one saw. They could not be flanked, assassinated or even bribed without the whole army knowing. This also neglected their superior physicality. Most crystal weapons were unable to pierce the Strials natural armor and they were unable to use electrical based attacks to their advantage. Terristrial also began psychicly linking themsleves to enemies on the battlefield. Thousands of frontline soldiers turned on a daily basis. Those who didn't found attacking or killing the creatures when they felt everything their enemies did nearly impossible. This led the Unichrom to take a more defensive long ranged approach to combat but they were unable to hold back the sheer number of attackers. The unichrom ended up releasing what Strials they had left in captivity and relinquishing the territories they had captured.

With all of the destruction the Masquerades saw during the reign of the church of three many began seeking an alternative option. Still being dependent upon the crystals the masquerades sought to create their own crystal. However during a mission the masquerade Nil variss found out that Iad was alive and had been collecting crystal fragments for some years. Intrigued, she snuck into Paraisin alone and found his laboratory. Upon finding him the two discussed his research and findings. Evidently Iad had succeeded in grafting crystals together. He realised that if crystal grafting could be accomplished on a molecular level then it was hypothetically possible to create a fourth purple crystal. A purple crystal could not only act as a substitute for any of the other crystals. Using purification techniques it might even be possible to take away the addictive properties and remove addiction as a factor all together for the Unichrom race. Upon hearing this Nil convinced several masquerades to join her in the forging of the purple crystal. They successfully faked their deaths and moved to Paraisin acting as Iad’s informants and bodyguards. Iad focused his efforts then around collecting as many Exiled Mortules as he could and building his nation with the backing of the Cherrun. Iad was eventually successful in his creation of a purple master crystal. He later married Nil and the two helped create the village of Soben on the border of Cherrun territory where they housed the purple crystal. The cherrun themselves however were not satisfied with the amount of energy they were able to use in their designs and through legal means sought to seize the Purple master crystal. Nil however had bugged most of the Cherrun facilities in her time in Paraisin and intercepted the plan. The citizens of Soben abandoned the village in the summer of 700 OL and were able to escape Cherrun law enforcement. 

At this point a mysterious woman named Neridia rose up through the Emerald capes ranks and became a rather substantial political figure. At this point the Shadii and Eonis had decided to create the Council of intelligent races. Each intelligent race was to elect a representative to be on the council. Neridia won rather easily as the bishops of 3 prefered to keep their identities a secret and there were no other major players in the political landscape at that time. Neridia was known to have a romantic interest in prince Night although evidently it was never returned. During the war for Shuil she is said to have fought at his side and sustained several scars from the battle in the mirror swamps.

At this point however the church of three became aware of the existence of the purple crystal as well as its keepers. Fearing a revolt they sent a massive invasion force to the at then unoccupied village of Soben. There they were met by Cherrun soldiers and came to realize that their interests aligned. News of the invasion spread quickly however and the newly deemed Violet Hoods were forced to make allies before their new location in Bogden swamp was found out. Nil used her resources to hire dozens of IKN spies and mercenaries as Iad formed alliances with the native Blunes and the Strials of Bogdon who still harbored resentment for the war. Neridia saw the existence of the purple crystal as a chance to undermine the church of 3’s power and made contacts with Gweem corp and the Shadii population. The shadii were not eager to be drawn into the war however they allowed the new growing population of pures to join the fight. The war for the Violet crystal began officially in the winter of 703 OL with the Sapphire cloaks finding the hidden village of new Soben in the mountains above bogdon swamp. The battle was fierce but the Violet hoods were able to fight off the attackers with Iad fighting on the frontlines. With the war officially started the violets reinforcements came to their side and began pushing back the Sapphires. At this point the church of 3 was keeping the vast majority in the dark feeding them propaganda about the fourth crystal being a demon sent to curse the unfaithful. Using propaganda techniques and launching several pro church films with the help of Fey production companies the church whipped the public into a religous furry. Neridia on the other hand began her own campaign to regain sympathy for the Pures, drawing attention to the current totalitarian state she hired small scale preachers to spread propaganda. She was able to get the older generation to remember the rule of the Pures and the great benifits it brought them. Neridia then revealed herself to her uknowning allies in the Violet hoods. Sending a Gweem messenger Neridia revealed the exsistence of a substantial Pure population to the Violet hoods as well as her plans for internal destabilization of the church of 3. Taking this into account the Violet hoods decided to wait for Neridia to poke the ticking time bomb that was the Church of 3.  Neridia evidently had a pure Unichrom walk through central city and even show himself infront of the Emerald capes local church there. With this rumors spread swiftly about the exsistence of still living pures and the possibility for old rule to return. Iad had also began leaking rumors of the violet crystal ending addiction altogether. Rumors that however lacked all validity. Tensions quickly mounted inside the church of 3’s territories as hundreds of citizens tried to migrate the area while Pure loyalist began demanding the bishops relinquish there power. During these riots the Violet hoods masqeruades made a triple strike in an attempt to destroy the master Crimson, Emrald, and Sapphire crystals. Meanwhile Iad himself lead an invasion force into central city using an airforce of stolen cherrun air craft and a massive infantry. Neridia was waiting for this moment and had the Gweem attack the Emerald capes. The missions to destroy the three crystals proved ineffective however and Nil was killed whilst fighting a Sapphire acolyte. However most of the acolytes were killed in the attacks. The Bishops of the three at this point were hiding atop central tower trying to plan there escape when Iad reportidly crashed his aircraft into the tower and slaughtered all twelve of the bishops. When the chaos had settled Gweem soldiers occupied all of the Emerald territories, Nearly all but a few acolytes were dead, The Strial had burned and destoyed vast portions of centeral city and only the sapphire territories remained untouched.

 Neridia at this point asked Iad to withdraw his troops but he refused saying “I have been betrayed by those seeking revolution before. Make your statement infront of my army if your as brave as you say.” Hours later Neridia marched into centeral city wearing bandages over her eyes with hundreds of Pures behind her. She was lead by a small Pure child to town square where she stood atop the fountain and gave what became known as the Empresses speech. Neridia pointed to the churches greed and corruption, Its weakness and enslavement to the crystals whims. She then noted that the church had lied about the survival of the pures, it had lied about the ability to make more crystals, it had lied about the very nature of the peoples freedom itself. With this Neridia removed her bandages and revealed herself as the grand daughter of emperor Vain. With a now legitimate claim to the kingdom she won the peoples favor by announcing that more master crystals would be produced for each city. She also allowed as many as wished to leave at any time and experience the violet crystal. Iad, not seeking to continue the war and just having learned of his wifes passing, returned home with thousands of Unichrom who wished to escape addiction through the violet crystal. This became known as Iads exodus 706 OL.

Iad spent the rest of his days searching for a way to purify the violet crystals blood but to no avail. It is said he left his major crystal fragment behind and traveled deep into the woods where he died alone of withdrawal. A search party found him dead his eyes pure holding a picture of his wife Nil in the spring of 1000 OL. He was burried and memorial was erected with his purple major crystal fragment being placed hundreds of feet off the ground and surrounded by a force field. The memorial became known as Iads memorial, upon his headstone are written his favorite quote. “Through power we become free, Yet to power we become slaves.” his wife Nil’s remains were later moved and burried beside him.

Neridia on the other hand became known as the Empress of the sword. She lead thousands of conquest throughout Orbisea subjugating all she could and enforcing tight regimented control on their populations. Rumors held that this was in attempt to gain prince Nights affection. Throughout the years she fought in countless wars and led her new empire the Empire of Purity to become a major economic influence on the rest of Orbisea. She was evidently killed in the war Flames by lizardii gunners after leading reinforcements to aid prince Night in his battle with Volsetyan in 1894 OL. She never married and had no heirs.

Upon neridias death the Empire split into three warring factions with Neridias nephews each seeking the approval of different churches of acolytes. These wars waged till 2134 OL At this point the master crystals increased numbers had lead to them draining unhealthy amounts of energy from the local lifeforms as well as surrounding areas. This began the Unichrom expansion in which all three waring kingdoms began wars with eachother as well as with indegenous populations. Several crystals were destroyed in the process though including a crimson crystal in Bogdon by several adventurours in 2500 OL. The three kingdoms continued their wars slowly fracturing into hundreds of smaller kingdoms throughout the new mideval era. During the core wars however the largest kingdom was that of the Emerald capes who remained united throughout the thousand years of battle thanks to Neridia’s Nephew Smaralan.


Crystal blades. Warriors serving different factions of crystal acolytes they were known to carry blades made of major crystal fragments. They often served their own desires and economic needs as they were of the higher class. Blades were powerful warriors but were always focused on looting or war profitiering. They held very little respect for the church and saw them only as a means to get rich. They rarely rebelled but always let the lesser soldiers fight on the frontlines.

Crystal acolytes. Crystal acolytes were considered as priest and bishops among the people. They were also trusted to guard and protect the crystals in the event of attack. They were extremly good at guiding electrical energy from crystals and almost never used weapons. They were said to have their major crystal fragments levitate beside them and were known to have the ability to levitate off the ground using crystal energy. They worshiped the crystals as gods and held them to a sacred standard.

Masquerades. The masquerades were highly trained assassins who used crystals to enhance themselves. They were fast, silent, educated and well mannered. The churches failure to anticipate how much knowledge they would get on their missions however lead many to defect to the Violet hoods and become purple crystal users. With this they gained the abilities of all three crystals although in a more delluded state.


Purisim. Belief that the pures are emissaries of the heavens and the only path away from the corrupting control of the crystal. The purist hold their leaders as gods.

Crystan. The belief that the people should follow the crystals will at all cost and that defiance would lead to destruction.

Many Unichrom also converted to the earth beliefs of christianity secretly during the church of 3’s rule. Many viewed the partaking of crystal energy as a necessary sin.

~Book Of The Shadii~


(The greater good)

The Shadii are a species that arose on Nocturn due to randomized mitosis. They Have no god but view all life as something precious. They live for Millenia and fear no darkness. Their hearts are made of fire and their veins are filled with silver. The shadii became known as great geneticist and became gentic engineers and contracters on galactic scale. 


The Shadii exsist in the kingdom of Lums. Lums are biological creatures with a mercury based circulatory system and small fire exsisting as both a heart and stomach. They reproduce via randomized mitosis. When a shadii Is ready to split they place there hands outward and emit a stream of cells similar to a pharohs serpent. The cells swiftly structure themselves into a body called a reflection. Then any genetic modifiers desired are injected into the lifeless body via syringe by the controls(Shadii born every thousands of years with completely base genetic structure.) After this the father gives the reflection unique eye markings and places his hand on the reflections chest imbuing it with a flame of its own. Shadii children grow naturally from that point and typically start off with about the size and intellegence of a ten year old. 

The shadii mostly eat flamable materials. They actively need enough fuel to maintain there fire and need to injest mercury at least once a month. They can taste and eat normal biological food but often enjoy eating raw elemental substances. The shadii as a species are structured into houses with each fullfilling a specific function for which it is genetically best for. Originally however the shadii were at a complete whim to the randomness of there own genetic makeup. 

A shadii’s skeleton is typically made of light metals and unearthly chemical structures. Shadii exhale smoke as well. This used to be a varient of mercury dangerous to organic life but due to genetic editing Shadiian breath is no longer toxic to biological creatures. Shadiian skin is said to feel like an otherworldly soft porcelain. The shadii often possess radically different physical structure. This is often most apparent in the shape of their skulls. But shadii have the greatest physical diversity among sentient species. Shadiian eyes can see the full range of light. Including the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum. The house of Ales is able to use X-ray vision as well and have been reported to be able to see radio waves and transmission signals. Because of the complexity needed to observe these things shadii have dual iris’s stacked ontop of eachother in a cross pattern. There eyes emit a low amount of light to help them see in dark conditions. The house of Ales is considered to be the rulling class and therefore posses often the greatest intellect and height and are born with large bat like wings which pertrude from there upper back. Traditionally the genes for their height and wings were not allowed to be passed down to any of the lower houses.

Sub races

The shadii are split into five major houses. The rulling house of Ales (Wings). The house of Laminae (Blades). The house of Aspectu (sight). The house of Manibus (hands). The house of pedibus (feet). In addition there are the minor houses including the house of Peperit (birth) Also referred to as the controls. The house of mortem (death), The house of Fratres (brothers) And the house of Cor (Heart).

The house of Ales is the smallest of the houses and is the ruling line. Only four generations are allowed to live at once of this line to avoid dissension. The current ruler will always be the tallest, upon his death the next inline will begin to grow taller. The house of ales is allowed the strength of the house of Manibus, the mind and eyes of the house of Aspectu, the skill of the house of Laminae, and the heart of the house of cor.

The house of Laminae are born with innate combat skill. They are the more common of the Shadii. Children of the house of laminae are known to posses natural strength dexterity and combat skill. They however are not neccisarily drawn to combat but often enjoy sport or physical pursuits and have a strong compettive desire. Within the house are there are the lower divisions of the house of Fratres and the house of Mortem. The brotherhood are soldiers who all share the same genetic makeup. They mitos more often then other shadii and are gentically the same. The house of Mortem however appear at random within the house of Laminae. Children of Mortem are born without conscience and have a natural instinct to kill. They also posses an innate knowledge of how to kill things within there genetic code. They are typically removed from there families and house upon birth to avoid risk of murder in the general population. The house of Mortem as a whole is extremely small and typically only averages about a hundred members every generation. They are trained extensively by members of the house of Aspectu. The knights of Mortem are skilled in all weapons and adept at torture espionage and prefer unusual weapons. All this being said it is known that children of Mortem are known to be able to develop a normal sense of morality through training and developing close bonds.

The house of Aspectu is granted superior vision and intelligence then the other races. They often serve as scientist observers, strategists and teachers. They are typically small in stature and often have rather large eyes.

The house of Manibus by nature are larger then most shadii but not taller then the king of the house of ales. They are known as great smiths and architects and are imbued with great strength. The house of Manibus is known to take great pride in there work and to seek glory. They often have a stronger skeletal structure then most shadii in a trade off for their slowness.

The house of Pedibus consist of Shadian adventurers and inventors. The house contains very few genetic traits to set them apart other then their whip like tails. However they are constantly compelled to move forward. They are quick to adapt and try new things. The house of Cor exist within this house and consist of philosophers and thinkers. Members of the house are noticeable by there white eyes and markings.

The house of pepperit consist of the controls. There is only about 1 control born in every billion Shadii by pure coincidence. Controls are not altered in any way genetically and are all genetically exactly the same. They are prevented from producing reflections under law since controls posses the base genetic code and could hypothetically birth a new house or even by chance birth a new line of Ales. They are kept under strict watch by guards and taught extensive gene editing skills. They serve as aids in creating reflections, keeping the history of the people and occasionally as healers.

Culture and history

The Shadii hail from the moon of Noctun. Noctun was enveloped in the shadow of its father planet and thus was in eternal night. The moon however possessed an extremely hot molten core which heated the planet. With water extremely scarce most of Noctuns life was mercury based. Creatures known as Lums lived upon Nocturns surface. They reproduced via randomized mitosis. A clone split off from the original and its genes would randomly ulter. The nature of this lead to hundreds of thousands of variations and species being born then subsequently dying in the span of months or weeks. Eventually the first shadii was born. It was a small white creature but it had incredible longevity and intelligence. Over the course of its million year life it developed technologies to keep it alive and eventually discovered a way to stabilize the genetic randomization of its offspring. This shadii was known as Primus. Primus also found a way to genetically enhance himself and so gave himself wings to distinguish himself from among his children. Eventually however he died but not before creating the first civilization of Nocturn alone. In subsequent years the new Shadii organized themselves into houses. What once was purposeless random chance became a purposed meaningful birth. The direct descendants of Primus forged all of the houses of shadiia. Primus last son Lune inherited his wings and grew taller than any other shadii. He and his followers eventually led a conquest and subjugated the other houses. This is known as the first war. After this the shadii were left with a vast open planet to explore and a culture based entirely around classes and houses with each serving a vital function. They quickly advanced and spread across the planet. Lune however birthed six children all bearing his wings and as the shadii spread the six each claimed his own kingdom.

After the original spread of the shadii the six kingdoms warred but all advanced rapidly and quickly began to explore the stars. 

~Book of the Dyinte~

In a world full of highly adapted super predators only the fastest and smartest can survive. On the world Manin such creatures roamed in large numbers. Dire wolves ferocious insects and hundred foot long snakes hunted in Manin’s large bramble-like forest. These creatures over hunted nearly all prey life forms to extinction before turning on each other. Amidst this the prey race known as the dyinte survived despite their small and fragile nature using their wit, speed and caution.


Dyinte are small in stature typically around 4-5 feet tall and reach maturity at the young age of 12. They are fur covered creatures that resemble humanoid deer. They have two sets of ears, the set on top easily adjusts and points in the direction of sounds. The bottom set picks up sounds from long ranges and can pick up extremely high or low frequencies. Their ears also give the Dyinte an incredible sense of balance at the slight inconvenience of making them get dizzy slightly easier then most species. The dyinte also have a tail with a  poofy fur covered end. The fur at the end of the tail easily picks up differences in the air alerting them to predators.

 The dyinte have two toed hooves on the bottom of their feet but strangely they seem to lack a foot joint. This seemingly allows them to easily hug closely to the face of cliffs. Their hooves are incredibly good at holding onto vertical surfaces. Both males and females have antlers or horns depending on the region they originate from; males tend to have slightly larger horns however. Dyinte reproduce at an extremely fast rate since their pregnancy period only lasts roughly 2 months and nearly every pregnancy results in twins.
When a Dyinte reaches thirty they undergo a growth spurt and there horns will start to grow larger. This is often referred to as the elder phase. Most dyinte never reach this phase of life however. Once a dyinte has reached the elder phase they will rarely ever leave there home. Their antlers will continue to grow at a rate of an inch a year until they die.

Sub Races

The dyinte races are differentiated by their fur patterns and horns.

Goan have rounded horns similar to goats. They often live in the mountains and have white,brown or black fur.

Re Dyinte have deer like patterns and antlers and typically have red markings under their eyes. Their fur is brown to allow them to easily blend into the forest.

Foax Dyinte have orangish fur and intricate markings. The fur at the end of their tails is more pronounced and they often have simple sharp horns.
Byo’s have sleek black fur and curled back horns. Their tails are often sleek as well.

Culture and history

Upon their landing on Orbisea the Dyinte were immediately placed in a reserve known as the Bramble by the Shadii. The Dyinte themselves were integral to the ecosystem of Manin as they served as a primary food source for many of the creatures that lived on the savage planet. Eternally prey animals in there own world they were trapped in the bramble and forced to continue their lives of being endlessly hunted. Most of Dyinte life continued just as it had from the birth of their species. This was until the Lizardii offered them a chance at a new life.amongst the other races and a chance to fight against the Shadii in 715 OL. Many of the elder Dyinte were against the idea of them going to war. However the younger generation was led by the white Foax Miment Dawn-el. Miment became a master of gorilla warfare using his extrodinary hearing and ability to climb nearly any surface he became a respected member of the Lizardian army. Miment learned many things of the outside world and used them to his advantage. After learning how humans tamed dogs he famously returned to the bramble and kidnapped a young Dire wolf after killing its mother. He raised it as his own and named it Sayel after the wolf devil of Dyinte legend. He famously rode the beast into battle against the shadii in the final days of the war for Shuil. After her release Shuil blessed Miment with one of her twelve eyes in the form of a blue crystal. Miment used the crystal to construct a large wrist blade known as the Sayshuil. The blade was known to cause storms whenever it was used, its engine brought with it a sound of thunder and the flames that sparked from the blade brought life to even the driest of deserts. Miment used his blade and techniques to lead a group Dyinte into the mountains where he fought through a small militia of Cherrun who came to steal his blade. After taking the mountain for his own Miment had Dyinte from around the world bring him strange plants from around the world in exchange for citizenship in his new found kingdom. Miment became king of the land which became known as Miments garden. Many treents moved into the garden seeking to use its herbs and unique position in nature. Miments Sayshuil gave him the ability to grow magnificent plant based structures even in the cold of the mountains cradle. The town of frosted hollow came to rest at the top of the mountain. It was built with controlled growing methods using the knowledge of the Treents and power of the sayshuil. Its surrounding jungles of strange and wonderful things became a source of awe as tropical plants grew even in cold temperatures. Miments paradise was not to last however. A small attack force of shadii went into the mountains and attacked the towns defences. Moment was however able to hold off the attack but was gravely injured in the process. This was a short lived victory however as the shadii returned in even greater numbers and declared official war. Afraid that all that he built would be destroyed he turned to Shuil who in turn took the sayshuil to the base of the mountain and separated its pieces allowing her eye to fill the valley below with a blue starry fire. Miments garden was thereon guarded by the fires of shuil which would blast any vessel that sought to destroy it down. Miment is said to have died on his bed watching as the flames consumed the invading army clutching the blade of the Sayshuil.

Elsewhere The remaining Dyinte of the bramble were forced to live with the hand they had been dealt. As life was harsh the Dyinte’s history is not told so much in books but rather in songs and legends spread down through the ages. The most important of them are these three.

The Eagle and boy-

When the warriors had fled for hope and new lands the weak remained shackled to their bonds. Stories of ice and star filled the minds of those trapped but few grasped them and only one returned. The children of earth called him pan the child of the bramble who escaped but always returned. He would lead the weak to the land of heavens frost upon the 1st of every year, under crimson blue moon and snowy tear. Pan was a young man of 23 whos eyes shown like that of a childs for the grace of the goddess blessing had kept his fur shined and his weight light. On the 200th year a plan was hatched against the children of the bramble. For it was the will of those silver tongued that we should not rise as our minds would have it but stay shackled to the whims of a prior nature. Upon Pans return the shadows followed him. They clogged the escape and sealed true the hopes of the children. A new barrier was made that was to hold the children. It brought lightning from heaven and chained it to the soles of the earth. No child nor beast dared cross except the mighty Eagle. Its eyes sharp and its mind free it read the prophesy of storms to come and would avoid their might. Pan watched the eagle for many a year and wished to share its freedom and prophesy. And so one day Pan climbed to meet the eagle fearing not its hunger or crushing beak. He climbed to the top of the tree collecting feathers of days lost and wearing around him only a dagger granted by fey witch. The boy appeared to the eagle but it would chase after him each time. Pan would use the gathered feathers to glide away back down to the base of the bramble. Again and again he would do this in hopes that one day the bird would let him ride its back. But it never did. In desperation pan instead tied rope and bone and perfected his flight. He bound himself to the eagle in its sleep and waited to be carried away through the storm. And when morning broke he flew alongside it


~Book of the Strial~

(Fear of loss)


The Strial are the children of Galeal the last Titan. There were originally 9 Titans on Silence. However they argued profusely and eventually the Titans all went their separate ways. The other 8 Titans devoted themselves to their crafts but each eventually died of Loneliness during their centuries of isolation. Galeal however survived as he had bonded a part of his heart to his sculptures creating the Strial. As they were a part of the soul of Galeal their race was limited to an exact number of eight million. After a Strial dies their energy returns to Galeal, Galeal then passes that energy on to the next generation of Strial through their parents.

The wandering sons of the Titans, the Strial are giants not granted the gift of speech. They instead communicate telepathically. However they are only able to communicate with people they have explicitly decided to bond themselves with. When a Strial psychically bond they are unable to end the bond, also the psychic link is free flowing between individuals. They experience each other's pain, happiness, love, and pleasure. Bonded Strial are incredibly intimate due to this. However this also means strial often face immense grief at the loss of a bonded partner. And they are unable to keep secrets between them and their bonded partner. Many avoid becoming bonded pairs at all and instead speak through sign language or writing.


Strial have an electro organic bodily system. Their heart, called a Tonicor, consists of high energy particles and unique ionic bonds. The heart when viewed looks like a small blue star which shunts off electricity. Strial ingest food by opening their chest cavity and feeding it directly into their tonicor which ionizes the food into its basic atomic structure. Once ionized a strials cells organize the material into whatever configuration their body needs.

The skin of a Strial is covered in hard shells. These shells are densely packed and consist of light rock which is created and distributed through the body from the heart. The rock will continue to grow until it grows too heavy at which point it is shedded off of the skin and a new layer begins to grow. A strial’s skin is often a dark black or brown. Rarely it is pure white. The texture of the skin is similar to that of a snail but dry.

Strial lack a sense of smell or taste. They however do have an electro sense which picks up electrical energy. This is based upon the denseness of the air around them and is relatively limited however as most strial can only sense things with this sense if they are ten feet infront of them. Due to this however, Strial tend to enjoy decorating things with magnets, batteries and various metals.

Culture and history

The Strial originally lived on Silence for thousands of years until their leader Galeal was captured by a shadiyan kingdom known as Sy-tel. The kingdom of Sy-tel sought to use Galeal to enhance their communications systems. Eventually however, Prince Orin of house Ales and his band of retainers broke Galeal free. A promise was struck between the two. Galeal Bonded all Shadii genes to himself, allowing only two kings to exist at the same time, both of which must exist within Orin’s line.  And Orin provided Galeal with a vessel which he became known as Orins Sling which allowed him to explore the stars. And a library of Nocturne's greatest science’s. 

Galeal then returned to Silence and granted the Vessel to his herald Utoul the chronicler. Utoul took a group of adventurers along with him and they recorded all that they would find. Utoul eventually made contact with a race known as the Aoen on the planet Vyryte. Sworn to secrecy of all of which he saw, Utoul was granted a small gift. An Astral technology known as a recode. The recode possessed a mind of its own and was known to resemble a gentle spirit of light. It was kindly named Chronison (meaning chroniclers son) The recode was capable of instantly breaking down molecular bonds and restructuring them into whatever the user saw fit. However as it was still a machine it needed complete information in order to do this and could only do so once a day. In order to recode something it needed the desired items, size, electronic and molecular makeup, ect. It was found to be a cool party trick but didn’t provide much use.

Aboard the Orin’s Sling however a dark creature had stowed away from Vyryte. Known as an Absence the creature existed as a vacuum of matter and light. The Absence was able to kill several of the crew. However Utoul slew the beast by using Chronison to bury it alive in tons of sand made from parts of the ship.
Now alone and drifting through space Utoul wished only to return home but the damage to his ship made that impossible. At a complete loss he attempted to bond with Chronison and too his surprise was successful.


It said spoken in a strange thought.

Utoul simply replied. “So you are alive after all?” The creature replied. “By some standards you are less alive then I. I prefer to define life by thought. And your thoughts are full of loneliness master.” Utoul replied “Yes…Those too who I was bonded have all passed. My great mission of knowledge is pointless without someone to share my findings with. Galeal speaks to me through his heart sometimes…But I may not see his face or feel his touch.” Chronison moved closer. “Do you wish to return home? I can bring you there master.” Utoul was greatly surprised and confused asked “How?” Chronison’s answer was strangely simple. “I rewrite the world as you desire, As of now I am one with your mind but if I become one with your body I will know you and afterwards you can turn the ship. Fire me through the plasma cannon at Silence.Once I arrive in the sand I will recreate you there master. Your soul is attached to Galeal so its transference is an easy task.”

Utoul agreed and allowed Chronison to examine him. He turned the ship with the last of its fuel and fired a blast towards Silence. After many days Utoul suddenly noticed his body was turning to sand he felt as he suddenly disappeared…Then as in an instant he found himself reborn from the sands of Silence with Chronison waiting for him. Chronison responded. “I believe you are the first creature to have ever teleported in such a manner without dying. Welcome home master.” Utoul went on to tell stories of his journeys to all who would listen. He was however held to secrecy about Vyryte by Chronison however.
Eventually Galeal asked to see Chronison and found his makeup not much different than that of his own heart. Knowing that such power would likely be needed in trials ahead Galeal granted Chronison a part of his heart which allowed him to replicate. Chronin came to become a common life form on Silence and a school for those bonded to them arose.

During the time Utoul was away the library’s of Nocturn significantly advanced Strial society. Education became a key part of life on silence. Strial began to take there names after the schools of thought which they followed. The School of Orin was heralded as one of their greatest.

After this there are many centuries of History of life upon Silence. However they have their own books. After the arrival of the Eclipse Galeal battled the beast but was unable to defeat it. He was rescued by king Orins heir Techrin. Techrin brought Galeal and as many Strial as he could aboard the Orbis.

On Orbisea the Strial very quickly began to compare there schools of philosophy with that of the other races. The strial were granted a rather large portion of land which they named the country of Dah-vehn after Galeal’s eldest brother. In Dah-vehn in the city of Orinson They elected a giant tower where they gathered together knowledge of all worlds. They called it Orins Spire. Many great scholars came to settle in Orinson and founded several schools for thought. 

In terms of military progress at this point the Strial had become masters of their Chronin and were adept teleporters. Along side this Charged field technology lead to strial developing methods of telekinesis and energy manipulation. Many other strial became interested in the fields of other races higher technologies and formed what became known as the school for Magnetic, Astral, Geological and Energy based High Science’s. Or M.A.G.E.H.S. Being accepted into Magehs was considered one of the highest honors and so many studied in as many of these sciences as they could hoping to attain scholarship. However far more were rejected then accepted. This proved troublesome for many Strial who lacked high intelligence and wished to either attain to higher society or join the Dah-Vehn army. Many of these Strial found human sports interesting however and instead began to focus their efforts on sports and physical betterment. Eventually Strial society began to associate these athletes with high education as well. The high sports groups eventually created their own school which they named the Athenson after the earth kingdom of athens. Eventually schools similar to these popped up near everywhere. There came to be Artemison the school for sharpshooters. Utoulson, The school for Scouts and far far more. The Strial military came to follow this course of logic as well. It refused to accept anyone not trained by the schools of war. Status and rank were decided by Grade and social following outside the military. This worked well for Dah-vehn who fought many early battles against Amphib, Unichrom, Humans, and Lizardii. However although Dah-vehn was extremely strong on the outside, Within political turmoil was increasing more and more. The stress of failing the extremely difficult schooling system as well as the fact that it depromoted Strials from bonding lead to frequent mental breakdowns. Terrorist and terrorist organizations became extremely common. The Seperation league eventually formed from these ideals. The separation league developed shortly after a truce between Dah-Vehn and the Naido of IKN. The Naido’s advanced sonar and sound based electronics allowed Strial to speak verbally by psychically linking to a audio device. With this they opted to apostatize from Galeal’s leadership and form their own nation. At the same time many who failed to get accepted into the Athenson formed the the Anti-education league which sought to tear down the entire school based governmental system. The trifles with these were however seen as minor inconveniences to advancement of the strial however. It was to the point where instead of governmentally dealing with the issues the Strial hired out mercenaries to quell the rebellions so they could instead focus on their studies. Death and corruption soared during this period but the draw of a better life in the halls of the professors and the rampant killings of those who insubordinate slowly quieted the problems over a century until they became easier to overlook. What remained of the extreme ideals became their own governments thanks to a clever plan by Dah-vehn. Dah-vehn trained expert infiltrators and spokesmen in the ideals of the enemy terrorist. These government starters were known as the Siren, they took the form of activist and politicians. Ultimately the Siren were able to convince the various terrorist organizations to separate from Dah-vehn but they ultimately worked for Dah-vehn. The seperationist kingdoms became known as Terrab-spectas, “the lands exiled from sight”. These consisted of Naturen, (The home of the descendants of the anti education league) Ed-Leal (The home of the apostates from Galeal) Helltrust (The land of those who became obsessed with dark sciences) and Hea-dahn (The land of those who became obsessed with earthly concern)

By this point in time the Government of Dah-vehn had a solid structure and foundation and ran like a well oiled machine. The ruler of Dah-vehn became known as the Ward. A ward  would come to power after engaging in the “Trial of leadership”. Where he would be given one of the four kingdoms of Terrab-spectas to rule. This was unknown to the people of the four kingdoms of the forgotten as they were mockingly called. A common adage among the higher class was that if a man could not rule over fools then how would he command the wise? Each potential ward would play a small game known as Sy-tal to earn the right of first pick. (Sy-tal was a game similar to chess where one would write down his opponent's expected move after making his own and if he proceeded with it he would lose his piece.) Once each kingdom had a ward the winner would speak to the ruling Siren who would follow his instructions. The Sirens were fine to give up their rule for a temporary decade as a Ward was only chosen once every century and the power was always returned at the end of the trials. The Siren would be compensated with anything they desired by Dah-vehn within reason and they kept the perks of social acclaim that power brings while avoiding any of the bureaucratic work. The Ward who best increased the wealth, academics, infrastructure, and scientific advancement of their temporary civilization as well as lowered casualties and won any wars became Ward of Dah-vehn. Points would be allocated by the Gyon, Mekans gifted by the Eonis in return for information on Dah-vehns studies.

This led to many wars occuring during the trials as it was the fastest way to ensure economic and scientific advancement. This was risky however as casualties would deduct points from the trials. This led to most Wards seeking either to train incredibly competent warriors or enlist copious amounts of mercenaries. As the different societies had vastly different cultures the warriors were extremely different. 

The people of Naturen had ended up becoming mostly comprised of turned away sportsmen. As such they took on the name of students of Athenson and called themselves Athen warriors. They were adept physically and knew the land better then most. Athen warriors were known to use heavy shot puts and javelins as their main weapons. They wore relatively little to no armor and kept track of every kill they made. 

The people of Ed-leal sought to completely turn away from Galeal and so opted for weapons of the other races of Orbisea. They carried large blades often which had been fitted with an energy shield and bladeside guns.

Helltrust on the other hand had competent scientists and often opted to use these wars to test as many crooked designs as they would see fit. Their frontline soldiers were typically Chronin bonded pairs. They would warp various weapons to the field to use whenever they needed them. Helltrust also developed an artificial freedom flower which could be used to break psychic bonds. Helltrust then became known for its devastating psychic fighters who had mastered the art of mental manipulations.

Hea-dahn on the other hand nearly always outsourced its wars to mercenaries. The people of Hea-dahn were extremely fond of the Lizardian wars for sport and would often hire the winning armies and generals. Hea-dahn was the first to catch on to Dah-vehns manipulation by the Wards but simply didn't care as they got copious amounts of entertainment every hundred years or so.

Meanwhile Dah-vehn itself avoided most wars. The majority of the society would engage in the pursuit of knowledge while those who were opposed could easily leave and join one of the kingdoms of the forgotten. Outside threat was minimal as most races would pay Dah-vehn for research and studies on various things and access to Orins Spire and M.A.G.E.H.S was worth far more then any invasion ever would be. This of course…didn't stop the Unichrom from trying. However to even get to Dah-vehn they had to work their way through the kingdoms of the forgotten. Several invasions were attempted but Unichrom forces never broke into Dah-vehn.

By 1800 OL The Strial opted to pursue a space program with what resources they had gathered. Ward Advyn focused on developing as much knowledge as possible. The space program was largely unsuccessful however as once the shuttles left Orbisea the difference in time meant that every hundred years or so was one month to those on the shuttles relatively. With this the strial turned their learnings inward towards what they had on Orbisea. The rush for all knowledge continued for nearly a century but at this point nearly all had been studied. The strial pushed the boundaries of knowledge as far as they possibly could but life at this point had advanced to the point that what discovery remained was subject only to philosophies that could not be proven. Many strial wished for the knowledge of other galaxies and worlds like that which the colonist promised but Orbisea had become their prison. Forced to wait till the end of time for the Eclipse to finally arrive upon their world. This period to the other races was known as the Fairytale era where all seemed possible. This time frame however led to the great Strial depression. Galeal had been watching the history of the Strial for many centuries by this point and had grown disappointed that his creation had elected to follow in the foot steps of his brothers. He is recorded as having said to his messenger “They have lost the vigor of life in their search for understanding. They isolate themselves in their towers not realizing it is their tombs. They refuse the bonds of old for the speech of men and find no love in their souls. They have become leeches, feeding on the knowledge of god but refusing to create themselves. They fail to realize that love is the purpose and in creation we are closest to it and to our maker.” Most Strial failed to heed Galeal’s warning’s however and once again turned to deeper philosophies in an attempt to feel free yet again. The period of 1900 OL to 2000 OL became known as the re-einlightening. Hundreds of philosophies were proposed and adopted and the schools of intellect and sports made way for the schools of thought and reason. One major ideal that arose was the psyionic unification  movement. The leader Emaigo was a former messenger and friend of Galeal. Emaigo taught that through the psychic linking of all life love would arise to its fullest and knowledge would grow beyond all else. Emaigo taught his ideals to many but the strength of bonds was concerned to be too great to share with so many. Galeal agreed and reiterated that Bonds were intended for close friends and family originally as it was in his eyes the best form of love for words had failed him and his kin. Emaigo though was relentless in his pursuit of all. He reached out to the dark science of Helltrust as well as the science of various races looking for a way to weaken the pains of psychic bonding and enhance how many individuals he could bond too. He was unable to come up with a solution and instead took to bonding with as many of his Strial followers as he could and having them bond to outside races. Emaigo eventually ended up marrying one of his followers, a famous Fey actress by the name of Liten. In the meantime Galeal had seen that Emaigo intended to go through with his plans and so offered him what he sought. A bond flower which he called “withered bridge” All who drank its tea had their bond weakend. With this Emaigo was able to extend his movement to several million followers all interlinked with him. It was a new height of peace and prosperity. The P.U.M as it became called was a major religious order and Orbisea came to a period of peace for twenty years. However Emaigos interlinking with so many individuals became problematic. He heard voices near constantly and in order to truly function he was constantly in meditation. As he felt what his followers did he eventually became obsessed with the romantic lives of many of his other followers. His wife however became highly neglected she was able to obtain a freedom flower and broke her bond to Emaigo. After roughly a period of a few months it was found that she had been cheating on Emaigo. Emaigo’s rage began to overflow as did his insanity. Galeal told Emaigo to let go of the Psyonic unification movement as its collapse would lead to untold suffering. But he refused, unable to reject the peace he had made. Emaigo subconsciously began to have dreams of his wifes affairs which was transferred to all of his followers. Eventually Liten was stabbed on a street corner on her way home. Emaigo begged his followers who did it to stop but he felt every thrust of the knife as if he were doing it himself. Emaigo wandered to find Litens corpse and attempted to bond with her. He felt only cold but was able to latch onto a final thought. It was hatred, for him. Consumed by rage Emaigo ordered his followers to kill the fey. He repeated it over and over during a psychotic break. At this point Galeal attempted to forcefully shut off Emaigo’s connection but it was sustained by several other connections of thousands of strial who Emaigo was also bonded too. Chaos erupted in the streets until eventually Emaigo himself was stabbed to death by several betrayed fey. The pain was felt by all of his followers, many of whom were then suddenly cut off from his psychic bond after 20 years and suffered strokes or aneurysms. Millions died and the rest were sent into deep grief and trauma. Many of his followers in Hellstrust blamed the Fey and launched a Chemical weapon designed to target the fey’s viral cells. The bombing of Neanandale caused the majority of the Fey to lose their minds and the resulting pandemic claimed hundreds of thousands. With this the peace that had been built up over two decades suddenly erupted into all out war as the now extremely advanced races began to fire weapons of mass destruction at each other. The Strial of Dah-vehn were ill equipped for this and prepared to fire weapons of their own. Galeal became enraged. He broke from his garden and cut off every psychic link completely genociding Helltrust with a psionic pulse before crushing the Orins spire with his bare hands. He completely wiped the knowledge of decades from all of the strial before raising Dah-vehn to the ground. The techless wars broke out shortly thereafter as the Shadii seeing their error in letting the various civilizations of Orbisea advance this far was upon them. The Strial were completely scattered as Galeal slowly reclaimed his chosen few followers. Galeal spent the Techless wars aiding the Shadii in their destruction of higher technologies. He personally destroyed the Gweem city of Tlun and fought Human forces himself. After the Techless wars Galeal rested in meditation allowing what strial that remained to spend time in isolation of their bonds or their higher knowledge. Many fled into the swamps and led lonely lives of isolation. After seven years Galeal eventually found peace within himself and allowed those who wished to rejoin him. The second techless wars had begun at this point and Galeal knew the world would be changed forever. Looking forward he sought to perfect the bonds of honesty and love which he wished to pass to his children to others. Emaigo had sought the right thing but no man was loving enough or pure enough to take on the burden that he had. Galeal instead turned his mind during the second wars towards crafting various flowers to grant limited oaths.

~Book of the amphib~ 


~Book of the Cherrun~!



Cherrun or glass wings are the inhabitants of the last planet Vyryte. The gas giant of vyryte was surrounded in mystery and no one was ever allowed to bring tales of what hid underneath its clouds to the other worlds. When word of the Eclipses coming came to Vyryte the planet mysteriously disapeared before the creatures arrival. A small group that inhabited the Tyryn (the floating moon) were hurled into the depths of space. Eventually the scientist of Tyryn directed the moon to intercept the Orbis. After meeting with the other races a small detatchment of Cherrun left the moon carrying supposed genetic samples from their home world. This small group stayed aboard the Orbis but revealed no information of their homeworld. All that is known of Vyryte the disapearing realm is that it aparently contained large floating cities.


Cherrun posses a skeletal structure wings and a nose very similar to that of a bird. It is said that their bones are made of hollowed glass so smooth yet delicate that if one were to craft an instrument from them the sound would travel for miles. Myths of the choir of Vyryte come from these legends. The choir is said to be heard when one travels through the clouds of the southern hemisphere at night. 

Cherruns have nearly liquid formless cells that meld into each other. Due to this their bodies produce nearly zero friction while in flight and their hides are said to be smoother then any substance known to man. Rain snow dirt and dust all fall away after contact with there skin. This means that they also have a tendency to slide around. There skin is also incredibly supple due to this fact bouncing back instantly after being touched. Cherrun also possess no major interior organs other then a heart like pump which lies directly behind a cherruns sternum, a skeletal system, one tube and lung for oxygen and a tube and stomach for fluid, A brain eyes toungue and nose, and finally a sexual reproductive system. 

Their heart acts more as a flood gate then a normal pumping heart. Cells naturally move through the gate on their own, snaking on the microscopic level. Each cell acts like a muscle hardening and contracting as soon as it leaves the heart from the front and softening and relaxing once it enters from the back. As the cells pass through they are filled with nutrients from the fluid tube and oxygen from the air tube. Since all cells in a cherruns body are nearly fluid in nature their skin is in constant motion. This motion is however completely invisible to the naked eye as it is so smooth it does not change percepted light refraction. If one were to put their finger on a cherruns skin they would feel a texture similar to a coldless wetless ice sliding by, the contact alone would produce a small humming noise similar to the noise one makes when running their finger across a crystal glass. Because of this design cherruns skin has layers upon layers. The top layer is the newest and is practically transparent, the lower layers consist of damaged or aged cells which are eventually shed leaving a black glittery ash in a Cherruns wake. This unique design brings with it several strange phenomena. For instance if a cherrun is cut the wound will slowly slide around their bodies circulatory system and fade completely from sight within a minute. However if a cherrun is stabbed or impaled the cells flowing past that portion of body will continue to cut themselves as if one had stabbed a slow moving treadmill with an exeptionally sharp blade. Because of this a prolonged stab wound in any part of a cherruns body would prove fatal after a matter of minutes as their cells would rend themselves apart continously until fluid and air would spew out of their gateway like heart. This also means that if cherrun are cut multiple times their cells will eventually weaken and the cherrun would pass out while appearing uninjured on the outside.

Meanwhile a cherruns skeleton is where their feathers and outer skin covering arise from. The bones of cherrun have millions of hairlike roots that extend and become glass like feathers once they are outside the body. A cherruns' cells naturally bank and weave around these small hairs which stay rooted in their positions. They have simalar hair like bone portrusions that are near microscopic and line their finger tips allowing to hold objects normally. Cherruns possess four sets of wings. One on their hips. Another which comes from their shoulders, a pair which sprouts from their collarbone, and a pair around their heads. The wings feathers are made of a transparent smooth and lightweight structure that sprouts from their bone endings

Because of their body structure, smooth skin and unconventional circulatory system. Cherrun are incredibly adept and extremely fast flyers able to slice through the air at 300 miles per hour at top speed. Their individualised circulatory system and lack of blood means that no amount of G forces will ever make them pass out. Due to their bodies constant flow they are hard to restrain and they possess an unnatural flexibility. 

Their body design also leads to unusual quirks. As they have no solid muscular system and instead their individual moving cells act as temporary muscles where ever needed, the natural flow of their circulatory system means they often feel more relaxed with their limbs and body parts flexed. Cherrun often walk around with arms slightly raised and have immaculate posture because of this. They are also known to sleep curled up in a ball since their legs feel most comfortable contracted. When sitting they tend to pull their legs up onto their chairs whilst covering their body with their wings. They are also incapable of eating solid food. Anything with more thickness than oatmeal would destroy their circulatory system so cherrun have a diet of various drinks of every nature. They especially enjoy honey and anything sweet. Although they cannot eat solid foods the cherrun are known to put small berries in their mouths and squish them against their palettes to juice them before spitting out the fruit's skin and other unsavory parts. Inside their mouths they have a secondary beak which acts like a pair of teeth and a bony plate on the back part of their mouth's roof.

 Cherrun hatch from what are called Cycle eggs. When a cycle egg is laid it appears a translucent blue. The cells inside appear a bright yellow, they swirl in unusual and sporatic patterns but as the egg matures the glowing cells slowly establish a whirlpool like movement pattern and finally slow and form a complete infant Cherrun the day before they hatch. Cherruns have a consistant life span of 100 years. Every Cherrun knows exactly when they will die from the day they hatch to nearly the exact hour. It however is common for Cherrun to hold onto life for a few extra hours if they have sufficent inititve but they always die within a ten hour margin of their scheduled demise. They do not age physically after reaching maturity as their cells regenerate faster then other creatures.

Sub races

The Cherrun have a cast-like system separated by the purity of their glass-like skin structure. There are five tiers in total. The Glass,The Mirrors, The stained, the Opaque and the Cursed.

Glass cherrun are the rarest and often fill roles of comfort in society. They are completely transparent and even their skin has a crystaline structure. To outsiders they were assumed to be ghost or spirits of Cherrun who had died long ago.

The Mirrors have feathers that are reflective and much like their name suggest act like mirrors.

The stained and Opaque Cherrun are the most common. The only difference between the two is that stained Cherrun’s wings are transparent and crystalline whereas Opaque have colored feathers which still glimmer but are not transparent. Stained and Opaques are known to have an intense rivalry.

The Cursed are Cherruns born without feathers. Their skin moves too fast for their bone capillaries to breach the surface of their skin without being eroded away. Due to this they have difficulty flying and tend to slide around as their hands and feet lack the small strands of bone that lock down other Cherruns grip. Cursed either have boney wings that lack any skin between them rendering them incapable of flight or have skin wings which makes them slower in the air. Cursed Cherruns would be killed at birth but a small population got a foothold in the lands of the crystal falls. Due to their higher cell speed they only live to be 50 years old.

Culture and history

The Cherrun are well known for their incredible artistic skill and beauty. Due to their knowledge of their exact lifespan they often opt to spend their lives crafting their legacy. This however also means that they are secretive and often procrastinate on certain aspects of their life. Many Cherruns keep themselves an enigma afraid that they would lose what little love they have in their lives if they were truly genuine.

The Cherrun division that joined the Orbis crew brought with them their moon of Tyryn which had been outfitted to be mobile. The life supports on the moons colonies were failing however the shadii offered to give the cherrun a portion of land in Orbisea which they refused to accept under the guise of not wanting to be indebted to the shadii. The Cherrun also refused to share any genetic data and kept themselves aboard their moon colonies to the point that several hundred of them died from oxygen loss. After the development of Orbisea the Cherrun were forced to leave their moon colonies behind. They originally hoped to return to them but a meteor shower rendered them all inoperable. The Shadii at this point were frustrated that they werent able to capture the Cherruns genome and began seeking ways to coerce it out of them to add to their library. The Cherrrun however kept every member of the colonies accounted for to avoid the shadii gaining any information about it. The Cherruns also employed the use of a floating vessel known as Paraisin. The Shadii and Eonis were both unaware of the Cherruns ability to create such technologies.

After several decades of acting as a free agent on Orbisea the Eonis and Shadii grew concerned of the Cherruns technological prowess and became angry at the evident lack of genetic information that the Cherrun were willing to share. Thousands of species, most of which unseen by the eyes of the shadii sat on drives they were forbidden to access while on a world of their own creation. With this came the war of domination 45 OL. The Shadii and the Eonis agreed that they would work together to dominate the other races of Orbisea Placing themselves on the top. The two main contenders to this were the Gweem corporation which had waged war against the Eonis in the past and the Cherrun who were the only race besides the Eonis to possess Astral technologies.  The war of domination occurred far away from the other races. The Eonis spent their time fighting a cold war with the Gweem that eventually ended with the Gweem focusing more on corporate pursuits. Meanwhile the Shadii waged a full scale war against the floating castle of Paraisin. The battle of Paraisin lasted for nearly a year as the Cherrun used their astral technologies to defend against the shadian star piercers and plasma technologies. The Shadii eventually began employing the use of genetically enhanced flying dragons known as Radidrakes. These creatures were the only animals fast and agile enough to keep up with Cherrun fighters and could fire beams of radiation which quickly killed Cherruns. The Cherrun countered by unleashing genetic creations of their own.Cloud walkers known as the Yivon. The Yivon were not only dangerous Titans but possessed the ability to interfere with all forms of light as well as wave forms. The radioactive attacks from Radidrakes were rendered null as the beast pushed forward psychically dismantling the Shadian front. These creatures were deemed nearly unkillable. The Gweem saw this as an opportunity to sell more of their product and prove that digital technologies could still keep up with astral technologies. Thus the Gweem employed their angel hunters giant mechs that they once used to pierce into the Eonis nebula during their past wars. Yivon were unable to successfully take down Gweem pilots with psychic attacks due to their dual brained nature. The Angel hunters themselves used several forms of optics and could see through any light manipulations or attacks and were the perfect counter. With the angel hunters the Gweem were able to break through Yivons defences and clear a path for the Shadii who then overtook Paraisin. The Shadii found the existence of hundreds of species that worked unlike functioning organisms they knew of. Species that were of pure light, Sky walking giants, immortal creatures and sciences unknown to even the Shadii. The technologies that were contained on Parasin became the things of legends and myth. The leader of the invasion prince Night however saw the corruption in both the Eonis his own people and the Gweem. Evidently many of the Cherrun were unaware of these secrets but still fought to their last breath to defend them. Night ensured he would hide the city of Paraisin far away and allow the Cherrun to keep these secrets so long as they brought their genetic catalog to life on their own. The Cherrun refused to abandon Paraisin but agreed to resurrect the creatures themselves. And so it was. Paraisin became a place of legends, night faked a retreat to convince his father that they were unable to acquire Cherrun technologies.

Paraisin found rest above the the crystal falls of sector 7. Surrounded by deserts the falls appeared an oasis far far away from civilization. The Cherrun spent 50 years there living in complete safety and secrecy. Many Cherrun held grudges however for their humiliation by the Gweem. These Cherrun began to devise plans for a war against Gweem Corp when the time came. They were known as Xeus, An organization that became devoted to the development of astral based weapons with which to strike the lower races with like thunder from heaven. Meanwhile the majority of Cherrun scientists resurrected many creatures from their homeworld and terraformed the surrounding landscape to be hospitable. The Cherrun’s secret however was found by the Naido Adventurer Lief Dawn. He spent his days sneaking around the Cherruns gardens and capturing sketches of the wondrous creatures that inhabited them. As the days went by he snuck closer and closer to Paraisin until he was able to sneak in. In doing so he found a great treasury of secrets. He later left and collected a small crew of expert thieves to steal the Cherruns secrets. The team consisted of himself a Pair of Dyinte twins known as the Foax brothers, An unnamed Unichrom man named mr masquerade. And a Shuifeng Lizardii named Kip and Gweem hacker by the Bonjo. The squad were able to successfully break into Paraisin. The details of the heist are unknown but this is believed to be the origin of the Naidos Sonic technologies. Mr mascarade is said to have traded his spoils to his countries leaders later. Eventually with legends of the heist against Hidden heaven spreading every adventurer thief and scholar quickly went out to find the mythical floating kingdom. The Cherruns were now too rooted into their new home to flee and began a battle known as The War Against Adventurers 101-103 OL. Eventually Paraisan became known as a place of light and death where not even the mightiest of warriors or most cunning of thieves go…This however only lead to the Lizardii leading yearly invasions against Paraisan for fun.

The attempts to steal the Cherruns' technologies did not end there however. Gweem corp became afraid it would not be able to keep up with Astral technologies if the Eonis or Cherrun began to sell them for a profit. And so the Gweem began The War of Light and Metal (133 OL) to aquire the Cherruns technologies. The Cherrun also simultaneously fought off the Unichrom who were after the levitation technologies of the Cherrun. The cherrun realised they could no longer rely on their technologies to save them and began to trained skilled warriors. The archers of Paran were there first warriors. They were often referred to as the white rouveím. The Cherruns finally revealed the secret of levitation technology by show of force. Lev stones were small white spherical stones that hailed from the moon of Tyryn. A large enough amount to fill a mountain had been brought to Orbisea via the Paraisins main engine. Lev stones would lock into place whenever they were charged in a system similar to quantum locking. Once at a certain position or axis they would only move along that axis unless met with significant force. Lev stones were implemented into the Cherruns phase one weapons and became Star crosser arrows. Arrows with lev stone heads that had an infinite effective range. Lock blades, a ring like system of blades that could be moved with a single touch and would float in place regardless. And most feared of all angel daggers, Blades that would fly after targets with so much as their masters wishes. The Cherruns became masters of in person combat. However they refused to let their supremacy end their. The Gweem frequently attempted raids with their so called angel hunters. Although the Mechs were extremely dangerous the cherrun began applying more direct use of astral technologies into combat thanks to the efforts of Xeus. A compacted weaponised design became available known as the Astral harp. Astral technologies themselves work on a level beyond what is digitally capable. Using slight differences in sound uv or whatever the technology has been tuned too a Astral system measures and uses differences in the particulate matter to store or transfer information. This is done either by writing the information on a refractive surface or by having a system measure the differences in wavelengths and reading them as quadnary code. The Cherrun had eventually learned to compact these computers to the point where they could make computers out of captured light particles. Using a constellation quil a pattern or inscription could be written on any surface. The Astral technologies are therefore able to turn something as simple as a beam of light into a computer database capable of storing enough information to replicate a billion genomes. And constellation quills became able to control the nature of molecular bonds as simple as one codes a line in a computer. Astral harps were used to control particulate matter within their acoustic range. Light particles in surrounding air could be instantly redirected with so much as a stroke or vibrations in the air amplified to the point of rending metal. Constellation quills in the meantime were used to edit matters states on the field of battle, rapidly oxidizing Iron, Or fusing Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules in the air to create water. These weapons were astounding to the perspective of their enemies and were used to great success against  the Unichroms energy weapons and crystal technologies. However the Gweem quickly adapted, employing a weapon known as the arch missiles. Gweem were able to run incredibly precise equations in a matter of milliseconds and so began firing incredibly precise rounds into orbit which would return to strike enemies on the battlefield. These rounds would pierce into the target before emitting an intense burst of radiation for two to three seconds destructuring the entirety of a Cherruns cell structure in causing them to disintegrate leaving only their crystal skeletons behind. With this they were able to avoid direct contact with the increible long range of the Cherruns Star crosser arrows and bullets but stay far enough away to avoid any Astral based attacks. 

The Cherrun were able to hold their defence and won their battles against the Unichrom eventually stealing the Crimson Master crystal. They brought it to Pairaisin and it brought with it its storms. With its power they were able to enhance the range and power of their astral computers and fight off the Gweem for sometime. However due to Shadian intervention for the sake of the Crimson coats population. The Cherrun were forced to divert vast sums of crystal energy to the crimson coats to prevent the race from dying. If they failed to follow through they risked war on a third front. With this the Xeus fighters capacity was halved and the Gweem once again pushed their front line. At this point the Cherrun moved the crimson crystal to a hidden outpost in the crystal falls. As they did, the Gweem fighters sent in their angel hunters as the Cherrun deployed Yivon alongside their Xeus fighters! The Unichroms lust for conquest had not ended, however. Using vessels they had bought from the Gweem and increasing their output with crystals, the Unichrom were able to get high above Paraisan. Due to the crimson master crystals storms the vessels went undetected and the Unichrom launched from above Paraisin raining down like devils flying from hell down into heaven. Once inside the Unichrom instantly became killing machines as Astral technologies create massive electronic fields and the Unichrom absorb energy from their surroundings, especially crimson crystal energy. Suddenly the cherrun were completely flanked in the dark of a storm by thousands of creatures who not only drained their weapons but grew faster and stronger in their presence. The unichrom slaughtered nearly a million Cherrun and took the president of the Cherrun federation hostage. The Gweem attempted to join the battle and take the spoils for themselves but the Yivon held them too long and the Unichrom threatened to destroy the technologies if the Gweem entered the city. This was of course a bluff but Gweem tend to be terrible at reading deception. Feeling indebted for the technologies they stole, the Naido offered to help the Cherrun. Although the Cherrun feared total annihilation they rejected for fear of humiliation. At this point prince Night reached out quietly on his own. With his help the Cherrun faked the destruction of the crimson master crystal. This incited an almost instantaneous coup by the Unichroms acolytes as nearly a third of the population was dependent upon its energy for their very survival. With this the remaining army was wiped out with prince Night masked and leading the charge alongside the Cherrun rouveím Xi-Talo. With a fractured command structure and some of the finest warriors the cherrun had to offer striking from the east the Unichrom were forced to retreat. With this the Gweem saw their opportunity to attack. Paraisans front line was once again destroyed as the angel hunters descended en masse. However they were intercepted by red eyed Mekan soldiers known as Zeds sent by the Eonis. The Mekan quickly hacked any and all incoming angel hunters, turning them against each other. The cherrun at this point decided to use the opportunity to escape. Somehow the city of Paraisin vanished. Many soldiers and survivors were behind and with the loss of their home they fled into the kingdoms of the other races. The Shadii and Eonis however had established their goal. With one battle Gweem corp lost access to Astral technologies and was forced to face what a battle with the Eonis or shadii would cost. The Unichroms' conquests were halted for their civil wars. And the Cherrun were left crippled and fleeing having left access to hundreds of species which they had re-created in the crystal falls. Prince Night had also redeemed himself in the eyes of his father Techrin and returned home. 

With the Cherrun split many of them became vagabonds and wanderers. During this period however many human factions came to the conclusion that Cherrun made exceptional slaves and trophies. Cherrun were known for their remarkable beauty and artistic ability, and their bones were known to make some of the most beautiful sounding instruments in the world. This is also not to mention that their ever moving skin made for a…pleasant experience. One Cherrun sold either killed or captured was worth enough to make a man rich overnight. With this the pirates of Ocea emerged; they would capture Cherrun and take them west to Leviathans isle (Later known as Cudas Island). From there they would sell them to every port in Ocea. 

Eventually many Cherrun realized they were better off together and developed into new colonies. The cherrun as a people were raised in near complete secrecy. Their history, knowledge and often wars were often based only known by those who need know of them. With the split of the original inhabitants of Parasin many for the first time were forced to consider government and leadership beyond the arts that so often consumed their lives. The first successful colony came to be known as Tel-dora. Tel-dora existed directly outside the Treent city of Everfall. The Cherrun found that they often got along well with Treents since they were peaceful, respected the Cherrun viewing them as a higher race and rarely asked questions about much of anything. The Tel-dorans became a fluid democracy. There was no leader and every member had a vote. Whenever a situation arose everyone became aware of the details except those who willingly avoided them and the group would move from there. With this however some individuals realized that controlling the view of a situation meant controlling the group. And with this the power was held by whoever was informed first. Eventually the leadership gap was filled by Scouts who called themselves Reporters. At first singular scouts tried to become the only reporter however  this was quickly seen through by the majority and it was elected that there would have to be at least two to three reporters. The first two heads of Tel-dora were Veyngel and Elamon. Elamon was known to report the worst view of a situation and Veyngel the best. Veyngel would also always suggest the most selfless decision while Elamon would suggest the most self serving. The two guided the small village for twenty years when they realized they could both have more power if they split the village between them. So Elamon began to only report at night and would deny Veyngels claims and skew things as far as he could without being caught. Veyngel would do the same in the morning. Eventually this sewed enough discord to split the village. Some purists remained however and seeing through Veyngels and Elamons schemes put blocks in place to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future. Tel-dora remained where it was but the villages of Tel-mon and Tey-Veyngel arose to the south and to the west. Eventually these villages split as well and by 500 OL there were eight villages in all, each with their own reporter. The group of villages became known as Everfly, A rather poor joke by a Naido map maker named Elano. 

There were many attempts by pirates to kidnap Cherrun from Everfly but the danger was extreme in comparison to catching the occasional lone Cherrun vagabond. And so for many years pirates were of little concern to Everfly. Eventually however vagabond Cherrun became extremely rare and the population of Everfly had exceeded two million by 710 OL. With this the pirates began to get more and more aggressive in their attempts to kidnap Cherrun from Everfly To combat this the Cherrun laid millions of Astral traps that only triggered when in contact with humans. And so the price of Cherrun slaves only skyrocketed. There were attempts to bribe the nearby Treents into betraying the Cherrun. But Treents don't really care all that much for money so that didn't work. At an impasse the pirates launched a war against the Cherrun in an attempt to capture as many as possible. The Treents stood by preferring to stay neutral as they had for centuries. The pirates continued their attacks and Cherrun sought no help due to their pride. Eventually the Cherrun were overrun in the battle of Tel-mon. Villages began to fall one by one till only the northernmost village of Tey-Veyngel remained. The reporter of Tey-Veyngel Tal-Enom had up till this point been giving false reports insisting the war had been going well. After the first battle of Tey-Veyngel however this was revealed to be a bold faced lie. As such Tal-Enom was executed the day after. (Side note: His last words were said to have been profound but the manuscript was stolen by pirates the day after. Historians have only recovered a single ripped page which contains a Cherrun slur that translates roughly to Apple choker. A phrase that refers to Cherrun who die choking on apples. The rest was soaked out by rum which was evidently spilled on the manuscript during a wash out poker game.) Seeing the carnage caused by war for the first time the Treents of Everfall were shocked into fear. The local Orb master Auburn of Myimphas however became disgusted at his peoples lack of concern for their neighbors. At the same time the Xeus warrior Vy-Quillin came seeking help from the treents breaking from his peoples pride and isolation. None would help fearing the pirates' rage. At this point Auburn stepped up knowing full well of the laws against Orb masters being in combat. He knew he couldnt take the invaders alone however and so recruited as many as he could. He was only able to come up with his six closest friends. They all knew they lacked the power needed to deal with the threat still. However Auburn's friend, Oak of Everfall was married to a Fey engineer named Lae Everfall. Auburn came to a solution He brought his gauntlets to Lae who deconstructed them and using Quillins Astral engineering the pair were able to create the warriors gauntlets. Weaker orb gauntlets that relied on solar power but yet were still able to maintain the master gauntlet's main features. With this the eight of them retook Tey-Veyngel. They quickly came to realize the benefits of using orb gauntlets alongside Astral weapons. Alongside the help of the seven orb warriors the Cherrun retook all of Everfly ending the war of Evercoast. Oak was killed however in the final battle and Lae ended up marrying Auburn who was forced to leave Everfall for fear of being arrested by Shadii. He Lae and Quillin decided to seek out other forms of high technology in an effort to attain true power. They became known as the three wizards of Everfall.

In the meantime the Cherrun had been using a captive Unichrom named Iad to develop a master violet crystal. In the meantime the Cherrun had been moving the city Paraisin, acting almost as a ghost country for the last few centuries. They hoped to have their own crystal so that they could hold Paraisin and return to crystal falls. Iad however was able to deceive the Cherrun and flee with the master crystal. The Cherrun continued to pursue him however but were suddenly halted. Evidently Nil had poisoned the water of Paraisin with Violet crystal's blood. The Cherruns fast moving cell structure lead them to get addicted almost immediatly. Afterwards somehow a few Cherrun infected with copious amounts of Violet blood were seen in paradis. This lead to the extremely addicted Cherrun literally beginning to rip each other apart to drink what crystal blood they could get. Eventually the entire city of paradis was sent spiraling into biological disaster. The Cherrun at this point had no allies and so no help was dispatched. Their secretive location made any help extremely difficult in fact. The disaster eventually blew over however as the federation executed all corrupted Cherruns that hadn't killed each other. With this the Cherrun suffered nearly a million casualties, Crystal power was outlawed and the Cherrun federation accepted that they would never be able to return to crystal falls.

As if matters werent bad enough the Cherrun that remained in Paradis were forced to deal with their worst loss yet. Seeing the weakened state of the Cherrun the Gweem launched an all out attack in order to finally claim that which they seeked. The Astral technologies. With the Cherruns defenses lowered and no help from the Shadii or Eonis who were busy managing the council of intelligent races the Cherrun were massively overrun by Gweem soldiers who captured the capitol. They spent several weeks in paradis fighting off rebel Cherrun but came to the conclusion that replicating the technology was inefficient from a financial stand point. But their take over led them to several cultural shifting secrets which the Cherrun federation had been hiding for years. The Cherrun themselves were not the creators of astral technologies. They were in fact a gift from a race known as the colonist which had employed the Gweem shadii and Eonis on several different occasions. In fact the Cherrun of Orbisea were not descendants of brave scientist and adventurers as they had once believed but were in fact exiles. The people of vyryte a planet of many races had exiled the Cherrun for their pride and cursed them with a controlled life span. During the arrival of the Eclipse the races decided to ally themselves with the colonist and engaged some sort of warp drive that had been installed in the planet and leaving the Cherrun alone and abandoned to face their doom. No Cherrun knew how to create Astral technologies only how to reprogram them and worse yet it was based upon tradition and techniques that no Cherruns truly understood. The glass wings and intricate patterns of the Cherrun themselves came from failed experiments on their race by the other races of Vyryte who had attempted to develop invisibility technology that manifested biologically. The pride the intelligence and the grace of the Cherrun with which they had touted for years was shattered in a matter of days. After this the Gweem left paradis which was subsequently plundered by the other races after they found out its location which the Gweem had leaked to prevent potential counter attacks. Paradis was thought destroyed and the floating city now rests in legends. This event was known as the Death of lies.

The Cherrun thereafter split into many factions. A large group of Astral warriors founded the new city of Pearin. They constructed it to reflect sunlight into the middle of the city where a large energy facility lay. With this the city was self-sustaining. These Cherrun though bore broken spirits. Their pride, honor and heritage, gone. They sought to establish bonds with the other races and eventually joined the council of intelligent races in 923 OL. The warriors of Pearin became focused on righting the wrongs of their ancestors. They kept no secrets and told no lies. During the Dyinte freedom wars the Astral warriors loaned themselves to the dyinte to help with their only reward being a sound conscious. With the help of the Astral warriors the Dyinte were able to become a free people were able to become a part of the council of intelligent races.The Astral warriors at this point took the name the Sostoú. Which meant soldiers of right. These soldiers slimmed down their weapons to be more practical and and taught a distinct moral code of protection of the weak and hatred of the strong. They themselves became strong but that was never to be looked upon with pride. The Sostoú fought in whatever wars they found just and led the Cherrun to become good allies with the dyinte Pixfey and Strial.

Crystal falls in the meantime had been abandoned by all except a small tribe of cursed Cherruns. The cursed cherruns formed a tribal like society at the bottom of the falls. Cursed cherrun had difficulty using traditional weapons as most objects either slid out of their hands or rotated constantly. Due to this they developed specialty weapons which worked with their unusual skin. These were mainly drill blades which naturally rotated in their hand due to their spinning skin. The cursed tribes went through several centuries of civil war before eventually coming to a peaceful truce in crystal falls. In the century 2800 OL a group of cherrun from paradis decided to return to crystal falls only to find that the falls were occupied by large populations of cursed Cherrun. The colonist (called the fallen angels)who set out to return decided to take the falls by force. This was known as the wars of the falls. During which the 

Cursed fought back with their tribal weapons against the fallen angels astral based weaponry. The Fallen angels were however unable to eradicate the cursed with on foot war fare. And as such they turned to higher weapons of mass destruction. Under the direction of General Ten-Avion and using a specially altered Yivon named Sky bringer they were able to electrify the entirety of the valley of crystal falls. Thousands of dormant lev stones became active lifting immense pillars of rock and stone. The falls themselves began to levitate as the Cursed’s homes were immediately destroyed by the resulting quakes. Their hiding spots were located and their traps found. During the battle of the floating mountains the Fallen angels were able to genocide the majority of the cursed tribes except for those who lived in the far jungles that were past the falls. After returning and heavily altering the falls the Fallen angels claimed them as their own. But they ended up seeing to many battles against the Cursed of the far jungle.

The cherrun in the following decades fought many wars but most faded from the knowledge of the world during the techless wars. Evidently the Cherrun were allowed to keep their Astral technologies as none of them knew how to build new ones and the priceless crystal computers that ran them would have been a travesty to destroy. It is said they are a scattered people of the wilds now. But there are legends of the return of the lost city of Parasin.


White rouveím. These masterful archers were equipped with lev stone based weaponry. They fought to protect paraisn with there very souls. Their star crosser arrows are said to have had no limit in range. And their techniques with angel daggers and lev blades made them dangerous both up close and afar. No undefended foe could challenge them in open combat. And all feared them at range.

-Xeus Harpist. These fighters mastered the use of wave altering harps to manipulate light and sound. They were said to have the most beautiful voices one could ever hear although it was not known if this was some trick of their arts or if only those with such voices were allowed to own one. The astral harp was used to amplify and bend sound and light with it incredible works of beauty were possible as were incredible works of fear.

Xeus scribe. These scientists and scholars were selected for intimate knowledge of the world. With an astral quil they were able to inscribe programs made from captured light into everyday objects. These programs consisted of hundreds of astral computers which could be used to affect nearby molecules if they were told to do so. They could split water molecules into flammable gasses. Melt ice with so much as a touch or instantly rust metal. The limits were only equal to a scribe's knowledge of programming and of the makeup of the world.

-Sostoú. These Cherrun were considered fighters of justice. They used slimmed down and simplified Astral technologies. They were known for their hard light blades which were often programmed with various astral codes inscribed into them. These included Blades of rusting, Water splitters, and Liquifiers. They merged Xeus practices and Roviem strategies then combined them with specialty formations and maneuvers making them jack of all trade bullets in the sky. They fought to atone for their sins and gain true humility. They were known to grasp the dirt below them in there hands and raise it above there head symbolically before a fight to show themselves as being lower then the dirt. The soustou often wore demon like masks as an outward acceptence of their sins. Most of their clothes were brown or black to reflect the dirt with red eyes to reflect the fire below it. Their skill and life of violence was seen as a burden to bare for the good of all. Their oath was “A child of dust knows not worth nor value, For he knows the ground is his burden, his home. It is a sin to hold the light without the dark. And a sin to embrace the sky without loving the earth. To weigh the scales I place the dust above me. And I catch the light in my hand as does the land below. From dust I come to dust I return.”

Cursed tribesman. These soldiers used their unusual skin to their advantage. They weld spinning blades and were known to slide unnaturally through their environments. Often called the demons of the valley they fought with desperation and fear in their eyes. But after all, what is more dangerous than a warrior you do not understand who has nothing to lose.


The Church of the federation. The Cherrun federation worked hard to turn its simple democracy into more of a religious system. With it they were able to keep there people fine with the secrets they kept and gain there life long loyalty.

Vyriene. The belief that the planet Vyryte was a god in itself and that the Cherrun were sent to bring its blessings to the rest of the stars.

Selfisim. Many Cherrun adopted a strong religious devotion to themselves. Many began to view themselves as gods as their beauty was well known to all races. The cherrun readily compared themselves to creatures of higher power such as phoenixes, dragons, Angels and spirits. Selfist were known to visit other races' towns bringing small gifts in return for worship. They rejected many old beliefs in Cherrun culture and found it their duty to protect the poor little races down below….for some nice music worship and well whatever the heck else they wanted.

Humblisim. After the secrets of the federation was found out many Cherrun devoted themselves instead to the pursuit of humility as a form of repentance for there former arrogance. Many critics said this was another form of pride but Humblist continued. They were known to devote themselves completely to a cause, forego their name, live as slaves or servants, and live homelessly. The end goal of this belief system was to achieve unity with the other races and teach the next generation of the values of lowliness. A subset of this system came Romantic humblest who were married or other familial bonded pairs who swore complete devotion to each other. Ironically these Cherrun were often said to be the happiest.

~Book of the Gweem~



The Gweem are a highly intelligent race of tinkerers and technological manufacturers.  They originate from the planet Athen but were able to be found readily throughout the galaxy due to their large corporate fleets and mining operations. The Gweem are hard wired as a species to prioritize survival and statistics over things such as affection and bonds. As such they have a nearly endless hunger for expansion and financial gain. They readily invent and reinvent often needlessly to create more and more efficient tools. The Gweem positioned themselves as the galaxy's leaders in technological distribution across the stars led by corporate tyrants, greedy merchants and technological geniuses. You either increased their profit or became the object of it.


Gweem are classified as Xeno’s, creatures that resemble and function similar to earthen life but have different chemical structure and organs. Gweem’s defining feature is often considered to be their triple brained structure. A gweem has two brains that process information both having their own right and left hemispheres. The two brains connect to a smaller lower brain which makes decisions and acts as a reflex center. This allows Gweem to process ridiculous amounts of information, as well as filter brain activity to their third brain. With this a Gweem can do things such as completely surrender color perception to reallocate their brains processing to reflexes or computation. Even without reallocation a Gweem can easily make calculations that would seem otherwise impossible to other humanoids. The average Gweem child could tell you how to launch a space vessel to the next star over using the gravitational pull of three different moons given he knew their positions and distances. Gweem are also able to use this ability to accurately judge arcs, angles, momentum and trajectory on sight. They are mathematically ingenious and an inability to program is considered a disability to them. 

Connected to each of their brains is a compound eye. This allows them to individually process information from two different perspectives. They also have a pair of antennae which pick up radio signals which act as a sixth sense and head tail which is connected directly to their brain stem and acts nearly completely on reflex. Gweem are short in stature often only standing a unremarkable four feet tall. Their blood is green and often runs neither cold nor hot. Their skin is grey and unusually similar to seal skin. Their legs are designed to walk on their toes similar to rabbits or dogs, and as such allows them to jump rather large distances. 

They are however rather weak in terms of strength and their brains allocation towards computing means their brains are sub par in terms of operating socially. Gweem are known to be terrible liars and distant or work obsessive friends. Most all emotional communication comes out by reflex quite to the opposite of humans.

Sub races

The Gweem have three races. The Ryum, the Twil and the Bulv. The grey Ryum are the most common Gweem, taking up 90% of the population. They have large yellow eyes and mid-sized head tails. The Twil are the rarest and were often found on far off colonies. They have swirling patterns on their skin and often have white skin with a blue, red or green gradient based on the color of their environment. The Bulv are greenish and have stubby proportions and large black eyes. The Bulv’s ancestors were known to spend their entire lives in space which is what led to these unusual proportions and features.

Culture and history

~Book Of The Pixfey~!



The pixfey are an Int race from an unknown planet. They were first discovered on Pixsis. Which was named after their species. However it was found that the Pixfey were of alien origin and that they had migrated there. Most of the fey population discovered had been mating with the local Spyan inhabitants in order to reproduce. The fey are a strange race of all female intelligent beings. They are unable to reproduce with one another but however can reproduce offspring with all int races that reproduce sexually. However any offspring born is always female and always a pixfey rather than an amalgamation of the two. The Pixfey born do keep some facial features and mild characteristics of their fathers however whatever they are is lost by the next generation. It is believed that fey originated as a disease amongst the original species that became the fey. As only female fey are ever born over time the feys homeworld became devoid of males and the species migrated in order to continue reproducing. It is unknown how many species the fey have wiped out in this matter. 


The Pixfey exert both mammalian and insectoid traits. When healthy they mate for life and often have children in sets of two to four. Fey have extremely large eyes and a proboscis that allows them to drink nectar from large flowers. Fey antennas are often moth-like and are used to sense differences in air pressure. They also have sharp teeth that allow for hunting. Along feys arms are small pores that they can blast poisonous powder from. Effects typically include sedation and unconsciousness. When speaking, Fey are known to move excessively and almost dance. This is believed to be because communication between fey was likely close to that of bees for quite a time. It is rather uncommon to see them sitting still and this often makes them poor at paperwork or other arithmetic. However Fey are extremely intelligent with the average IQ being around 200. They very quickly will understand machines and scientific principles. They however rarely go into scientific fields however in favor of artistic pursuits due to their impatient nature. They have a lifespan of 70-100 years

Sub races

After the bombing of Nenandelle (1997 OL) the majority of the fey population was exposed to a biological weapon that caused severe damage to their cognitive abilities. These traits made their way into the fey genome birthing the New fey. New Fey are unable to control basic urges and desires and exert almost no understanding of time. Without control of themselves the new fey quickly turned into a race of murderers and animals. This being said they still feel guilt and maintain full reasoning ability. The tragedy of Nenandelle ended with many dead families and the survivors left were forced to live with knowledge of killing those closest to them. Many wished to commit suicide but were unable due to their basic urge for survival. The virus that caused the new fey was also extremely contagious and Nearly all the Old fey were wiped from existence in the subsequent years. This led to the Pixfey being removed from the council of intelligent races. New fey now live in small tribes or alone in the Fairin forest of Orbisea. New Fey almost never start full families and the survival rate for children is extremely low. New Fey culture typically involves following the tribal leader. Fey are required to wear muzzles and mittens whenever in the presence of other fey. Due to scarcity of food and an abundance of active predators new fey tend to be cannibalistic. 

Some Old fey do remain however in far away cities. Old fey and New fey look alike and the differences present are only visible through conversation and clothing.

Culture and History

Old fey were often dancers and singers professionally. Fey values held a strong focus on romantic love and marriage and it was typically uncommon for a fey not to be married by the time she was of age. Due to intense discrimination however feys typically moved there families into large cities rather then stay with the other races. It however wasn't uncommon for a fey to leave home and go to a new city only to return a few years later with a husband.

 Around the early 1000s OL, the Fey began opting for human partners most which lead to them adopting many aspects of human culture. Most of Old fey styles borrowed looks from old 1920s AD America. Fey cities were also commonly decorated with neon lights and smooth metal structures coupled with large flowers and other natural elements. Streets were lined with desert vendors, dance and art schools and theaters. Humans' more intimate lifestyle meshed well with alot of fey as many of the other races were either too callous for long term relationships, viewed the fey as a disease, or were too intimate.

 Eventually though many humans too began to find the fey as something to be hated. During the war of cleansing in which several races moved to wipe out fey cities many families were split due to conflicting loyalties. The fey had no real standing military and had to be saved by aid from the Eonis, Shadii, and Terrestrial. However with growing concerns of fey overpopulation new birth laws were enforced and Shadian gene splicers were called in to limit Fey liters to one child at a time. Many of the other races also passed laws prohibiting Fey marriage. With this sharp turn in their society many Fey ended up adopting a promiscuous lifestyle. Older generations looked at this with pity rather than judgment. The Fey generations of the 1600’s OL were called the fatherless. 

Slowly the fey began to view themselves as something wrong or too be hated. Many fey turned to surgical means to hide their identities. Removing their wings teeth and getting gene splicing done to look more human,treent or Unichrom. Many ended up leaving the old fey cities which ended up becoming barren ghost towns. They were known as the hidden fairies. Hidden fairies would often avoid having children so as not to be revealed as fey.

 After about two generations however the anger of what fey remained boiled over. After The death of a young fey girl who was beaten by a group of humans A group that called themselves Alice's vengeance arose. They at first started off as little more than a small group of gangsters and terrorists. But quickly evolved into a full army. Reclaiming the once barren cities they quickly began assaults on the Naido, Treents, and Humans. During this era Fey movies and plays returned as theaters blossomed. Action movies and political propaganda became all too common. The styles quickly shifted to that of black leather guns and hats with wild hair. Fey quickly became master gunsmiths and mechanics due to their high intelligence. Using complex strategies and superior firepower the fey of the 1800’s took over several human cities and most of the treent territory at the time. It became common practice for members of Alice’s vengeance to kill all the women of the city they had conquered and sit just outside for weeks after wearing revealing clothing. However this strategy didnt always work and many resorted to taking sex slaves instead. These war tactics drew concern from many members of the council of intelligent races as they constituted war crimes. At this point the Unichrom stepped up to deal with the threat. Using their keen night vision and skill with electronics the unichrom sent thousands of assassins and saboteurs into fey occupied cities. Hundreds of thousands of Alice soldiers were killed in the raids. At this point however the Fey reached out to the Dyinte who were also oppressed by Shadiian law. With this invite the Dyinte left the council of Intelligent races completely in order to assist the Fey. With the Dyinte’s extremely acute senses the Unichrom were unable to perform successful night raids. At this point the Eonis became engulfed in the war as well. Sending millions of robotic soldiers in to kill the soldiers of Alice's vengeance. The fey however captured and reprogrammed thousands of them. At this point the fey territory of “Wonderland” had expanded to nearly a quarter of Orbisea. And as members of Alice’s vengeance avoided gene splicing the fey birth rate skyrocketed.

 Concern that the Fey would wipe out the entirety of Sexually reproducing life became an imminent threat. With this Emperor Techrin turned to the Morstella. In return for wiping out nearly all the fey he promised to let them join the council of Intelligent life. The King of the Morstellians, Volsteyan agreed on the basis that he and his kin were freed from imprisonment in their armor. Upon their release they assumed a form of pure Fire and unleashed fire and chaos upon the soldiers of Alice, wiping millions of them out. Volsteyan however did not heed to his word and began travelling towards the Core in an attempt to seize power starting the wars of flames 1860 OL.

 After the war came the reformation of the council of intelligent races. The fey were able to return to a time of peace thanks to the diplomatic work of prince Night. However discrimination was still felt throughout the people of the fey and many humans still bore resent for the wars. After this came the Psionic unification movement (P.U.M). To keep the peace and improve understanding between the races. The religious leader of the movement Emaigo sought to link all people through the Strials psychic abilities. His message of peace hit hard with many of the Fey population who felt no one understood their trials. Emaigo ended up marrying a young Fey woman named Liten. 

The P.U.M led to a major split in Fey mentalities. Many joined the new religion and sought peace and understanding with all races. However many Fey were against the movement and missed the warrior ways of their past. The remnants of Alice became known as the Nedle gunners. They traveled far and wide working as hired guns bounty hunters and fought wars for sport with the Lizardii. 

Many also resumed dancing and a large number of Fey films depicting their experiences with discrimination were released. The fey movie “A Flower in concrete”. (which depicted a fey girl who left home and fell in love with a human boy only to be murdered tragically.) made a large hit in theaters outside of the Fey cities and helped snowball the Fey equality movement. The fey equality movement then spiraled into the Intelligent equality movement of 2300 OL. With the help of prince Night the movement was able to succeed in getting several races added to the panel of intelligent races. All species DNA would be recorded hence forth at the birth of every new inhabitant of Orbisea and in return the races of Orbisea were allowed to reproduce, immigrate and rule themselves freely. With this came “The 20 years peace”. (From OL 2334-2354) 

However the Psionic Unification Movement collapsed soon after. Millions of interlinked individuals were forced to feel as their leader Emaigo was brutally murdered By a group of Fey that apostatized. Tensions had been building up over the years. Many people began to hate the lack of secrecy between linked individuals. The Fey in particular became bombed with constant racist thoughts. And many people went insane from the Psionics movement. During this Liten was found to have been cheating on Emaigo. This led to him himself starting to view Fey negatively. With him being psychically linked to thousands of individuals  all it took was one dream where he muttered “kill the fey” to incite mass riots. The fey instantly turned on him and many Strials which began a war of individuals psychically linked to each other and ended in Emaigos death as a martyr. Millions literally felt each blow landed on him. With tensions boiling over and hatred for the Fey skyrocketing the Strial fired missiles into the City of nenandale carrying biological weapons. The Fey were forever cursed to a life of insanity and impulse after. This sparked the Techless war as the shadii and Eonis disbanded the council of intelligent races deeming them lower races. With this the development of the Anti rift came to be as they destroyed and confiscated all technology above analog. Further years would see the removal of guns and disabling of basic infrastructure.

In the first years of the new medieval era the New fey migrated into the forest in order to survive. They became viewed as nothing more than monsters to be killed on sight. Many were captured and used as pets or sex slaves and society in general turned there back on them. There were rumors of a cure however and several high functioning New fey made a journey to the Core in order to plead for aid. The Shadian science committee and the Gene splicers of the shadiian brotherhood were both unable to do anything however. And with this Fey became a tribal race of outcasts.

The remnants of the Old Fey reformed however and moved into small “clean” towns. The towns were completely sealed bubbles that were guarded by elite soldiers. During the wars following many fey became elite warriors. The Sew became known for their unorthodox fighting style and weapons. Some fey became immune and a small population moved to destroy all New fey, and un immune fey. This began the fey kingdom wars. Eventually the unimmune were wiped out by Old fey using corpses of new fey as biological weapons. The New Fey on the other hand were able to escape annihilation due to there large numbers and fast reproduction. After this a new strain of the fey virus emerged wiping out a large portion of the Immune fey. Prior to the core wars the estimated number of Old fey was around 3,004.


The Alice’s vengeance warriors.

Alice fighters were known to use heavy infantry rifles and were skilled drivers. Their guns ammo capacity was insanely high but required incredibly small bullets. They were known to wear black bullet proof leather and poor boy caps. They often had messy hair and a loose chain of command. Their tactics were mostly run and gun as they would often swarm targets on motorcycles firing machine guns. When that didnt work they would fly often into buildings or over barricades. They were often called the Sirens of the East as they would attack at sunrise and early afternoon with the sun at their backs. Alice fighters had no code and were typically highly racist they hated the women of races slightly more than the men as they viewed them as rivals. They often acted incredibly seductively and were known for their rebellious angry nature.

Nedle gunners

The Nedle gunners were a remnant of Alice fighters that became mercenaries after the flame wars. They opted out of motorcycle approach and instead used small movement enhancing gear and a low power grappling hook. Nedles opted for precision weapons rather than machine guns as they often fought smaller groups of enemies. Their guns were called wispy canaries and had almost invisible bullets that were insanely small. They were known to make a sharp whistling sound when fired. Unlike Alices, Nedles didn't fight for equality of rights and rather did so for their own entertainment. They were known to be quite shallow adventurous types looking for a fight wherever they went.

Sew knights

After the rise of the New fey The sew knights were raised to protect the bubble like structures that unimmune old fey lived in. They wore full armor to prevent infection and glass like mask. Sew knights opted for a needle pike which was essentially a double sided round sword with no handles. Unable to use guns Sew used throwing needles and javelin launchers instead. The sew were known to be extremely clean and proper.


During the period leading up to the core wars the Feyril became a popular group of thieves and fighters to hire. They were accomplished thieves and seductresses. Clever dancers and actors, they were often hired out for capture and stealth missions. Seeing as Old fey became incredibly rare and also possessed unique abilities they were often paid extremely highly for their services. They often fought in a dance like manner using the martial art they became named after. They would dance around enemies spreading Sleeping powder in the air as they attacked in attempts to get their victim to breathe it in. they typically only carried ribbons or necklaces that doubled as hidden daggers.



A belief that the first fey were blessed by the goddess Tuosia with beauty. However fey sought beauty to the extent that the males of there species failed to exist. It is believed Tuosia gave the Fey their beauty in order that they may share love with others. However their selfishness and lust lead to the loss of the ability to have families. And as punishment Tuosia left them to wander the stars in search of love for eternity. Virtuosin teaches that Fey should use their beauty to share love with those they can. And that loyalty to one's love is more important than desired beauty or wants. And that when it is given love should be accepted regardless of anothers beauty. The belief is that when true acceptance is learned. The males of the fey will return


The belief that the Goddess Tuosia cursed Fey to a life of loneliness out of jealousy of the feys beauty. Maltousins believe that Tuosia now roams the stars making love to all peoples. They believe that she was afraid and jealous of the fey competing with her and so cursed them by killing their males and stranding them on pixsis. They believe if they find and kill Tuosia the male fey will return.

P.U.M (psionic unification movement)

The belief that the way to true peace within the universe is psychically linking all intelligent races. Psionist believe that in finding peace and understanding they will bring a new era of love and compassion to all Orbisea and the universe.

~Book of Unitelligent Races

The various un-intelligent races include any race that can obtain two of the qualifiers for the Intelligent races but lacks the others. These qualifiers are.

1. A concept of morality.

2.A traceable history.

3.The ability to develop at least analog technology.

4. can speak.

5.can engage in tactical warfare.


Goblins are a tribal race with extremely high intelligence but no moral code.They competed for years with the Gweem in small scale wars. However Goblin societies constant chaos lead the Gweem to quickly rise above and enslave them. This period of history was short lived however as the Gweem advanced so rapidly that most slaves were seen as pointless and the Gweem instead left Goblins on the surface of their dying world to scavenge amongst their trash. 


The second Children of the morstellans Mantids are an insectoid race raised to conquer and devour those weaker than themselves. The Morstellans sought for them to reach or even surpass the Lizardii but were unable to finish this task due to being captured by the Shadii. Mantid hives range from animalistic chaos to ordered colonies with a king or queen or to the even more drastic civilizations that consist only of king and Queen mantids. Mantids however are unable to develop technology and their apendages make it hard for them to craft. Other then vague stories mostly only about the morstellans they have no history and their morality boils down to simply proving themselves the strongest race.


Sociopathic and extremely curious spiderlike creatures from the planet Pixis Spyans are the smartest of the unintelligent races after changelings and Myalga. Their curiosity often leads to Spyans developing strange perversions or taste due to their lack of morality. They have zero sense of empathy and a heightened self awareness. They will mimic actions or features of others they see or of photographs. Their lairs are often full of strange things they collected or stole. They are known to kidnap children at night and tell them lies and stories to scare towns then return them without letting themselves be seen. Mantids are known to keep Spyans as slaves in order to use their webs. Typically Spyan females are the larger of the gender and males hide further below the surface but have greater numbers. Spyan labyrinths can span miles and a Spyan will spend their entire lifespan of up to 40 years digging daily.


Changelings are barely describable creatures from neptunes deep. They too are Sociopathic and extremely curious. However their intelligence is beyond any other race that resides on Orbisea. They will learn languages, habits, machinery and scientific study in a matter of days. Their curiosity however goes beyond social interaction and often deeper into physiology. They are known to dissect creatures they capture as to mimic their internal organs. They act out of only base desires and often develop objectified love for material possessions or places. Their ability to mimic sentient creatures made them and other races from the planet hades to dangerous to be kept on the surface and so they were sealed in Neptunes Deep.


Often referred to as mind flares by humans or Myalga by Naido these squid like creatures are psychic creatures that are especially adept at sensing pharamones put out by a panicking creature. They thus send out psychic messages to prey within their sensory radius that start off as subtle whispers or misheard sounds. The sounds get more frequent and louder the closer the Myalga gets. If it makes physical contact a Myalga is able to read someones memories and take over their visual synapse. Since they are to obtain food rather easily Myalgan motives often range from outright control to enslavement or information obtaining. Unlike changelings however, they tend to work together or control other species.

Hooded Ware

These wolf-like creatures are silent travelers who follow lightning storms. They are said to possess much wisdom however they live simply and rarely do much other then watch from the shadows. In a fight however their metal claws and fangs make them dangerous rivals.


Impish traders related closely to the Shadii. They have no language but instead speak in chirps and grunts. They often trade with goblins and are rather fearless.

Root Children

Small wooden creatures that enjoy eating berries. Root children humanoid features and a childish nature about them. They hibernate for most of the year wake up in spring and return to sleep the following fall. 

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