The province of Aldrain is part of a larger Empire that is at war. The conflict has robbed Aldrain of many of its able-bodied men. Whispers abound and the people of the towns and villages no longer feel safe. Bandits and brigands are the least of their problems as darkness spreads over the forests and mountains of the province. 

Adventure Type: Becoming heroes of the realm

Genre:Heroic Fantasy


Tactics and combat:Medium

Politics and Intrigue:Low

Travel: Fast travel

Prevalence of Magic:Medium

Combat vs Roleplay?

Roleplay doesn’t stop when initiative is rolled, but many people like to think of these as two different elements. So let me clarify here that this will be a campaign where you’ll have plenty of opportunities to use what’s written on your character sheet and engage in tactical combat on a grid. I got to great lengths to make combat interesting and feeling different. However, that only takes up about 40% of session time. The rest of the session will be spent talking to NPCs, traversing from location to location, figuring out mysteries, and so on. You should expect to have to spend some time figuring out what it is that you should be doing.


Serious campaign punctuated by lots of humour and whimsy. Jokes at the table are more than welcome.

Player Buy-In:

Sorting through rumors, hunting down sources of evil, and fighting to protect something other than yourself has to sound cool.

Your characters aren’t merely bystanders, but have a direct and personal interest in protecting the realm and fighting for good if not for your own sake, then for something or someone they love.

You will have the option to plunder ruins, investigate towns, and sort through mysteries, eventually making friends and enemies across the province.

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