Books of wizardy

General Books

  1. A history of conjurers I: The Age of Mist

  2. A history of conjurers II: The Age of Heroes

  3. Aldric The Conjurer: An Autobiography

  4. A Scholar's Guide to Strife Through The Ages

  5. Failed Wizards and where they went wrong

  6. Darwin’s list of the worst spells ever written

  7. Sentient Weapons and Other Terrible Ideas

  8. A Criticism of the Early Philosophical Agreements of the Provinces

  9. Ancient Artifacts

  10. History of Arcane Enhancements and Developments

  11. Greatest Wizards in Arcadia

  12. Wizard Signs: A comprehensive History of Wizards

  13. Bigby’s Biography

  14. Keldor: The Tales of the Wizard King and his Adventures

  15. Drexel’s Darkest Deeds

  16. Tasha’s Alliterative Autobiography

  17. Which Witch: An appendix of famous magic users

  18. Imps, Sprites, and Pixies

  19. Faefolk: Their culture and history

  20. Arcane probability theory

  21. Speculations, Theories, and Hoaxes: How magic has shaped Arcadia's history

  22. The Magical Adventures of Desmond the Dashing

  23. Collected Correspondence between the Arch-Wizards Garvalon and Hazamar

  24. Is it safe to drink? Identifying Potions

  25. Encyclopedia Magica: Potions, Oils, and Inks

  26. Encyclopedia Magica: Rods, Staves, and Wands

  27. Encyclopedia Magica: From Boot to Hats and Everything In Between

  28. Encyclopedia Magica: Weapons and Armor

  29. Encyclopedia Magica: Tools, Bags, and Household Items

  30. Encyclopedia Magica: Weird Stuff

  31. Lori’s List of Lost Magic Weapons

  32. Armors of the Ages: A guide to identifying magical armor

  33. Weapons of the Ages: A guide to identifying magical weapons

  34. Corman's Comprehensive Compendium on Wands

  35. The importance of stretching before spellcasting

  36. Adina’s warmup: How to keep your gestures crisp and your inflections precise

  37. Great Heroes and their magical equipment 103 PA

  38. Great Heroes and their magical equipment 684 PA

  39. Great Heroes and their magical equipment 1300 PA

  40. The advanced guide to the basics of wizardry

  41. The basic guide to advancements in wizardry

  42. Dabbling in Magic: The homemaker's guide to spellcraft

  43. Shrugs, Winks and Waves: Simple Somatics

  44. Ven’s Guide to the crossover of somatic components and offensive gestures

  45. Pacts and Contracts: Dealing with extraplanar creatures

  46. The Practitioners Pamphlet For Perfecting Pronunciation

  47. Tom’s Tongue Twisters: Never miscast your spell again

  48. Songs, Sins and other Shenanigans

  49. Songs to train your vocal cords

  50. Social, political, and economic fallout of conjured and illusory currency

  51. Arcane Artillery and the effects of indiscriminate warfare

  52. Uphill battle: Magical aqueducts

  53. Trixie's Treatise on Mirrors, Mirage's and Reflections

  54. Magical Maladies and their causes

  55. Finger calisthenics for the elderly magus

  56. Etiquette of the Mage: Trading Spells

  57. Etiquette of the Mage: Spells in Public

  58. Etiquette of the Mage: Letting go of your Ego

  59. Etiquette of the Mage: The Court and Court Mages

  60. Etiquette of the Mage: Why Appearances Matter

  61. Wild Magic: How the uneducated will bring about the end of days

  62. Wizard for Dummies: The dangers of Wild Magic

  63. Luck and Wistfulness: Wild magic and its determinants

  64. Things that go “bump” in the night: The definitive guide to the undead

  65. Defeating Dwarven Defenses

  66. The physicality of humanoids

  67. Icky Sticky: The wondrous uses of unpleasant fluids

  68. The Handbook of Applied Arcane Analysis

  69. Magic Circle Analysis’: Materials, Properties, Construction, and Care

  70. Getting Familiar with your Familiar

  71. Solomon’s catalog of souls

  72. Arcane proofs of relative value of racial souls

  73. The Soul: Assessing the value of it's essence.

  74. Safeguarding Spellbooks

  75. Leomund’s tower design

  76. Gnomish Customs Regarding the Arcane: All the Knowledge thou need to Gain

  77. Golemcraft and its practical applications in tower defense

  78. Creating Kobolds: Koibu’s notes on human/dog hybridization 

  79. Collateral Damage: Sometimes it happens, so be prepared.

  80. Exercising Restraint: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

  81. Magic and Science: Damn the consequences and just do it

  82. Rites and Laws of Magic

  83. A Catalogue of Regional Laws Regarding the Uses of Magic

  84. Arcane magic and Laws: Eridon

  85. Arcane magic and Laws: Mistrya

  86. Arcane magic and Laws: Drekis

  87. Arcane magic and Laws: Akuba

  88. Arcane magic and Laws: Mahtava

  89. Arcane magic and Laws: Minor Kingdoms

  90. Basics of Dweomer: The Auras of Magic

  91. Commoner’s reactions to spell and magic: How to avoid making a scene when dealing with Mundys. 

  92. Mundys’ expectations: The pros and cons of playing into the wizard stereotype 

  93. How to Avoid the Witch Hunts

  94. Aldric’s guide to keeping your liege at bay

  95. Conversing with Nobles: How to Keep Your Head on your Shoulders

  96. Sky Scrying: A Weather Guide

  97. Mastering your Apprentice

  98. Magus Mainfeld's Primer to the Plains

  99. Starscrying: What telescopes can do that magic can't

  100. Machinations of a Mage: The Advantages of versatility

  101. The Morality of Mind Reading and Mental Domination

  102. How to train your friends: Joris’ guide to adventuring

  103. An incomplete biography of Joris the Gastromancer

  104. The Winter Sky: Can Gods Die?

  105. Treaties on the Void

  106. Fickle Will of the Divine: Categorization of extraplanar powers

  107. Mordenkainen's fatal flaw: A treatise on the defensiveness of anonymity

  108. Selected Essays on the Nature of Interplanar Teleportation.

  109. A guide to wishing: Is it worth it?

  110. An advanced guide to wishing: Be careful what you wish for.

  111. Quills! Judging a bird by its feathers

  112. Toxic but useful: a guide to the magical uses of lead

  113. Inks! From soot to squids

  114. Combining somatic magic and dance

  115. Pseudomagic: A wizard's journey into the weird world of science

  116. Accents and Magical Accidents

  117. Alphys' Almanach of Alliteration: Is it magically significant? Experiments and observations.

  118. Semantic conversations on somatic components

  119. The Semantic of Somatics: An Illustrated Examination

  120. Enunciation and Articulation: A practical guide to spellcasting

  121. A Gnomes Tome to the Catacomb: A guide to being fancy with necromancy

  122. Splenda’s guide to disguise annoying magical side effects

  123. Gaze attacks: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  124. Gestation to Germination I: Arcane things to avoid when you’re expecting

  125. Gestation to Germination II: Babyproofing the laboratory and home

  126. Gestation to Germination III: Spells you might think help with childbirth, but really don’t

  127. Gestation to Germination IV: Baby’s first spellbook. How to encourage your child to be receptive to magic.

  128. A Geomancer’s guide to architecture

  129. An Advanced Guide on the Planes and the Properties Thereof 

  130. Arcane Weather Effects and Weather Effects on the Arcane

  131. Shadows of Magic: The ethics of magic in war

  132. Extradimensional Space: The do’s and don’ts of things bigger on the inside

  133. Worldbuilding: A guide to pocket dimensions

  134. The Benefits of Arcane Autonomy Over Divine Dependency

  135. The differences between the arcane and the divine

  136. Shalindor's guide on fabricate and all its wondrous uses

  137. Fabio’s Fabulous Fabrications

  138. Wood Whispering: How to Converse with Animate Plants

  139. Cubes, Cones, & Spheres: The Mathematical Approach to Area of Effects

  140. Old languages: What verbal components they couldn't write down

  141. What's in the Box? A cautionary tale

  142. Whispering Winds: A Guide for Instant Messaging

  143. No, you can't do that: Tales of Interesting Spell Related Deaths.

  144. Path to Planes and Places otherworldly

  145. Experiments in Teleportation: Dimension, Displacement, and Death

  146. The Power of a Name: Gaining power Over Extradimensional Creatures

  147. Good Vibrations: Resonance frequencies materials both common and rare

  148. Gastromancy I: Spicing up your soup

  149. Gastromancy II: Flavors of the Arcane

  150. Gastromancy III: Summon your meat

  151. Gastromancy IV: Charming the stomach

  152. A collection of known magical barriers both Divine and Arcane.

  153. So they think you’re a lich

  154. Ortho’s Handy Handbook: Handling Hazardous Materials

  155. I charmed him; now to get rid of him: Unexpected effects of charms

  156. Tasha's guide on using magic in stand up comedy

  157. Breaking the continuum: Why time travel should be avoided at all costs

  158. Essays on forms of instant travel: Teleportation, Dimension Door, Blink, and more

  159. Pyromania: The Fascination with Flame

  160. Burn Baby Burn: Flame Evoker's Guide

  161. Rising Smoke: The comprehensive guide to Akuban native incenses

  162. Practical magic for daily living

  163. Wizard Locks: Keeping your possessions safe from Mundys

  164. Potent Potables: Protecting your papers from the elements

  165. Books for Elvan Casters: How to keep your spellbook from breaking down before you do

  166. Bookworms for Bookworms: How to protect your library from ordinary pests

  167. Earth, Air, Water and Fire: Stories of elementals and their habitats

  168. Hunting With Magic: Monstrous Lairs & Magical Snares

  169. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Swamps and their denizens

  170. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: The tundra teems

  171. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Dragons

  172. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Coastal creatures

  173. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Finding life in the desert

  174. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Freshwater fascinations

  175. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Monsters in the mountains

  176. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Endless Woodlands

  177. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: When to run

  178. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Venomous creatures

  179. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Grass and how they’re turned into gasses

  180. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Underground organisms

  181. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Innate magical resistances

  182. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Magical Beasts

  183. Flora and Fauna of Arcadia: Half Breeds and Hybrids

  184. Everything Poops I: Stinky but safe, spell components for the risk averse wizard.

  185. Everything Poops II: Excrements of the otherworldly

  186. Everything Poops III: A handling guide for your apprentice

  187. Magical Cultivation I: Fungus, Mushrooms and More

  188. Magical Cultivation II: Seeding, Growing, and Reaping

  189. Magical Cultivation III: Which Weather Withers

  190. Dragons of Arcadia

  191. The Paradox of Antimagic Fields

  192. Things that crawl, things that stink, things that make your eyes go pink: Bizarre creatures and their effects

  193. A vegan’s guide to spell components

  194. Lycanthropes: Separating Fact From Fantasy

  195. Approximating Spell Component Materials

  196. Common reactions to exotic components

  197. Joris’ Guide to Spell Components: Common, Uncommon, and Rare Species of Arcadia

  198. Tasha’s index of Arcadian animals: Finding the exact component

  199. Projectiles, Bangs, and Beams: Calculating Trajectories and Impacts

  200. Magical Plants Of Mistrya

  201. Majora’s Monstrous Manual

School specific books


  1. Elementalism: A different path

  2. Elementalism: Fire and Flames

  3. Elementalism: Water and Waves

  4. Elementalism: Earth and Stones

  5. Elementalism: Air and Gasses

  6. A traveler's guide to visiting the elemental planes

  7. Dealing with Elementals I: The hot issues

  8. Dealing with Elementals II: Fluid movements

  9. Dealing with Elementals III: Gaseous forms

  10. Dealing with Elementals IV: Solid Fundamentals


  1. Abjuration for Apprentices I: All the ways your can die

  2. Abjuration for Apprentices II: Theories and practical limits of protection

  3. Abjuration for Apprentices III: Conflicts and zones of exclusion

  4. Mastering Abjuration I: Protecting yourself

  5. Mastering Abjuration II: Protecting others

  6. Mastering Abjuration III: Potent Potables

  7. Abjuration Smabjuration

  8. An Apprentice's Guide to Glyphs, Sigils, and Wards

  9. Allan's abjurations: Telling them to leave with gusto

  10. Pentagaramas, Protection Scrolls, and Prestidigitations 

Conjuration / Summoning

  1. Conjuring for Beginners I: What not with which to meddle.

  2. Conjuring for Beginners II: Summoning instead of invoking.

  3. Conjuring for Beginners III: The theoretical and practical limits of summoning.

  4. Intermediate Conjuring I: Summoning semi autonomous entities.

  5. Intermediate Conjuring II: Summoning inanimate forces

  6. Intermediate Conjuring III: Summoner's guide to runes and wards

  7. Advanced Conjuring I: Intraplanar Summoning

  8. Advanced Conjuring II: Interplanar Summoning 


  1. Divination I: Spotting the obscure

  2. Divination II: Dirty little secrets

  3. Divination III: Finding the lost

  4. Divination IV: Seeing beyond

  5. Divination V: Senses outside of the basic 5

  6. Advanced Divination I: Lead and escaping detection

  7. Advanced Divination II: Misdirection

  8. Advanced Divination III: Reading your own mind

  9. A diviner's guide to scrying and identifying.

  10. People Who Don't Know They're Dead – A Medium's Guide to Communing with Unfulfilled Spirits

  11. Omniscience and Free Will

  12. Reading the bones: Alternative forms of divination

Enchantment / Charm

  1. Basics of Enchanting I: Common and dangerous mistakes

  2. Basics of Enchanting II: Remedial charms

  3. Basics of Enchanting III: Hypnosis and the power of suggestion

  4. Basics of Enchanting IV: Wording matters

  5. Advanced Enchantments I: Inanimate objects

  6. Advanced Enchantments II: Controlling subjects through emotional manipulation

  7. Advanced Enchantments III: Manipulating memories

  8. Elves: An enchanter's worst nightmare

  9. Enchanting the feeble minded

  10. Do Constructs Dream of Marble Sheep?

  11. Enchanters Guide to Recognizing Ancient Enchantments

  12. Minor Curses: Why it’s better to keep your curses small and simple

  13. Wilbur’s guide to creating magical items

  14. Cheyenne’s recipes for wondrous creations

  15. The Annotated notebook of Sophie the Enchanter

Illusion / Phantasm

  1. Phantasmal Illusions and how to recognize them

  2. Fake it ‘till you make it

  3. The Illusion Codex

  4. Fooling the senses I: Sight

  5. Fooling the senses II: Hearing

  6. Fooling the senses III: Touch

  7. Fooling the senses IV: Taste and Smell

  8. Illusions I: Is this a real book?

  9. Illusions II: Are you sure?

  10. Illusions III: Life is an illusion

  11. Illusions IV: Illusions vs Delusions

  12. Illusions V: How to avoid going mad when nothing around you seems real

  13. Illusions VI: The truth of suffering

Evocation / Invocation

  1. Basics of Evocation I: The wastes of summoning and the power of invoking

  2. Basics of Evocation II: Enchantments and charms are the path of the weak

  3. Invoker’s Guide I: Shaping the energies of creation

  4. Invoker’s Guide II: The importance of your magical arsenal

  5. Invoker’s Guide III: Defeating without killing

  6. Invoker’s Guide IV: Minimizing collateral damage

  7. Invoker’s Guide V: Avoiding responsibility and why your client is at fault

  8. An evokers guide to burn soothing ointments

  9. Pyrotechnics: A guide to showmanship


  1. Body Parts for the Advanced Student

  2. 101 uses for a corpse

  3. Bodybuilding 101

  4. Vices and Virtues of Necromancy

  5. Corpse Compendium

  6. On sharing lifeforce

  7. Conquering death

  8. A necromancer's guide to making the most of your friends

  9. Fear cuts deeper than swords: Why the fear of the dead is your most powerful weapon

  10. A Wizard's Guide to Undead: What Priests and Clerics Don't Want You To Know

  11. There and back again: A Necromancer's Tale

Transmutation / Alteration

  1. Lead and Gold: The never ending quest

  2. Alteration: The most important school of wizarding

  3. Adjusting to your altered self

  4. Properties and their Properties. What you need to know before you can change them

  5. Codex Transformicus

  6. Transmutation: Everybody’s doing it, but nobody’s talking about it

  7. Ridley’s altered life: How far is too far?

  8. The dangers and powers of polymorph

  9. Things to consider before your enlarge it

  10. Path of the Transmuter: Becoming a smith to reality's forge

  11. Jenna’s notes on altering your life

  12. Alteration: Its half your fucking spellbook, so pay attention

  13. Unsolicited advice for transmuters: Changing yourself will not change your life

  14. Transmutation and Natural Philosophy: Useful properties and how to amplify them

  15. Overcoming encumbrance: A transmuters guide

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