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Welcome! Brass Birmingham is a hand management and tile placement game where players take on the role of a competing entrepreneur during England’s Industrial Revolution.

The game is played over two eras, Canal and Rail. To win the game you will have to score the most victory points which is represented as a black hexagon. Victory points are scored at the end of the Canal and Rail eras. Points are awarded for industry tiles that have been Flipped (consumed, sell) and for network tiles (Canal, Rail) placed between the Flipped tiles.




Connection/ Connected

Your Network


Turn Actions:

The eras are performed in rounds, each round is made up of individual player turns. Player turn order changes depending on money spent in the previous round.On each player's turn they take 2 actions, by playing a card for each action (*except for the first round of the Canal era, only 1 action). Any money spent on your turn is placed over your large player token on the turn order track. After all players have played their turn, performed their 2 actions, the round is over. At the end of each round players receive income based upon their earned income level, the gold/silver icon (Max 30). 

If there is a shortfall then a player’s industry tiles are removed, player choice, from the board and placed in the box and are given half value rounded down. Any remaining debt owed will cause a loss of 1 VP per £1 owed. 

Player turn order is updated such that the player who spent the least in the round will play first in the next round. If money spent in that round is tied then those players' turn order stays the same relative to each other from the previous round.


Scoring and Era Maintenance:

  • For each network link tile on the game board score 1 point per black hexagon displayed adjacent to them. Remove the link tile once scored, repeat for remaining players. 

  • Score the listed points of your Flipped industry tiles.

  • At the end of the Canal era remove any level 1 tiles on the game board, not your player board. 

  • Reset the merchant beer to what it was at the beginning of the game. 

  • Shuffle the discard piles to make a new draw deck but do not draw an extra card to start the discard pile for each player. 

Gameplay Concepts:

Location/ Connections: (See Adjacency / Your Network Visual)

  • A location is in Your Network if it is adjacent to one of Your network link tiles and/ or contains one or more of your industry tiles. 

  • Two locations are Connected if you can trace a route of ANY network link tiles from one location space to the other.


If during the process of consuming, there are no longer any cubes remaining on a Coal, Iron, or Beer industry tile/s, the tile is Flipped and the rewards are allocated to the player who owns the tile.

  • Resources taken from the industry tiles are Free

  • Resources taken from the market Cost

  • Connected requirements are checked after an industry or link tiles are placed

  • Consumed resources are placed in the General Supply

  • Victory points are only scored at the end of an era.

Consuming Coal:

  • To consume/ pay for coal you must take it in the following order:

  1. From the closest Connected coal industry tile on the board (Free). 

  2. Purchase from a Connected market (Pay)

Consuming Iron:

  • To consume/pay for iron you must take in the following order:

  1. From any iron industry tile/s, Unconnected (Free). 

  2. Purchase from the market, Unconnected (Pay).

Consuming Beer:

  • To consume beer you may use any of the following:

    • Your own unflipped breweries , Unconnected

    • You may use another player’s beer token, but there must exist a Connection

    • If using a SELL action you can consume the beer at a Connected merchant, if the merchant is accepting your specific goods. You also receive the merchant bonus at that location.

    • If using a NETWORK action to build two railway links:

      • You cannot use Merchant beer

      • If consuming another player’s beer a Connection must exist after placing either of the link tiles.  

Actions: Always discard a card before performing an action.


  • Location Card: Build ANY industry at that location, Unconnected.

  • Industry Card: Build that industry at any location, in Your Network

  1. Take the lowest available tile and place the tile to the space displaying that industry’s icon first otherwise place it on a space with multiple icons second. 

    • During the canal era only 1 tile per location, per player can be placed

  2. Consume, and/ or then pay the appropriate cost for the tile played. 

    • The cost, is to the left of the tile, e.g. Level 1 Brewery = £5 & 1 iron

      1. Iron: Unconnected

      2. Coal: Connected

  3. If Coal or Iron or Beer is built, place the tokens from the General Supply on the tile as indicated.

  4. If Coal or Iron was built, sell to the market for the listed price if there is an opening remembering: 

    • Coal: Connected

    • Iron: Unconnected

    • If all cubes are sold the tile is flipped immediately

    • Remaining cubes, stay on the tile and can be consumed in future, but never sold to the market

Farm Brewery:

  • Can only be built using an industry card, so must be in Your Network.

Over Building:

  • You may overbuild/build any of Your Own industry tiles whether flipped or not as long as it is of a higher level of the same industry. 

    • If the industry had existing coal/ iron/ beer place these into the General Supply

    • Add cubes to the new industry tile as normal

  • You may overbuild an opponent’s Coal or Iron industry only if:

    • There are no iron or coal cubes anywhere on the board, including the market. 


  • Place your network link tile on the appropriate unoccupied canal or rail that is adjacent to Your Network (see Adjacency / Your Network Visual). 

    • 1 Canal: 1 Action, £3.

  • Rail/s must be Connected to a source of coal after it is placed. 

    • 1 Rail: 1 Action, £5 and consume 1 coal.

    • 2 Rails: 1 Action, £15 and consume 2 coal and 1 beer. 

      • You cannot consume Merchant beer to complete the Network action.

      • A Connection must exist after placing either of the link tiles if consuming an opponent's beer.  

      • Unconnected if consuming your beer


  • You cannot develop a tile with a light bulb icon e.g. Pottery.

  1. Remove 1 or 2 industry tiles from your player mat to allow access to higher level tiles.

  2. Consume a single iron for each tile removed. 

Sell: (Manufacturer, Pottery, Cotton Mill)

This action is how the Manufacturer, Pottery and Cotton Mill industry tiles are Flipped.

  1. Choose 1 tile that is Connected to the merchant accepting that industry tile.

  2. Consume beer, if required: 

    • Your beer: Unconnected

    • Other player: Connected

    • Merchant: If industry tile matches the goods you are selling 

      1. Claim bonus 

  3. Flip industry tile

  4. Claim reward (Not victory point/s)

  5. Sell as many additional tiles as the same action, as long as all requirements can be met


  1. Take £30 from the bank to your personal supply. 

  2. Lower your income level, not spaces, by 3.

  3. Place your token at the highest space within the new lower income level.

 Scout: Can’t perform this if you have any wild/s in your hand.

  1. Discard 2 additional cards, plus the 1 card you played for this action (3 total). 

  2. Pick up 1 wild, location & industry card to your hand 

Things to remember:

  • Connected: Two locations are Connected if you can trace a route of ANY network link tiles from one location space to the other.

  • Unconnected: Two locations are Unconnected if you can’t trace a route using ANY network link tiles from one location space to the other.

  • Your Network: A location is in Your Network if it is adjacent to one of Your network link tiles and/ or contains one or more of your industry tiles.

  • Actions always require a card to be discarded. You can perform the same action twice, discarding a card each time.

  • Money spent during a round is placed on your player token, to determine the play order of the next round. 

  • Income is Gold (positive) or Silver (negative) numbers, MAX 30.

  • Consumed resources are placed into the General Supply onced used

  • Level 2 and greater tiles are not removed after the end of the Canal era and will be scored twice.

  • Tiles with blue in the circle next to them can only be built in the canal era, and must be developed in the rail era.

  • Manufacturer = Crates, Buildings = Cotton Mill

Adjacency / Your Network Visual

  • Red tokens = Built manufacturer in Birmingham, railway link between Birmingham and Redditch. 

  • Blue = Your Network.

  • Yellow = Valid network  link locations, as they are in Your Network.

  • A = If you place a link at A, you could then place a second link at the Green/B links. You don’t need to build an industry in Walsall. 

  • Connected: Birmingham and Redditch. If any player placed a link at A, Walsall, Birmingham and Redditch would all be connected.

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