Campaign Pitches

Some Campaign Pitches

(for you bitches)

  1. Westwind

Steampunk Spell-Slingin’ Western

Type: Linear/Episodic Adventure

Length: Medium

Tiers: 1-2


Welcome to the frontiers of Westwind, where the unstoppable force of civilisation meets the immovable wilds of the west.

You play as a band of wandering adventurer’s seeking their fortune on the frontier. You should all be on the same page about whether you’ll be bringing the law to the West or running from it.

Character Restrictions:

There will be some restrictions with regards to race and class so that it fits the western theme. 

Bonus points to anyone who makes a character based off an American folklore or folk songs. (e.g: a Paul Bunyan Goliath).

(For the purposes of the adventure hook PCs must be  the type of person who would venture into a dangerous mineshaft to help a crazy old dwarf for the dubious promise of gold.)

Variant Rules:

–          Artificer, Gunslinger and Joe’s Preacher thing are permitted

–          Slot based inventory

2. Full Metal Dragon

Vietnam but with Goblins


Type: Hexcrawl

Length: Medium

Tiers: 1-2


Just as the Great Empire of the Goblinoids has completed its conquest of the Gnomish Confederacy a new foe arises. Political complications have drawn them into a war in the deadly jungles of Dri-Lin against the newly unified kobold clans.

The PCs take on the role of fresh troops who find themselves as the last few survivors after a disastrous kobold attack. The adventure consists of a hexcrawl across a dangerous jungle to reassemble the legion’s disparate forces before the kobold army can strike a killing blow.t

There’s an optional boot-camp prequel if you guys want.

Pl1ayer Buy in: PCs are expected to act like soldiers, which means respecting and obeying their superiors. PCs are loyal to the legion and committed to seeing their mission through.

Character Restrictions:

Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Orcs, half-orcs and Gnomes are strongly recommended, (ie: most of the party should consist of these).

Other races are allowed but try to avoid traditional good races.

You can’t play as kobolds

Reflavours may be allowed All classes are allowed but certain subclasses that can’t fit the warlike theme are out. E.g. You can only play a glamour bard if have a damn good reason for being there.

Variant Rules:

            -Some spell restrictions

            -Permanent injury and PTSD rules


3. The 8 Cities

High-Magic Open-World


Type: Open-world Sandbox

Length: As long as you want

Tiers: 1-4



Once there were kingdoms, empires and great nations.

Now the age of the wizards is upon us and the 8 great magical cities compete for power and arcane knowledge.


–          Exotic high-magic locations to explore

–          Big mysteries to solve (Who is the secret ruler of Mirage? Are there any dragons left in the world?)

–          Players can change the world in big ways (Like rediscovering planer travel)

–          Players can build strongholds and fight wars

This campaign is mostly player directed. You choose what type of adventure you want. Are you a group of knowledge-seekers looking to uncover one of the world’s great mysteries, a troop of mercenaries caught in an inter-city war or a crew of thieves looking to steal a great artefact?

We’ll probably spend some time working on the worldbuilding together before we start.


Player Buy in: Players should be comfortable rolling with the restriction of the world rather than pushing against them. PCs goals should be convergent for the most part.


Race/Class Restrictions: (I spent way too much time on this shit)

The 8 cities have a predefined history and culture. Of course this can change

–          Allowed races live in many places and in many different forms across the world of the 8 cities and can be played mostly as the player wishes.

–          Races with some restrictions are tied to a certain location or have a common cultural background. Dwarfs, for example, are all refugees for the recently lost dwarven city of Karamara. It also means that this choice of race will colour the opinions of NPCs regarding your character more so than usual. Tortles for example are very rare and likely to attract attention. Other than that, you are free to play them as you wish.

–          Races with heavy restrictions are strongly associated with a certain location or culture. Choosing this race will determine much of your backstory. Firbolgs for example all come from one clan deep within the Wild Woods and would only leave to travel the world for a few specific reasons. It also means that this choice of race will STRONGLY colour the opinions of NPCs regarding your character. Aasimir, Tieflings and Genasi, for example, are considered interplanar meddlers by the Order of the Conjurers and would be attacked on sight.

–          Races that are not allowed don’t exist in in the world of the 8 Cities. Elves, for example, went extinct 5 centuries ago and Gith can’t access this world. 


Not Allowed


Heavy Restrictions




Heavy Restrictions


Some Restrictions


Not Allowed


Heavy Restrictions


Heavy Restrictions


Not Allowed







Half Elf

Some Restrictions

Half Orc





Some Restrictions








Some Restrictions






Heavy Restrictions


Some Restrictions


Not Allowed


Some Restrictions

Yuan-Ti Pureblood

Heavy Restrictions


Fighters, Rogues and Rangers have no major restrictions on who they are and where they’re from.

Bards, Barbarians, Druids, Wizards, Sorcerers, Monks, Warlocks will all have some restrictions. The School of Transmutation, for example is a real school that your PC will actually need to have attended.

Clerics and Paladins aren’t a thing in the 8 cities.

Homebrewed or reflavored classes will be approved on a case by case basis.

Variant Rules:


–          Players will be able to become big political powers in this world, building strongholds and raising armies should they choose.

–          We’ll be using a modified version of Matt Colville’s Strongholds & Followers as well as Warlock Homebrews Fortresses, Temples and Strongholds.


-All spells are available but certain spells won’t be available by default. So, if you want to cast Gate, you’ll need to steal the spell from the Order of the Conjurers first.

– Some Cleric and Paladin spells will be allowed for any spellcaster.

– There will be a bunch of new spells in the game for you to learn.

-Spellcasters with a tower can research new spells (homebrewed with DM permission)


–          Gritty Realism long rest system from the DMG (this frees us up from the typical dungeon format)



Gritty Dungeon Crawl


Type: Megadungeon/Survival

Length: Medium

Tiers: 1-2


            You have been sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment in High-Crag an inescapable prison accessible only by airship. But upon arrival you find the guards have been killed by a mysterious force emanating from beneath the prison. You’re free but with no means of leaving the island. It would appear the only way out is down.

            This adventure is probably the most combat heavy of the bunch but expect a decent amount of role-playing and problem solving. This adventure will also have a heavy focus on survival. PCs will start with nothing but rags and have to scrape together their weapons, food and supplies from what they can gather.

Player Buy in: You should be invested in escaping, surviving and possibly in exploring the mystery behind this dungeon. 

Race/Class Restrictions: No flying or swimming races. Aside from that, no restrictions.

Character Suggestions: Your character is a criminal, whether justly or unjustly they did something to upset the powers that be

Variant Rules:

–          Experience points instead of milestones

–          Backups start at one level lower

–          Slot-based Inventory

–          INT- Based crafting system


Steampunk Dungeon-Crawl

Type: Megadungeon+

Length: Medium

Tiers: 1-2


Once the artificer known as Zardin sought to create a utopia where he and his family could live a life of luxury while his automatons served their every whim.  Visitors speak of the marvellous feats of engineering that roam the streets and power the city, but alas ruin came to Automatopolis. One year ago, the city broke off all contact with the outside world, its defence system obliterating anyone who came within a 5-mile radius.

You play as a party of treasure-hunters (perhaps you work for someone or perhaps you’re independent) looking to sneak into the city and plunder its technology. BUT BEWARE! Every machine in the city has gone haywire, and everything in this city is a machine! 

Unlike the other megadungeon adventures this one will have downtime between dungeon crawls and be a little less survival-based.

Player Buy in: The idea of exploring and finding loot has to sound cool.

Race/Class Restrictions: No flying races, other than that: go nuts.

Character Suggestions: Characters are a group of treasure-hunters. Whether that means you’re a newly assembled team or you’ve been working together all your life is up to you.

Variant Rules:

            -Slot-based inventory

            -INT-based Crafting Skill

-Some spell restrictions 


The Happiest Dungeon on Earth


Type: MegaFUNgeon

Length: Medium

Tiers: 1-2



Once a place where children could enjoy all the fun of an adventure in safety of a magical theme park. DUNGEONLAND soon became an actual dungeon on its disastrous opening day.

Now the park is magically sealed from the outside but the PCs have somehow been teleported inside. Brave hazardous rides, feral mascots and outrageous ticket prices as you fight to free DUNGEONLAND from its curse. 

Player Buy-in: This will also be a survival-megadungeon but with a dark sense of humor. Be comfortable playing a character who dies a ridiculous death.

Character Restrictions: No flying races

Variant Rules:

  • Slot-based inventory

  • Some spell restrictions

7. Mystery Adventure

Type: Linear Adventure

Length: Short

Tiers: 1


You play as a band of down-on-their-luck adventurers living in the attic of the Crooked Rainbow Inn. The notice boards have been growing increasingly scarce and the party has been struggling to pay rent. One more week without some goblins to chase off and it’s back to working on your parent’s farm! But just as the party is about to give up and get real jobs a mysterious message arrives at the inn.

Player Buy in: This adventure doesn’t have a very serious tone. PCs are expected to be a little on the pathetic side, so avoid grandiose backstories or edgelord character concepts.

Race/Class Restrictions: None, go fucking hogwild.

Variant Rules:

-Slot-based inventory system

-INT-based crafting skill

Notes: Can lead into the Automatopolis or DungeonLand adventures or can continue afterwards.

8. Alternatives in Brief (details pending): 

  • Tomb of Annihilation

  • Build a fresh new world together

  • Play Call of Cthulhu instead  

  • Play Tales from the Loop instead

  • Time Police idea (I’ll explain later)

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