Books in Castle Ravenloft

Books in Castle Ravenloft

  1. Eldanar the Awful’s Hallowed Journal of Elegant Alchemy by Eldanar the Awful

  2. Life Among the Undead: Learning to Cope by unknown

  3. Complete Guide to the Herbs of Barovia by Lysaga Zalken

  4. A Treatise on the Combination of Mixtures and Ointments by Narn the Anointed

  5. Morik the Vile’s Noxious Guide to Poisons by Morik the Vile

  6. The Distillation of Liquids: A Novice’s Guide to the Alembic by unknown

Bestiary of Strange Beasts

  1. The Horrific Undead of the Shadowfell by Nevric Ironblood

  2. Strange Beestes by unknown

  3. Van Richten’s Guide to Ghosts by Rudolph Van Richten

  4. Van Richten’s Guide to Vampires by Rudolph Van Richten

  5. Van Richten’s Guide to Werewolves by Rudolph Van Richten

  6. The Behemoths of Chult: Relics of a Lost Age by Khalid the Explorer.

Biography of a Forgotten King or Queen

  1. Origins of Azalin Rex by Percival of Mordent

  2. The Tragic Pharaoh: The Curse of Ankhtepot by unknown

  3. Vecna, the Emperor of Sheldomar Valley by Vander of Nyrond

  4. The Last Kingpriest of Istar by unknown

  5. Lady Christine the Druid Queen by Eral Sternov

  6. Hamanu the Sorcerer-King by Zeldir the Planeswalker

Book of Exotic Recipes

  1. Thirty Ways to Cook Wolf by Andrej Ivanov

  2. A Vampire’s Guide to the Culinary Arts by Vlad the Gourmet

  3. The Bizarre Ritual Diet by Orrim the Unloved

  4. The Hag’s Cookbook by unknown

  5. Traditional Foods of Barbarian Tribes by Olga

  6. Guide to Unnatural Cuisine by Sendrick the Necromancer

Book of Heraldry

  1. Sinister and Rampant: Heraldry for the Undead by Lilliana Katios

  2. An Interplanar History of Heraldry by Stefan Slaterock

  3. Heraldry in Historic Houses of Krynn by Tomas Morningwood

  4. Dwarf Clan Shields of Faer?n by Torgen Ironfist

  5. Heraldry in Darkon by Eugenia Highbarrow

  6. Infernal Heraldry by unknown

Book of Military Strategy

  1. The Tactics of Barbarian Hordes by unknown

  2. The Craft of War by Katsura Naganori

  3. A Monograph of Military Strategy in Various Terrains by General Mardruk

  4. War Without Bloodshed: A Guide to Espionage by unknown

  5. Doubt and Fear: The Ultimate Weapons by Arlus the Cruel

  6. Victory Through Patience by Venmir

Epic Novel

  1. Soldiers and Foes by Wang Sheng-tai, Synopsis: The novel is about a soldier named Huang Zhao-huan in a powerful army who discovers he is being deceived by his superiors and plots an elaborate revenge to stop them. Ending: Huang Zhao-huan thwarts the army just before it reaches a city where they plan to slaughter many people, however, he is mortally wounded.

  2. Moon of Insanity by Stragnor the Scribe, Synopsis: The novel is about a man named Viggo who is struggling with lycanthropy and ends up estranged from those he loves while he seeks a cure. Ending: Viggo finds a cure only to return to his home and discover that he had already killed everyone in his madness.

  3. Breaking Myself by Mardet Targaro, Synopsis: The novel is told in the first person about a conjurer named Karlak whose family succumbs to illness during a plague. He teams up with a self-taught necromancer named Hans to revive his family by unholy means. Ending: Karlak descends into madness and is sealed into a tomb by Hans who is fearful for his life.

  4. Children Without a Conscience by Sira of Waterdeep, Synopsis: The novel is about a group of childhood friends who accidentally kill a traveler and cover it up. Years later the traveler returns as a revenant to seek revenge. Ending: All but one of the friends are slain by the revenant. The surviving friend begs the creature for forgiveness and satisfied, the revenant is laid to rest.

  5. The Sparkling Vampire by Clementia Moonfallow, Synopsis: The novel is about a young woman who falls in love with a vampire who sparkles if he enters sunlight. Ending: The woman leaves the “vampire” when she discovers he’s not really a vampire at all.

  6. The Thirst Games by Marquise Vesk, Synopsis: The novel is about a city ruled by vampires that hold an annual event in which human citizens selected at random are allowed to compete in a challenge where they must be the last one to survive being hunted by master vampires. The winner of the challenge wins protection for their family from the vampires of the city. Ending: A street urchin named Serenity gets the competitors to work together and they defeat the vampires one by one, something nobody has ever done. Impressed, the vampire lord of the city grants Serenity’s family protection and orders all the other competitors executed.

Guide to Fine Wines

  1. Vintage for Vampires: A Guide to Wine by unknown

  2. Volo’s Guide to Wine by Volothamp Geddarm

  3. Wizard of Wines Vintage Catalogue 705-730 by Davian Martikov

  4. The Connoisseur’s Cellar by Feldin Karn VI

  5. The Blood of the Vine by Yuri Vasilivich

  6. A Hundred Years of Wine by Virla Misk

Heretical Texts

  1. The Morninglord’s Deception by unknown

  2. The Devil We Know by Fiona Wachter

  3. The Grimoire of the Four Quarters by Devostas

  4. The Glory of Death by unknown

  5. The Journal of Nyxxion the Mad by Nyxxion the Mad

  6. Unholy Rites by unknown

Historical Texts

  1. A History of the Vistani by Oleg Tyminski

  2. The Life of King Barov by Victoria Vadu

  3. History of the Blood War by Jeena Ealy

  4. Since Time Immemorial by Argus the Elder

  5. Origins of the Planes by unknown

  6. The Von Zarovich Bloodline by Anton Belasco

Poetry Anthology

  1. A Raven and Other Poems by Igor Anton Povich

  2. Lewd Limericks by Scanlan Shorthalt

  3. Thirteen Sonnets by the Bard of Darkon

  4. Where the Trail Ends by Quel Silverstone

  5. Traditional Goblin Poetry by unknown

  6. The Forgotten Poetry of Faer?n by Harrick Gray

Theological Text

  1. Hymns to Mother Night by Grygori Ulrich

  2. The Barovian Dichotomy: A Theology Study by Olivenka Mironova

  3. Where Hides the Morninglord? by Livius Swilovich

  4. The Book of the Dead by unknown

  5. Pantheons and the Planes by Amrus Slade

  6. A Higher Calling by Ivan Diavolov

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