Brave Network Rules and Regulations

Brave Network Rules & Regulations

(A-1) Punishment of offences committed within The Brave Network server

  1. Every person is liable to punishment under the rules stated in this document, given that the is guilty within or related to the server.

  2. The spirit of the rules is more important than the letter. Any person found guilty of deliberately pushing the boundaries of a rule will receive a warning for toxic attitudes

  3. The rules listed here apply to the server as a whole. However, some channels have specific rules in addition to or instead of some of the rules listed here. Please read our list of channels and always refer to channel descriptions and pinned posts in a channel before chatting.

(A-2) Discipline System

When a user breaks a rule they receive a certain number of points. After passing specific point thresholds, the following disciplinary actions will be taken

  1. Warning – A user will receive an official notice that they are receiving a warning for their behavior on the server, and a description of what they have done to merit the warning.

  2. Server Mute – A user will receive an official notice that they will be unable to chat for 24 hours on the server. You may also receive a mute from a moderator based on the situation at hand, or from the auto-moderator as a result of server spam. If you believe you were automatically muted in error, please contact a moderator in the #timetou-corner.

  3. Channel Ban – A user will lose access to a specific channel on the server, generally based on warnings received in that channel. The duration of a channel ban is up to the mod team's discretion.

  4. Server Ban – A user will receive an official notice that they will be banned from the server within 24 hours. They may use this time to appeal their ban and convince the moderation team that they should not have been warned for something they were warned for or should otherwise be given a second chance.

Please also note the following

  • Users that break multiple rules at the same time will be warned either for the most severe offense, both offenses separately, or with an increased warning weight based on moderator discretion.

  • Server mutes and bans may also be issued at the moderation team’s discretion based on the exact situation.

  • Repeat offenses will be weighted more heavily than first time offenses.

  • Warnings expire over time. However, users that receive repeated warnings may face disciplinary action regardless of the expiration status of their warnings

(A-3) User reporting rights

Any issues or problems should be brought up by sending a direct message to @Modmail . Please do not direct message moderators about moderation issues. If you are reporting a user, please include screenshots or message links to the offending content.

Reports that falsely accuse users of committing an offense or are deemed to have been made under a bias may be liable to punishment depending on severity.

(1) Toxic Attitudes

Toxic behaviour is prohibited in any channel in the server. Examples include:

  1. Trolling – Do not deliberately conduct yourself in a way that disrespects the rules or the mod team, makes other members uncomfortable, or provides materially false information about the game or the server.

  2. Harassing users – This includes toxic insults (i.e., beyond mutually accepted “trash talk”) or other actions that target a specific user in order to make them feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. This rule applies to channels on this server, in DMs with the user in question, or behavior on another server if the harassment is related to this server.

  3. Elitism – This server is home to the players of many games. While comparing games is acceptable, please refrain from insulting or belittling the players of a particular game.

  4. Usage of race, disability, or sexual orientation based slurs – See 1A

  5. Mute/Ban Evasion – If you have been punished by the mod team and attempt to avoid this punishment, you will be permanently banned from the server.

  6. Aiding and abetting ban evasion – If the mod team finds that a user is aiding and abetting or otherwise interacting with a user who is currently evading a ban from this server, that user will also be banned provided that the mod team can prove that more likely than not the following criteria are met

    1. The user in question knows that the person is banned from  this server and does not inform the mod team

    2. The person who is supposed to be banned from the server is in the server on an alt account

  7. Arguing with mods – While measured discussion and questions regarding why you were warned for something is fine, attacking the moderators or becoming belligerent over being warned will likely result in another warning. You are welcome to provide feedback in the relevant channels on the Discord server if your concern is general, or you may DM @Modmail regarding your warning if your concern is specific.

  8. Incitement – encouraging others to break the rules is just as bad as breaking them yourself. Please do not do this.

  9. Guild Drama – All “guild drama” has no place in this server (whether you are “just joking” or otherwise). This includes insulting or accusing specific guilds of misconduct inside or outside of Brave Frontier, harassing or insulting server members (either directly or in a passive aggressive fashion) due to their guild affiliation, or bringing up guild related grievances on this server.

    1. While general discussion of the strategies, culture, and workings of “top guilds” vs. “casual guilds” is ok, please keep the conversation constructive and avoid singling out specific guilds in a way that may result in guild drama becoming a chat topic.

(1A) Slurs

Slurs are defined as words derived from one’s race, sexual orientation, or a mental disability used as an insult. These include

  1. Race – nigger, chink, etc.

  2. Sexual orientation, disability/mental illness, and derivatives of racial slurs – gay, autist, retard, nibba, nigga, etc.

Note that most of these words have legitimate meaning, and you will not be warned for using them as such. For example, describing two people of the same sex being attracted to each other as gay, would not be warnable, but saying “I can’t beat this gay trial” would be. However, racial slurs and derivatives of racial slurs are never permitted; as is “retard” (for 95% of cases, there’s probably a completely different word you can use and for the other 5%, you can use “mentally disabled” or “developmentally delayed”).

(2) Spam

Spam is a broad term used to define unsolicited or repetitious messages received electronically. Spamming is prohibited on this server and in DMs to server members. This includes.

  1. Image Spam – interrupting chat to post a random, no-context image or posting several images in a row outside of media specific channels.

  2. Text/Link/Emoji Spam – sending several, rapid-fire nonsense messages in chat (e.g., sending a message with just the letter ‘a’ in it) or repeatedly posting links (especially the same link over and over again). Emoji spam also applies to reactions on messages.

  3. Tag Spam – this includes the usage of the @everyone or @here Discord tags, or repeatedly mentioning a user (especially if the user has asked not to be tagged or if you repeatedly delete tags).

  4. Malicious Spam – This includes the typical examples of “spam emails” that attempt to steal account credentials, money, or something else of value from the targeted user. Sending malicious spam to a user or server may result in an instant ban.

(3) Hacks and Cheats

While discussion of the existence of hacks/mods/etc. for games are allowed, using, disclosing or inquiring how to obtain modded apks or otherwise hack/modify games against their terms of service is strictly prohibited . All offenders convicted under may be punished by an **instant ban** with no chance for appeal, even if proof is discovered outside of this server. This rule applies to any and all games discussed on the server, not just Brave Frontier. However, the terms of service for Brave Frontier are provided here for your convenience:

Gumi's enforcement of its Terms of Service dictates the extent to which we will enforce them. We reserve the right to ban users from the server if their account is banned by Gumi **for any reason**, provided there is sufficient evidence of the ban and that the account belongs to a specific Discord user.

(4) Not Safe For Work (NSFW)/Offensive content

Dissemination of NSFW/offensive content in any form is prohibited in all SFW chats. You may assume that images directly from the game a channel is about (e.g., Brave Frontier screenshots and official art in Brave Frontier related channels, etc.) are considered safe for work.

Otherwise, NSFW/offensive content includes includes:

  1. Excessive gore (both cartoon/animated and IRL), such as blood and guts, dismemberment, etc. This includes textual depictions if sufficiently graphic.

  2. Sexual content– This includes explicit content of nudity, sexual acts, or genitals. It applies to images and text (if the text description is sufficiently graphic). The following guidelines apply for determining if something is NSFW

  • Image Content

    • Exposed genitals or anything that would otherwise be considered porn. Loli/Shota pornography is a violation of Discord ToS and will result in an instant ban.

    • Lingerie or outfits that reveal underwear of any sort (Night gowns/robes and other "modest" night attire are fine)

    • Outfits that show any bare nipple on a woman.

    • Any “grotesquely sexual” art, e.g., extremely oversized breasts, thighs, etc.. Essentially, the sort of content that makes you think “This isn’t technically porn, but it really feels like it.”

  • Text Content (this includes images where the primary focus is text)

    • Explicit descriptions of sexual acts (e.g., I want to [some sexual thing] this character)

    • Descriptions/discussion of the current state of your genitals

  1. Offensive/Controversial Material – This includes topics such as politics, religion (especially insulting religion), school shootings, rape, and other serious topics; as well as excessively vulgar language. This either causes drama or leaves others feeling uncomfortable in chat and we don't want to deal with it.

In channels marked NSFW, the sexual content rule applies only as follows

  • No content depicting sexual acts, nudity, or pornographic content (per Discord Partner guidelines)

If you would like even more detailed guidelines regarding NSFW content, please refer to this Addendum.

(5) Sensitive personally identifiable information

Sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) is data that can be used to trace back to a specific individual that, if disclosed, could result in harm to the individual. Examples include but are not limited to:

  1. Real names

  2. Addresses

  3. Social Media accounts

  4. Account passwords

  5. Pictures of other individuals

You are allowed to share your own information at your discretion, but some extremely sensitive content such as exact addresses or passwords may be deleted at the mod team’s discretion. If you share personal information about yourself in chat, you are implicitly giving permission for others to reference and share that information themselves. For example, if you post a picture of yourself in chat and later someone reposts that picture, they will not get a warning just for sharing it.

Disclosing this information about others without their permission is prohibited, and doing so with malicious intent counts as doxxing and will result in a permanent, unappealable ban.

(6) User Profile

Your profile picture, Discord status message, and display name (i.e., your server nickname if you have one set, or your actual username if not) should be compliant with the rules of the server. In addition, your display name must not imitate another user and meet the following criteria

  1. Criteria – Your display name must meet the following criteria:

  1. Easily taggable/readable. Including some alphanumeric characters will help you meet this criteria. The final judgment of the readability/taggability of your name is up to the mods.

  2. Must not hoist you to the top of the online list

  3. Does not attempt to pass you off as server staff or gumi staff

  1. Imitation– Your user profile must not deliberately be imitating another user. A user may be convicted of imitating another user if they share a nickname or profile picture. Users will definitely be convicted of imitating another user if they share both a nickname and profile picture. Users sharing a username will not necessarily be convicted of imitation, but may be asked to set a nickname.

    1. In the case that the imitated user did not consent to being imitated, the party that was imitating the original user will receive the punishment based off of server logs showing nickname/profile pic history.

    2. In the case that the imitated user did consent to being imitated, both users will receive a warning.

(7) Advertisement

Advertisement of other discord servers, one’s own social media/content creation channels, or other commercial ventures is prohibited without approval from a Discord Moderator. This includes advertisement in group channels as well as in Direct Messages (DMs) to server members. Exceptions are as follows

  1. Educational/Instructional content made by the user may be shared without prior mod approval if it is relevant to the ongoing conversation in the respective channel that it is uploaded to.

  2. Content for entertainment made by the user may be shared without prior mod approval if the video is not monetized and does not contain advertisements or calls to action (e.g., subscribe to my channel), and is posted in a relevant channel.

  3. Images with the user’s watermark or DeviantArt link on them may be posted assuming that the user is the creator of said image.

  4. Network Artists may freely share their DeviantArt links, art related streams, and content funding channels (such as Patreon) within reason.

Please note that advertising a channel on behalf of another user may be punishable under this rule as well. If you aren’t sure, please consult a Discord Moderator.

(8) Marketing of accounts

Marketing involves the purchase, sales, begging and/or trading of Brave Frontier game accounts. We do not allow this on the Brave Network Discord server either in public channels or direct messages.

If you would like to give your account away for free, please contact a moderator.

(9) Server Language

While on the Brave Network server, please conduct conversations in English for the understanding of other members and the server moderation team. While short phrases or sentences  in other languages (especially common phrases) are acceptable, if you attempt to conduct extensive or repeated conversation with others in languages other than English you may receive a warning.

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