Brutal black dragon guide from scratch - Sheet1


*Sometimes super restore potions are the same if not cheaper than pray potions, take advantage, they give +1 more prayer. *Questing on world 330 can be a good idea as you have quick access to maxed PoHs w/ jewlrey box, rejuv pool, altar, etc. 

1. Starting off 

Complete tutorial island as a female. Don't forget 2FA for account security purposes. 

Get membership either with a bond or irl money 

Transfer about 30 mil to account. (20 if not chinning ) 

Teleport to Grand Exchange with ring of wealth 

Purchase the following 

Buy falador teleport  

Teleport to house tab (about 100) 

Monkfish x150 

Stamina (4) x 25 

Prayer potion/super restore (4) (depends on price) x 25 

Super combat potion (4) x 10 

All d'hide , leather armor, snakeskin boots, coif,  

Fury 1x 

Any blessing x1 

Monk robe set 

Prayer cloak  

Magic short bow and rune arrows( this is for early slayer) 

Rune crossbow and diamond bolts (e) 

Archer ring 

Dragon bones x 200 (this gets 43 prayer) will eventually have to get 74 prayer

2. Early quests and training  

Buy a house in Rimmington from estate agent in falador 

First we get 43 prayer. Go to a house party world and enter a house on the list. Use your bones on the gilded altar. Make sure all candles are lit Always have house tabs on you 

Do The Waterfall quest 

Go to sandcrabs with your iron armor and adamant scimitar 

Train defense to 30 

Equip adamant armor  

Train attack to 40 and equip rune scimitar 

Train defense and strength to 40 

Melee should now be base 40 

History quiz in varrock museum 

Dwarf cannon quest  

Buy dwarf cannon and 5k cannonballs  

Train ranging to 55 at ogres near yanille 


Do mm1 - pre reqs are grand tree and tree gnome village 

Chin in mm1 caves with maximum prayer gear. 

Get 61 ranged 


Go to 61 range cannoning  

3. Slayer 

Do slayer to 18 through tureal 

Do animal magnetism for ava's device  

Start slayer using krystilia (wilderness slayer master) 

Wilderness slayer to 77 slayer 

General tips

.prayer bonus is priority  

.only take 3 items of value to the wilderness  

.Refer to wiki page on Krystilia for what tasks to block 

4. Finishing up 

You should be around 80-83 range once you get 77 slayer 

Get void (only range helmet) 

Buy weapon of choice (the money we transferred should cover a dragon crossbow) Get Xeric's talisman  

Look up how to get to brutal black dragons and start profiting 

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