Burning Arrow Elementalist Guide

Burning Arrow Elementalist

If you’re coming from my video, here I’ll quickly go over how I progressed my gear playing this build throughout the first two weeks of Ultimatum league. If you’ve been linked this from somewhere else, below is the video this guide is for.
Burning Arrow Elementalist vs 3.14 Endgame (Maven / Invitations / Ultimatums / Simulacrum)

This build is extremely tanky with great damage that can clear all content in the game. Elementalist golems fix most issues this build has. You get a lot of attack speed, phys reduction, life regen, crit chance to keep up EO, and damage. On top of that you get ailment immune, freeing up our flask slots. An additional underrated part of the build is the life gained on an ignited enemy from Xoph’s Nurture, which basically feels like having instant leech. Even early on with very little gear, the build has no issues with t16 conq maps and Sirus, and I can count on one hand the amount of Ultimatums I’ve failed (mostly in Delirious maps). Currently am lvl 99 and plan to take this character to 100.

Path of Building links – (https://pathofbuilding.community/ get the community PoB version if you don’t already have it)

Day 4 PoB – I swapped to this build after league starting a lightning trapper. I would not start this build with much less than what I have in this PoB. Xoph’s Nurture and Berek’s Respite are essential, and the golem neck/jewels should be the first thing to get after those. 
Day 6 PoB – Got 2nd large cluster, several awakened support gems, and crafted a -res/phys taken as fire helm. Also got a blind chest to drop flesh and stone, and swap in malevolence. 
Day 8 PoB – Got a -8 mana cost craft on ring and 2 mana nodes in templar to drop the mana flask and run dying sun, also dropped GMP for awakened swift affliction. You can do this earlier, it’s a massive dps increase and you don’t need GMP to map, the ring carries hard. This is the most realistic version of the build for most people, any upgrades past this are mostly pointless, as the build shits on everything in the game with this stage of its gear. I don’t suggest getting the +1 arrow quiver without also having it somewhere else, because if you don’t have dying sun up, you shoot two arrows and miss the thing you’re aiming at.


PoB the video was recorded with – This is my final version of the build. I don’t plan on crafting anything more, but there are a few slight things you could still do to improve the build. I got extremely lucky and double corrupted a +1 arrow bow, which combined with my quiver lets me keep 3 arrows at all times. I swapped to Taste of Hate instead of Dying Sun because of this, mainly for the defense but it also gives a solid bit of dmg.

This +2 arrow setup is completely unnecessary though, and you’d be better off getting a double multi quiver and a dmg corrupt on the xophs (flat phys and flat lightning are best). Its actually a lot more damage than the setup I have, but taste of hate is great defensively so I don’t plan on swapping my setup.

The helm I have is also insane. A friend and I crafted it and got insanely lucky. You can make a similar helm fairly easily tho, you just don’t have much control over your 3rd suffix. After you awakener orb it and have the two maven mods, both are suffixes, so you can reforge keeping suffixes until you get something usable.


Leveling this build –

I leveled with stormblast/orb of storms until 28, then swapped to a cremation 4l and arma brand 6l. Rush EO and get the dual wield nodes, and then mostly follow the main tree. You can use the golem neck at 36 which helps a lot. 


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