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Welcome to my World. As a DM I love to give my players a unique and varied experience than they would normally receive in any other game or campaign. With that said the following rule changes will give you a glimpse into what I have changed in the world of Faerun. These rules have come to pass through the actions of players in my campaigns in the past and will probably change with the actions of my players in the present and future. So please if you have any questions that are not covered in here please let me know.

Don’t judge a monster/npc by their skins: In my world it is just as possible to find a good aligned troll, ogre or goblin as it is to find an evil aligned Aasimar, Firbolg, Elf etc. So please be careful. Who you attack today could have been your ally tomorrow.

Generating Stats:

Standard array 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.

Rolling: Roll 4d6 minus the lowest. If you don’t get at least two at 14 or above you get a free re             roll if you want. But you must take the new roll.  /r 4d6k3 (Roll20 Macro will minus the lowest for you.)


I allow all races from the Players Handbook (including Variant Human), Volo's Guide to Monsters, Mordekeneins Tome of Foes and the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide.


All subclasses/archetype’s are allowed from Xanathurs Guide to Everything and Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide.

Spells, Feats and Background:

Spells, Feats and Backgrounds from Xanathurs Guide to Everything and Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide is Allowed.

Feats and API’s:

At 4th level you get a free feat along with your normal API for that level. You cannot get two API’s by not taking the free feat.


I do not allow multiclassing in my campaigns

Here Jessy this’ll perk you right up.

It is an Action to feed a downed party member a Healing Potion or any object that will bring them up from 0 hp Ex. Goodberry.

It is a bonus action to drink a Healing Potion for yourself.

Healing potions now uses your Classes Hit Dice instead of the standard D4.
Ex: A normal healing potion for a Monk would be 2d8+2 instead of 2d4+2

So Jessy, do you want a Normal sized or a Flask sized potion?

In my campaigns all potions can be found and bought in two sizes. The normal potion size (single use) or you can buy them in flasks (multiple uses). Flasks come in sizes of D4’s-D20’s.

There use is very simple. When you find or buy a Flask depending on how much is in it depends on which Dice size you use. A full Flask is a d20 and a near empty flask is a d4. When you go to drink from a flask you roll the associated dice with the Flask. If you roll a one or a two on the dice it goes down one level. If you get to the d4 level and roll a 1 or 2 then the flask is emptied. For Example: You have a normal healing flask of a d20. When you go to drink you roll a d20. Lets say you roll a 1. The flask is down to a d12 and you roll for your healing.

Gotta love that Armor:

            From levels 1st – 5th attacks need to beat your AC in order to hit you.

            From levels 6th+  AC’s are back to meet and beat.

“No! This is how you tie him up”:

      In my campaign you can either Aid or give Guidance to help a fellow comrade   complete a task:

Aid: If you have proficiency in a skill you can give another player Advantage on their check to complete their task

Guidance: If you roll 10 or above in the skill your comrade is trying to do then you can add +2 to their roll. Max +4.

Lions, Great Eagles and Dire Wolves Oh My!

A Druid that chooses the Circle of the Moon can stay in their animal form for as long as they want (or as long as their Hp holds out) you still only have two transformations per day and must revert into your humanoid form before you can take the shape of another animal.

It takes a Bonus Action to come out of your Beast Shape.

“Quick Hold Em Tight”:

You can now try and attempt to restrain your opponent when grappling. You must first make an attack to grapple, if they are still grappled a round later you may attempt to restrain by making another grapple attempt. The defender gets advantage on their saves to avoid the Restraint. If save is successful than the defender is still grappled but not Restrained. If failed the defender has the restrained condition for one round. After that one round because of the heat and sweat the defender can wiggle free.

When grappling an opponent both the attacker and Defender both are considered to have the Grappled Condition. And are in the same square if the attacker is one size category larger than the Defender

If the attacker is two category sizes bigger than the Defender than it is possible for the attacker to use one hand to grapple and then restrain his target.

“You want me to do what on the other side of that monster?”

            I do not have the Variant Flanking rules in my campaign

“That’ll be 20 gp for the herbs and incense”

You need to go to a town and purchase any ingredients for spells, crafting etc. that have a GP amount attached to them. You cannot simply minus the gold from your inventory.

“Here kitty kitty kitty” Under Construction

I do allow Animal Companions in my campaign. Follow the link below to see how they are run in my campaign:

            Animal Companions

Have you met my new Familiar? You feel the ground shake behind you as an elephant blasts you with his mighty trunk! Under construction

            Familiars are run a bit differently in my campaign. Follow the link below to find out:

                    Familiars and Their Mysteries Revealed


Ethereal Beings:

Any being with the Ethereal descriptor in its stat block such as Ghosts, Wraiths, Specters etc. are a little bit more difficult to fight. If their attack is a touch or a weapon that is spectral it can go through none magical armor with ease. With mundane armor your AC is:

10 + Natural Armor + Dex (+Con for a Barbarian)

For a little clarification. Armor is considered magical (for blocking ethereal attacks) if it provides a bonus of at least +1 to Ac, Mage Armor and Shield spells etc.

So how many shots do you have left in that wand there Sabastian?

Charges with wands, and staffs work differently in my campaign. Wands, and staffs have a limited number of charges in them and they do not regenerate. 

Wands: Up to 20 charges 

Staffs: Up to 30 charges

      When all of the charges are used a wand can be used as an Arcane Focus and staffs can be used as quarter staffs. 

      Most Wands can be recharged you just have to find someone who is willing to do that for you. Staffs can be recharged as well but expect the prices to be high.

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