Brave Frontier – Beginner’s Guide 2019 Edition (Ver 2.0)

Brave Frontier – A Beginner’s Guide for 2019

Table of Contents

  1. What to expect in a Gacha Game…………………………………………………………………………………………………. 3

  2. Starting Brave Frontier – The Very First Step……………………………………………………………………………. 4

  3. Starting Brave Frontier – Summoning…………………………………………………………………………………………. 4

  4. Gem Management……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 6

  5. Know your Units and Forming a Squad………………………………………………………………………………………. 8

    1. Special Damage Types thats units can do…………………………………………………………………….. 15

    2. Omni Plus……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 16

  6. Basic Squad building……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 19

  7. What are your Daily Activities…………………………………………………………………………………………………… 19

    1. Daily Side things……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 25

    2. Trials, Grand Gaia Chronicles, Grand Quest, Strategy Zones, Frontier Gates……… 27

    3. Special Events…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 28

    4. Advisory of High End Content……………………………………………………………………………………….. 30

    5. Content/Game Progression Chart…………………………………………………………………………………. 31

  8. Change Log………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 32

Welcome to the world of Brave Frontier! 

Hopefully, you don’t regret your decision downloading this game!

Anyways, this guide is aiming towards helping you get settled into this game. After 5 years, this game has grown too big. If you are starting now instead of earlier, be prepared to not only learn about how to play Brave, maybe again, but also the expectations of Gacha games. I will do my best cover the now and future (if the game is not dead by that point). 

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1. What to expect in a Gacha Game

TL;DR – Don’t Expect to get what you want when you use money or not. (Continue to the next section if you’re not interested in reading below)

Before we start talking about Brave Frontier, the first thing you need to know is what a gacha game actually is. Gacha is a genre of games based on popular gachapon machines that exist in Japan. The gimmick is you put in some money and get a random thing in exchange. In these machines it is something like a small toy or figure, but in this genre of game it is something like equipment, characters you use in battle, costumes for them, etc. Generally, you are going to be using premium currency in these games to "pull" from the gacha. In gacha games, you can get some of this currency for free, but you will very likely have to pay for it with real money if you want to pull many times.

The gacha mechanic of games is referred to by various names, and in Brave Frontier it's called Summoning. There are a variety of summoning gates/banners from which you can exchange Brave Frontier's premium currency (Gems) or special items (Summon Tickets) in order to get a random unit from that gate's unit pool. The key here (both for brave frontier and other gacha games) is that the summon gate is random. You do not know what you are going to get, and while the rates in Brave Frontier increase to an extent with more summons it may take you anywhere from 1 to 100 tries or more to get a particular unit you want. The rate to obtain a featured unit usually increases from .5% to 5% after 8 summons, but exact rates may vary and are published in the in game news. Sometimes, there are safety nets, where you will get the featured unit after a certain number of tries.

So when playing a gacha game of any kind, make sure you go in with a budget, self control, and be prepared for disappointment. If you are an avid collector and must try to catch them all, Brave Frontier may not be a healthy game for you. However, if you don't mind spending money or just using the "free to play" gems you get from just playing the game to summon, keep on reading.

-An Excerpt from a Fellow Veteran

2.Starting Brave Frontier – The Very First Step

After you finish the tutorial, you will have already done the provided summons and can now pick your starter. I highly recommend picking Lance for a few reasons. The first reason is that you get Vargas from the start. You won’t need Eze because there are many other units that can do his job better. Selena is given for finishing the Summoner Journal

In addition, you will get a Mifune at account level 25 as a reward. Mifune is a great damage dealer early on as well as becoming one of the best farming units in the game long term. So, we have finished the very first step. Let’s move on to the next step, Summoning!

3.Starting Brave Frontier – Summoning

The first thing I want to talk about is summoning. Every 1-2 weeks, we have a new gate that comes out with a new unit or units and as a new player you have no idea which units are good, which units are bad, and you’re afraid of getting off to a bad start. 

First, calm down and remember that this game is 5 years old and the units you will be summoning are not going to be weak during the early stages of the game. Gumi has been updating the permanent pool to basically not give you older units more often than not. So now in 2019, the only units in the permanent pool are units that have some use to you early on. However I will list a few gates to always keep an eye out for when you are new because some gates are better to summon on when you are starting out in late 2018 to 2019.

Gates to Consider

Gates to Maybe Consider

Gates to Avoid (Traps)


Vortex Arena

Rift Summons

Raid Summon

Grand Summon

World Summon

Grand Summon

Seasonal/Holiday Summons*

Elemental Resummons**

Global Exclusive***

Vortex Arena Resummon

Rift Resummon

Multi Summon

Discount Gates (Units from 2013)

Legendary Summon (Units from 2016)

Frontier Hunter Resummon*

*Seasonal and Holidays gates will be named after their respective season and holiday. There are also time limited units. 

**Elemental Resummons are good for picking units in that element but be mindful of the pool for these gates.

****Not all Global Exclusives are worth a summon and not all of them are time limited.

*Resummon gates are good but lately the FH resummon gates are usually bad.

Keep in mind that many units that are in the “Gates to Consider” category tend to be time limited meaning that they will only be in that gate’s pool for a limited time and won’t be added into the permanent pool after the duration. We also call these units LE (Limited Edition). 

A question that is coming to your head right now is “What units do I need?” and in the beginning the units don’t really matter. You can just auto pilot the game with almost any unit that pops out of the gates. However, there are going to be units you are going to need once you hit that point of harder content like Strategy Zones, later numbered trials, and of course the really high end content which includes Guild Raid and Frontier Rift which I will talk about later. If you are still below 185, you don’t need to worry about squad composition because you won’t be able to fit a full omni squad with no cost problems until you are 185. Once you are getting close then you will need to start looking out for units for what you need at this time and for the future.

Generally these are the Buffs you will NEED to have once you hit 185 to have a solid foundation:

  1. Mitigation – Reduce damage taken by 50% on either brave burst or super brave burst. These units are Called Mitigators.

  2. Defense & Attack Up Buff

  3. Boost BB when damage taken and BB on Spark

  4. Status Ailment Cleanse

  5. Healing (Burst Heal, greatly restores HP. Heal over Time, Restores HP over # of turns)

TIP: Always Look up a unit’s FULL skill set on the Brave Frontier wiki as in game only the brave burst skill effects will be displayed initially and not the entire skill set.

Recommended Units to Start with: Mitigators & EXP leaders (Units that have an EXP boost in the LS)

Examples: Amus (Mitigator), Roglizer (EXP leader), Vail & Vidron (mitigator), Shion (EXP leader)

When you are summoning units here are some general rules of thumb:

  1. Keep at least 1 of everything especially if you are not summoning a lot

  2. Merit any duplicates except for the following:

    1. Collab units

    2. Vortex Arena features

    3. Rift Summons (With some Exceptions)

    4. Seasonal/Holiday units

  3. Self Control

Don’t worry about if a unit is good or not. Just worry about getting at least 5 of each element so you can at least have a mono team for future stuff and 1 mitigator for each element. You can start worrying about units and how good they are compared to others when you are going to commit yourself to work towards end game content (Section 7d explains end game content).

TIP: If you are interested in ReRolling your account (restarting to get better units to have a better start), I recommend doing about 10 summons and see if the units are what you want and have some of the core buffs I listed above. If you get too many dupes or have units that don’t suit your needs or wants. Feel free to restart your game and do another ten. Make sure you don’t link your game to your facebook account so you can reroll as many times as needed before binding to save your account info. As long as your game data is not binded, you can delete the app and restart

4.Gem Management

Gems are used for summoning but they are also used for other things like refilling your energy, expanding your unit box size (5 per gem), expanding your item slots (5 per gem) and expanding your friend’s list (5 additional slots until you hit 100). You go to the “Shop” tab and go tap any of the increase capacity that you need. 

There are also other applications like arena orb refills and etc. So, if you are not spending actual money, you do need to manage all of the free gems you will be getting. Always practice never spending every single gem on summoning. Always save some for expansions, because you can’t work with 50 slots of everything forever. 

TIP: Always keep at least 5-10 gems with you at all times. If you have less than that, Don’t summon. 

5.Know your Units and Forming a Squad

Units have these basic characteristics, there are more but not needed as a beginner.

Level – The current level of your units. You need to be at max level to evolve into the next rarity stage if there is another stage you can go to. You can raise a unit’s level by fusing any units but the best way is to fuse Crystal Gods, a unit that grants a lot of exp when used for fusion. You can also use the lower variants like Metal Gods, Metal Kings, and Ghosts.


HP – Hit Point or Health Points (Your unit’s life, once it hits 0, you’re dead)

Atk – Attack (factors into your damage output)

Def – Defense (factors into how well you take damage)

Rec – Recovery (factors into how well you receive healing effects and/or how well you perform healing)

Stats increase upon leveling up the unit and maxed when the unit is done leveling at that rarity. You can increase the stats further by using Imps. Vigor Imp Molin boost HP, Power Imp Pakpak boost attack, Guard Imp Ganju boost def, Healing Imp Fwahl boost recovery, Almighty Imp Arton boost all. All units have their own cap on how much of each stat can be increased by.

Cost: The amount of cost needed to use this unit in a squad. To check your squad cost, go to “Unit” then “Manage Squad”. You will see a squad cost in the middle of the screen.


Fire, Water, Earth

Thunder, Light, Dark

The Affinities:

Fire is strong against Earth but weak against Water

Water is strong against Fire but weak against Thunder

Earth is strong against Thunder but weak against Fire

Thunder is strong against Water but weak against Earth

Light and Dark are strong and weak against each other

Rarity: 1 star to Omni (Rainbow star, Also 8 star if you want to follow it numerically). You move to the next rarity by evolving

How to Evolve – Max out the unit’s level at that rarity stage and collect the appropriate evolution material. This ranges from nymphs, spirits, idols, totems, and mimics. You also need to have the appropriate amount of zel and karma as well. Sometimes, special evolutionary items are needed.

Also Note that the Level goes back to 1.


Lord – Basic

Anima – More HP, Less Rec

Breaker – More Atk, Less Def

Guardian – More Def, Less Rec

Oracle – More Rec, Less Def

NOTE: In 2019 and onward, typing is not important because you will get spheres and other resources to make up for the decreased stats and actually go over the amount decreased. However, if you are wondering what is preferred: Anima > Breaker > Guardian > Oracle > Lord

Brave Burst/Super Brave Burst – Your Unit’s attack skills. Swipe up for the Brave Burst (BB), Swipe right for the Super Brave Burst (if available). You can use the unit’s skill when you have enough brave crystals going to your unit(s). You unlock your SBB when the unit has BB level 10 and the unit is of rarity 6 or higher. To raise Brave burst levels, you fuse any compatible units which can raise the bb level at a chance. The best way is to use Burst Frogs (1 point), Emperors (5 points), or Queens (20; Max). These frogs are guaranteed brave burst levels. 

TIP: Keep in mind that brave burst levels half upon evolving

Ultimate Brave Burst – This skill uses the Overdrive (OD) gauge and when it’s full you can activate a 7 star or Omni unit’s Ultimate Brave burst but you also need to fill the Ultimate Brave Burst (UBB) gauge as well for that unit. You get a unit’s UBB when SBB is level 10. There are no additional levels to UBB.


Spheres are your equipment in this game. There are many varieties of spheres. Take your time to collect see how many different types there are and what different effects they add to your units. Some spheres add additional defensives measures, doing additional damage, and or add effects to your bb, sbb, and ubb. Initially, a unit can hold 1 sphere but using a sphere frog can increase it to 2. Another important note that you can’t equip the same sphere type to a unit.

For a basic guide to sphere click here:

Example: You can’t stack 2 Status Boost Spheres but you can use a Status Boost and An Attack boost sphere. When you go to “Equip Spheres”, tap on a unit, and go to the filters to get familiar with all of the sphere types.

Extra Skills and Elgifs and Emgifs

A 7 star and Omni units has an Extra Skill which is simply a passive. The effects ranges to being self passives to adding additional effects to your unit’s bb/sbb/ubb. You get the extra skill by unlocking the UBB. Elgifs are units that add 1 more extra skill to your unit. So, you can have at most 2 extra skills (as a 7 star and Omni unit). Emgifs are units that can remove the extra skill provided by the elgif, not the unit’s own Extra skill (written in red).




This is a list of skills and power ups you can give to your unit by using SP (Either called Skill or Special Points). You unlock the enhancement list if the unit is omni, max level, and has their ubb. The list has things you can add to your unit’s bb/sbb/ubb to adding more stats and damage passives. You start at 10/100 SP when the unit has them unlocked you get more SP by fusing any random unit(s) for points at a chance. You get 5 points for a duplicate guaranteed but this is not efficient usually (especially for Summon Gate units). The best way is to use Frogs (Brave Burst Frog = 1, Brave Emperors = 5, Burst Queens = 20, Omni Frogs = 30).

5a.Special Damage Types thats units can do

Spark – When two units match their attacks at the same time, they will spark. Spark does more damage in this one hit. You can boost this damage by using Spark Damage Up buffs or Spark Vulnerability or Spark Critical

Cross Spark – When 2 Omni units of the same element spark, they do 1 Cross Spark, this activates a passive for units of the same element, called Resonance. Cross Spark is still spark damage.

Critical Damage – When you unit does a critical hit (it's by chance) you do additional damage. You can raise this damage by Critical Damage up buffs and/or Critical Hit Rate up to get more chances at doing critical damage

Elemental Weakness Damage (EWD) – This is a bonus damage you do to a weaker element and you can amplify it further via EWD damage up buffs. There are many variants like Fire Elemental damage up to being general just by being called Elemental Weakness damage up

5b.Omni Plus

Omni Plus was introduced in late 2017 and is basically a way to further evolve omnis. It is not a new rarity or form but it does expand the Omni unit in stats and SP. You get 1 omni plus level when you use the correct amount of materials. There are 2 ways to omni plus a unit. There is the shard and duplicate methods.

Shards Method

Duplicate Method

Shard Method

You need these 2 things: Elementum Tomes and Elemental Shards

These are acquired through various events and in the exchange hall in Randall under “other”. Depending on the unit’s cost, the price will vary. Usually for summon unit from the gates the requirements are these

Omni+1 = 10 tomes + 100 shards (of the respective element of the unit) + Zel & Karma

Omni+2 = 20 times + 200 shards + Zel & Karma

Omni+3 = 50 tomes + 500 shards + Zel & Karma

Duplicate Method

You need the duplicate at Omni rarity and using Geminus tomes. The requirements are these:

Omni+1 = 5 tomes + 1 Duplicate

Omni+2 = 10 tomes + 1 Duplicate

Omni+3 = 25 tomes + 1 Duplicate

The benefits of doing omni plus is a higher bonus stats cap, meaning you can fuse more imps into the unit. You also can get more SP. From omni+1 to +3 the sp limit increase goes 5-5-10, so you get a total of 20 more SP. You can also get 10 more SP from fusing 2 Omni Emperors into the unit. Omni Emperors are Omni Frogs evolved. The evolution materials for Omni Frogs to Emperors is 1 Brave Burst Frog, 1 Burst Emperor, 1 Sphere Frog and 3 Amber Butterflies.

Another benefit is the Omni+ Paradigm. The paradigm offers bonus passives to your units in battle if you have enough units with Omni+ and they are the same element. Paradigm goes from level 1 to 3 and here are the requirements.

Paradigm Level 1 = 3 Same Element Omni+1 units

Paradigm Level 2 = 4 same Omni+ units and 3 have to be Omni+2

Paradigm Level 3 = 5 same Omni+ Units and 3 have to be Omni+3

Remember that anything relating to Omni+ requires your units to be Omni and have their Enhancements unlocked! As a beginner do not stress about Omni plus, it doesn’t dramatically change any of your unit’s effectiveness and the price is very costly not only for the required materials but Zel and Karma as well.

For more information check here:

6.Basic Squad building

Generally, you want to have a lot of different buffs on your team. The core buffs are the ones you should be looking for when you are summoning units (refer to section 3). The more different buffs you have, the better. When you are below level 185, you squad doesn’t matter as you are mostly doing quest and you don’t need a powerful squad. While under level 185, you do not have the squad cost to fit a full omni team with no issues. After 185, you will need to learn more in depth squad building. I recommend reading my Squad building guide for a basic overview on how to build squads (

7.What are your Daily Activities

Your day to day activities are going to be mostly be grinding in different areas of the game with the occasional trial, strategy zone, and etc.

Here the Main Daily things you will be doing:

Quest – The Main Campaign. Always work on quest if you didn’t finish the entire campaign. You will unlock more stuff beyond quest like Trials and Grand Quests as you clear more of the quest line. You also earn gems for clearing a zone (Its VERY long so loads of free gems if you’re starting fresh, YAY!)

Arena – Arena is our pseudo PVP battle mode. You don’t control your units and they act on their own beating another team of units. Once you have a full Omni squad running, you can auto pilot. Of course not always needed for early on in Arena. You have 3 orbs and they refresh every hour 1 orb per. Try your best to use them so you can reap good rewards when you reach the next arena rank. (GEMS ARE HERE!!!)

Colo – Short for Colosseum. This is basically a tougher version of Arena. There are four classes with different unit cost requirements. The game mode allows you choose a certain number of units to do battle. There are 2 rounds: Offense and Defense. You set up a squad for each. If you win overall, you get points and you still get points when you lose. You trade these points for rewards in the rewards tab in the Colo menu. Once you complete all of the treasure chest in that reward stage you move up to the next reward stage with even more goodies.

TIP: As a beginner, I suggest staying away from Hero Class in Colo. This is not meant for beginners

Raid –  Raid is like another type of quest where you hunt bosses. Once you, again, have a full Omni squad running, you can auto pilot a lot of the raid missions. 3 orbs a day and they refresh every hour 1 per. Do the missions to get rare drops for good spheres to craft at the Randall Capital's Sphere house (PLUS MORE GEMS!!!). To unlock more raid missions and go up a class (up to 6, soon to be 7) you just keep doing missions. Sometimes, you do have to go back to a previous raid class to find missing missions.

Crafting Items and Town Stuff – Items, like many JRPGS, are going to be important in your journey. In the beginning you will be using and making cures (heal HP of a targeted unit) but soon you will be making items like Fujin potion (fill your bb gauge), Hero Crystals (fills the OD gauge completely), and Revives (revive a KO unit with a little HP). You make all of your items in town. Your Town has a few facilities that you would want to utilize a lot when you are starting fresh. The facilities in the town are:

Synthesis House: This is where you make all of your consumable items like cures

Sphere House: This is where you make spheres (note some spheres are made in Randall)

Items Storehouse: This is where you manage your item slots, you can also sell excess items of any kind here

River, Mountain, Tree (officially Forest but it is just a tree), River: Collect various materials

Upgrade Facility: This is where you upgrade your facilities. You will need certain levels of certain facilities to craft certain items and spheres.

Leader Skill Sphere House: This is where you craft Leader skills for a later mode called Summoner’s Arc (the 3rd Story arc)

Music Hut: Pay Zel to listen to the game’s tracks (Just listen from Youtube, its free)

Event Bazaar: This is where you trade event currency, usually tokens, for stuff.

Be sure to check back at your town often to always be collecting your materials and making the stuff you need for your journey.

Friends’ Gifts

If you go into the social tab, tap gifts and you can set what gifts you want to get from your friends and what gifts you send out to your friends. Please make sure you always have a full friends list (use various Brave Frontier social media, forums, and chat servers to get friends or even randoms) so you can always get the most gifts per day. The gifts you want to set usually are the honor items that are used for crafting items and spheres so set whatever you need the most. The next best thing is to set Honor Points. Honor Points are used for Super Honor Summon to get various units ranging from unique fodder like Mifune who can evolve into Omni and various Fusion material and evolution material. Make sure to set the gift to the far left so that when your friends hit send all, it send the preferred gift which is your far left slot. Collect often!

TIP: You can also get Honor Items in the Merit Exchange (explained in the next section)

Daily Task and Daily Missions – 

Every day you will 3 daily tasks to do which is always do 3 matches of Arena and 2 random tasks. Do these to acquire Brave Points. When you can collect enough brave points you can redeem for stuff but go for the summon ticket (1500 BP) the other stuff is not worth it. When you hit a certain number of lifetime collected BP you get milestone rewards like gems and summon tickets. So keep on top of your daily tasks. Daily Missions are located at Randall Capital Administration Office. Go there and tap missions to get 5 missions a day to get merit points. Merit points can be traded for stuff which ranges from evolution material, fusion material, spheres, keys, and items. So keep enough merit points to always be able to get the stuff you would need. You also get merit points by hitting milestones and trading units, zel and karma but I don’t recommend zel and karma because you need zel and karma for other more important things. For milestone rewards, go to Records in the office and you will see merit point rewards and sphere rewards for clearing certain milestones. These will take a while so keep playing the game and unlock goodies.

NOTE: A very important weekly thing you should be doing is Karma Dungeon which is every Monday located in the daily dungeon tab in the vortex. The exp on level 4 is good enough and you get a lot of karma. Even if the exp on quests maps can be better, the karma will never be as close to what the Karma dungeon can produce. I highly recommend dumping all of your energy into the Karma Dungeon.

TIP: A very important monthly thing you should be doing is Omni Arcanium. Omni Arcanium is like a hybrid of Karma Dungeon and the Zel Dungeon (Every Thursday, but it’s kinda Meh compared to other methods of grinding Zel). You also have a chance to get rare elgifs, imps and tokens to trade in the event bazaar in the town for various goodies like fusion material, evolution material, Omni+ material (will be explained), and Materials to craft the unique sphere Tempest of Akechi. This is open for 1 week every month and very worth during 1/2 energy time. If the events align, take advantage.

7a.Daily Side things

Along with your daily things here are the side-things you can do when you feel ready to grind some evolution material to fusion material to things to sell for Zel and of course the trials. 

Evolution Dungeons

As of November 2018, All Evolution dungeons are open everyday under daily dungeon in the vortex or in the vortex menu. This was in my opinion a great quality of life change because this helps everyone to evolve their units whenever. So whenever you feel ready to get some evolution material, go right in.

Mega Metal, Jewel Parade, and Imp Parade

As of late 2017, Metal, Jewel, and Imp parades cost 0 energy. Now you just need the right amount of keys to open the dungeon and not have to waste any energy grinding fusion material, zel fodder, and imp farming. Remember you get Metal Parade Keys every day at 2 per day. You claim either by going to your present box and tapping Keys or go to Randall Capital Administration office and tap Receive key. You do the same for Jewel keys but only Wednesday. Imp keys can only be obtained via special events, special logins or by going to the exchange store in the office and trading for them. They cost 4000 merit and there are 3 keys max a week. You can find these key in the Office and going to Exchange. You can also find Metal and Jewel Keys as well.

TIP: A very potent farming setup for these parades is using Mifune as the sole unit attacking. You are going to need a good BB gauge spheres to get his BB up at all times so he can just continuously clear waves fast. Alternatively you can use spheres that boost his ATK and accompany it with a sphere that allows Normal Atks to be aoe (Wrath of Grandt or  Ka-rzn’s Excruciation) and he can just normal atks to clear the waves. Mifune is recommended because of his super fast atk animation. So he can get you more runs in a given time frame of these parades which is 30 minutes

7b.Trials, Grand Gaia Chronicles, Grand Quest, Strategy Zones, Frontier Gates

These are going to be other side challenges you can do to get free units, spheres, and more. Whenever you feel strong enough you can do these. It is always worth the effort and time to take on these challenges (Even though most of these challenges are old and you can probably auto all of them but hey FREE (meh) STUFF). A quick overview of each:

Trials – Challenge Battle (can have multiple battles), You can use up to 3 Squads.

Grand Gaia Chronicles (GGC) – These are special Vortex missions where there can be multiple levels and battles. These are usually based on the lore of the units in the banner. These are tougher quests in essence.


Grand Quest – These are Quests that follow the lore of certain Brave Frontier units. You traverse a map clearing battles and advancing the Grand Quest’s story. You may need to clear the quest multiple times to get all the rewards. Some Grand Quests allow you to bring your own units or use a preset squad.

Strategy Zones – Trials 2.0. Instead of bringing 3 squads, you can bring up to a certain number of units and you have the option of switching them out.

Frontier Gates – Located in the Randall Survey Building, these are special challenges that will net you rewards for clearing certain milestones within the Frontier Gate and a certain number of Training points when you attempt (win or lose you still get points). These points will be factored into the milestones and you can get rewards, check in the records of the Randall Administration building. 

7c.Special Events

Our main Special Events are Frontier Hunter and Vortex Arena.

Frontier Hunter is basically Score Attack. You want to do as much damage as possible to score as many points as you can. The best way to score is by using the stronger element because, as of 2018, FH is now more geared towards mono element squads. Of course if you don’t have a strong mono element squad, just put together your best damage squad and still do this event. The rotation of elements is Fire > Water > Earth > Thunder > Light > Dark. There are 4 stages and you get rewards for each stage when you hit a certain number of points. Wherever you compete a stage you get esteem points that is converted from your damage score. These points goes to the Frontier Hunter Rankings. As you keep doing FH missions you get more esteem and you can climb the rankings. At the end of the event, your total esteem gets calculated and depending how well you did you get Hunter Ranks. When you reach certain hunter ranks, you get rewards based on how well you did. Best of all, these don’t reset so there is no lost even if you don’t score that much. You also have 3 orbs that refill every 3 hours 1 per. Always do Frontier Hunter every month, because 11 gems for free every month! WOOOO!

Vortex Arena is another monthly event where it is just Arena for the featured element. Meaning, if it is Fire VA, only Fire units and so on. Every month is a new element and then it cycles back. The rotation is the same as Frontier Hunter. Rewards are gained depending how well you rank in 2 areas. There is regular ranking system where you get daily rewards and event rewards based on how well you rank and depending how often you do VA, your ranking will fluctuate. The other ranking is the titles. You get points for beating an enemy and if you get enough points you go to the next rank and get rewards. Rewards are omni plus materials, fusion materials, gems and summon tickets. So try your best to be attentive because you only have 1 week to get as much as you can.

IMPORTANT NOTE: VA is considered to be hard content because if you lack a full omni squad, you will face difficulties as you climb higher in the regular rankings. You will face tougher opponents and it will be hard to get all rewards from the title rankings as a beginner. If you would like to still get something out of VA, I recommend just getting 5000-8000 total points to get the gems and Summon tickets. Otherwise you can put off VA until you are stronger

7d.Advisory of High End Content

Now we are going to quickly go over the High End Content which you, as a beginner, may one day do. The High End content includes Guild Raid and Frontier Rift.

NOTE: these modes are best done with Mono Element Squads (as in all fire, all water, etc). If you lack a strong team in each element. You will experience difficulty in these modes as a beginner. I highly recommend getting stronger before you fully commit to the high end content.

Guild Raid

Guild Raid is similar to Raids like in many classic MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. This event is Guild only and you can join a guild to do the event. Guild Raid is more geared towards more seasoned and well equipped players in terms of units and spheres. Guild Raid is basically a day long scoring battle where your Guild is going against another guild and your mission to beat bosses, take down enemy outposts, and fight elite monsters to get points. Whoever has the most points by the end of the day battle wins. However, Guild Raid is not meant for beginners. The units and spheres needed to effectively survive and do damage. The units primarily used for Guild Raid are from the Gates to Consider category. It is very tough for players that are not spending money due to low gem flow and probably not having the best spheres. I recommend considering Guilds more seriously as you get stronger but feel free to join smaller guild to get the experience and enjoy guild bonuses like increased EXP and Zel gained from quest clears.

Frontier Rift

Frontier Rift is basically a Very Hard Trial. Similar to Guild Raid, this mode is not meant for beginners. Frontier Rifts can also have missions/levels where it is required to use a certain element only due to mechanics and gimmicks. Some even require Omni Plus units, which I will talk about in section 5. Similar to Guild Raid, rifts have guild only events with exclusive rewards if you are in a guild during the event period of said Frontier Rift. Keep in mind that you do need very strong units of all elements and strong spheres to take on Rifts.

TIP: Don’t feel Discouraged if you can’t do the rift on your first try. There are Reruns where you will have more chances of claiming guild event only rewards.

7e.Content/Game Progression Chart

Here is a chart to help gauge where you are in the game based on content.

Early Game

Early-Mid Game

Mid Game

Mid-End Game

End Game

Grand Gaia Quest Line (1st Half)

Arena Ranks (1-30)

Frontier Hunter Under 100

Grand Gaia Chronicles (pre 2015)


Grand Gaia Quest Line (2nd Half)

Arena Ranks (30-60)

Frontier Hunter Under 100

Grand Gaia Chronicles (2016-2017)

Strategy Zones (The ones that came from JP)

Grand Quest (released in 2015)

Raid Class 1-5

Event Dungeons

Ishgria Quest Line (1st Half)

Arena Ranks (60 to Max)

Frontier Hunter 100+

Raid Class 6

Strategy Zones (Global Exclusives)

Frontier Gates

Grand Quests (2016 onward)

Colosseum (Excluding Hero)

Event Dungeons 

Ishgria Quest Line (2nd Half)

Summoner Arc

Frontier Hunter 100+

Raid Class 6

Grand Quest (2017-18 onward)

Vortex Arena

Colosseum (Excluding Hero)

Event Dungeons

Summoner Arc

Frontier Hunter 100+ 

Raid Class 7

Grand Quest (2018-19 Onward)

Vortex Arena

Colosseum (Hero included)

Guild Raid

Guild Frontier Rift

Event Dungeons

This chart is merely reference because judging how well you can handle certain content is based on the units you own and the spheres you are using. If you are still using JP units from 2017 and back. You might not be able the End Game content as it is more attuned to the Global Exclusive units made more recently. End game is very focused on Mono Element teams. Early to Mid game content doesn’t require it. Keep this in mind as your summoning and playing


Alright, this is pretty much all you need to know as a beginner. There is still a lot more to learn. The first thing is just to grind to level 185 and get a full omni squad going. It doesn’t have to be mono element, but it needs to function with all the basic stuff as stated prior in (insert section here). Once you hit 185, you can start learning the deeper mechanics of the game. Good Luck Fellow Summoners! A Summoner’s Adventure is never Over.

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