Campaign Pitch Draft

Terra Rynn Campaign Options

Greetings everyone! Please review the following options for potential campaigns for our upcoming game. These options are intended to outline the themes of play, and will consist of several adventures of varying length. While I don’t have an exact idea of how long a given campaign will last, I will have points that allow us to change gears if another option becomes more interesting. 

One thing to be aware of is that all of these games require that characters have some sort of ambition and desire. The exact nature is up to you, but if the character would rather stay home, tend the farm, and mind the store, there’s not much of an adventure to be had. But, if you want to become a lord, build a wizards tower, find the lost spear of Turen, or discover the secrets in the Valley of a Thousand voices, then we’ll have game!

Campaign #1 The War of Eight Exarchs

Nearly 500 years ago, the Turathi Empire claimed dominion over most of the known civilized world. While the supreme authority rested in the seat of the High Warlocks, they entrusted many of their duties to their provincial leaders, known as the Exarchs. When the Empire fell only a couple centuries later, the Exarchs each sought to maintain their own dominions. Some crumbled, others were conquered, but a few managed to maintain their position.

Now, eight Exarchs find themselves at a crossroads, with each unable to claim more territory or influence without encroaching on others. Recent events have tested the limits of diplomacy, and the scent of war is on the wind. With threats pressing in from the Orgol to the west, and Muscova to the east, it could take only a spark to set off a chain to upend the balance of power in the region. No Exarch is willing to go without a fight, and while only a few seek to reunite the power of the empire, each is ambitions and has an agenda worth the lives of their people. 


Combat: Medium

Intrigue: Medium

Travel: Medium

Player Buy-In

This campaign is primarily self-directed. As a player, it's up to you to bring a character with their own ambitions and goals beyond merely surviving and loot. There will be many events, and rumors to explore, and you can’t solve everything. Players will have the option to plunder ruins, investigate towns, visit with nobles, and even gain control and defend their own domains! It’s up to the group to decide what sort of goals they’d like to accomplish.

Campaign #2 The Jewel of Svain

The Kingdom of Svain stands currently as the center of power in the world. Once a turathi colony, then an independent city, now a merchant empire, visitors from all across the world often find themselves drawn to the heart of this power, in search of money, fame, or influence. 

Queen Isabella Valencia, the current reigning monarch, rules over Cedonia and the kingdom from the Palace of Rivers. Beyond its turquoise walls, factions such as the Halien Consortium, the Sanguine, the Divine College, the Council of Magewrights, the Sons of Turen, as well as a number of great noble houses or republican councils all vie for control. Despite the myriad of factions at work, there remains opportunities for outsiders and ambitions actors to make a play for power. But be warned, for the ship that sails the fastest is often the first to meet the storm. 

Urban Fantasy

Combat: Medium 

Intrigue: High

Travel: Low 

Summary of campaign style

Player Buy-In

This campaign is built around the premise that all of the characters belong to some organization, and are intent on protecting it (it could be a guild, a criminal gang, a noble house, a mercenary company, religious order, or anything else). The reasons for doing so may be different, but in the end, there is a shared goal and purpose from the onset. Otherwise, when the knives come out, there’s no reason to stick around. 

Campaign #3 The Crucible of Titans

Millenia ago, the great demons of chaos attempted to consume all of the gods’ creation in an invasion of cataclysmic destruction. To protect the mortals, their most valuable creations, the gods bent their will to create the first titans. Leviathans, Dragons, and True Giants, these engines of destruction proved to be the key to winning the war, but at terrible cost. Afterward, the remaining mortals struggled to seal the titans away, unable to completely destroy them.

Dark cults and ancient prophecies speak of a foreboding doom. The signs of the Kaelwynar, powerful wards created by the ancient mortals  to seal away the titans, have been found, and rumors of impending apocalypse haunt the countryside. On the outskirts of civilization, a band of unlikely strangers find themselves drawn into the mechnizations of an unseen foe. As suspicions turn one against another, a group of heroes must emerge to thwart a dark conspiracy. 

Epic Journey

Combat: High

Intrigue: Medium

Travel: High

Summary of campaign style

Player Buy-In

This campaign is a more classic D&D adventure. The party will be center stage on a threat of world-shaking events. Your characters aren’t merely bystanders, but have a direct and personal interest saving the world if not for your own sake, then for something or someone they love. You’ll constantly be leaving the people you’ve met behind, but you’ll eventually have a base you return to after completing each quest. Eventually, you’ll have allies and enemies all across the world!

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